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Why Are Wine Fridges So Expensive

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Where To Put Your Wine Fridge

Why YETI Coolers Are So Expensive | So Expensive

While, of course, you can put your wine fridge in any room you please, there are some environmental conditions to consider. You should put the wine fridge in a cool, well ventilated area, says Thompson. You should also make sure the cooling unit in the back has room to breathe. Cronk adds that, while having it in the kitchen makes serving easy, a sunny kitchen might not be the best. I would say always out of direct sunlight if it has a glass door, she says.

Wine Coolers Keep The Temperature At The Perfect Level

Wine lovers know that wine cant be treated with cavalier when it comes temperature. Wines can be damaged by temperature swings of both hot and cold. Wine kept too hot can cause it to burn, which will ruin its flavor and quality. Ice particles can cause wine to become too cold. This will cause wine volume to expand, which can lead to a leakage or complete cork failure.

  • Thermostats in wine coolers keep wine at the right temperature. These coolers can be set to a temperature of 41-65 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows long-term wine storage at 55 degrees and optimized serving temperatures of various wines.
  • Wine coolers have a designated chilling zone that allows wines to be chilled quickly for immediate enjoyment.
  • Wine coolers may have two zones. These zones allow red wine to be stored at the ideal temperature or serving temperature and white wines to remain in the other. Many wine lovers value this flexibility.

Can A Wine Cooler Be Used As A Beverage Cooler

There is no doubt about it yes, we do. In the case of a wine cooler that only has one temperature zone setting, and you want to store multiple types of beer at once, most experts recommend keeping your cooler between 50 degrees F and 55 degrees F in order to compromise from a temperature standpoint.

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What Is The Difference Between A Beverage Cooler And A Beverage Refrigerator

Generally, refrigerators operate at a temperature below 39 degrees Fahrenheit in order to keep bacteria at bay and keep items fresh. As opposed to this, beverage coolers have a temperature control that allows you to set the temperature between 39 degrees and 65 degrees to suit the type of beverage you are serving.

Less Expensive Than Cellars And Refrigerators

Why Are Wine Coolers So Expensive?

Moving along, the wine cooler is very inexpensive compared to either a refrigerator or a wine cellar.

  • Because the equipment is solely built for the purpose of cooling the bottles of wine, there is lesser adaptability and therefore, the cost to produce these wine coolers is lower.
  • Refrigerators and wine cellars are a great amount larger than a cooler, so the consumer is paying for their size, capacity and adaptability functions.
  • Basically, the wine cooler is the better buy because, as it will be said later, there are other uses besides storing wine that it can perform.

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Upgrade Pick: Eurocave Premiere S

Upgrade pick

If youre looking for the best-value fridge from a restaurant-quality brand, get the EuroCave Premiere S. For serious wine collectors who want to protect their bottles, EuroCave fridges are regarded as stalwarts in the wine community, and they were recommended by six of the experts we spoke with. Of the fridges we looked at, the Premiere S has the most customizable options, to maximize storage space and truly fit all types and bottle sizes. And it has extra features to safeguard your wines. The brand is known for maintaining consistent temperatures, too. Compared with all the fridges we considered, the Premiere S also has one of the longest warranties for the compressor , and it comes with free white-glove delivery. If the Premiere S is out of your price range, you can also look for a used model, a common practice among the experts we spoke with, as well as among oenophiles on wine message boards.

The Premiere S also comes with a charcoal filter, which our other picks do not have. A filter will help absorb odors that can affect your wine. Youll need to replace the filter about once a year.

With the Premiere S, youll get the same dedicated Wine Enthusiast team helping you select the right fridge for your needs. The Premier S comes with free white-glove delivery. It has a one-year warranty on parts and labor, and a five-year warranty on the compressorone of the best warranties we saw in our research.

Are Wine Fridges Expensive To Run

We have mapped out in this article that the expenses of a wine fridge are largely dependent on how you operate them.

The examples that drive costs up also serve as a set of guidelines for making sure that wine fridges are efficient appliances that are worth the investment and have minimal energy usage. When used efficiently, wine fridges are inexpensive to run.

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Breaking Down Running Costs Of A Wine Fridge

Not only do you want to know the amount of electricity that is used by your wine fridge, but it will be helpful to understand how this usage impacts your electricity bill.

After the upfront costs of making the wine fridge purchase, you will have to deal with the electricity that the fridge generates. We have calculated this into annual costs, so you have a good idea of what to expect.

Purchasing a higher quality wine fridge will help bring your electricity costs down because it is designed to operate more efficiently. We are basing our costs off of wine fridges that are high functioning.

