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What To Get Someone Who Likes Wine

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Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses For The Entertainer Whos Young At Heart

Wine Folly: How To Taste Wine (Ep. 3)

Can shot glasses provide healing properties? Nevermind, dont answer that.

These stunning Himalayan salt tequila glasses are perfect gifts whether your giftee enjoys tequila or not. Theyre beautiful enough to serve as decorations, but still functional as standalone glasses. Each set is uniquetheyre handmade by an artist from Florida and sold at Uncommon Goods, where they have more than 700 5-star reviews.

One Glass To Rule Them All

We tested more than a dozen excellent glasses in search of a product we could truly get behind. Not only did it need to be well-crafted, and expressive of flavors, but it also needed to stand up to rugged everyday use .

This lead-free crystal wine glass makes gifts for wine lovers that keep on giving!

Funny Wine Glass Charms Cork

When spending time with loved ones over a glass of wine, it is crucial to continually find ways to liven up the atmosphere. This is where these Funny Wine Glass Charms come in handy.;

This set of 12 natural cork wine markers will elevate the mood through the creative puns and phrases inscribed on it. Not to mention that it is effortless to attach to glassware. So, you won’t have to worry about setting the tone in a special gathering.

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For The Reader Who Likes To Keep Track Of Their Reads: A Book Journal

Sure, theres always Goodreads or the good ole;Notes app on a smartphone. But if you know someone who wants to keep track of the books they read and prefers an analog approach, theyll love the Book Riot Read Harder Reading Log, a notebook designed for hardcore readers to keep a record of everything they consume. Reviewers rave;that it has dedicated spaces to write down important details about the book, including the start and finish date, a brief review and notable quotes. It also includes 12 reading challenges, which prompt users to read different kinds of books than they might normally pick up, like ones originally published in a different language or from;an independent press.

Personalized Wine Glasses Set

Come on, we ALL know like, five people who need this. Get ...

Wine glasses are always appreciated gifts for people who regularly drink wine, but that doesnt mean they have to boring. Whether youre giving a holiday, housewarming, or promotion gift, the wine lover you know will appreciate a gorgeous personalized box set of stemless wine glasses. Giving a personalized gift shows that you really care about the recipient as you put extra thought into the gift instead of just grabbing a set of wine glasses from the nearest department store. They will love having large stemless glasses for their red wines because it will allow the wine to breathe and aerate better than in most standard glasses. Plus, theyre gorgeous because of the elegant engraving! They will want to show off this lovely set to everyone you know.

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Are You Ready To Pour A Glass

If its been one of those days but you arent able to enjoy a glass of wine just yet, hopefully, these quotes were able to bring you some enjoyment.

Or, if you are laughing as you read these quotes with a glass in your hand, enjoy knowing that you are doing good for your health in more than one way, both your physical and mental health.

Do those around you a favor and pour them a glass and share a few quotes because its always more fun to laugh and drink with friends. Just remember to enjoy with moderation as mentioned above.

Did you enjoy these funny wine quotes and sayings? Which of the quotes is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

Everyday PowerFunny Wine Quotes to Get You Through the Rough Days

Unique Gift Ideas For Someone Who Already Has Everything

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Some people are just impossible to shop for.

Maybe they already have everything, or maybe they take minimalism to new heights and just dont want any more things. I confess I fall into the latter camp, and it drives my family crazy come Christmas.

Regardless of the reason, hard-to-shop-for people require some extra creativity on your part. Fortunately, its easier than ever to buy outstanding gifts for even the most challenging recipient.

Forget the usual humdrum gifts. This time around, give them something they can actually use.

Pro tip: Before you start shopping, make sure you add the free Capital One Shopping browser extension. When youre shopping on Amazon they will alert you if theres a better price elsewhere. Capital One Shopping will also automatically add available coupon codes to your order.

Capital One Shopping compensates us when you get the browser extension using the links provided.

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Make Sure Your Wine Is Chilled On The Go

Do you enjoy bringing a bottle of wine to a friends house to enjoy or on a weekend getaway to the mountains with your partner? You need an insulated and portable wine chiller! After all, theres no reason to have to settle for lukewarm white wine or hot red wine. This handy chiller is made of insulated stainless steel and will keep your wine cold for up to 24 hours. The best way to use the cooler is by keeping the wine bottle in the fridge and then placing it in the cooler before you leave. The chiller will keep the cold in, ensuring that it stays the perfect temperature. This portable cooler is the perfect gift for a wine lover who loves to travel with their favorite wine!

For The Minimalist Book Collector: Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelf

Wine Journal Tips (Taste Like a Pro)

Traditional bookcases are lovely, but their footprints can be too big for small-sized living spaces. These minimalist floating bookshelves, on the other hand, are a fun and flexible way to organize a;book collection.

