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What’s The Best Merlot Wine

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Giovanni Rosso Etna Bianco Doc 2018

Why Tropical Wine is the BEST WINE

From the slopes of Mount Etna, an active volcano in Sicily, this wine was produced by Giovanni Rosso, a family-owned winery from Piedmont specializing in red wines made from Nebbiolo. However, we were impressed by the familyâs white selection they are making on Mt. Etna in Sicily, offering a white Burgundy-quality wine, sans the white Burgundy price. Itâs extremely balanced, refreshing, and has great acidity. With its kiss of oak, it will surely be a newfound favorite of Chardonnay lovers looking to try something different.

Rating: 97

Best Budget White: Nv Broadbent Vinho Verde

Courtesy of

Region: Portugal | ABV: 9% | Tasting Notes: Green Apple, Meyer Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit;

Few wines offer better value than the northern Portuguese specialty vinho verdeeven the priciest bottles typically clock in well under $20. Made from a blend of local varieties, this ultra-crisp, low-alcohol white from a cool coastal climate has a slight spritz that makes it incredibly refreshing.

Zesty citrus notes of lemon, lime, and grapefruit mingle with tart green apple in this playful wine that sings when paired with fresh seafood. If you can enjoy it outdoors, even better. But regardless of the season, this lively, satisfying wine will make every day feel like a warm-weather vacation.

Best For Sangria: 2018 Flat Top Hills Sauvignon Blanc

The usual suspects used for a white wine Sangria are often from dryer varietals like riesling or pinot grigio, but please turn your attention to this 2018 Sauvignon Blanc from Flat Top Hills.;This wine makes for the perfect base for a Sangria concoction with its inertly tropical flavors and aroma. And yes, its tasty all on its own.

Find strong aromas of tropical melon, guava, key lime and sweet citrus here. If you dont use it for Sangria, this wine also pairs stupendously with creamy cheeses. Or, go ahead and pair the cheeses with the Sangria. No ones the boss of you.

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Whats The Best Temperature To Serve Merlot At

Before we get into the specific characteristics you should look for in order to find the best Merlot, its important to note that both proper storage and serving is essential to enjoying it at its best.

If Merlot is served too warm, much of the flavors are lost; too cold, and the same thing can happen. The ideal temperature for serving Merlot and enjoying its best flavors and aromas is sixty to sixty-five degrees Fahrenheit.

Best Red Wine: Barons De Rothschild Lafite Legende Bordeaux Rouge

Wine Not ? Whats the best time to try different wines ...

Légende R Bordeaux Rouge has been at every Thanksgiving dinner I have been to over the last several yearsit is truly a versatile high-quality wine, says Robert Barron, sommelier at The Cellar in Los Angeles: ” pairs amazingly with turkey, especially when served alongside a dried cranberry stuffing, green bean casserole, or fresh cranberry sauce. The slight vegetal notes in the wine blend seamlessly with the green beans and sauce in the casserole; pairing with the fresh cranberry sauce truly awakens the red and black fruits in the wine and also melds well with both the herbs and the dried cranberries in the stuffing.

This Bordeaux, which is a cabernet sauvignon and merlot blend made by winemaker Diane Flamand, is not only a great representation of the region but it also wont break the bank .

Barron also recommends the Légende R Bordeaux Blanc, a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon, paired with oven-roasted turkey and oyster stuffing: The high minerality and slight salinity dance very nicely with the salt in the oysters and the herbaceousness of the stuffing. I also find that this particular wine adds a perceived subtle sweetness from the Semillon that heightens the slight sweetness of the turkey. Finally, the bright acidity cleans the palate with each sip. It’s as if youre tasting the meal for the first time every time.”

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Abeja 2018 Merlot Columbia Valley Washington

This lush Merlot from Abeja offers huge rewards. Damp earth and warm spice on the nose are joined by licorice and mocha. Plush and silky dark cherry fruit push the palate toward sweetness, with ripe tannins aiding the effort. But savory hints of black pepper and umami come into play to balance the sweetness through a long, rich finish.

What Does It Mean If A Wine Is Dry

Dryness is used to describe the contrary of sweetness in wine.

Sweetness generally comes from how much sugar is left after fermentation.

Therefore, dry wines are referred to as such due to little to no residual sugar remaining. You can also think of dry reds, in particular, which can cause a dry sensation in your mouth.

In contrast, sweet wines can be so sweet that the liquid can stick to the wine glass when you swirl it.

If youre looking for dry wines, try Levorato Primitivo or Heathcote Hill Shiraz.

Generally the drier the wines, the more alcoholic the wine is because the sugar in the grapes gets broken down during fermentation to produce alcohol.

Therefore, depending on how much of that sugar resides in the wine after that process, will determine how sweet or dry the wine will be.

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Domaine Carneros By Taittinger Ultra Brut 2015

Pop this Napa sparkler when youâre craving Champagne but donât have that Champagne cash. Or even if you do. It starts with a welcoming nose of brioche, flaky pastry and soft, earthy fruit. Following that, a firm grip on the palate, with vibrant bubbles and a heightened perception of acidity cleanses the palate. Itâs a joy to drink, so donât wait too long for the right moment.

