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Where To Buy Grenache Wine

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Spanish Grenache Red Wines Under $20

Grape Varieties: Garnacha/Grenache for WSET Level 2

Are you looking for Spanish Grenache red wines under $20?

Would it surprise you to know that Grenache is responsible for some of the most delicious and expensive wine in the world? From exalted regions like Châteauneuf-du-Pape to cult California wines, Grenache is just as important in the wine world as Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Grenache is a hearty, productive red grape popular in Spain, where it is called Garnacha. Grenache produces powerful wines that offer medium alcohol, low acidity and an overall deep raspberry or wild strawberry flavor. Our Grenache picks will give you a general idea what to expect from wines made from Grenache, and will help you find one that best suits your needs.

Vega Sindoa El Chaparral Grenache 2014 $15

Vega Sindoa El Chaparral Grenache 2014 Winemaker Notes

Bright red. Suave raspberry and cherry preserve aromas are compelling and sexy. Musky herbal and floral qualities add complexity to the nose but fade into the red berry aromas, which continue on the palate.

91 Points Critical Acclaimed by The Wine Advocate

The most serious wine, as usually is the case, is their 2014 Vega Sindoa El Chaparral Old Vines Garnacha, coming from head-pruned Grenache vines all planted earlier than 1940. This is 100% Grenache aged in French oak for nine months and then bottled. There is a peppery/licorice almost Pinot Noir delicacy this wine. It offers up notes of cranberry, black cherry and floral hints. The wine has terrific body, good acidity and underlying, earthy minerality. This is very much an Atlantic maritime-influenced Grenache to drink over the next 2-3 years.

Where And When To Enjoy Sardinian Wines

If you plan to visit Sardinia, you may want to go on a wine tasting tour to get a better understanding of Sardinian wines and how they are produced. Many wineries now offer wine tasting experiences where youll be also let into the history of the family and the vineyard. The best wine tours are at Cantine Argiolas in Serdiana, in Southern Sardinia, and the nearby Cantine Pala. If you find yourself near Alghero, consider visiting Sella e Mosca.

If you want to book your wine tasting experience online, you can consider this one here.

Wine festivals are quite a thing in Sardinia! If you visit in May, attend Cantine Aperte in Serdiana for a weekend of winery-hopping. Calici Sotto Le Stelle in Jerzu takes place each August and the Sagra del Vino Novello of San Vero Milis, in the province of Oristano, is one of the most popular festivals in the region.

Cheers! Or should I say Alla salute!

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How Is Grenache Made

Grenache is made the same way as all other still winesâthe grapes are harvested and then pressed, the juice is fermented, and the resulting wine is either aged or not before bottling. But because Grenache is such an important blending component, itâs often combined with other grape varieties either before fermentation, after fermentation but before aging, or after the wine has been fermented and aged. This blending is determined by the producer.

A Great Easy Guide To Sardinian Wines

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Sardinian wines deserve way more attention than they have received so far.

Sardinia is an idyllic Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea that boasts more than 2,000 kilometers of coastline and plentiful craggy mountains. The combination of a rough and rugged interior landscape and oceanic elements in the soil produce truly astonishing wine.

The island is home to a wide variety of native grapes, from the Nuragus to Cannonau to Vermentino. Whether youre a fan of rich reds or delicate whites, youre in for a real treat when it comes to wines in Sardinia.

Ready to deep dive into the marvelous Sardinian wines? In this post, I will cover the best ones, broken down varietal by varietal.

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What Are The Grenache Grapes

Grenache grapes are considered among the more delicate grape varieties and are typically harvested around late September. They are thought to originate in France, though it is possible they simple became popularized there, this popular belief by consumers is actually contradictory to the most opinion that they originated in Spain. Grenache is grown on over two hundred and forty thousand acres of vineyards in the regions of Southern Rhone, Provence, Roussillon, and Languedoc.

