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Where To Buy Wine Racks

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If youve ever been to or seen a photo of a Champagne house in France, youll instantly recognize these classic A-frame bottle racks. The concept of riddling was originally introduced by the one and only Madame Clicquot in the early 19th century as a means of storing bottles upside-down in order to allow gravity to collect the sediment prior to disgorgement in order to render a clear wine via methodical bottle turninga method still used today across the Champagne region.

Traditionally, these racks have a 120-bottle capacity , and thanks to top-rated Etsy seller Barrel Art, LLC you can have a real, functioning piece of history in your own home. Smaller versions are also available for purchase. Choose from a natural, mahogany, or dark walnut finish.

What Temperature Should I Keep My Wine Cellar At

Most climate controlled wine cellars are built to maintain a temperature between 55 and 65 degrees fahrenheit with 70% relative humidity. Cellaring red wines for long periods under these conditions is the best way to ensure they mature properly and dont become corked by oxidation that occurs when closures lose integrity and air gets into the bottle. Many wine cellar cooling systems offer sophisticated options that allow you to store specific types of wines under very specific conditions. For example, collectors who specialize in champagnes or other collectible white wines can keep their wine cellar at 45 degrees, actively add humidity into the cellar in dry climates or monitor their wine cellars with wifi apps that report their cellars temperature and humidity from anywhere in the world.

Wine Rack Buying Guide

Wine racks are an exceptionally important part of the wine storing and aging equation. You may have the fanciest wine cellar or wine cabinet this side of Seine, but if you do not have the proper racking system to place within your wine storage unit you may find yourself saying au revoir to your wine investment. Even if you are not a serious wine collector and just discovering the joys of the vine, a wine rack offers an excellent entrance and affordable means into the delicate world of wine storing and aging. Wine racks offer the convenience of organized storage, proper bottle position and aesthetic appeal. When placed in areas of your home or business that are not prone to extreme temperature changes, vibrations, light and noise, wine racks provide the perfect tool to achieve wine storage optimization!

Things to Think About Before Purchasing a Wine Rack

Wine racks are an essential accessory ensuring a smooth ride on the road to aging. Whether you are spending $10 or $100 on a racking system, taking into consideration the following points will ensure your wine is more than pleased with its new home!

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Best Large: Wine Enthusiast N’finity 72

courtesy of Bed, Bath & Beyond

Nothing maximizes space quite like a corner unit. Wine Enthusiast, a highly trusted name in the wine world, is responsible for some of the best wine racks in the business.

The NFINITY collection is beloved by designers for its hidden pre-drilled fasteners and is an excellent, high-quality comparable alternative to expensive custom configurations often found in serious cellars and homes. The NFINITY four-column 72-bottle corner unit is available in a clear-coated natural or dark walnut finish and is constructed from solid mahogany. Best of all, this unit is incredibly easy to install, and it also offers an angled display row for your most prized bottles.

Modular wine storage is quite possibly the most underrated storage solution for spaces of all sizes. Whether youre building along a wall or on top of a surface, this is a smart and chic way to store your bottles without taking up a ton of square footage in your home. Finished in a clean gunmetal tone, these pieces are freestanding and stackable, making it incredibly easy to customize a setup for any spaceplus, the bottom compartment can always be used to display trinkets and other accessories if you want to mix things up.

Each cube measures 14 by 14 with an eight-inch depth, so you can store bottles of any shape and size . Note that the suggested stacking limit is five units.

Stakrax Wine Bottle Holder

Cheap Vinrack Wooden Wine Rack 12 Bottle

Your wine collection is ever-expanding as you discover new vintages. Unfortunately, your wine rack stays the same size, and you have to get creative with places to store your bottles.

The Stakrax Modular Wine Rack is the chameleon of wine bottle holders. It has a stackable design that allows you to add on to it whenever you like, and the design is trendy chic to boot.

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Store Your Wine In Style

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A great wine collectionno matter what sizecalls for a smart storage system. Of course, investing in a quality wine fridge is important for bottles youd like to keep at a specific temperature for drinking or long-term cellaring, but otherwise, a wine rack should do the trick. Theres something for every space, surface, design preference, and budget, if you know where to look. Weve compiled a list of the best wine racks to help get you started.

Wine Storage Should Be Fun

We strive to make it simple, easy and affordable to find and purchase the perfect wine rack or cellar system. Our customer service and fulfillment systems are designed to respect your precious time by allowing easy order placement and timely, efficient response to any sized order, client or customer request.

