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Where To Buy Blue Wine

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What Is Gik Blue

Is Blue Wine Any Good?

When drinking Gik Blue, you are drinking something innovative. Youre drinking the power to create your own rules. Thus, we are not trying to impose a way of drinking it. We will not tell you how pair it, where or when to have it. We do not require you to enroll in a tasting course or force you to study the bible oenology. Just enjoy it.

As you possibly know, some traditional wineries really dislike when people call blue wine our product, though everyone knows it as Blue Wine or Vino Azul. That is why instead of calling it blue wine we market it as Alcoholic drink based in wine %99 and must %1 in the EU.

¿Why blue?

In psychology, the blue colour represents movement, innovation and infinity. Its also a colour frequently associated with flow and change

The deeper it is blue, the greater its attractiveness over man called infinite that feat in the desire for spirituality and purity. V. Kandinski

Do you know the Blue Ocean Strategy? If so, you understand that no other color best represents the ideas in which we believe


We get the blue color through technological processes of wine pigmentation. This technology has been developed by the GIK LIVE R& D TEAM in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country and other Food Tech institutions from the Basque region of Spain and France.

Quality control checks are rigorous and all the component comply with the regulations for food products in the European Union.

Where does the wine come from?

Where To Buy Our Blueberry Wine

The release of our Blueberry wine has been amazing. We cant keep the shelves stocked at the winery and we are getting many requests to sell it outside the tasting room. A lot of people have been asking where they can pick up some bottles outside of the winery and we are happy to announce that there are many liquor stores across British Columbia who carry this specialty wine.

Why is our wine such a hit? We use Reka blueberries that are grown on our own farms, and are given the same extraordinary care and attention that all of the Monte Creek Ranch artisan products receive.

This 100% Blueberry wine is excellent with food thanks to its bright, natural acidity and dry palate. It has a bright fuchsia colour. You will notice notes of blueberry, lilac, and white peach on the nose and big fruit and floral flavours on the palate. Serve chilled and pair with fowl, salty feta, or Thai Food. It is the perfect summer patio sipper. On top of that, it is extremely high in antioxidants!

You can purchase our Blueberry wine a the following liquor stores:


Welcome To Blue Farm Wines

Blue Farm began as a seven-acre vineyard divided into four blocks to create one complete wine. Today, it includes Grand Cru style Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from five vineyards and five AVAs within Sonoma County. Our focus has always been on farming and therefore cultivating a deep connection with the land.

Anne Moller-Racke helped Donum become one of the top Pinot houses in Carneros. Now she helms her own label.

Kim Marcus, Senior Editor at Wine Spectator

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Where Can You Buy Gik Blue Wine

Originally produced by a Spanish company, Gik, the wine was only available in Europe, and despite attempts to expand to the United States, regulatory issues delayed its arrival there. In addition to grapes from Spain and France, the neon-blue wine is made with a base of red and white grapes.

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Where to Buy the Blue Wine Everyone is Talking About

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    Where To Find Blue Mountain Wines In Calgary Alberta

    Looking to purchase Blue Mountain wines in Calgary? We recommend paying a visit to J.Webb Wine Merchant. J.Webb have been selling Blue Mountain’s wines for more than 13 years.

    Since its inception as one of the first private wine stores in Calgary, J.Webb has always sought to distinguish itself from the typical liquor store. J Webbs philosophy is based on a simple idea: outstanding service and wonderful wines. It harkens back to the past when these were central themes to a successful merchant.

    The staff at J.Webb are not just retailers, but people who enthusiastically live and breathe wine. They travel, they taste, they learn and are continually challenging themselves to improve. Wine is not a product, it is a passion to be shared with their patrons.

    This kind of passion has gone on for some two decades and you can witness the success of this approach on the shelves: a wonderfully diverse collection of extraordinary wines.

    J.Webb is not about mass production wines it is about relationships with quality family producers. J.Webb is committed to work as directly as possible with its producers and therefore eliminate any unnecessary costs.

