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Are Wine Fridges Worth It

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What To Look For In A Wine Cooler

is the Cafe refrigerator worth it?

If you are not in the position to build a wine cellar, a wine cooler is the next best thing. Wine coolers come in a variety of models and price ranges. The type you pick will be based on the amount of room in your home, how much wine you store, and what sort of features you desire.

The most basic wine coolers are perfect for storing a small collection of wine that will be consumed regularly. The higher-end models have dual temperature and humidity controls and are made from better materials.

Here are a few popular wine cooler models:

  • Digital touch-button display to adjust the temperature
  • Vertical and horizontal storage
  • Digital touch-button display to adjust the temperature
  • Shelves pull out
  • Slim to fit in small spaces.
  • Free-standing

Operating costs are something a lot of wine drinkers worry about when considering a wine refrigerator. This article I wrote will debunk a lot of myths and give you a better estimate of how much it will cost.

Quietest Option: Wine Enthusiast 20 Bottle Evolution Series Wine Refrigerator

The temperature on this stylish freestanding fridge by Wine Enthusiast can be set as low as 39 degrees Fahrenheit, which is great if you need to quickly chill a bottle of wine. Even though it’s designed for wine, one shopper said they had no problem fitting a few beer cans in this fridge when they reduced the amount of wine bottles. And despite its powerful cooling capabilities, you might not even hear it running: Customers say that runs quietly while maintaining a consistent temperature. “We’ve had it for quite some time and use it endlessly,” wrote one shopper. “After several years it still works perfect!”

To buy:, $240

Wine Refrigerators Have Unique Compressors

When wines are left untouched, they age for years. So its not surprising that some wines are 100 years old. Movements interfere with the aging process of wines.

Because a wine fridge has unique compressors that provide a vibration-free setting for preserving your wine, theyre a better option than conventional fridges. Its all about kinetic energy.

Too much disturbance causes the sediment and liquid in a wine bottle to shake. Therefore, sending out heat energy which affects both the bottle and wine. Its the heat energy that causes the wine bottle to explode unexpectedly. When you think about all the quirks of not having a wine fridge, its genuinely worth it.

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How Do You Know Whether Its Time To Buy A Wine Fridge

So, youre starting to get into wine. You find that youve amassed a variety of bottles in your home hidden in cupboards, or loitering next to the tequila on your bar cart. Is it time to organize your collection? Maybe buy a wine fridge? And if you do decide you want a wine fridge, what do you even need to consider?

This is the situation in my household right now, so I decided to ask the experts.

I live in a small, warm apartment in Brooklyn with my boyfriend, James, and weve collected a couple bottles that we dont want to open right away. James also has been interested in buying bottles that he wants to age. As a result, weve been looking into buying a wine fridge. Searching for a wine fridge, however left me confused do we really need one if we have fewer than 10 bottles? What do I even need to look for besides physical appearance?

To answer these questions, I turned to experts, both of whom have written about wine for The Kitchn. is a New York-based Master of Wine and an advisor to the Bordeaux wine council for North America. Jayme Henderson is a full-time sommelier based in Colorado.

It Keeps The Home Cozy

Nutrichef Wine Cooler Review: Is It Worth Buying?

During summer, nothing beats the experience of sipping red wine while basking in the sun. Wine isnt meant to be too cold or hot, just in between. Now, if you live in a place with a volatile temperature , it can affect the flavour of your wine bottles. A wine fridge benefits you because it extends the shelf life of your bottle while keeping it cool.

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Best Wine Fridges Uk 2021

February 3, 2021 by Tony

A wine fridge may not be considered the most essential item for your home but for wine lovers, it is a very important purchase. A wine fridge keeps your wine collection at the ideal temperature and humidity levels to allow the wine to age correctly.

A wine fridge can affect the taste and longevity of your wine and they have some other benefits as well. They create a custom space in the home to put the wine, some models come with a child-lock to keep those precious bottles safe and these fridges also look very attractive. Glass doors and internal lighting can make a display cabinet for your wine collection and is a lovely feature piece in the home.

There are lots of good reasons to get yourself a wine fridge but not every fridge is going to suit every home. To help you choose the best wine fridge for your needs Ive put together this review of some of the top choices out there.

Alongside the reviews, Ive also included an expert buying guide to help discuss the important points to consider when choosing a wine fridge. Have a browse through these options and if you like the sound of any of them then have a click on Price & Reviews button under each product description to check current prices.

Best Overall Wine Refrigerator

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Every editorial product is independently selected. If you buy something through our links, New York may earn an affiliate commission.