We know when it comes to displaying your wine collection, Quality Counts. That is why we hand-make all of our wood wine storage products in the USA and focus on treating our employees like family. Thank you for visiting and supporting American manufacturing!

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Vurm Stainless Steel Wine Racks

Are you looking for a wine rack with an industrial edge? This one is everything you need in a wall wine rack. It keeps your prized vintages out of childrens reach while proudly displaying your collection.

The VURM Stainless Steel Wine Racks can hold up to eight bottles, which is just enough to see you through that Netflix marathon of Stranger Things.

Kamenstein Butterfly Wine Rack

DIY Christmas Present – Countertop Wine Rack

This fan-shaped wine rack holds the bottles horizontally, helping to keep the corks moist and thus prevent spoilage. The lower slots hold regular-sized wine bottles, and the open-topped upper compartments are large enough for champagne or other wide-based bottles.

The Butterfly Wine Rack looks great on a kitchen countertop and is designed to hold eight bottles of wine in a small space.

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How Do You Build A Wood Wine Cellar

Wood wine racks come in a vast array of shapes and sizes. Building a racking system for an entire room can be challenging given the number of options available. When deciding on the rooms layout its important to consider what types of wine storage you will need for your wine collection. If you buy wine in bulk without a lot of variety, wine cubes, bins and shelving are a great way to store quantities of like bottles together. If you collect wines from many sources and need to store loose bottles filled with different varietals youll want to invest in racking for various styles of 750ml bottles, 1.5L magnums & champagne bottles, decorative wooden wine cases, cardboard cases and even 3L display bottles, Jeroboams or carboys . Depending on budget and how custom you wish your cellar to be, there are other wood components in a wine cellar that can add value and enjoyment. Custom wood soffits and moldings, library ladders, custom countertops, tongue and groove wall paneling, flooring and reclaimed wood wine barrels are all popular features and often built into the plans of a wooden wine cellar.

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Gongshi Stackable Wine Rack

Keep your favorite vineyards safe and secure with GONGSHIs Stackable Wine Rack. Built out of powder-coated steel, GONGSHI can store up to 12 bottles on its sturdy, wobble-free frame.

Multiple units can be stacked on top of one another to increase the capacity of your wine rack. It fits neatly into cupboards or can be placed on countertops to display your wine collection.

No Modular Bottle Holder

Final Touch Wine Rack

This wine rack is named Noah, Noè in Italian, the first man who planted vines and made wine. Each module can be easily connected to two other modules via a slot along the base. By combining and stacking the elements small structures can be created of max. 1 m high, which, when they are positioned from the wall provide greater stability to the assembled modules.

The modular bottle holder can be placed on the kitchen counter or on the floor. Available in the colors white, black or dark red. Designed by Giulio Iacchetti for Alessi.

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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Wood Wine Cellar

The overall cost of a wooden wine cellar will be reflected in the type of room construction you intend to undertake. Properly constructed cellar spaces must be framed, wired, insulated and finished in a way that supports the long term storage of wine in cool, humid conditions. Once the room is constructed, other expenses for your wine cellar include floor and wall treatments, doors and windows, specialty lighting and decor, not to mention the wine racks. Wood wine cellar racking will vary in price depending on the wood used for the racking, whether the wood is finished at the factory, how much of the cellar is meant to be decorative as opposed to just utility-style wine storage and whether the racking is kit-based or custom .

What Is The Best Wood For A Wine Cellar

Most wood types can be used for creating wine cellar racks. The type of wood you use in your wine cellar is often more a question of budget than performance. Popular styles include a wide range of softwood and hardwood species including pine, redwood, western red cedar, alder, white oak, walnut, cherry and mahogany. In certain circumstances where the wine cellar is extremely humid, many buyers prefer redwood over others due to the naturally occurring chemicals in redwood that make the heartwood extremely resilient and resistant to molds and mildew. Each species presents unique visual characteristics and imparts a specific look and feel to the wine cellar.

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Best Overall: Jk Adams Ash Wood 40

If youre looking for something simple, sturdy, and sleek to house your wine collection out in the open, look no further than this J.K. Adams 40-bottle hardwood wine rack. Made from sustainably-sourced unfinished ash wood and backed by a lifetime warranty, you can build this modular rack to fit your space perfectly . According to user ratings, these racks are super sturdy, easy to install, and ideal for customized wine storage, whether kept on the floor or atop any surface.