With books in place,;the L-shaped shelves disappear, creating the illusion of a floating stack of books. This;set of three bookshelves comes with all the necessary hardware for installation, too.

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For The Reader Who Needs To Get A Grip: A Clever Page Holder

For serious readers, it can be hard to juggle a good book with some of life’s more important day-to-day taskslike lying on your back in a park, for instance, or sipping a glass of wine. Consider, then, this handmade gadget from PagePal that makes holding a book an;easier task to carry out single-handed. This;frees;up your other hand for a glass of wine and makes it easier to;read on your back.

It’s one of the most utilitarian gifts in our book lovers gift guide, but it’s also just an attractive-looking object to have hanging out on your coffee table or nightstand.;

An Incredible Row Boat Serving Bowl For The Nautical Decorator

Insert great pun about boats and salads here.

Whether they live at the beach or just wish they did, we all have that one friend whose house is decorated in anchors, sea shells, and buoys. Indulge them with this large boat that doubles as a salad bowl, complete with wooden oars that serve as salad spoons. Its unique style makes it an ideal gift for friends who love entertaining, as it can act as a beautiful centerpiece and conversation starter for their next get together.

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Red Wine Modern Framed Wall Art

A bottle of fine wine is one of the few things people bring out when celebrating good times. So, whenever wine is within sight, it somewhat makes you reminisce of special occasions, which are pleasing to look back on.;

Now with this Red Wine Modern Framed Wall Art, take a quick trip back memory lane without even having a drink at hand. All you need is a place to hang it on, so you can enjoy this high-quality artwork anytime you see fit.

Wine Jobs: An Overview Of Careers In Wine

Like a fine wine, people get better with age. card

There are a few different industry sectors within the wine business. Besides the primary jobs that are listed below, there are also numerous supporting roles within each of the following sectors:

  • Winery
  • all

    Whos ideal for this job? Winery jobs are ideal for people looking for longterm stable employment and community.

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    For The Reader Who’s Always Lending Their Books: A Customized Library Stamp

    Generous readers know that part of the joy of a good book comes from sharing it with;friends and family. But actually getting the book back? Thats more of a toss-up. Help someone make their lending process a little more official with a customized library stamp. When they let a friend borrow their copy of “Normal People,” theyll know it has a better chance of making its way back to themor, at the very least, the “borrower” will always remember where the book came from. The stamp comes in three sizes and four styles, so you can pick one that best suits the giftee;you have in mind. Some stamp styles are self-inking, but if the one you get isn’t, don’t forget to also include some ink.

    A Worldly Gift For Someone Who Has Everything

    Youre here because you have no earthly idea what to get someone who has everything. Luckily for you, this incredibly cool globe decanter set is unlike anything theyve ever seen before! The amazing detail on this etched decanter set and the gorgeous glass-blown ship sailing through the liquor inside the decanter is so stunning that theyll be speechless when you give it to them on their birthday or for Christmas!

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    For Those Who Snack While They Sip: Charcuterie Boards

    The gift of a serving board is always helpful so there’s a civilized place for all those important nibbles: whether it’s a well-organized board like this one from the quirky-gift site Uncommon Goods;or one that can double as a centerpiece for your dining room table, like this acacia wood and gray-marble board from Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams.;

    Support Your Local Cellar Rat

    How to Taste Red Wine

    For those of you who know a cellar rat personally, then you know they suffer from a special kind of lunacy moving bottles to and fro.

    Steele Canvas makes the toughest carriers out there, used in mail-carry and hotels. The 2 BU size fits a large case of wine but is small enough to walk through a standard doorway. Proudly made in the USA

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    Great Gifts For People Who Love Entertaining

    Help them get the party started

    Recommendations are independently chosen by Revieweds editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

    Everyone has that one person in their life who was born to entertain. For me, its my motherwhen I first had friends over after moving out, I was shocked to learn that you dont actually need to plan several appetizers and leave out an olive plate every time company comes. But for Sue, who lives in the South, entertaining is an art, and both home and kitchen should always be prepped to accommodate party guests.

    If you need gift ideas for people like Sue who love to entertain, weve got you covered. From Instant Pots to high-end pitchers, these are the highly rated gifts you can present to your host or hostess with the mostest.

    You Can Never Go Wrong With Wine Decor

    People who love wine enjoy decorating their home with anything to do with wine whether its whimsical DIY wine cork trinkets, wine bottles filled with string lights, or signs like this one! Designed to look like a wine barrel, this lovely sign is the perfect gift for a wine lover because its customizable, elegant, and shows off their love for wine. It comes in two different color schemes too, the green one as shown and a white version with red elements. The green version kind of represents white wines such as Chardonnay while the red is more for Merlot fans.

