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Who Makes The Best Wine Coolers

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Best Large Capacity: Newair 116 Bottle Dual

âWine Cooler: Best Wine Cooler (Buying Guide)

It’s definitely on the more expensive side, but NewAir’s full-size cellar;is a great investment if you want to grow your wine collection. It features 11 wooden shelves that can slide out whenever you need to grab a bottle. The wine cellar uses a gold LED light to illuminate the interior, and it can be manually switched between two different settings. “I’m absolutely in love with this wine cooler,” wrote one shopper. “The stainless steel and beechwood shelves fit in perfectly with our decor and it holds SO many bottles. When we have company over, I love to turn on the golden lights to display all the beautiful bottles.” It’s a dual-zone fridge, so you can set it at two different temperatures to optimally store both your reds and whites. You also have the flexibility to keep it as a freestanding model or build it into your kitchen or wine room’s cabinetry.;

To buy:;or , from $1,400

Nfinity Pro Hdx Wine & Beverage Center

The NFINITY Pro HDX is your go-to cooler for any type of beverage. It boasts an impressive capacity of 35 bottles of wine, and 90 cans of beer or soda. With a modern, sleek, and polished finish, this beverage center will instantly upgrade any space where its installed. Also, the Pro HDX is ETL-approved and uses 25% less energy than similar beverage centers and coolers.

Jack Daniels Country Cocktails

Does Jack Daniels also come into the cooler wine game? Their tastes range from Lynchburg Lemonade to Downhome Punch to the Black Jack Cola, which is supposed to have been made in partnership with R&B singer K. Michelle. These coolers are slightly on the sweet side, but the lemonade and punch are well balanced if you like the sweeter side of life, definitely worth a try. Jack Daniels Country Cocktails is the only flavored malt beverage today that combines natural citrus fruit flavors with a slight flavor of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey to create a refreshing concoction with just a hint of Jack Daniels attitude.

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Best Wine Coolers Under $250 2021 Review Guide

Today, well be focusing exclusively on wine coolers. Why is this?

It is true that the average kitchen refrigerator is too cold for wine. This leads to the cork drying out and possibly stunting the wines development.

The cork in the bottle needs to stay moist but regular fridges remove humidity which dries out the cork. Keep wine on its side in a regular fridge. In most regular fridges, this will be awkward.

While buying a new wine cooler might not be the most complex decision, there are still a handful of factors you should focus on:

Today, well be reviewing 6 of the leading models in an increasingly crowded market segment. We also tried to include fridges with varying capacity so there should be something for all tastes and budgets.


Wine coolers can be put into two categories:

  • Compressor Wine Coolers
  • Thermoelectric Wine Coolers

Proper Storage Temps For Red And White Wine

á? The 10 Best Wine Coolers Reviews

It is important to understand that storing and serving temperatures are not the same. White wines store best between 49-55 °F and red wine between 62-68 °F. Most experts agree that if you are storing your wine in a dual zone wine fridge, you should take your bottle out of the wine fridge about 30 minutes prior to serving in order to bring it to optimal temperatures.

Place the red on the table or in a decanter to warm up slightly and the white should go in a bucket of ice to cool slightly. This best practice will also allow the wine flavor to develop as you drink the bottle.

If you are using a single zone wine cooler, it is recommended to store both red and whites at 55 °F. Reds can still go right to the table to serve but your white wine should probably spend about 30 minutes in the kitchen fridge to be brought down to serving temperature before placing it in a bucket of ice and pouring.

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Your Wine Cooler Buying Checklist

A wine fridge is crucial when it comes to maintaining your wine’s freshness and flavor. As you research your options, use this checklist to track your must-have features and make comparisons of different makes and models.

