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Where Can I Buy Wine Shipping Boxes

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How To Store Opened Wine

D.I.Y. You can build these cool wooden wine crates. Make money selling this real wood craft project.

Finally, once that time has come and you have opened a treasured wine, it is essential to know how to keep it. Once opened, a well-preserved bottle of wine can last several days. The critical point to remember is to reseal the bottle as promptly and tightly as possible. If the cork is available, place some waxed paper around the cork to help slide the cork back in. If the cork is not available or is damaged, or if you prefer not to use the cork, use a tight-fitting rubber wine stopper instead.

Follow these tips, and the wines you lay down today should be ready to enjoy over the coming months, years, or decades.

Thirteen Chefs Large Wooden Wine Crate


This huge wooden wine box is attractive and can store up to twelve standard size wine bottles when put away in two layers.

An ideal decision the vino fan to store two instances of their preferred red or white in arms reach.

Why conceal your kitchen things when you can elegantly store them on display? Effectively stack dishes, cups, glasses or cooks instruments with the sufficient room in this huge container.

Complete your rural farmhouse look with house themed structure. Add moment appeal to shelves, restrooms, rooms and thats just the beginning.

Thick strong wood Acacia base and side boards are made sure about with inward posts and metal nuts for security and dependability.

It just takes five minutes to ready with included hex wrench. Basically set up 4 boards by winding bolts into place. No extra devices required.

Single Bottle Wooden Wine Storage Box


This wooden wine bottle box makes the ideal gifting set by raising the typical blessing bottle understanding past the fundamental wine pack.

Additionally functions as an incredible storing arrangement in your home, getting bottles far from light and aggravations.

This uncovered wood grain wine box is incredible as is on account of the included pressing straw.

But on the other hand its the ideal canvas for completes and imaginative twists. Regardless, this wine blessing box will consummately go with any fine wine blessing or show.

Give presents for wine sweethearts in the ideal beautifying box. Include some pizazz with wrapping paper, bows and different embellishments. Makes the ideal base for recoloring or painting.

Pressing straw is incorporated. The ornamental boxs top boards slide open and shut. Toss in some other wine accomplices to make the ideal blessing.

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Our Patented Wine Shipping Boxes Undergo Rigorous Quality Testing

All our wine and spirit shipping boxes are original and patented, and we take quality and safety standards seriously. Our manufacturing process includes FedEx package-testing to ensure consistent strength and durability. Because of this, these high-quality shipping products guarantee safe shipping.

The Spirited Shipper bottle shipper and insert system protects your bottles from getting crushed or opened. With our products, your bottles will be safer than they would be if you hand-delivered them yourself. In addition, our carefully-designed cardboard shipping boxes allow for airflow so that your labels wont be moisture damaged.

Twelve Bottle Wine Box With Slide Top

Cheap Foldable Black Corrugated Wine Paper Boxes For Wine ...


This wine storage box made in USA from sanded, lovely re-sawn pine wood.

It has storage capacity of 12 standard size bottle with guillotine dividers to separate each standard 750ml size bottles.

Inside wall for larger wine bottles are available on special request.

This crate incorporates a slide cover and drop in guillotine dividers. The measurements of this crate are 19 3/4 X 13 X 6 1/2 inches.

If its not too much trouble call for statements or questions that you may have with respect to this thing.

Logo printing and engraving on storage box are available upon request, but you have to pay extra cost for logo.

It is ideal wine storage box if you looking something simple for storage wine bottles or transport the wines.

The one thing we dislike is that it does not provide any carry handle for easy access.

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Where To Buy Wine Shipping Box

Hi there,

Im looking for a place to buy a strong box to pack 12 bottles of wine and so I can check it on the plane back to the US. I called El Mundo del Vino and Vinoteca but neither said they sold those types of boxes.

Ive been googling for hours so would appreciate if anyone knows where I can buy a box in/around Santiago or Santa Cruz tomorrow. Thanks!!

If you are going to be in Santa Cruz, ask in one of the vineyards. They might be able to sell you one. Ordinary cardboard boxes are available but would not be strong enough. You might be able to get a stronger cardboard one for wine by going to the wine section of one of the large Jumbo supermarkets and asking if they can give you one their wine came in. No idea if that would work.

Wine Shipping Options When Visiting Napa And Sonoma

Disclaimers: We use demographic data, email opt-ins, display advertising, and affiliate links to operate this site. Please review our Terms and Conditions for more information. This website is intended for those of legal drinking age in your jurisdiction.

During our trip to California, we made it our mission to visit a number of wineries in Sonoma and Napa Valley. Naturally, this led us to purchase many bottles and a need to figure out how to get them safely to our home on the east coast. As information for this is rather limited, we thought it would be helpful to publish a detailed guide for wine shipping options for your visit!

