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Where To Buy Plastic Wine Glasses

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Munfix Diamond Shaped Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses

WED your way Today | Plastic Wine Glasses
  • Make your party shine at any type of event with the MUNFIX Clear Shatterproof Plastic Wine Glasses. At 12 oz., these wine glasses are perfect for serving anything from white or red wine to whiskey, juice, dessert cups, and more!
  • These plastic stemless wine glasses will be sure to put a smile on everyones face while being durable enough to last through your party. Be eco-friendly while upholding high-quality standards by using these clear shatterproof plastic stemless wine glasses that are made entirely of food-grade BPA-free materials.
  • One package contains 32 crystal-clear nontoxic 24-ounce plastic stemless tumblers so there is plenty for you and all your guests to keep quenched during your next birthday celebration or vacation.

Taza Outdoor Plastic Wine Glasses

  • TaZa Outdoor Plastic Wine Glasses are the sturdy, reusable way to enjoy your favorite summer wine outside or anywhere else you want without having to worry about breakage.
  • Made of unbreakable Tritan plastic, these tough stems will always look like their real-life counterparts and will never warp in the dishwasher because theyre engineered with long-lasting strength so they retain clarity but best yet for outdoor life durable enough that theyll last even if broken.
  • They use mirrored coasters for full protection, and all come accompanied with their own built-in carrying case which is equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap plus handy mesh pockets on either side designed specifically for corkscrews.

Bloomingoods Rose Gold Rimmed Disposable Plastic Wine Glasses

  • Take your promotional event from drab to glitzy by making sure you have a few BloominGoods Disposable Party Tableware Rose Gold Rimmed Wine Glasses on hand.
  • Theyre sturdy enough to resist breakage, while also giving the perfect opportunity to showcase red, white, and sparkling wines in a more upscale way with their crystal clear beauty and elegant design of Rose Gold accents.
  • A night is never complete without a toast, so make sure that when theres one of these disposable plastic wine glasses nearby you can always raise your glass to the occasion!

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  • Get it by Friday, Oct 8FREE Shipping on orders over $35 shipped by Amazon
  • Get it by Friday, Oct 8FREE Shipping on orders over $35 shipped by Amazon
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    Which Plastic Is Unbreakable

    When plastic is labeled as unbreakable, it just means that it doesnt easily break under regular use or when it is dropped. However, this doesnt mean that they are indestructible because plastic can be cut or burned.

    Nevertheless, unbreakable plastics include those made from polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene , and polypropylene .

    Hyhousing 7 Oz Clear Plastic Wine Glasses

    • The HyHousing 7 oz clear plastic wine glasses are perfect for your routine and social events! With 12 cups, these durable cups can handle days of use on the go. Lightweight, recyclable PS plastic is odorless and safe to drink from no more concerns about clarity.
    • These great-looking cups feature a smooth mouth so you have full enjoyment on every sip. The high transparency will look good in any setting with its cleanliness thats unparalleled by glassware. A strong body provides an easy grip while being priced affordably! Whether at home or on the go, choose HyHousing disposable wine glasses!

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    Lillian Tablesettings Premium Plastic Wine Glasses

    • The only way to prevent the awkward sounds of shattering glass in a party setting is to buy Lillian Tablesettings Premium Wine Glasses. Made from quality and heavy-duty plastic, these glasses add an elegant touch yet are more practical than their three-dimensional counterparts.
    • Lillian Tablesettings Premium Plastic Wine Glasses are perfect for any occasion. They may look like theyre made from crystal, but rest assured these premium quality wine glasses are plastic with a crystal-like design that is reusable and disposable!
    • The one-piece construction ensures stability while the hollow base makes cleaning simple with hand washing. Whether youre an event planner or host of their own dinner party at home, these durable wine glasses will make your table feel more elegant without the risk of breaking real glassware!