Features to Look for in Your Wine Cooler

  • Bottle Capacity sufficient to hold your collection and allow it to grow
  • Temperature Range appropriate to chilling all your favorite kinds of wine at the ideal serving temperature
  • Dual or Single Temperature Zones to provide temperature flexibility for your collection
  • Freestanding or Built-In Design for the ability to place your fridge exactly where you want it
  • Thermoelectric or Compressor Cooling to keep your wine at a constant temperature
  • Child Locks for safety
  • Triple Pane Glass or a well-insulated solid door to keep cool air in
  • LED Lighting to save energy and keep UV rays to a minimum inside your cooler
  • Wine Rack Shelves that allow bottles to be stored on their sides for proper long-term storage
  • Durable, Stylish Design that blends with your decor and will stand the test of time
  • Outstanding Customer Service to get answers to questions and prompt problem-solving for the lifetime of your appliance
  • Free Shipping to keep your total cost to a minimum

Wine Enthusiast Vinoview 310

The sleekly designed VinoView 310 features a unique matrix-display for your bottles, beautifully showcasing your favorite bottles. The patented VinoView shelving makes accessing your collection simple, even when the unit is filled to its 310-bottle capacity. An adjustable thermostat provides ideal storage conditions for reds and whites, while also creating optimum serving temperatures for most white wines. With a black trim and sleek glass door, this unit is the image of luxury.

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Wine Coolers Vs Standard Refrigerators

When you first begin experimenting with wine, you may believe that keeping it refrigerated in a standard refrigerator is enough to keep them chilled. Yes, it can help keep your wine cool.

But the question is, are you keeping your wine chilled to the ideal temperature? Does it help enhance the flavor of your wine? Or are you turning it to vinegar over time?

Keep in mind that oxidation can cause a wine, whether red or white, to lose its vibrancy, flavor, and color. When the cork of an unopened wine bottle dries out, this usually happens. Having a cooler or a wine fridge designed specifically for storing or aging wine will help reduce the likelihood of this happening.

Usually cheaper than standard refrigerators More expensive than standard wine coolers

Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer

Best Wine Coolers Review

Bon & Viv, a recent favorite for us, is the best cooler wine brand amongst wine coolers. The taste is crisp and light, as the twin siren on the label suggests, beauty and elegance. They have numerous delicious aromas we tried the clementine hibiscus and the grapefruit myself, both completely and amazingly. We highly recommend it if you havent tried it yet. To create the light, delightful taste of Bon and Viv, they use simple, select elementspurified water, champagne catalyst, and natural fruit essences. Thats it! Thats what they get to our perfect 4.5% ABV.

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The Best Temperature To Drink Wine

  • White and sweet wines at 42° to 46 to avoid an overpowering sweetness.

Most popular wine refrigerators will have a low temperature of at least 46. Therefore, sparkling wines or young crips whites would need to be chilled a little more in a food refrigerator or ice bucket before serving.

  • Light bodied reds at around 58° to 62 for that perfect flare.

Its best to set your wine cooler temperature somewhat below your preferred drinking temperature. This way you can allow the wines to sit and breath for a while as the temperature drops. Most wines need to aerate for at least 30 minutes.

  • Bold reds and older wines at about 65° to 68 to minimize tannin tastes.

Strong tannins or young reds may need to breath for an hour or more. Pinot Noir, Burgundy, Beaujolais and cheap wines can be drunk straight away, so they can be kept at higher temperatures.

Why You Should Buy A Wine Cooler From Us

Every wine cooler on our site has been thoroughly tested and reviewed to ensure that the wine you store inside has a comfortable resting place to age appropriately, as well as always be ready to serve. Engineered for efficiency, our selection of wine coolers feature advanced cooling technology to effectively distribute cool air throughout the interior, using powerful circulation fans to prevent hotspots and uneven cooling. Insulated double-pane glass not only helps keep the cold air in, but also work to block out UV rays and other light sources that can be potentially harmful to the wine stored inside. Internal LED lights and electronic control panels make adjusting temperatures easier than ever. Whether it’s a thermoelectric refrigerator or a compressor-based unit, we carry the most reputable wine cooler brands on the market, including;EdgeStar,;Avallon,;Summit;and;Koldfront.