Typically, they are a fairly light bluish purple before being picked. Despite being less well known, they are actually the second most grown grape variety in France, behind only Merlot, which constitutes over two hundred and eighty thousand acres. In fact, Grenache is among the most planted grape varieties globally. Though its known to be grown in France, its also grown in Spain, which is likely its true country of origin. In addition, youll find it grown in vineyards spanning California, parts of Australia, and Sardinia, an Italian isle.

How To Find The Best Grenache Wines: My Top Picks Too

HomeHow to Find the Best Grenache Wines: My Top Picks Too!

How to Find the Best Grenache Wines: My Top Picks Too!

Grenache is a wine that many have never heard of, but its one of the best examples of how trying a new wine can open you up to a world of new experiences, flavors, delicious wine with food pairings.

And recently Grenache made headlines in a rather unconventional way. Cass Vineyard may seem like a typical vineyard situated in the wine growing region in France, but in 2000 it became one of the first, at least in California, to implant grapes cloned my the DNA of grapes grown in France.

The idea might be unsettling at first for some, but the idea is that the grapes are of better quality and produce a result nearly identical to what youd find from France, and also grapes that are meant to be fairly hardy. All told, Cass Vineyard has eleven varieties of grapes that are the result of cloning.

One of those varieties is Grenache. Cass Vineyards Grenache 2017 was praised by Michele Elyzabeth, a contributor to Latfu, as a smooth, pleasant wine with richer notes and a burst of red fruit flavors. Of all the eleven varieties, it was the Grenache she gravitated towardsbut are Grenache wines really worth trying, and how do you find the best ones?

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That’s Okay But Be Wary Of Going Higher

If you want to spend $50 on a bottle of wine that’s fine, but be wary when it comes to spending this much for most people, $15 can get you a perfectly amazing wine.

Find a winemaker who takes the cost of marketing out of their wine, and you could get a $50 bottle for just $15!

But be careful about going much lower if you spend $5 on a bottle of wine less than $2 goes towards the wine, the rest is lost on packaging and taxes. Spend $15 and you get over $7 worth of wine over THREE TIMES more!


Which Foods Should I Pair With Grenache

Winecast: Grenache

When choosing which dish to enjoy alongside grenache, consider the acid, tannin and fruit levels in the particular bottle you have. Because these characteristics vary so widely for this grape and its blends, food pairings for grenache-based wines are a bit all over the place. Generally speaking, however, grenache tends to always pair well with grilled meats and veggies, game, charcuterie boards and hearty stews .

These are six bottles to try.

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What Is The Difference Between Grenache And Garnacha

The only real difference is the name: Grenache is what it’s called in France , and Garnacha is the Spanish word for the same grape. Any other differences between wines labeled with one term or the other are mainly a result of the land in which it’s been grown and the decisions made by the winemaker.

Poivre D’ane New Castle Chteauneuf

Unexpected tomato vine aromas may surprise fans of more classic Châteauneuf-du-Pape, but this one really comes into its own with air. The palate is seamed through with sappy cherry and distinct peppercorn flavors, as well as a blood-like note of bouillon savoriness. With rare duck breast, this will shine. Eye-opening and gulpable.

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Buy Grenache Online Wine Warehouse Getwineonlinecom

    Grenache is widely used for rose wines in the Southern Rhone, France, and Spain. Very few benefit from aging, though some are aged in oak which gives the wine an orange hue and dulls the fruit. Please continue your exploration of the other wine varieties we offer in our online liquor store.

What Kind Of Wine Is Grenache


So what is Grenache? Grenache is the name of a grape variety from which a wine of the same name is produced. Itâs a key blending component in the wines of the Southern Rhône Valley in France, in the wines from Rioja in Spain , and it plays essential roles in the wine regions of countries around the world, including Australia , the United States , and elsewhere.

