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Azazie Cabernet Vs Burgundy

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Not Sure About Azazie

Pnina Tornai for Azazieâs burgundy bridesmaid looks are perfect for a fall/winter wedding! â¥ï¸? #fyp

I had seen a company named Azazie in my online searches, but I will admit, I was pretty skeptical about ordering something this important online.

I liked what I read about the company, the lady who started it did it because she felt that most bridesmaid dress prices were outrageous, especially for the quality, and wanted to offer a better option. Ding, ding, yes I concur!!!

The prices on Azazie were more than reasonable, and the styles were nice, but the colors were very hard to tell if they would match or not since they were online pictures and colors can be different once you see them in person. There was a color called Cabernet that looked close to the color I needed to match to, but I didnt know if it would be good enough.

So, for $1.00 I ordered a swatch. The swatch came in a few days and the color was perfect, matched the Davids Bridal swatch exactly.

Now, I should mention that the dress itself was just a touch off from the swatch so that was a little misleading but really the colors were fine on the day of especially since we were all a very small shade different between us.

Trying it on for the first time

Yes, I made the leap and went with Azazie online dress shoppingeek, scary.

I will warn you that this is a LOT of dress. There are 3 layers, so it is fairly thick . The last time I had put on a dress that was this formal and fancy was at my own wedding.

In the Wedding

Buying A Bridesmaid Dress From Azazie

Full Affiliate Disclosure

I was very hesitant to buy my dress on Azazie. The end of this story goes: I ordered a dress I fell absolutely in LOVE with. But, the decision, and getting there, wasnt exactly easy. Choosing a bridesmaid dress should have been fun, but for me it was overall an extremely stressful experience.

My goal with telling you about my story is that you might save some time , find some confidence in, and at least know a good option for ordering a bridesmaid dress online.

I was Chosen to be the Maid of Honor at my Sisters Wedding

This was truly a special thing for me and I had a lot of pressure to get it right.

Her only requirement was that it matched a specific color and be floor length. Otherwise, it was up to us to find something we felt good in

Knowing that I would be in pictures and standing next to my beautiful Sister-In-Law, I wanted a flattering dress of great quality, and I was prepared to spend as much as this required.

However, Im not one for fancy dresses, ever. I usually wear pants and occasionally shorts or a skirt, or a simple dress. But this occasion meant I would need to break out the keesh and get formal with it, so I started my search for the perfect dress.

My goal was something modest, yet tasteful and flattering.

My mistake was that I thought it would be FUN to find one, uh, ~wrong~. It was anything but a fun experience.

Create Your Own Fashion Showroom

With Azazie you can also create an online showroom for your bridesmaids and other wedding party members. This is a great way to favorite styles you think your bridesmaids will love, and it allows everyone to leave comments under each. You can also keep track of your bridesmaid dresses by going into the dashboard the showroom dashboard to see what stage of production the dresses are in, and who hasnt ordered a dress yet.

The showroom is also super important to create if you want your dresses to be the same exact color. Since dresses can come from different dye lots, a pink purchased today may be different than a pink purchases a few weeks from now. To make sure your bridesmaids get matching colors, they have to enter your unique showroom id when they go to check out. Also, they must all order within the same 24-hour period. If you dont care if the dresses are the same color, then you wont have to worry about that part. Otherwise, youll want to stress to your bridesmaids how important it is to order on the same day. Note that only bridesmaid dresses can come from the same dye lot. Mother of the bride/groom dresses and junior bridesmaid dresses are made in a different location and cannot be matched.

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Are Azazie Reviews Good

Overall, yes! Azazie has over 600 reviews on WeddingWire with a 4.5 ranking out of 5. They have over 700 reviews on The Knot with a review of 4.7. Brides and bridesmaids rave about their customer service, quality, and fit. The only cons weve read stem from having to order on the same day to make sure you get the same dye lot for the dresses, but other than that their feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Its also great that you can see reviews from actual bridesmaids/brides on each product page online.

Where Are Azazie Dresses Made

Color Comparisons  Which is Which?  AZAZIE

While all of their designs come out of their Los Angeles office, the majority of their dresses and accessories are made in China, Cambodia, and Vietnam. While they do not have any fair trade certifications, Azazie says they only choose factories theyve seen first-hand, to ensure they are up to their own ethical standards as meet all local regulations. Dresses ship to you from California.

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Color Variation By Fabric Type

Color can vary quite a bit, depending on the fabric as different fabric weaves can take on color differently. This is one of the reasons why we always recommend ordering swatches – to ensure you are happy with the way a color looks in person and in your chosen fabric. If you are interested in a different fabric that is similar to our regular Chiffon fabric, our Stretch Mesh dyes very closely to it and variations between Chiffon and Mesh styles tend to be less extreme than in other fabric combinations. To help visualize how different fabrics take on the same color, heres some of our wonderful Customer Service agents in dresses that are made of different fabrics, but are all Burgundy:


The above styles have been retired but the fabrics from left to right are as follows: Sequins and Chiffon, Taffeta, Charmeuse, Lace and Chiffon, Lace, Crinkle Chiffon and Charmeuse Belt, Chiffon, Jersey, Tulle, Sequins.

Are Azazie Dresses Made To Measure

The majority of Azazie dresses are made to measure, however they do offer Ready to Ship dresses as well. These are dresses which may have been previously tried on by bridesmaids or brides from their Try at Home sample program. The dresses may have slight imperfections such as a missing button, however they are selling for up to 70% off.