Rating: 94

A wonderful representation of Russian River Valley Pinot Noir. Itâs impeccably balanced, elegant yet powerful, and not overly acidic. It fills the palate with cherry, white pepper, and cinnamon flavors, pleasurable to the very last sip.

Rating: 94

How Does Red Wine Help Protect The Heart

5 Best Budget Red Wines (ALL Under $15!!)

The benefits of red wine come from polyphenols ;naturally occurring compounds that have antioxidant properties. Polyphenols like resveratrol and procyanidins have been linked to a variety of health benefits, including cardiovascular health.;

How exactly do these compounds protect the heart?

Studies suggest that these polyphenols:

  • Boost good cholesterol
  • Lower bad cholesterol
  • Reduce blood clotting

So, wines with high levels of resveratrol and procyanidins are considered the best for your heart.

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Steak And Wine Are Meant To Be Togetherforever

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts; youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

One of the most synergistic pairings in the food and beverage world is steak and wine. Each provides a balance to the other and each enhances the other, while still maintaining its individuality.;Together they create a gastronomic pleasure, and a true symphony of flavors, textures, and aromas. The cuts of steaks are many and so are the techniques of cooking them. There are many fabulous wines waiting to be discovered and tasted for your next elegant steak dinner.

Here, we present a few choices from around the world to get you started on the best wines with steak.

Filet mignon is an extremely lean cut of meat and it is all about the tenderness. With its buttery, melt-in-the-mouth texture, it needs a wine that does not overpower. The Antinori Badia Chianti Classico is a wine with flavors that are deeply layered. The wine is concentrated and has nice acidity. It is fruity without being jammy with well-integrated tannins. It invites the senses with the aromas of smoked meat, chocolate, and ripe fruit. The dark fruit on the palate and lower alcohol content in the wine elevate the meats texture. A liberal salt and fresh pepper seasoning on the steak brings out the slight oak and spices in the wine.

Amadieu Rasteau La Copado 2019

A new wine for us Yves-Jean only makes 1,000 or so bottles. 50% Grenache, 40% Cinsault and 10% Syrah. Intriguing aromas of an exotic spice market and dried berries. Exciting attack: this is a huge wine, but unlike most Rasteaus its not porty and /or jammy, rather showing attractively fresh blackcurrant and blackberry fruit. Will make perfect winter drinking with a daube or a chilli hot dish. Now-2025

“Lovely fresh spiciness to the nose, cinnamon and black cherry. Really fresh and lively example, vibrant. All very defined and drinkable, this is delightful, and will drink well young. It’s relatively petite for a Rasteau, but still has that inner sucrosité. The Cinsault works wonders.” 92 pts. Matt Walls, Rasteau, December 2020

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What Colour Wines Are Sweet

When looking for sweet wines, white wines and rosés probably spring to mind first.

But red wines can often be sweet too you just have to know what youre looking for!

If youre looking for a sweet red wine, its important to know that the lighter the colour, the sweeter the wine will be.

That being said, some yellowish red wines, like Luca Bosio Dolcetto dAlba, can be even sweeter than wines of the pinkest hue.

When trying to find a sweet white wine, the rule of thumb is that the more orange the colour, the more sweet the wine is

Best Overall: Dragonette Cellars Sauvignon Blanc Happy Canyon

Whats the most expensive bottle of wine Benjamin Wallace ...

Dragonette Cellars winemaker Brandon-Spark Gillis seems only capable of making world-class, complex, utterly lip-smacking and satisfying wines. He also has the good fortune of working with vineyards that lie atop ideal marine and sandy soils where warm days are bookended by cool mornings and eveningsthe perfect growing conditions for making exceptional sauvignon blanc. Tack on a year of a particularly cool growing season, and youve got lightning in a bottle .

Expect flavors of crisp apple, pear, peach, lemon, minerals and delicate herbs. This is a beautifully dry wine with a crisp and refreshing finish.

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Best With Blackened Salmon: Bedrock Wine Company Old Vine Zinfandel 2018

Seasoned, most likely, with a combination of paprika, garlic, cayenne, and oregano and then seared until a dark and crisp crust is formed, the blackened salmon is a versatile dish. The bold, nuanced flavors in the Bedrock Zinfandel are a wonderful match for the rich and flavorful blackened salmon. Full-bodied, wonderfully balanced with extensive notes of spice and black pepper, this zinfandel features a silky texture balanced with grippy acidity and an ample personality.

Finding The Most Recommended Merlot Wine

If you are a novice to selecting wine, ask more experienced wine buying friends and family for suggestions; or, if they can recommend a wine shop with a trusted wine professional on staff. Many wine sellers will break down their recommendations by price after learning your taste preferences, while others make suggestions based on honors received in wine competitions.

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Chardonnays Sauvignon Blancs And Beyond

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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts; youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

From a distance, the unsuspecting wine drinker might make the mistake that people who drink only red wine have all the fun. But red wine just cant compete with the fun factor that comes with enjoying a fabulous white. What do you think theyre drinking on those multi-million dollar yachts or poolside at every Relais & Châteaux resort?;

From ever-popular chardonnay to zesty pinot gris and evergreen sauvignon blanc, the predominant flavors of great white wines are bolstered less from summers red fruits and more by the yellow fruits of autumn. Citrus pervades the palate, and even herbs make regular cameos. And of course, white wines are best served chilled, making them ideal for warmer months.