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Best Value: Koolatron Urban Series 8 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerator

Wine fridges can be on the pricier side, but this affordable one from Koolatron will only cost you $168 a fraction of the price of many other models. It’s a single-zone fridge, so the temperature can be set anywhere between 46 and 66 degrees Fahrenheit. It’ll hold up to eight standard wine bottles, and the racks can be completely removed if you need to fit larger bottles . Since it measures about 22 inches high, it’ll easily fit on your kitchen counter under the cabinets. Amazon shoppers say it’s the perfect size for the number of bottles they want it to hold, and they appreciate the classy mirrored design.

To buy: , $148

Vinotemp 32 Bottle Built

Wine Fridge Product Review! NewAir AWR 290DB Review

At a slim 15 inches, this wine cooler by Vinotemp is extraordinarily cost-efficient, easily installed in a variety of different kitchen spaces, and still sports an impressive storage capacity.

With 7 shelves built into the unit, it is able to store up to 32 wine bottles at a temperature range that extends 20 degrees . The insulated glass door allows you to view your collection without exposing it to potentially harmful UV light or heat. It can operate free-standing or, because of the front-ventilation design, you can choose to have this unit built-in or undercounter.

The stainless steel door and handle, fully-finished black cabinetry, and scalloped wire shelving combine to create a fashionable appliance that functions well and looks good doing it. With so many features this might become the wine cooler for your favorite bottles in your collection.

Hopefully this list of wine coolers has you inspired and informed enough to pick out your perfect new unit. As youve just seen, variety is not something lacking on the market today. When it comes down to it, there are so many wine coolers on the market, so youre sure to find one to fit your style and your budget.

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Is It Worth Buying A Wine Fridge

Ok so the answer to this question is simple, yes itâs well worth it to buy a wine fridge!

The type, style and size of wine cooler will be determined by your usage, the location youâre looking to place the unit in, and the size of your wine collection.

Weâve written an entire guide on how to choose a wine cooler, which should help you here.

However, in this article weâre going to be explaining the reasons why itâs well worth your money to purchase a wine fridge!

So without further ado, letâs discuss the benefits!

Where Do You Live

Another factor that will determine whether or not a wine cooler is worth the investment, is the location and size of your home. For example, if you live in a house or an apartment that is particularly warm, humid or poorly insulated, it would be incredibly practical and beneficial for you to invest in a wine cooler. Likewise, if you are someone that is currently renovating your home and are looking for that extra special feature to give your space that unique, luxe feeling, a tall wine cooler could be the perfect answer. Before deciding on whether or not to invest in a wine cooler, you should ensure that you have an adequate place for it to live. It will need to be free from vibration, out of direct sunlight and installed in such a way that there is sufficient room for its ventilation. As long as these requirements can be met, a wine cooler will be a fantastic and worthwhile addition to your home.

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Save Energy With The Latest Wine Fridges Worth It

All appliances have commonly the requirement to consume electricity to operate. However, the wine fridges worth it appliances get noticed if you are those who consume the essential energy. Therefore, their energy savings is vital to ensure savings within the electricity bill. Although a lot of the equipment on the market has high quantities of efficiency, there are still some with obsolete systems.

High efficiency wine fridges worth it are those with a power consumption lower than 55% regarding the market average. While the less efficient equipment are the ones with a consumption more than 110 % of the average.

Best For Wine And Beer: Kitchenaid 24

The Best Under Counter Wine Coolers

If some of the adults in your household would rather drink beer than wine, you can easily please everyone by stashing both in this multifunctional cooler from KitchenAid. It can fit 14 bottles of wine with extra space for other beverages, and there are two separate temperature zones to accommodate both reds and whites. “I love how it stores wines, beers, and has lots of room for soda and water,” said a customer. “I like that it beeps when the door is left open. No chance to accidentally leave the door open and have things not cooled.”

To buy:, $2,149

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Why Would I Want A Wine Fridge

There are two main reasons why someone would want a wine fridge: for convenience and for quality. Convenience is straightforward you can rest assured that your wines wont go bad while hidden away in a dark corner of your kitchen . As far as quality goes, its no secret that wine tastes better at the proper serving temperature. While most people dont mind their red wines served slightly chilled or even room temperature, its fairly well known that white wines are best at around 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, lets talk numbers for a minute. Economically speaking, the average wine fridge is somewhere between medium and large sized refrigerator you can buy at your local appliance store, so they typically range from about $1,000 to upwards of $4,000 depending on the type of wine cellar youre looking for. The price will also depend on additional features like touchscreen controls or internal lighting. That said, if there was ever an item worth spending money on then this would probably be it!

Wine Coolers Keep The Temperature Perfect

Wine enthusiasts know that wines can not take cavalier treatment when it comes to temperature. Hot and cold temperature fluctuations ruin the quality of the wine. Wine that is kept too hot will cook, completely ruining the flavor and quality of the wine. Wine that is kept too cold will fall prey to ice particles. This causes the wine volume to expand and will ultimately push out the cork causing a leak or total cork failure.

