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Where To Buy Round Barn Wine

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A Colorful Summer Sangria Party

Round Barn Winery History

The sun is finally shining, the world is in bloom, and its officially sangria season! Today Im teaming back up with one of my favorite Michigan wineries, Round Barn Winery, Distillery, and Brewery. Round Barn recently released a brand new product: their Canned Red Sangria! And they asked me to create a photo shoot and blog post in celebration! Sangria is a spiced red wine punch steeped with fresh fruit. Its the perfect spring and summer sipper, made for Cinco de Mayo parties, backyard BBQs, and waterfront picnics. I planned a rainbow buffet of Mexican-inspired favorites to complement the Round Barn Sangria. Crack open a can and keep on reading for some colorful summer entertaining inspiration!

*This is a paid post sponsored by Round Barn. The post concept and all words and opinions are my own.*

Change Is Not Always Good

First off, we love Round Barn wines. We have been visiting their main location and the Union Pier tasting room for the past several years. It’s always been a good time. Unfortunately, someone has decided to change their “wine tasting experience” This mostly means that they are charging a lot more money to taste the same amount of wine than they have in the past. The rationalization for this is that the experience is much more personalized with a dedicated wine consultant. We generally visit during the week when it’s not busy and we have had a dedicated person serving us. Reservations are strongly encouraged. Part of the fun for us is moving at our own pace when visiting wineries without having to worry about being somewhere specific at a specific time. At the Union Pier tasting room we were recently charged $12 for six tastings. The same tastings for which we paid half that amount a year ago. The cost for a tasting at their main location is even more. We will still buy Round Barn wines but we will no longer partake of their “unique”, , wine tasting experience. There are many other options for reasonably and appropriately priced tastings in the region.


This was a stop on our ladies winery tour. We loved it! Lots of wines to sample! Beautiful grounds! On the weekends, they host live entertainment which makes it now of a party atmosphere than typical wineries. Either way, we loved it and we’ll go back!

What Gives Dessert And Fortified Wines Their Color

The different colors of most dessert wines come from the type of grape used and varying levels of oxidation during the winemaking process. The colors of Sherry and Port are mainly the result of oxidation, or lack thereof. Fino and Manzanilla styles are clear to pale gold because of the benevolent film-forming yeasts, called flor, that make a floating seal on the surface of the wine. This layer protects the wine from oxidation, and thus any browning. The other styles of Sherry use various levels of controlled oxidation, resulting in various hues of amber. The two basic styles of Port, Ruby and Tawny, also come in two basic colors, as noted by their names. Both styles are made from the same blend of Douro red varieties, but Tawny ports are tawny in color because they are made from a blend of vintages that have been aged in barrels and gradually exposed to oxygen. Ruby Ports retain their bright color because these wines are aged in barrel only for two to three years before bottling, thus minimizing any color change from oxidation.

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What Happens If Round Barn Winery Farm Market Blueberry Wine Is Out Of Stock And I Need To Give Specific Instructions

  • Find Best Match: By default, your shopper will use their best judgement to pick a replacement for your item.
  • Pick Specific Replacement: You can pick a specific alternative for the shopper to purchase if your first choice is out-of-stock.
  • Don’t Replace: For items you’d rather not replace, choose “Don’t replace” to get a refund if the item is out of stock.

Summer Sangria Party Ideas

Round Barn Winery

I love a good theme party, and I had a blast building my menu and decorations around this Round Barn Sangria. I drew a lot of inspiration from the can itself with its vibrant colors and festive feel. From there, I went to Party City in search of more inspiration and decorations to bring my tablescape to life. While party stores are often organized by theme, I like to shop across themes and curate something more personalized and unique. I picked up a tablecloth, paper plates and napkins, party picks, confetti, and a pinata to mix with my own collection of serving dishes and decor.

For an extra personal touch, I hung a pair of plates I purchased in Mexico a few years ago. And my mom made a paper banner to adorn the wall. Adding fine glassware and serving ware dresses up the tablescape for an elevated look that feels personal, not store-bought. Finish with a smattering of confetti, and youre ready to party!

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Discover The Taste Of Southwest Michigan

We are a family bonded by a passion for lifes finest pleasures great food and fine wine. Farmers by trade, we know what it takes to cultivate sustainable ingredients and relationships. For more than 30 years, we have been creating the best wine, craft beer, and spirits in Southwest Michigan. Paired with epicurean flavors inspired by farm-to-table freshness, were behind four concepts you may already know and love: Free Run Cellars, Tabor Hill Winery and Restaurant, the Round Barn Estate , and Round Barn Brewery and Public House.

How Do You Serve Dessert And Fortified Wines

Because of the typically higher sugar and alcohol content, the recommended serving size for most dessert, Sherry & Port wines is three ounces, which is smaller than for regular table wine. In general dessert wines should be served colda very sweet Tokaji is served at 40F; Sauternes are best at 50F. Fino and Manzanilla Sherries are best served at 45-50F, while the Amontillados, Olorosos and beyond, are best at 55F. Tawny Ports have a recommended serving temperature of 50-55F, whereas Ruby and Vintage Ports have a recommended serving temperature of 65F.

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What Are The Types And Styles Of Fortified Wine

Fortified wines include Sherry, Port, Madeira, Banyuls, Rutherglen and other very small-scale styles. Sherry comes in completely dry styles and also in a range of sweetness levels. Madeira is typically sweet but can be made into a dry style. Port can be most simply separated into Tawny and Ruby styles. Vermouth, an herb-infused fine wine, is today popular among mixologists and other dessert wines are derived, not from wine grapes, but from different fruits.