Costs related to electricity for the wine fridge will be impacted by:

  • Your maintenance and operation of the potential costs drivers mentioned in the article
  • The size of the fridge
  • The technology that is being used: thermoelectric vs. compressor

Small thermoelectric wine fridges should only cost you on average of $40 per year. This is when the fridge is operating most efficiently and is not being wasted with large size or exposed to warm and unsuitable conditions. Large compressor fridges will be more expensive, at an average of $100 per year, but they also can accommodate many more bottles.

Average Price Of Wine Fridges

Why Wine Coolers Got So Popular

Its a known fact that getting a wine fridge may break the bank as theyre not the least expensive house appliance. However, it doesnt mean you cant get a decent wine fridge at a reasonable price. Depending on the size, type, and make of the wine fridge, the price varies widely.

Heres a breakdown of prices based on the above factors:

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How Do I Turn My Fridge Into A Wine Cooler

It does not require mechanical or electrical conversion. The WINE-STAT II should be plugged into your fridge, then the wall should be connected to it. You can then place the unique bottleprobe sensor inside the fridge with your wine or beer, and set the WINE-STAT II to the desired storage temperature. Simple!

Get The Right Cooling Technology

As mentioned earlier, the cooling systems used in wine fridges can be thermoelectric or compressors. While each has its own advantages and disadvantages, they have different functionalities and are suitable for different conditions.

For example, thermoelectric fridges cant make your wine cooler than the ambient temperature for more than 20 degrees. That means you cant use this type of technology for extremely hot conditions.

In addition, these units use a fan system that sends out hot air from the inside of the fridge while keeping the outside hot air from getting inside. This simple technology only works for a small number of wine bottles and will be inefficient if you have a large collection. So, getting a large thermoelectric unit will be more expensive to run.

On the other hand, if you dont plan to keep more than 20 bottles, its better to avoid compressor fridges. Although theyre more energy-efficient than thermoelectric fridges, its only the case for large collections.

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They Limit Wine Bottle Vibration

Reason 2: They Limit Wine Bottle Vibration. Wine bottles need to be stored at a 45-degree angle and kept away from walls or vibrations. Most wine fridges automatically adjust themselves to comply with this, although some may need an adjustment period during which theyll stay more upright for a few days before switching to its natural position.

Are Wine Fridges Good

Why Are Wine Coolers So Expensive?

Yes, they are. Wine refrigerators arent only great for long-term wine storage, but theyre also superb for allowing your wine to age properly!

However, there are scenarios where they arent needed. If youre planning to finish one or two wine bottles soon after buying them, then a regular fridge will do.

Wine Education 101: If you like to drink your white wine colder, place it in an ice bucket for half an hour before opening it. See also: Single Bottle Wine Chillers

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Wine Fridges Are Different From Regular Fridges

If you want to become a dedicated wine collector, it may be obvious to you that a wine fridge is the best choice to make, no matter the cost.

But if you dont want to keep your wine bottles for more than five days, you may think a wine fridge isnt worth it, and you can make do with your regular fridge. But a wine fridge is different from a regular fridge in the following ways:

Why Are Wine Coolers So Expensive

Many amateur wine enthusiasts get stumped on Why Are Wine Coolers So Expensive?

Why would you spend $250 for a single bottle when you can get it at your local store in a non-refrigerated form?

Wine coolers have highly specialized cooling cycle settings where you can adjust both the temperature and humidity, custom designed racks and UV blocking glass. They are made with expensive materials that meets peculiar wine storage requirements.

The answer lies within the materials that make up the machine itself. Much like other household appliances, they also need special parts and materials.

As far as refrigerators that will hold bottles, two are available. Either a thermoelectric or compressor version.

A thermoelectric version will act as a power bank. It will function with no external energy source while providing you with a cool place to store your wine.

Why Choose Thermoelectric? The great thing about thermoelectricity is that it doesnt produce any emissions.

This means that thermoelectric wine fridges are by far the eco-friendly option. Plus, theyre also much quieter than their compressor counterparts.

Why Choose Compressor? Compressor wine coolers do but need an external power supply.

Some models even include a cooling cycle where you can adjust both the temperature and the humidity.

Why Choose Between Them? The main reason youd choose between a thermoelectric or compressor wine cooler is because of how they work and what they do for you.

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The Right Temperature For Storing Wine

The optimum temperature for long-term wine storage for both red and white wine is between 1218°C. Maintaining this temperature is very difficult without a wine fridge, and perhaps equally as importantly, wine fridges keep this temperature consistently.

Cellaring and serving temperatures are not the same. Variations in temperature can affect the subtle flavours, so you’ll probably need to let your reds warm up a little, and your whites chill before you pour. Though your reds don’t need to be room temperature to taste their best, and your kitchen fridge is a bit too cold to do justice to a quality white.

What To Look For In A Wine Fridge

The Most Expensive Wine in the World $ How Much & WHY!?