Based on our experiences, there are five popular ways to ship wine from Sonoma and Napa wineries in order to enjoy some delicious bottles at home. But, as with all things with moving bottles of wine, there are some risks and costs involved.

As such, the following is organized from cheapest / most risky to most expensive / least risky as you proceed down. This assessment is based on our experience only.

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Protect Wine Bottles From Light

It doesnt matter if you are storing your wine for just a short period or decades keep your wine in the dark as much as possible. Direct sunlight will damage the flavors and aromas of your wine. Store your wines away from windows, preferably in a cellar, to ensure the temperature is controlled. If thats not an option, consider using wine storage boxes to help protect your bottles from the damage caused by light.

Why Choose A Wooden Wine Box From Spirited Shippers

Scout Safe Ship | Scout & Cellar

The Spirited Shipper has an entire system in house from the making of pure wood boxes to the custom screen printing we provide on site. We can add any design or logo on any of our wine box products. As a gift, we offer you the option to stuff these wood wine crates with your choice of red, silver or natural colored shred fills to cushion and present your wine as a gift. Surprisingly inexpensive, our wood wine boxes make an expensive look to your clients or loved ones.

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Vineyard Decorative 6 Bottle Wooden Wine Crate


This Vineyard 6 Bottle Wooden Wine Box has slide open cover and wine bottle separators to safe your wine bottle from break.

This brightening wooden wine crate is incredible for its capacity, wedding stylistic theme, creates, a humidor or making your own DIY venture.

It can likewise be utilized as an inventive present box for wine/alcohol presents or for Christmas Gifts.

This box can hold 6 normal Cabernet Sauvignon bottles with included separators.

It measures 21.1 x 13.4 x 4.6 inches in outside dimensions and store 6 wine bottles.

The Laser Etched Logos on all 5 sides of the box including lid makes this box looks beautiful presents for someone.

Words From Our Clients

Gorilla Shipper has been a fantastic company to work with. They have supplied the boxes we need at the lowest prices and are always a pleasure to work with. Gorilla Shipper is a trustworthy company that you can count on for your business.

Tony Kirk, Birdstone Winery, Madera, CA

We have been using the Gorilla Shipper Wine Boxes for the past three years for our Wine Club shipments with Fed Ex as our carrier and have not had one shipment returned because of breakage. We have found their product cheaper than many competitors and their minimum order less restrictivegood for us smaller wineries.

Marian & Dan Lucero, Lucero Vineyards & Winery

I just started using Gorilla Shippers last year and Im very pleased with the results. The construction is all corrugated and very sturdy, much stronger than most shippers, and the best part is theyre 100% re-usable and recyclable. I think our customers will appreciate the way they protect the wines too.

Edward K., , Sandler Wine, San Francisco, CA

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Store Wine At The Ideal Temperature

Without a shadow of a doubt, the most critical factor in preserving the quality of your wine collection is to ensure you store it at the appropriate temperature. Whether it is for short, or long-term storage, a temperature of around 12ºC / 55ºF is considered the correct temperature to prolong the life of your wines. Although there can be some variance, depending on the wine, this is an excellent all-around temperature for your collection.

Our Wine Shipping Boxes Are The Best In The Industry


We were the first, we are the best, and we have the only wine shipping boxes you need.

Here at the Spirited Shipper, weve always had the best product and always will. For more than 32 years, our products have been the highest-quality and most reliable wine shipping boxes on the market. We have served thousands of wine and spirit makers, sellers, and lovers across the country. Spirited Shipper designed the first cardboard shipping containers with glass bottles in mind. As a result, weve been leading the wine shipping industry ever since. Let us meet your wine shipping needs.

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Single Bottle Wine Shipping Box


This single bottle wine shipping box is one of the ideal storage box for wine bottles.

The wine bottle doesnt get bad due to its supportive cardboard boxea and papers.

All the material used in this wine storage box is 100% reusable and recyclable, so it is nature friendly.

This single bottle wine shipping boxes are great fit for the standard size 750 ml wine bottles.

You can safely transport your expensive wine in this wine shipping boxes.

The boxes is available to purchase in quantity of one, three or twelve packs.

Inside molded paper makes your wine protective from accidental breakout.

Weve Been Treating Customers Like Family Since 1984

At Spirited Shipper, we put people first and bring a personal feel to our day-to-day business. We are a family-owned local company based in NYC and we value family and friends. For example, even four-legged companions are welcome here at our warehouse. Our approach to serving our customers focuses on taking care of others as we do our own people.

We know that we have the best product, but this wouldnt mean much if we didnt also have the best service. Thus, we take extreme care in providing customer support that is not only helpful but also responsible and ethical. Our success in this has earned our company a 4.7 out of 5 rating on Google Reviews. Though its extra work for us to go the extra mile for you and others, we know that its worth it.