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Cannonau Di Sardegna Wine

Cannonau di Sardegna is a DOC from the Italian island of . It is made from Cannonau, the local name for the one of Sardinias most successful wine grapes. It has long been thought that the variety arrived on Sardinia with the Aragonese when they conquered the island in the early 14th Century . However, in the past few years, Italian researchers have uncovered evidence suggesting that Cannonau may well have originated right here on Sardinia.

The region-wide Cannonau di Sardegna title covers the entire island, from and in the south to in the north a distance of approximately 265 kilometers . It was introduced in June 1972, roughly the same time as its Muscat-based equivalent . Roughly one bottle in every five of Sardinian wine is a Cannonau di Sardegna.

The DOC permits production of seven different styles of Cannonau. Red wines are produced under the title rosso or classico depending on the percentage of Cannonau with classico slightly higher in alcohol. To earn the additional title riserva, a Cannonau di Sardegna rosso wine must have a minimum alcoholic strength of 12.5% alcohol by volume, and have been aged for at least two years before commercial release. This is known as affinamento obbligatorio . Twelve months of this ageing period must be spent in . Rosato produced from Cannonau di Sardegna has a rich pink color, notes of citrus and tropical fruits and a distinct minerality that matches well with a wide variety of dishes.

What Cheese Goes With Grenache

White Grenache is a fantastic pairing partner for Manchego cheese from Spain. When it comes to red Grenache wines, aged cheddar is excellent with it, as is a mature Gruyère, especially if it’s evolved for long enough that the cheese has taken on its telltale caramel notes. Grenache, because of its moderate tannins, balanced acidity, and expressive fruit character, tends to work very well with a wide assortment of cheeses.

Browse our full selection of Grenache online or check out our selection of highly-rated Grenache for a great new Grenache to try this week!

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What Is The Sardinian Diet And Lifestyle

The Sardinian diet is also enjoying the spotlight because of the Sardinian peoples longevity. The Sardinian diet is similar to the Mediterranean diet, but it includes foods that are considered to be especially healthful. Sheeps milk and goats milk, barley, fennel, fava beans, chickpeas, and of course Cannonau wine, are all thought to be very helpful to longevity. The Sardinians plant-based diets, combined with habits of regular exercise, are thought to be key to their long lives.

What Are Popular Brands Of Grenache

Gorgeous Grenache No.1 2016, wine review

There are many popular brands of Grenache, and whether you’re looking for a Grenache wine, a Garnacha wine, a Grenache rosé, a Grenache Syrah blend, a Grenache noir , a white Grenache , or simply a standard bottle of Grenache red wine, your options are limitless. Some of the most popular brands across those categories are Orin Swift / Department 66, Notorious Pink, Joel Gott Grenache, Yellow Tail, Yangarra Grenache, Lafage Nicolas Grenache, San Gregorio, Honoro Vera, Pallas, and Austin Hope, and many others.

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Shatter Grenache Maury France

This is big at 15.6% ABV, but there is enough pure minerality hereit’s almost slate-like in character, with a nod toward gunpowder that rides along through the finishto keep it all anchored. The fruit tends in the cherry and black raspberry direction, with grace notes of lavender and cracked peppercorn, as well, all flecked with red licorice. Powerful yet full of energy.

Bodega Bernabeleva Camino De Navaherreros 2014 $1599

Bodega Bernabeleva Camino de Navaherreros 2014 Winemaker Notes

The intensely floral bouquet offers aromas of strawberry, raspberry, rose, magnolia and Asian spices similar to a rustic Pinot Noir, but the body an weight is very much old vine Grenache. Eighty year old vines offer fresh and energetic fruit in the mouth, with sweet red berry flavors unfettered by tannins. The spiciness is mirrored on the finish, which is long and very pure.

90 Points Critical Acclaimed by Wine & Spirits

This Garnacha seems to grow and grow as it absorbs oxygen in the glass. Its muscular, almost bombastic in its delicious sour-cherry fruit, hinting at cigar tobacco in the finish. Its a a wine to pour with lentil and sausage soup. Best Buy.