    J.Webb is more than an assortment of bodies it embodies a philosophy and a passion. It is a place where you can discover something new, something unusual and without doubt, something wonderful.

    Visit their website for more info.

    Blue Wine May Become Your New Summer Drink

    In early 2017, inspectors were anonymously alerted to the fact that Gik, the makers of the neon wine, violated a Spanish regulation that says that blue is not a legally approved wine color. As a result, Gik was fined 3,000 by the Spanish government and could no longer label its product as wine the labels now read 99% wine and 1% grape must.

    The almost-wine is currently sold under the Other Alcoholic Beverages category in Spain, but in the U.S., it will be sold as blue wine. Its initial launch in late September is taking place in Miami, Boston and Texas, but the team hopes to get to New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Washington, California and Nevada shortly thereafter. The average price per bottle will retail between $12 and $14.

    Read the original post below:

    A new bright cobalt blue wine launched in Spain finally has a U.S. release date: this October. The vintners who make this blue beverage make no claim to any wine-making expertise theyre just trying to do something fun and different.

    We are not vintners. We are creators, the six Spanish twentysomething entrepreneurs , saying they purposely sought out the most close-minded industry out there in an effort to make wine sweeter and easier to drink.

    Hate to break it to you, kids, but its been done. Heard of wine coolers?

    But that hasnt stopped the blue wine from aweing the internet.

    Or you could always just pour vodka into berry blue Kool-Aid.

    This post was originally published on June 20, 2016.

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    Can You Get Blue Wine

    In the fermentation process of blue wine, red and white grapes are combined with pigments and sweeteners. Some blue wines, however, are colored by synthetic food coloring, according to researchers. In addition to its mild, sweet taste, blue wine is best enjoyed as an aperitif or cocktail during dining out.

    Where Can I Buy Blue Wine Gik

    The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine – Where to buy Armor Dyes (Merchant) & Color Showcase

    Originally produced by a Spanish company, Gik, the wine was only available in Europe, and despite attempts to expand to the United States, regulatory issues delayed its arrival there. In addition to grapes from Spain and France, the neon-blue wine is made with a base of red and white grapes.

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    Its Not About Grapes Its About The People

    Our wine comes from different Our wine comes from different Spanish and French vineyards, whose grapes we transform into Gïk. Thats right: we work with grapes from different areas of Europe, whose color and flavor we improve through food tech. We choose these wineries in terms of the people who work them and their innovative nature. Thats why Gik has no denomination of origin, but a guarantee of quality and unique flavor.


    Slightly acidic, with a sudden cheerful sweet burst.

    Balanced and easy to drink

    What Is Gk

    Try to forget all you know about wine. Try to unlearn the 60 denominations of origin of wine in Spain, the rules of service and everything that sommelier said in a tasting course to which they invited you. Forget the traditions and forget that we speak of the liquid that represents the blood of Christ in Mass.

    Gik is not a blue wine, its a revolution. Therefore, there is only one recommendation to follow when drinking it: forget everything you have been told. Ignore the rules, the experts and us. Mix it up, take it like, when and where you want and do not let anyone tell you that youre not right.

    Because drinking Gik you are drinking something innovative. You are drinking the possibility of creating your own rules. You are reinventing traditions.


    At medium intensity olfafiva, aroma of great simplicity to grapes. Notes reminiscent of ripe fruit.III. Gustatory phaseSweet attack with marked but soft acidity. Long and gentle finish. Fruity aftertaste.

    Gïk is 100% grape with an indigo blue color and a very sweet sweet taste. And you wonder: how the hell did they do it?We develop a technological process of pigmentation and food sweetening that combines natural pigments and chemical processes of synthesis.

    We ask ourselves: how does nature make strawberries red? Thus we decided to return to the origin and mix nature and technology in a technological process whose result is a perfectly healthy, blue color drink with a sweet and unique flavor.

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