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What Quantity Of Wines Boxes Can I Buy

You can buy as many wine boxes as you find necessary! Each wine box contains room for up to 12 wine bottles. These will all comfortably fit in, in a horizontal formation to ensure that your wine stays safe and drinkable for an extended amount of time. Maximising space in storage units is an essential task, and due to this buying, only a certain number of boxes needed is necessary. To ensure all your wine also stays the right temperature, this is best moderated by using the boxes to their full potential and filling them with the 12 bottles. This is easily done with the insert that is provided when buying the wine boxes.

Wine Shipping Products: Foam And Inflatable Wine Shippers

Wine Insiders Review & Unboxing – Wine Subscription Box

Shipping Wine?

We offer 2 ways to deliver your wine to market.

Pulp Wine Shippers: Our pulp wine shippers prove that price doesn’t define quality. Developed with input from vineyard and wine shop owners, these shippers are the essence of innovation. They’re strong, versatile, economical, recyclable and require little storage. All shippers have repeatedly met the high standards required by FedEx, UPS, and ISTA test labsFoam Wine Shippers: Lightweight foam wine shippers cushion bottles in expanded polystyrene , an environmentally sensitive combination of recycled content and 90 air. The proprietary MrBoxOnline 12-bottle design improves shipping performance. Strategically placed air cells cradle bottles. The foam lid interlocks with the foam bottom to prevent shifting and ensure that your bottles are stationary, even if the box is dropped. Unlike other options, foam packaging shields wine from temperature fluctuations during shipment.FedEx Requirements:


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Where Can I Recycle Wine Shipping Boxes

I would like to find somewhere to take my wine shipping boxes. I belong to a few wine clubs and I hate to break down perfectly good boxes and inserts.

good idea!! I am almost not wanting to do anymore wine clubs that have the Styrofoam inserts!! what a horrible waste.

I take them to local wine shops. They use them for storage or shipping large orders. On occasion we’ve been offered free admission to tastings at the shop in trade.

Nannette, since you are local to the area the shippers may not be as valuable to wine shops are they are here on the East Coast. Another idea would be to ask local artists if they would have a use for them…we have a local artist co-op here where folks take just about any clean useable items you can imagine and then the stuff is sold in bulk to individuals or teachers or whomever may need what they have.

Perhaps there is something similar there.

Can I Use Wine Boxes For Moving

Definitely! Wine boxes are the best and most innovative way of moving your possessions. Storing 12 wine bottles safely within the box, it provides any wine enthusiast with a safe way to transport their wine. As well as ensuring that the wine stops from shattering, it also has the wine stored horizontally, instead of vertically. This means that there is less oxygen that seeps into the wine and keeps it from spoiling. If the wine is transported vertically, there will be contamination through the cork and will speed up the process of the wine spoiling.

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Purchase A Dedicated Wine Suitcase

Now we get to the most expensive option out of all of your wine courier scenarios, and that is dedicated wine suitcases like the VinGarde Valise or CasePro. These are comparable in design to the wine shippers mentioned at the start of this article but are made from heavy plastic for a reinforced, multi-use case.

While we do not have first-hand experience with these cases, we can see from our experience with cheaper methods why there is interest for something so durable. The downside with these suitcases is price. Most suitcases designed for 12 bottles of wine will run north of $300 , meaning that you’ll be adding on $25/bottle for your very first trip if you use it only once.

As such, premium wine suitcases like these are likely best left for those who buy wine regularly and can envision using them for a minimum of 10 trips over the life of the case . This would be roughly the tipping point where the risk/price point of some of the above options would begin to balance out with the dedicated case.

But, as with all things, a dedicated case will also require a separate checked bag which could incur additional fees based on your ticket and airline status.

Wine Shippers As Checked Luggage

Seed Organizer Box

Wine Shippers are essentially boxes with contoured inserts that lock wine bottles into place to minimize movement during shipping. They’re rather easy to use and are quite effective at protecting your precious liquid cargo when on the go.

The problem with wine shippers is that they can be quite difficult to find. Some shipping stores may have them available, but most are moving towards promoting dedicated wine suitcases which we’ll talk more about below .

We were given a box by a friendly vineyard who had an extra one laying around with room for six bottles , but they also are available online for about $25-$35 depending on bottle count for those who want to purchase one in advance to take with you .

What is nice about these shipping cases is you can put them on the plane as a piece of checked luggage, so pending your baggage allowances you may be able to check this box at no additional charge. At first, we were worried about placing our bottles in the box , but everything turned out quite fine.

I put this on the riskier end of the spectrum for two reasons. First, there is the difficulty in finding a box in Napa/Sonoma to begin with. Second, there is the risk of shipping it as a checked box on a plane. I think the latter is a bit lower if you package your bottles correctly if only because boxes with fragile stickers get handled much nicer than luggage .

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