This is the very first wine rack I ever purchased years ago, and I still use it to this day. I even ended up buying a second as my collection grew, and the two have been sitting side-by-side ever since. I live in a typical New York City apartment with limited storage space, so at one point I decided to add a butcher block to the top of one of these racks, and Im in love.

These racks are so sturdythey can hold up to 660 pounds each, which is more than enough to cover 24 wine bottles), its almost hard to believe that theyre not more expensive than they are. Combined with their affordable price tag, easy construction, and clean, industrial look, these simple chrome Muscle Rack wine racks will always be my number one recommendation for any small space or tight budget.

Sorbus Stackable Wine Rack

Inside luxury wine cellars

Display your collection of wine in this beautiful modular wine rack, and soon youll be able to build your own wine cellar. Sorbus Stackable Wine Rack lets you add on and on and on until you have as much storage for your favorite pinot grigio as you need.

Its made from sustainable bamboo in a modern style thats simple and elegant, just like the wines you enjoy.

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Wine Racks & Bottle Holders

Its important to have the right storage for your wine bottles. Some options include placing wine on the wall or in a rack that sits on the floor. Learning about your options for wine storage can give you extra space and provide you with beautiful home decor.

What is a wine rack?

Wine racks are designed to store bottles of wine in the kitchen, bar, or elsewhere in the home.

  • : You can choose to store full or empty bottles of wine in your home to enhance its aesthetic.
  • Organize: Keep everything organized by hanging them on the wall, in a cabinet, or even on tables.
  • Stock up: If you want to keep multiple red and whites around, you can enjoy storage in the form of a free standing, wall-mounted, or countertop wine rack.

What are the different types of wine racks and holders?

  • Wall Mounted: This type of rack attaches to a wall. A mounted wine rack is relatively simple to install in your home. You can use a drill to make sure that it is securely fastened to the drywall. Many rack manufacturers provide you with instructions so that you properly attach your rack to a wall.
  • Cabinet: You can also use a cabinet that is placed on the floor to hold all of your bottles. These typically come with shelves to hold individual bottles as well as drawers to store wine-opening tools.
  • Table: Wine-holding furniture is available, and it is often made of wood or metal. It holds wine bottles in its shelves and provides countertop space for additional storage.


Mango Steam Wine Rack

Move over, beginners. This wine rack is for true connoisseurs. The classy Mango Steam Wine Rack can hold up to 32 bottles of wine. With sturdy steel construction and a seamless design, this wine rack also has a tempered glass top that can be used as a shelf.

If your wine collection is truly large, you might consider stacking several side by side as a unique room divider.

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Winehive Aluminum Wine Racks

WineHive;modular Wine Racks are made from recyclable aluminum and are an asset to your dining room, kitchen or wine cellar. You can combine multiple sets to expand your rack as your collection grows.

Designed by Philadelphia-based John Paulick who managed to bring WineHive on the market through successfully crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Infinity Wine Rack By Kartell

Fable 6

Wine connoisseurs are always looking for a stylish way to store their bottle collection, and cheap, tacky wine holders just wont do. They want something thats durable and easy on the eyes.

Meet the Kartell Infinity Wine Rack, the build it yourself approach to wine racks. These colorful wine holders can be stacked endlessly, hence the name Infinity. Whether its pinot grigio or a nice chardonnay, you can stack them to infinity and beyond!

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Nucleus Modular Wine Rack

Nucleus Modular Wine Rack is a versatile storage solution for your wine collection. These interlocking wine racks, made of anodized aluminium, can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall to your own desires and wishes.

And later on, you can restyle or expand them. An award winning minimalist design by Dutch designer Thijs Goossink.

Rta 30 Bottle Wine Rack

Got room for an entire wine cellar in your home? Neither do I. Thats why clever designers made the RTA 30 Bottle;Wine ;Rack. True, you wont have a wine collection worthy of a Napa Valley ranch, but 30 bottles should be enough for those who appreciate a glass once in awhile.

However, be warned that assembling this wine rack is a bit of a challenge. Its a good thing youve got all that wine for afterwards!

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Mdesign Stackable Bottle Rack

The mDesign Stackable Bottle Rack made from BPA-free plastic can store multiple ;bottles. A single rack 11.5 x 8 x 4 has space for three bottles.

Suitable for kitchen, cabinets or refrigerator: this bottle rack is a perfect solution for tight spaces and an excellent purchase because of its durable quality. and competitive price.

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