All of this to say that we are confident that you will find the best wine coolers here on If you have any questions about wine refrigerators, please give us a call.

Have a Question? Call 1-855-846-9766

Free Shipping

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How To Choose The Best Wine Cooler

When choosing a wine cooler fridge there’s a lot of things to consider let alone the type of wine you want to drink ;before parting with your cash.

They’re not for laying down wineIts worth noting that wine fridges arent intended for long-term storage a specialist wine cabinet or cellar is far more suitable if youre particularly serious about collecting but rather for keeping a select few bottles chilled and to hand.

How much space do you have?After budget, the next big thing to consider is your kitchens layout. If you have a large kitchen with space to spare, a freestanding full-height wine fridge looks very striking and has a larger capacity than an under-the-counter model, ideal for serious wine-drinkers who like to keep a variety of bottles to hand. Under-counter fridges, meanwhile, often come in slimline designs specifically made to meet space concerns, making them suited to small modern flats and crowded kitchens.

Think temperature zonesFinally, for maximum versatility, you may want to look for a wine fridge with more than one temperature zone, which means you can meet the needs of two or more different types of wine at once using targeted climate control. As with many things, the more zones a fridge features, the higher price it can command, so weve included a mix of one- and two-zoned fridges in our buying guide to suit a range of budgets.

Best Overall: Sub Zero Deu2450wr

Michelle My Belle: Best Wine Coolers Under 1000

Width: 23 7/8″ | Height: 34″ | Depth: 24″ | Finish: Glass Door, Stainless Steel or Custom Panel Ready | Zones: Dual | Bottle Capacity: 46 | Options: Built-In, Free-Standing, Left Hinge, Right Hinge, Tubular Handle, Pro Handle.

Product Overview:First on our list is the Sub Zero DEU2450WR wine refrigerator. While many wine cooler manufacturers are finding it hard to address all the inherent problems of wine storage, Sub Zero efficiently came up with this beast of a product to solve all of these problems.

The DEU2450WR has a 24-inch width, which affords you the space to store as many as 46 bottles of wine. These can be placed within either of the two temperature zones within the unit. The unit has a UV-resistant glass door that protects wine against destructive UV light. Each shelf is also designed with a glide out rack to repel vibration.

The DEU2450WR is a premium product that features unrivaled craftsmanship, excellent performance, and high durability. To offer you the luxury of choice, this product also comes in several design options.

These options include the built-in option, the free-standing option, the left or right-hinge options, and the Pro or Tubular Handle choices. With this much variety, youre sure to find a design that best suits your needs.

Why We Like ItSeveral factors make the Sub Zero wine refrigerator unique. These include:

  • Top-notch performance
  • Soft-close door feature with magnetic sealsRoller-glide shelves Temperature alarm

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    Antarctic Star 26 Bottle Wine Cooler

    The Antartic Star 26 Bottle Wine Cooler is one of the most luxurious, high-end options on this Best Wine Cooler list. Yes, this wine fridge might be a quite pricey choice, but its also superior in functionality, spaciousness, and noise level.

    This premium wine cooler allows for maximum temperature control, with adjustable settings from 40°F to 61°F. The Antartic Stars inside fan aids in circulating cold air to every corner of the fridge. A special, three-dimensional air-cooling cycle maintains a constant temperature for all stored bottle; keeping them in tip-top shape.

    An optimum way to maintain the quality of your wines, this state-of-the-art fridge also comes with a special double-paned glass door to block out any harmful UV-rays that can degrade and age wine.

    The design by Antartic Star is very spacious and has a 26 standard bottle capacity. However, you can also choose to add in some canned beer or other beverages. Because this multi-functional design accommodates large quantities of any drink or your choice. The layout features horizontal racks and stainless-steel shelves for maximum space utility and durability.