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Where To Taste Grenache Wines In Sonoma County

The grenache grape, responsible for some of the most delicious and expensive wines in the world, is an emerging darling on the local wine scene.

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Benovia Winery, Santa Rosa: Although Benovia partner and winemaker Mike Sullivan is largely known for his excellent Russian River Valley chardonnays and pinot noirs, he has a soft spot for grenache. Thats because the grape is planted in his familys Four Brothers Vineyard on Sonoma Mountain, where volcanic soils and aromatic wild herbs lend savory notes to the Benovia 2016 Sonoma Mountain Grenache.

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Taste the Benovia 2016 Sonoma Mountain Grenach at Benovia Winery’s tasting room in Santa Rosa.

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Jeff Cohn Cellars, Sonoma: Syrahs in several forms including two made in collaboration with Rhone Valley winemakers are the most obvious of Cohns wines, yet his 2016 El Diablo Vineyard Russian River Valley Grenache is noteworthy for its bold richness, minerality and structure. The 2016 Misc. Stuff Sonoma County, a blend of grenache, syrah and mourvedre, is smoky and savory, with a chocolate note to the ripe blueberry and blackberry fruit.

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Kokomo’s Grenache Rosé has been named among the best wines in Sonoma County.

The tasting room at Kokomo Winery in Healdsburg.

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Dont get Sondra Bernstein started on the joys of drinking wines made from the grenache grape.

Pairing Grenache With Food

Ibarra Grenache 2014 â tierra y vino

Red Grenache: Red Grenaches medium body, dry finish, and bold fruit and spice flavors give it the flexibility to pair with a wide range of foods. If youre drinking the slightly-leaner French version , dishes that feature braised and stewed meats are natural partners for these wines. When it comes to Spanish Garnacha, a lighter-bodied Garnacha works beautifully with grilled poultry and oily fish like salmon, while a full-bodied Garnacha is delicious with BBQ favorites like smoked pork ribs.

White Grenache: Because white Grenache is fuller-bodied than many other white wines, it can pair with dishes that might be considered too heavy for your typical bottle of white. It matches up well with cream sauces and cheese platters, but its also perfect with grilled fish, with spicy marinades, and even with heartier meats like lamb and pork.

Rosé: Grenache rosés, particularly those made in Provence, are meant for seafood. Pair a Ctes du Provence rosé with oysters, grilled white fish, or shrimp, and youll be a happy diner. However, these rosés are commonly considered party wines for good reason theyre flexible and adaptable and will pair pleasantly with a wide range of dishes and appetizers .

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Cannonau Di Sardegna Doc Riserva Wine


New product

Cannonau di Sardegna DOC Riserva wine Sella e Mosca

Cannonau grapes are the very symbol of Sardinia. It is a proud, generous wine, which matures during ageing in centuries-old oak barrels, developing a complex, elegant nose. The warm, dry palate is nicely balanced with slight hints of plums and oak. It goes well with all red meat dishes and is excellent with game.

Vol 13.5

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  • Cannonau di Sardegna DOC Riserva wine Sella e Mosca

    Cannonau di Sardegna DOC Riserva wine Sella e Mosca

    Cannonau grapes are the very symbol of Sardinia. It is a proud, generous wine, which matures during ageing in centuries-old oak barrels, developing a complex, elegant nose. The warm, dry palate is nicely balanced with slight hints of plums and oak. It goes well with all red meat dishes and is excellent with game.

    Vol 13.5

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Cannonau di Sardegna DOC Riserva wine Sella e Mosca

VARIETY: Cannonau, Sardinias best-known red variety, as proud and wild as inland Sardinians themselves. The grape is known in France as Grenache and in Spain as Alicante.

PRODUCTION AREA: The Cannonau vine thrives both on the warm, sandy soils of the Sardinian coastline and on the harsh, rocky terrain of the islands mountainous interior. At Sella& Mosca, Cannonau is grown in the southeastern part of the estate, where it is exposed to the Grecale wind.

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