Where will you keep your wine fridge? If it’s close to living areas, noise will be a key consideration . If it’s to be in your kitchen, you’ll want to install it away from extreme temperature sources such as your oven. If possible, install it away from any area that’s subject to temperature and humidity fluctuations such as your garage or attic. Just like your kitchen fridge, your wine fridge needs plenty of room around the sides, rear and top for good air circulation, so factor this into your planning. And keep it away from direct sunlight if possible.


Glass doors are handy so you can find what you’re looking for before opening the door and letting the temperature change. UV light can degrade your wine , so check that the glass door has a UV protective coating, particularly if your fridge will be exposed to bright light. All the wine fridges we tested have glass doors, but some come with solid doors, which provide better UV protection and may also help with insulation.

Bottle capacity

Are you a wine hoarder? Do you buy wine by the case? Then plan for either a larger model or several smaller models. If your wine fridge will be installed under a benchtop then you may need more than one if you keep a lot of wine. If you buy by the bottle then a smaller model may be suitable for your needs, and will be less imposing in your home.

Sparkling wines


Individual or bulk storage


Some wine fridges have a lock to protect your wines from theft .


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Is A Wine Refrigerator Worth The Cost

If you are a real connoisseur of wine, you will realize how important it is to store the liquid treasure at the right temperature. This is the only way to sustain the contents and the compounds in the wine for long periods.

This fact alone makes a wine fridge a very worthy investment. It is worth the cost if you make a few comparisons. If you do not arrange for a reliable cooling unit for your wine bottles, you will expose them to the dangers of unfavorable conditions. This undoubtedly will ruin the wines.

As a result, you will have to face the far higher costs of replacing all your precious wine bottles than the investment and yearly bills of running a wine fridge. You must not even try to store your wine bottles in your regular refrigerator because the temperatures are too cold.

A wine fridge provides the ideal temperature setting that wines need to live longer with all their goodness intact. You must choose the right technology as per the amount and genre of wine you plan to store.

If you are a regular collector, a larger compressor unit is the ideal option for you. You may find them costly when you compare their efficiency level, but in the long run, compressor units will serve you better and have lesser risks.

How Much Should I Spend On A Wine Fridge

Well just sum it up into three points:

  • Most built-in wine fridges roughly have a minimum capacity of 18 bottles. For something like that, you can expect a price of at least $400.
  • For a wine fridge that can store 30 or more bottles and could maybe have double doors, youll probably have to pay $1,000 or higher.
  • For the average built-in wine fridge youll use at home, a good estimate would be $600.
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    Hows A Wine Fridge Different From A Conventional Refrigerator

    Before we dig into why you need a wine fridge vs a regular one, lets quickly go over the difference between the two. Your regular fridge does a pretty decent job of keeping your perishables fresh. So why can’t it do the same for your wine? And, whats the difference between that and a beverage cooler anyway?

    Wine coolers have temperature ranges that are a lot higher than those of conventional refrigerators and beverage coolers. Average wine coolers dont cool to temperatures below 46°F. So, theyre cool but not cold get it?

    Beverage coolers and refrigerators, on the other hand, are pretty similar except for the fact that the latter usually has adjustable shelves and door storage. Not to mention that beverage coolers are also meant to look good. They usually have a glass door to display the contents inside.

    That is not to say that wine fridges arent also designed for aesthetics. They have insulated glass doors to display the owners impressive wine collection.

    Are Wine Coolers Expensive To Run

    Top 10 Most Expensive Kitchen Appliances In The World

    Actually, theyre cheaper to run than your typical refrigerator. Wine coolers, on average, only use 90 to 100 watts of electricity.

    As for your usual fridges, they use about 350 to 800 watts. To be honest, the difference is huge!

    And if you consider thermoelectric fridges that are huge, theyll consume twice as much!

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    Why Is A Wine Fridge Worth The Expense

    If you truly care about keeping wine at its ideal temperature so that the compounds and contents in the wine will remain intact for long periods, a wine fridge is a good investment.

    Spoiled bottles of nice wine will be much more expensive to replace than the investment and yearly electricity costs that are required to run the fridge.

    Unlike a traditional fridge that is too cold for wine storage, the wine fridge keeps your wine at the ideal temperature consistently. This will allow you to keep your wine stored for long periods without fear of anything happening to it.

    will have to decide the ideal technology system based on the type and amount of wine you have. We recommend investing in a larger compressor fridge if you are a collector.

    While it may be more expensive when comparing both types of fridges at their most efficient level, it is bound to be more efficient in the long run compared to the greater risks associated with running a thermoelectric wine fridge to its greatest efficiency .

    Keeping Wine Fridge Costs Down

    Wine fridges do not have to be expensive to run if you avoid the examples that were listed throughout the article. The cost of running a wine fridge is largely dependent on the care and effort you put into maintaining it and keeping it in ideal conditions. To make sure that it is not expensive to run, you must:

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