    This superb design also is a top Best Wine Cooler Refrigerators pick for noise-control. The makers have ensured it has no vibration and is super quiet: meaning no annoying hum to distract you from your wine drinking fun. Intended as a freestanding wine fridge, do note that it is not suitable for built-in usage.

    Top 7 Wine Coolers Compared

    The following table shows our top picks with the estimated price range and our final rating. There is also a link placed on each option so it will be easier for you to find the product .

    The following table is ranked from the most affordable product first to the most premium choice at the bottom.


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    Wine Enthusiast Vinoview 28

    The VinoView 28-Bottle model is an impressive little cellar, theres no doubt about it. This unit is designed with dramatic LED lighting to display your bottles proudly and keep them safe while doing so. The unit features an adjustable thermostat that can be set from 39 F to 65 F, along with double-pane, UV-proof glass to keep things safe and sound. On top of all that, weve equipped this unit with the latest in compressor cooling technology, meaning this VinoView model will last up to twice as long as comparable coolers.

    Westinghouse Thermal Electric 6

    âWine Cooler: Best Wine Cooler 2021 (Buying Guide)

    Sleek and elegant, Westinghouse 6-Bottle Wine Cooler is a thermoelectric countertop unit ideal for wine enthusiasts. Designed to act as a mini-cellar, the cooler recreates a stable environment where to store whites or age reds. The temperature range of 46°-66°F and the lack of vibrations ensure optimal conditions for all wines, including the most valuable ones.

    A six bottle capacity is ideal for those who just started a wine collection. Removable chrome racks keep bottles horizontally, in a wine cellar position. A grey-tinted see-through glass door enhances the beauty of the unit, while a blue internal light ensures easy viewing and allows you to transform the appliance into a stylish showcase for your bottles.

    A recessed door handle makes it easy to integrate the appliance into a restricted space. We also like the customizable configuration of the interior which allows to accommodate non-standard bottles by simply removing one or both shelves. Controlling the unit is easy from an elegant touch display from where youll be able to set the temperature or turn on the interior light.

    4.1 out of 5

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    Installation Tips For Under Counter Wine Coolers

    Install the wine cooler away from heat sources, including ovens, harsh lights, and direct sunlight so the high temperatures dont interfere with the units cooling system.

    Leave space around the cooler to promote air flow. The ideal clearance is 4 inches at the top, 2 inches at the back, and 1 inch on the sides. The front part of the cooler has vents that allow free air movement.

    Once youve installed the wine cooler, wait two hours or more before plugging it in so that you dont mess up the cooling system.

    Thorough clean the wine cooler at least once a year to prevent mold, dust, and odor buildup. Clean the fans and use a mild cleanser and warm water to wipe down the wine cooler, and then finish by wiping it dry.

    Crook & Marker Spiked And Sparkling

    For our list of best wine coolers, here is something a bit different: Crook & Marker. A hard, gluten-free, old grain and tropical raíces is a hard seltzer from West Palm Beach. Its a bit on the sweet side of hard seltzers, but its pretty delicious and worth trying. The flavors of strawberries and cocoa pineapples are especially sweet. All Crook & Marker beverages are made with the companys proprietary BaseBrew organic alcohol, carefully crafted using ancient super grains including quinoa, millet, amaranth, and cassava root.

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    The Best Vs The Worst Wine Coolers

    You don’t want to run the risk of leaving a quality bottle of wine in a sub-standard wine cooler.;

    The worst models we’ve tested fail to sit at the temperature you’ve selected, plus they over or under-cool your wine when your kitchen heats up and cools down.;

    The price of one of our Don’t Buy wine coolers might be tempting when you see it in the shops, or it might be from a big brand you’ve owned before, but once you get it home you’ll be left high and dry.

    Good wine deserves to be enjoyed at its best. An excellent wine cooler will keep your wine stored in the best condition, with no damaging fluctuations in temperature.;

    Make the right choice and you’ll get a wine cooler that won’t let you down. Avoid the dross and spend with confidence by following our recommendations.

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