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Can I Sell Wine On Ebay

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Get A Premises Licence

A passion for wine. A booming hybrid business. | Seller spotlight

Next, youll need to apply for a premises licence from your local authority/council, in compliance with The Licensing Act 2003. A premises licence can be granted to any fixed commercial property where the handling and dispatch of alcohol is taking place including warehouses, storage facilities, shop floors and more.

All businesses selling alcohol must have an appointed Designated Premises Supervisor who has been appointed for the relevant premises including businesses selling alcohol online. The person in this role must not only be nominated for it by the premises licence holder but must also hold a personal licence.

Unfortunately, its unlikely youll be able to run an online alcohol business from your house, as local authorities dont tend to grant licences to domestic dwellings. An outbuilding on your land, however, could be given a licence as long as it has the relevant planning permission to operate as a commercial premises.

Along with your application form, youll need to submit a floor plan of your premises, highlighting the areas where alcohol will be kept and handled. Even if you are going to be using the drop shipping method of FBA to store and ship your booze, you will still need a premises licence.

As part of your application, youll need to describe how your business will comply with the four licensing objectives. These are:

1. Prevention of crime and disorder

2. Prevention of public nuisance

3. Protection of children from harm

4. Public safety

Where To Find Items To Sell On Ebay For A Profit

The good thing about Americas materialist ways is that you can find good things to sell everywhere. High-quality items are sitting around, forgotten about and needing a new home. Its our job to take these items and find people who will see the value in them.

These are the most common places to find things to sell:

  • You can even find things on eBay that are being sold at a lower price than you could get for it.

What Are The Benefits Of Selling Wine Online

There are many advantages of selling wine online, such as:

  • Its open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • It has advanced personalization both of your site and your online store
  • It has a professional image
  • Theres a greater availability of handicraft products that are difficult to find elsewhere
  • You can process direct sales to your customers

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Whats The Best Way To Start A Wine Ecommerce Website

If youre starting from scratch, your first step is to identify your target audience. Then, like any ecommerce business, youll need to determine which types of merchandise youll sell.

From there, you need to connect with a wholesaler.

Once youve built your website, select an online shopping cart and payment processing provider.

Next, decide how youll distribute your products and if it makes sense to invest in an online shipping software.

If you already have a brick-and-mortar location, then you only need to worry about building a user-friendly site, setting up an online shopping cart and payment system, and developing an efficient shipping process.

Teens Can Buy Alcohol On Ebay Expose Reveals

35 Things You Can Sell on eBay That Can Make You a Ton of Money ...

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Teenagers can purchase alcohol on eBay, according to an investigation by the news show 20/20.

The website prohibits the sale of all alcohol, except for some wines, but allows the sale of collectible alcohol containers, according to ABC News. The sites alcohol policy states sellers of the containers will take all appropriate steps to ensure that the buyer is of lawful age in the buyers and sellers jurisdiction.

The news show asked a 13-year-old to try to buy liquor on the website. He was able to place orders with two vendors. A third refused to sell his product without seeing a copy of an ID showing the buyer was of legal drinking age. After learning about the sales, eBay said it has taken action against the two vendors who sold the alcohol.

A study published in May found minors are often able to buy alcohol online, because many Internet alcohol sellers and shipping companies do not verify the buyers age. Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill recruited eight participants, ages 18 to 20, to try to buy wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages online. They were told to lie about their age when filling out order forms. If they were asked to verify their age by a delivery person, they were instructed to say they were not yet 21.

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Ebay Begins Removing Alcohol Listings After ’20/20′ Report On Teen Buyer

“20/20” saw teen obtain alcohol through popular online marketplace.

Intoxication Nation: Police on the Prowl in Bars

While eBay prohibits the sale of all alcohol with the exception of some wines sold by licensed wine sellers, it does allow for the sale of collectible alcohol containers. The site’s current alcohol policy states that the seller of the container “will take all appropriate steps to ensure that the buyer is of lawful age in the buyer’s and seller’s jurisdiction.”

But that didn’t stop one teen who worked with “20/20” from obtaining alcohol through the site. We asked Xander, 13, to head to the site and try to buy liquor there. One vendor refused to sell his product when Xander and a “20/20” producer declined to send a copy of an ID showing that the buyer was of legal drinking age. But Xander was able to successfully place an order with two other vendors — a result that mirrored work done by researchers at the University of North Carolina, who found during a recent study that teens could order alcohol from a number of sites, including eBay.