  • Wine coolers have thermostats that keep wine at the perfect temperature. These coolers have a temperature range from 41 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows for long-term storage of wines at about 55 degrees, as well as optimized serving temperatures for various wines.
  • Wine coolers often have a special chilling zone for wines that need to be rapidly chilled for near-term enjoyment.
  • Some wine coolers have two divided zones. These zones allow red wines to be stored on one side at their ideal storage or serving temperature, and white wines to be stored in the other size at a different ideal storage or serving temperature. This flexibility is highly sought after by many wine enthusiasts.

A refrigerator can not double as a wine cooler because the temperature is not as steady, even in a dedicated mini-fridge. The family refrigerator is a terrible place to store any wines because the temperature is much too cold and it fluctuates rapidly with frequent use.

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What To Look For In A Wine Fridge

If you’ve decided you’re the type of wine drinker that needs a wine fridge, there are a few things to consider. First, of course, is price. Wine coolers can run as low as $100 and as much as a used car depending on the make, size, and features.

If Im looking for a wine fridge for everyday wine such as Picpoul, Albariño or Soave, cold is the key. Sure, these are fine at proper temp, but they are super refreshing summer crushers when icy cold, says sommelier Aaron Thompson of Osteria Stella in Knoxville, TN. If thats your style, then you dont need to spend a lot. Youre essentially purchasing a more elegant version of the drink fridge your friends parents had in the garage. Its a dedicated wine fridge that holds bottles at a drink-ready temperature. With that in mind, Thompson says, Id keep the red wine out of cheap fridges and just set the temp to 45-50 degrees for rosè, white, and sparkling.

If, on the other hand, you want to keep red wines at a cellar-appropriate temperature, then, youll want a dual temperature zones as opposed to a single-zone fridge. People who are a little more than casual drinkers should look into dual-zone fridges, which allow you to set one part at 45 degrees and another at 55, says Slover. Keep your red at the higher temperature and your white at the colder temperature so they are ready to serve.

Why Choose Wine Fridges Worth It With Excellent Properties And Their Advantages

â TOP 5 Best Wine Fridge 2021 | Budget Wine Cooler review

Lets see exactly what are the most common pros and utilities that you can have once you purchase a refrigerator fridge:

  • Order prepared food inside it.
  • Yout fruit are going to be fresh longer than outside.
  • You are now able to cook different foods and store them in the refrigerator.
  • Make your own ice cubes in record time.
  • Keep drinks cold.
  • Determine the temperature of the food, based on its shape.
  • Store desserts and treats in the freezer.
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    Can I Keep Wine In The Fridge

    The Fridge Is Not Ideal for Storing Wine

    No matter how logical storing wine in the refrigerator may seem, the short answer is an emphatic, No. A typical household refrigerator does not provide optimum conditions for storing wine for more than one or two days.

    Some Wine Storage Basics

    * Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions.

    * Please keep in mind that all text is machine-generated, we do not bear any responsibility, and you should always get advice from professionals before taking any actions

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    Is A Wine Cooler Worth The Money

    • 24 July, 2020
    • 4 min read

    The purpose of a built in or freestanding wine cooler is to create the most ideal storage conditions for your wine collection. In lieu of a wine cellar, the appliances are becoming increasingly popular with wine enthusiasts and can be found in thousands of households all across the UK. Wine coolers can be an incredible addition to your home both practically and aesthetically, but you may be wondering why exactly they are so special and whether they are truly worth the money? There are various factors you will need to consider before deciding whether a wine cooler is a worthwhile purchase for you. Here, we will explain the purpose of the device, how it differentiates from a regular refrigerator and the sorts of factors that will influence your decision of whether a wine cooler is worth your money.

    Wine Coolers Control Uv Light And Humidity

    The 10 Best Wine Fridges 2021: Reviews by Experts ...

    UV light is detrimental to wine. While most wine coolers include clear glass doors that allow owners to view the contents without opening the door, these glass doors are made with a special coating that blocks UV rays.

    • Glass wine bottles are coated with special UV-blocking colors, or made from dark glass that blocks UV light.
    • Wine cooler doors are covered with UV-blocking coatings.
    • Wine cooler units include special LED lighting that illuminates the space without introducing UV rays into the wine cooler.

    The same can not be said for a mini-refrigerator or the household refrigerator. When the big doors are opened, UV light floods into the space. Depending on the type of bulb used to illuminate the refrigerator, this may also be a source of UV lighting. Wine coolers allow owners to view contents without opening the door, which helps to protect the contents inside the wine cooler.

    Many wine coolers also contain humidity controls. Humidity is important for keeping the corks from drying out. A dried cork will leak wine. This is why bottles are stored on their sides. Ideally, the humidity inside of a wine cooler should be around 50 percent to keep corks intact. Those in arid climates should choose coolers with built-in humidity controls.

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