Now, lets talk about Azazies Made to Measure dresses. Azazie uses your measurements to help find your perfect size. To get your measurements, you can go to a professional seamstress or tailor and have them take your measurements of your bust, waist, hips, and hollow to hem . You can also have a friend or partner help you at home. You then take your measurements and use Azazies size guide to help determine if your a size A0-A30.

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Our Favorite Azazie Bridal Party Dresses

Azazie bridesmaid dresses are great because not only are the affordable but you can mix and match across a wide range of styles and fabrics to find the perfect look. While their bridesmaid dresses are always ones youll wear again and chances are youll see similar designs from other retailers online, its hard to beat their selection and pricing.

Do They Offer Coupon Or Promo Codes

Wedding Planning | Azazie Try At Home Bridesmaid Dresses

Azazie offers a 10% discount to all students as well as military . You can also find rotating deals on their Sale page as well as during holidays such as these Black Friday deals for brides.

Now, lets go shopping! Below, weve compiled a few of our favorite Azazie dresses to help make your special day perfect. Which ones are your favorite? Let us know in the comments section, or pin them on your !

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Matching Colors From In

I looked online at a lot of wedding dress/bridesmaid dress shops and it scared the heck of me to think of getting something that might look pretty on a model but might a) not fit, b) not look good on me, c) not be good quality, d) not match the color, and e) would be a hassle to return.

Because I just wasnt sure of the online idea I made a few appointments around town to look at some of the other options for in-person purchases.

Unfortunately, what I discovered is that all those places stillhave to order the dress which takes 8 weeks to months for delivery and you are stuck trying on a version of the dress you like in the wrong size and color.

I took my swatch to one of those places and while the color of their dresses roughly matched the color of the swatch, I ended up having to try on what they had there in the store. That turned out to be a dress that was a size 12 so this obviously didnt give me a good enough idea of what it might look like if it was actually fitted. Plus, the dress I liked was over $250.00 it might be worth it if it looked great but that was WITHOUT alterations as well and I had no idea if it would look good since I couldnt try it on in my size.

I was really frustrated at this point.

Need Help With Bridesmaid Colors

Posted in Wedding Attire1

I have the color swatches from Davids bridal and Azazie for Wine and Cabernet and they LOOK like they match but I’m worried the colors will be off. I’m OCD so if they don’t, I won’t be happy with it. The 2 girls will be standing next to each other. By some miracle, has anyone used these two colors for their BM dresses and if so do you have pics?? TIA

on October 10, 2021 at 9:15 PM

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Davids Bridal & Other Options

At my own wedding 10 years ago my bridesmaids purchased their dresses from Davids and they were beautiful and reasonably priced, so that was the first place I went to find one. I looked first online and found a few that were good considerations, but nothing perfect for me and they seemed to run a lot higher than I remembered.

I had to set up an appointment which wasnt available for a few weeks out and my Sister went with me. I was sad to say that was not the visit I was hoping for.

First, it was a madhouse of people and the lady assigned to me was helping several other people and was hard to get a hold of at times but doing her best to keep up.

Second, out of the dresses which I liked from the racks none of those came in the right color, so I had to basically try on the ones they told me I could. It was a really weird experience actually. Even though I hate the way I feel in these fancy things a few of them didnt look awful but I couldnt get over the texture of the material. At my wedding the quality of the Davids bridesmaid dresses was thick satin which was well made and lined. The dresses now at Davids felt like that fabric you find at a Halloween store, thin, curling material made of nylon or something else cheap as hell and super sheer.

So, I continued to search.

What Kind Of Color Is Azazie Cassandra Cabernet

Azazie Burgundy

Asked by Alexander Ramsey on Nov 30, 2021 Cassandra

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What Is The Azazie Return Policy

Standard size dresses can be returned up to 45 days from delivery as long as they are unworn and in sold condition with the tags still on. . A restocking fee of 10% may apply to larger orders.

Custom size dresses are not available for return, so youll need to make your final decision before you buy.

How Long Does It Take To Get Your Dress

Made to Measure and custom sized Azazie dresses can take up to 6 weeks to make. Shipping adds an additional 1-10 business days for orders shipped to the U.S., and up to 17 days for Canada. So for U.S. orders you can expect to receive your dress on your doorstep in 8 weeks or less. Rush orders are available for an additional fee of $39 on select styles. Shipping times will be the same. If you need a dress right away, their Ready to Ship dresses take 4-6 days to process, and 1-7 to ship. So you could have the wedding dress of your dreams in as soon as a week in some cases.

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Things We Never Knew About Azazie Dresses

Azazie is like those one of those famous urban myths. You know, the ones where you heard that a friend of a friend found the most amazing dress on there, but youve yet to experience it for yourself. The good news is Azazieis actually a website where you can score amazing deals on bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses if you know what to look for.

What Can You Find On Azazie

The Wines of Burgundy

Before we get into what you can find on their website, it helps to know Azazies history. A lot of brides want to know Is Azazie legit?! and the answer is Yes!!

The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in San Jose, California. It currently has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and has over 19,000 reviews on their site .

Azazie sells bridesmaid dresses and separates as well as bridal gowns for your big day, however youll also find a large selection of the following dresses and accessories in the online boutique:

  • Maternity Dresses
  • Collection of Fashion Accessories
  • Groomsmen Accessories
  • Swatches and Fabric

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