“All I had to do was type in vodka on the search bar, click one button and it can send it to my house,” Xander told “20/20.”

Weeks later, five bottles of vodka arrived at Xander’s front door.

In a statement to “20/20” this morning, following the posting of an article about Xander’s experience, eBay said it is completely revising its alcohol sales practices to protect against illegal sales:

Have A Bottle You Want To Sell Here Are The 4 Best Ways To Offload It

By: BottleBlueBook

Update: As of recent Facebook has and is actively shutting down all groups that were involved with buying and selling and other online trading spots have closed up shop as well. Check out our latest article for another means for selling your collection.

If set in present day, Jed Clampett would be better off if up from the ground came a bubbling Pappy Van Winkle. Although this would make for a terrible TV show theme song, its hard to argue the fact that Bourbon is becoming the equivalent of gold . But, you likely already know all of this or why else would you be here in the first place. This allows me to bypass the Bourbon is booming speech, and we can also move past the facts and figures detailing its scarcity. You already know that it is rare and it is no longer just the Premium bottles are missing on those liquor store shelves .

Very often we are approached by our members with one of two questions that are directed differently, but ultimately share the same goal, I have/want a bottle of XXX, how can I go about selling/buying it? What theyre referring to of course is the Secondary Market, and unfortunately finding it isnt as easy as shopping on Amazon. Im sure it comes to no surprise that the Secondary Market is not one, but a conglomerate of multiple outlets someone can use to buy or sell Whiskey that is rare, or sometimes impossible, to find sitting on the shelf of the local liquor store.

Social Media


Bourbon Clubs

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What Items Should You Purchase To Sell On Ebay

When I first started selling on eBay, I had a hard time figuring out what to look for. You have to just wing it at first and focus on buying things as cheap as you can. The good thing is, you can get things for super cheap at the places listed above. If youre only spending a dollar on something, you arent going to lose a lot of money if it doesnt sell. I just sold an item this week for $50 that I paid $1 for. Thats what you want to shoot for.

You might go out and buy 50 things for $50 and only two of those items be worth anything. Its a learn as you go process, but the more you do it, the easier it gets to spot valuable items. Ill buy anything I think I can make a decent profit on. One hot item that people are profiting immensely from is sneakers. Here is how to become a sneaker reseller. Or, you can flip phones which are always in demand.

The variety of things you can sell on eBay is endless and thats a good thing. If youre a Star Trek fan, you could have a store that only sells Star Trek items if you want. I try to buy in as broad of categories as I can though. The more variety you sell, the bigger customer base you will have.

Heres a tip for finding the value of items. When youre out shopping for stuff, you can do a search for the item on eBay and set the search filter to only show items that have sold. Youll be able to see what the item has sold for recently and determine if you can make a profit on it.

  • Vintage and old items

Why Would You Want To Sell On Ebay Conclusion On Selling Full

Selling Empty Bottles on eBay for Easy Money | What Sold On eBay

Selling on eBay is work. You can set your own hours though. As long as youre listing and selling enough to pay the bills, you dont have to work a regular job! You can own your time to a certain extent via hobby income.

Once you have a big enough inventory, you can take breaks from listing and still sell enough to make a living. I know some people that have several thousand items in their store and can take month long breaks whenever they want. The sales still come in while theyre gone. They just set their handling time to when they will be back from their trip and let the buyers know theyre out of town.

If youre working a job you hate, eBay could be your escape. There are downsides like customer issues and returns. If you enjoy hunting for treasures in Americas waste stream, you might just find that becoming a full time seller is the perfect option for you. If you can find a way to automate this process, this can truly become passive income.

If you need more specifics on how to list items, you can check out this post.

Bio: Nathan is a personal finance blogger tracking his journey to financial independence at Millionaire Dojo. Hes focusing on building an eBay business to exit the rat race and own his time before he becomes financially independent.

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Selling Wine Bottles On Ebay In The Uk

You can, of course, quite legally sell a bottle of wine on eBayjust not its contents. And unless the said empties are of Bordeaux First Growths such a Mouton Rothschild or Petrus, the value will not make the effort of listing on the online auction worth your while.

Believe it or not, there really is a market for empties of these top wines: rare examples of Chateau Mouton-Rothschild are particularly popular, as each year since the end of the Second World War the Chateau has commissioned different famous artists to create a piece of art for the label, making the bottles exceedingly collectible. Even Prince Charles has had a go, producing a lovely piece for the 2004 vintage!