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    Ask A Sommelier: Gateway Reds For White Wine Drinkers

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    Do you know someone who always orders white wine, never red? For those looking for refreshing and bright wine that doesn’t feel heavy, red wine can be a turnoff. But while a big, oaky Cabernet Sauvignon might not be up their alley, there are plenty of red wines that these folks might like. We asked wine pros from around the country for their advice on the best red wines for white wine drinkers.

    Here are the ‘gateway reds’ they recommend.

    Lighter, thin-skinned grapes such as Pinot Noir, Gamay, and Sangiovese are the way to go when transitioning from whites into reds. Thinner-skinned grapes that have less tannin are not as likely to be as bitter and dry which are common issues for mostly white wine drinkers.”Alpana Singh

    “A lot of people drink their red wines too hot anyway. Many reds show better at cellar temperature and some even cooler than that.”

    “I recommend wines that drink well with a light chill, soft tannins, and are slightly lighter in body. Soft tannins are extremely important as strong tannins are not a component of most white wines. Serving wine at proper temperature is very important as well. A lot of people drink their red wines too hot anyway. Many reds show better at cellar temperature and some even cooler than that. Try these bright, happy reds and serve at approximately 60°F: Beaujolais, Pinot Noir, Barbera, Frappato, Schiava, Grignolino.”June Rodil

    What To Get Someone Who Has Everything Ideas

    What healthy people really drink in a day

    by Kelly Jones·

    Its never easy finding the perfect gift for a person who seems to have everything, especially when they literally say I dont need anything! People who are hard to buy for make the shopping experience more stressful than fun, but no more! A gift for someone who has everythingshould be unique, something they wouldnt normally buy for themselves, and practical. You wont have to worry about what to get someone who has everything again once you feast your eyes on these one-of-a-kind, spectacular gifts that are perfect for any occasion! In fact, theyre so awesome that youll be tempted to get one for yourself, too!

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    Portovino Beach Wine Purse


    If youre an adult who likes to discretely enjoy their beverages, we have the perfect tote bag for you. The PortoVino Beach Wine Purse is the ideal accompaniment to any tailgating, backyard, or beach party thanks to its built-in wine dispenser. The removable and BPA-free beverage pouch can hold up to 1.5 L of wine or two bottles. The insulated pocket in the pouch keeps the wine chilled for hours and includes a large zippered compartment for personal items and extra snacks. If youre going to have wine, you will probably want some cheese and crackers as well.

    A Fridge Just For Your Wine

    Having chilled wine is a necessity, but its not always feasible. Some people have small refrigerators or their large fridge is full of food! Solve their problem with their own wine cooler. This cute little fridge is perfect for storing all kinds of wine, not just white wines and champagnes. They can program the temperature to make sure its just how they like it. This awesome cooler can hold more than enough wine for date nights, parties, or just to have for special occasions.

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    Gift Ideas For Someone Who Doesnt Drink Alcohol

    So,your best friend/spouse/uncle/second cousin once removeds birthday is comingup, and youre not sure what to get them. You have a few ideas, but a problemarises with the fact that they dont drink alcohol. That takes a few things offof your list. Nowadays, more and more people are giving up alcohol in pursuitof a healthier lifestyle.

    But,it can still be a challenge to find fun, engaging adult gifts, without thealcohol component. Fortunately, there are still some universal ideas that wouldmake great presents for anyone, particularly those people in your life whodont drink. Here are seven gift ideas we developed for someone who doesntdrink alcohol.

    1. DIY Mocktail Recipes

    Ifyour loved one wants to try the alcohol-free lifestyle, start him or her off onthe right foot with a DIY mocktail recipe book. This puts together all of thelatest and greatest flavor combinations for mocktails, so your friend can stillfeel included when others want to drink. For example, check out this popularoption here, or read our latest blog article on springtime mocktails theycould enjoy.

    2. Cooking Classes

    3. Engraved Cutting Board

    4. Personal Letters

    5. Favorite Game

    6. Latest Book

    7. Non-Alcoholic Options

    Choosinga gift for someone who doesnt drink alcohol can feel like a challenge.However, there are still a variety of presents to pick! If you want to surprisesomeone you care about with a gift, keep these ideas in mind to brighten theirday.

    Secura Electric Wine Opener

    Gifts Guys Like


    Puritans may balk at the idea of an automated wine opener, but if youve ever lost a cork into your brand-new bottle of wine, then you know there can be no margin for error. A great option for customers who have strength or mobility issues, the rechargeable Secura Electric Wine Opener can open a bottle of wine in seconds, tackling up to 30 bottles on a single charge. It also comes with a foil cutter and is so quiet that you can discreetly sneak into the kitchen to open a bottle without guests knowing you didnt strong-arm a traditional wine opener.

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