    Bravario Unbreakable Stemless Plastic Wine Glasses

    Wine Glasses and Champagne Flute Plastic
    • Crafted from heavy-weight 3 oz Tritan Plastic, these shatterproof glasses are built tough. They dont splinter, crack or shatter when dropped. Perfect for tipsy nights, camping trips, vineyard tours & cocktail parties!
    • 100% shatter-resistant, the unbreakable plastic wine glass is the safe choice outdoor wine glass for pool parties, backyard BBQs, outside wine tastings, weekend travel, beach vacations, and more.
    • Though made out of super-strong acrylic plastic that looks like the real deal but wont break when dropped on concrete flooring or bathroom tiles in your home its time to take your drinking enjoyment outdoors with friends anytime!

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    Fessig Plastic Stemless Wine Glasses

    • Unbreakable, uncluttered plastic wine glasses for entertainers. Packaged beautifully and able to withstand rough conditions. The push of a lever automatically seals the deal on these durable stemless wine glasses.
    • Plastic stemmed wine cups are great for entertaining- no more worries about broken glassware and cleanup! These unbreakable plastic stems come with four smaller 10oz bowls, each with an easy lock lid- one lined with cork so it doubles as a stopper should you later add ice cubes or cool the drink to the desired temperature before drinking.

    Lilys Home Unbreakable Acrylic Wine Glasses

    • Get the benefits of a wine glass without the worry. With stainless steel rivets, these durable acrylic wine glasses are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Forget about broken wine glasses with no replacement costs!
    • These 100% Tritan plastic-encased wine glasses can be reused time after time without worry because it is unbreakable, dishwasher safe, FDA approved, BPA free and wont scratch or stain like typical heavy-glass cookware leaves behind.
    • Why only give cutlery at an event when you can also leave your clients four new wine glasses? Theyll love this new take on their home party ambiance.

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    Michley Unbreakable Stemmed Plastic Wine Glass

    • The curvy stem design enhances the drinking experience by making it easier to swirl the wine in circles so more air can come into contact with its surface, while shaping makes for an upscale look fit for enjoying wine any season of the year.
    • The material is non-toxic and impact-resistant, meaning you wont have to worry about your kids or pets getting their hands on some spilled wine after they unknowingly tip over MICHLEY glasses!
    • TRITAN plastics are made domestically in America, leaving no trace on our environment either. With these American-made shatterproof plastic wine glasses, you may never need another set of drinkware again!

    Ease Of Cleaning And Storage

    Chinet Stemless Plastic Wine Glasses (24 count)

    Plastic wine glasses stay longer when they are well taken care of, so handwashing is highly recommended. Some of them are dishwasher-safe, but as far as plastic is concerned, they only work at the top rack because the bottom rack may be so intense for the plastic, causing them to melt and twist and ultimately put your money to waste. And as mentioned, some have features that allow them to be stacked easily.;

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    Prestee Stemless Plastic Champagne Flutes

    • Modern and sleek, Prestee Stemless Plastic Champagne Flutes bring the high-end look of glass to more casual affairs like weddings, receptions, and barbecues.
    • This all too handy set includes 24 of our shatterproof 9oz crystal clear coupes made from sturdy BPA -free recycled PET plastic that meets FDA standards for food contact.
    • These modern flutes are perfect for sparkling wines, champagnes, and other sparklings as well as non-carbonated beverages like iced tea or lemonade. No dishwasher needed!

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    Oojami Unbreakable Stemless Plastic Wine Champagne Glasses

    • Wine enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike will love the Oojami Unbreakable Stemless Plastic Wine Glasses. These cups ship in a set of 32 which is perfect for any party or celebration.
    • Theyre shatterproof and reusable, making them earth-friendlier than traditional glassware thats difficult to clean and that end up broken in the bottom of someones cabinet!
    • One thing we want you to know, these glasses are completely unbreakable, no matter how much you stack them at your next wine tasting event! Were so confident in our product that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

    N9r 30 Pack Plastic Wine Glasses With Rose Gold Rim

    Plastic stemless wine glasses, set of 4 UNBREAKABLE
    • The perfect accessory for the wine lover. The beautiful shape design features a sophisticated rose gold brim. The 6oz capacity, coupled with the smooth rim, makes these cups just what you need to enhance your experience without sacrificing safety or quality.
    • N9Rs plastic wine glasses are durable shatterproof and safe enough for you to take anywhere! We have two different color variations-clear and amber- so that it compliments any decorative scheme or motif perfectly! The elegant mixing glass set is perfect for red or white wines as well as other beverages.