Exquisite white wines are produced worldwide, and to make the task of picking the right one easier, here are some of the best white wines to drink now.

Wolffer Estate Summer In A Bottle Ros Merlot Long Island


Anyone who can capture the essence of sunscreen, travel delays, and cold rosé day drinking gets honorable mention. Also, this one is technically No. 1 according to the Wine-Searcher data, but its a rosé, so thats probably a seasonal fluke. A delicious seasonal fluke.

Also, California clearly dominated the entire list, but two Washington State Merlots almost made the cut: Leonetti Cellar Merlot and Chateau Ste. Michelle Merlot.

All data pulled via Wine-Searcher on September 1, 2016

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Best Tetrapak: Bota Box Pinot Grigio

;Courtesy of

Region: California | ABV: 13% | Tasting Notes: Lemon-lime, Pineapple, Floral

The hits keep coming from Bota Box with this appetizing, ultra-convenient, eco-friendly packaging, making it easier to take their greatness anywhere. This vibrant medium-bodied white is light and lacy with crisp peach, citrus aromas and flavors of pineapple and white flowers.

Best Red Blend: Black Box Red Blend

;Courtesy of

Region: California | ABV: 14% | Tasting Notes: Mineral, Blueberries, Red berries

Black Box strikes again with this impressive and delicious blend of their pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon varieties sourced from California, Argentina, and Chile. Mildly sweet with notes of cherry, raspberry, earth and blueberry. Looking for a red that can stand on its own? This velvety smooth blend fits the bill.

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Not All Wines Belong In The Cellar

The best types of wine to put in your cellar are age-worthy wines. In general, unless you own a restaurant, you should not store more than a years worth of wine in your cellar. The reason for this is simple, most wines are ready-to-drink with a shelf-life of a couple of years at most. No matter what the storage conditions, unfortunately, buying ready-to-drink wine in bulk is not a money-saving tactic unless youre partial to spoiled wine.

This is one of the things that make age-worthy wines so valuable, the ability to store more wine for longer periods of time and take advantage of bulk buying. But age-worthy or not, dont expect wine kept in the cellar for a few years to increase in resale value unless its investment grade.

If youre a budding wine investor you should know that less than 1% of all the wines worldwide are investment grade and Bordeaux makes up 80% of them.

Chteau Puygueraud 2015 Closerie De Bories

46 Best Cheap Red Wines Under $20

This merlot is only the second wine to come from this estate in France. The Chateau Puygueraud 2015 Closerie de Bories is ranked highly on the Wine Enthusiasts list, and yet is only $20! Its warm and well-rounded, with a dryness that really allows for the boldness of the tannins and the fruit to come through. The Wine Enthusiast list cautions against drinking it now though, and recommends waiting a couple more years to let it fully age to perfection. Maybe thats why its so affordable right now?

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Chteau Marsau Francs Ctes De Bordeaux 2015 145% 75cl: 1899 Laithwaites

This is a 100 per cent merlot made from grapes from 30-year-old vines on gentle south-facing slopes near the village of Francs at the eastern edge of the Bordeaux wine region. Bottled after spending 12 months in oak barrels, it is deep ruby red in colour and offers intense plum and dark fruit flavours and a sinewy minerality that provides a long and impressive finish. Rich and vibrant it should bring something special to any meat-based dish or add a touch of French flair to an Asian meal.

The Cowgirl And The Pilot 2017 Merlot Oak Knoll District Of Napa Valley

This elegant Merlot is the Trefethen Familys tribute to founders John and Janet Trefethena former navy pilot and California rodeo queen, respectivelywho in 1973 fell in love in the valley and went on to help cornerstone the industry there with their namesake winery. Lovely fragrant purple flower aromas open , mixing with perfumed berries and cocoa. Silky tannin textures in the mouth, carrying buckets of cherry, berry and plum flavors edged with crushed fresh herbs, add to the considerable yum factor. This one is elegant, long and superbly balanced.

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Melka Estates 2015 Mekerra Knights Valley Sonoma County

This 100 percent Merlot from acclaimed wine consultant Philippe Melka and his wife, Cherie, shows the power of its mountain vineyard source, at 2,300 feet in Sonoma County. The nose conjures Cabernet, with dark fruit, gravelly minerality, resiny herbs and forest notes leading into a rich and complex palate. Plush, juicy plum, berry and cassis are undergirded by a firm tannin structure. The wine is ripe, but balanced by texture and tension. This one will age.

Tornatore Etna Rosso 2017

What are the differences between Pinot Noir, Cabernet and Merlot? – Tell me Wine TV

Pinot Noir fans will covet this Sicilian red made in the volcanic soils of Mount Etna, with its inviting aromas of strawberry jam and soil. This wine has bright acidity and a slight tannic grip, making it an ideal pairing for barbecue. Itâs not often we come across wine of this quality at this price range.

Rating: 94

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