This trade in empty fine wine bottles does have a darker side attached to it. In recent years, top wine companies have taken to destroying the empties of leading Bordeaux and Burgundy vintages after tasting events, to remove the risk of forgers refilling them with fake wines and selling them on. Top branded empty bottles destined to be fraudulently refilled have reportedly changed hands for as much as £300 a piece.

Aside from eBay, there are other online trading platforms, some of which even specialise in selling wine. Yet they still have to cope with the same issues theyre not designed with the seller in mind. There is no proactivity, they just list the wine and hope

Try finding that on eBay.

How To Sell Champagne Online: A Step

If you own a valuable, top-quality Champagne like 1996 Krug Brut Vintage, you could earn a significant profit by selling it. But where should you start? Unfortunately, many auction houses wont accept single bottles of wine from private collections . You also cant sell Champagne online yourself on retail websites like eBay because this is illegal in the United States without a license.

The process of selling Champagne online through a licensed marketplace involves a few simple steps.

The best option is to sell your Champagne online through a credible company that is licensed to sell alcohol. This enables you to legally list any bottle in your collection for sale without going through the costly and time-consuming licensing process yourself. Many of these web-based platforms also accept single bottles of wine from private collectors, like that bottle of 2002 Moët & Chandon Dom Perignon that youve kept in your cellar for the past few years.

The process of selling Champagne online through a licensed marketplace involves a few simple steps:

Following each of these four steps will ensure that you make the highest profit possible from the sale of your Champagne collection.

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How To Sell Alcohol Online

Whether youâve tried your hand at eCommerce before or this is your first time setting up an online business, you need foundational skills. If youâre wondering, âWhere do bars buy liquor?â or how physical businesses go about getting their goods, itâs almost always online. More than 75% of all B2B sales happen via the Internet, and for good reason .

Modern consumers, including other businesses, have come to expect convenience, speed, and customizability from the brands they buy from. Itâs no longer enough to have a simple website with an order form and your contact information. You need to cultivate a noticeable brand that sells knockout products to target customers.

Here are the essentials of how to sell alcohol online:

Delivery Laws For Selling Alcohol Online

35 Things You Can Sell on eBay That Can Make You a Ton of Money

Again, there are two sets of laws for selling alcohol online. One for selling it, and one for shipping it. In addition to having a retailerâs license for your own state, youâll have to abide by every destination stateâs shipping laws.

Hereâs a list that briefly summarizes the alcohol delivery laws of each U.S. state.

This information is not intended to be used as a legal reference. It is, instead, intended to be used as a springboard for businesses to do their own legal research to make sure theyâre in full compliance with every federal, state, and local law.

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Can I Sell Wine On Ebay

Yes, but only if youre an eBay-approved wine seller.

In order to become a licensed wine seller on eBay, you must first upload a copy of your alcohol license.

You must also abide by all requirements listed on eBays guidelines for selling wine.

Once approved, you must include the following in each listing:

  • Your shipping policy, including which states you can ship to as well as any shipment restrictions
  • Your states buyer eligibility requirements e.g., whether or not buyers can receive shipments directly or have to pick up their order elsewhere
  • The buyers age requirement
  • Indication you have been approved by eBay to sell wine

When You Do Sell Items

After you’ve sorted through the dos and don’ts of what to sell, it’s important to put thought into your listings. Some of Phelps’ top tips include taking clear, well-lit photos of your items and developing an informative title for your product. “Along with the photos, the title is one of the first things the buyer sees when looking for an item. A title with lots of item details and correct spelling and punctuation is very important,” she says.

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Medicine Or Medical Devices

It’s not a good idea to list or sell medicine or medical devices on eBay, as they can be a liability for eBay and the seller, Phelps says. In fact, eBay has strict rules surrounding the sale of medicine. The sale of prescription drugs or drugs containing prescription-strength amounts of medication is prohibited. Over-the-counter medication containing non-prescription strength drugs can be sold on eBay, but descriptions must clearly state the concentration of the drug, which cannot be expired before the buyer gets it.

Where Can I Sell Alcohol Online

People Pay Good Money For These On Ebay (WINE CAVE DECOR)

Thanks to current eCommerce growth trends and the number of tools available, there are numerous ways and places to sell alcohol online. While you can expand your operations over time, itâs wise to start selling through a channel that positions you for success.

Each business owner has different goals and different customers. If you make your own drinks or have a strong, DIY vibe, using your own website is a great move. If youâre a reseller of an established brand, using an existing eCommerce marketplace could be your best move.

Here are some popular online marketplaces for selling alcohol online:

  • Tavour

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