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    Unbreakable Plastic Wine Glasses Stemless By Taza

    • These unbreakable stemless plastic wine glasses from TaZa are your ticket to professional-level entertaining. From the precise, sleek top that mimics a real wine glass all the way down to its base thats pressed firmly into a rubber non-skid foot, these travel wine glasses show you mean business.
    • Clean-up is never more of a hassle with 12 indivisibly stackable cups that were cut for easy recycling and carefree portability no worrying about making sure itll fit in your suitcase or car before you take off on an adventure!

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    Us Acrylic Stackable 8

    • Made in the USA, these plastic wine stems are designed for durability and complete convenience with a top-rack dishwasher-safe design that will never shatter so you have no need to worry about broken glass.
    • Whether youre hosting an outdoor party at home or relaxing poolside, these easy-to-remember pieces are so versatile that they can go anywhere! Plus, with their 5-1/2 inch height and 2 3/4 mouth diameter, they provide just enough to serve an average bright while being stackable which saves space when it comes time for washing dishes.

    Idgirls Unbreakable Plastic Bordeaux Wine Glasses

    Buy 12 Pack
    • The IDGIRLS Bordeaux plastic wine glasses are a perfect addition to any table for your Average Joe or California Crush alike. Sophisticated, durable, crystal clear, and shatter-resistant glassware thats ready when youre in the mood for chardonnay from Chile or your favorite Shark Red blend from Napa Valley.
    • These little beauties prevent messy spills and sloshing thanks to their stable base and sturdy stemware, so drink up without worries of spilling anything on anyone or anything!

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    What Customers Have To Say

    A buyer remarked that Los Angeles is the best place to have picnics in the summer and these plastic wine glasses just made his picnic a lot better. He appreciated that he could simply stack them and toss them in his picnic basket. Another customer also said that these are good quality and classy. Plus, it held her sangria pretty well.;

    Why We Think Its Great

    The tulip-shaped glasses do a great job maintaining the wines temperature because of their cooling gel between the insulated walls. They are also very comfortable to hold because of the silicone, which prevents warming up your drinks. If you give these to a friend as a gift, for sure they will be thrilled.

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    • Don’t Replace: For items you’d rather not replace, choose “Don’t replace” to get a refund if the item is out of stock.

    Does Alcohol React With Plastic

    Unbreakable Wine Glasses

    Some plastics contain chemicals that can leach into the alcohol when stored in them for a long time. When the wine is stored in plastic bottles, the seal wont be as strong as glass bottles so that air can get in, and oxidation occurs.;

    But, in the case of plastic wine glasses, you have nothing to worry about because they only hold wine for a short time, and so theres not much time for a reaction to occur. After all, most of them are BPA-free, so they also dont affect wines taste.;

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    Features To Keep In Mind

    Stem vs. Stemless: According to Montgomery, the main difference is temperature: Wine is bound to get warmer quicker in stemless vessels . Stems also ensure your wine tastes and looks its best, says Price. Fingers are full of oil that can make a glass look gross, quick, so keep your paws off the bulb and use the stem. Aesthetics aside, theres practical value in a slim handle: A stem may seem hoity-toity, but really, it just allows you to serve and re-serve the same glass without changing it out or washing it, Price says.

    Material: The crème de la crème of plastic glassware, Tritan is a co-polymer thats shatterproof and free of harmful chemicals like BPA and BPS and those that cause EA ; its also the most convincing glass lookalike because its clear, not cloudy or streaky like some plastics. Other options include polycarbonate, which is shatterproof but not BPA-free; acrylic, which is shatterproof and BPA-free; and slightly cloudy polypropylene, which is BPA-free but may feel more rubbery when compared with Tritan and acrylics glass-like rigidity.

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