Tim Mcgraw Tribute Concert

Introducing Round Barn Winery’s NEW Mint Chocolate Creme

Get ready to bring the glitz and glamour of Vegas and the sensational sound of Nashville to our fall concert with Vegas McGraw on Friday, September 17, which will be held at the future site of the Round Barn Cantina in downtown Baroda . Tickets are on sale now for $20. Gates open at 5pm EST. Round Barn craft beer, wine, and soft drinks will be available for purchase.

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Review: Round Barn Estates Cream Wines

Like a bottle full of melted ice cream

For an entirely new vino experience this season, sip and savor a bottle of cream wine from Round Barn Estate.

Located in Baroda, Michigan, this winery-brewery-distillery combo touts a variety of tasty products. Their cream wines, however, are among the most notable; like cream liqueur made with wine, each bottle has a unique flavor that makes it all too easy to forget about its 13.9% ABV.

Southwest Michigan’s Premier Destinations

We are proud to call Southwest Michigan our home. Located near the shores of Lake Michigan and in the Lake Michigan Shore wine country, the Round Barn Winery, Distillery and Brewery attracts a diverse group of residents, vacationers, and tourists. Discover exceptional wines, expertly crafted brews, show-stopping spirits, and locally inspired food. We truly offer something for everyone.

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Let The Good Times Roll

Named one of USA TODAYs 10Best wineries and vineyards with live music! As the original location and home to a stunning turn-of-the-century Amish round barn, this entertainment venue and tasting room invite you to drink in a piece of history. Surround by Lake Michigan Shores vineyards, you can try our award-winning wines, dabble in select craft brews from our brewery, and taste spirits crafted from fruits grown right in our backyard. We are open year-round .

How Long Do Dessert And Fortified Wines Last

Round Barn Winery, MI

High quality dessert wines such as Sauternes and Tokaji can often improve up to 10 to 20 years from bottling. Fino and Manzanilla Sherries should be consumed within a year or two of bottling since they are most appreciated for their freshness. Once opened, these are best consumed within a week. Store Amontillado Sherry up to about three years; once opened and refrigerated, these last two to three weeks before they decline. Store Oloro Sherry up to five years; once opened and refrigerated, these last a few weeks or longer. Cream Sherries are best consumed in their youth. Pedro Ximénez Sherry is a special case. It wont necessarily improve with age, but is known to remain unchanged after many years of age. The two basic styles of Port can be further separated into an almost dizzying list of styles, but in general the only ones meant to age longer once bottled are crusted ports and vintage ports . Aside from those, LBV ports should age about 4-6 years from the release date and the rest are ready to drink upon release. Fruit wines are not meant to age; the fresh fruit qualities of these wines are most prominent in their youth.

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Holiday Food & Wine Pairings With Round Barn Winery

When Kyle and I first got married at 21, we loved traveling across Michigan to visit local wineries like Round Barn Winery in Baroda. We started buying wine tasting guides, food and wine pairing books, and all sorts of wine accessories. Wed found something new that we loved to share together, and its something we continue to enjoy ten years later. Food and wine pairings are a fun way to get creative in the kitchen while developing your palette. And a food and wine pairing party is a great way to entertain and experience something new with your friends. We selected four Round Barn wines to share and planned a dish to complement each one. From spumante and brie flatbread to cranberry wine and turkey meatballs, here are four festive food and wine pairings for a gourmet evening in!

*This is a paid post sponsored by Round Barn Winery and features gifted wine I selected. The post theme and all words and opinions are my own.*

Where to Buy Round Barn Winery Wines

Setting the Scene for our Round Barn Food & Wine Pairings Party

First Pairing: Round Barn Artesia Spumante and Brie & Pear Flatbread

Second Pairing: Round Barn Farm Market Cranberry and Turkey Meatballs

Third Pairing: Round Barn Vineyard Red with Roasted Vegetable Soup

Fourth Pairing: Round Barn Salted Caramel Cream with Cinnamon Rolls

Cheers to a Wonderful Xmas Time

Pouring Out Compassion For The Community

Everyone at Moersch Hospitality Group has one thing in commona desire to make a difference. Whether its serving up the best wines, beer or locally grown food, or simply serving our community. We strive to align ourselves with organizations that support our values and inspire change, including Conservation, Education, Programs for Youth, Animal Shelters and Rescues, etc. If you’re seeking a donation or sponsorship, complete our online form at least 45 days in advance of your need.

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What Your Ice Cream Has Been Missing

Even better than , these cream wines have just changed your ice cream sundae game forever. Drizzle over a scoop or two of your favorite flavor for maximum dessert experience: theyre creamy enough to add an extra boost to the taste, but subtle enough not to overpower the original flavor.;

Alternatively? Throw a shot or two into a milkshake. Youll have more boys in your yard than youll know what to do with.

Round Barn Winery Going Retail With Two Wines This Month

Heart of the Vineyard (The Round Barn Winery)

Baroda, Michigan, home of Round Barn Winery, who, up until recently sold their wares exclusively through their flagship location and tasting rooms, have announced a new retail venture. Round Barn Winery Red Sangria and Crantini will join the select craft canned wines paving the way.;Initially stocked and sold at more than 150 Meijer stores in Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin, Round Barn has captured that same freshness and flavor you’ve come to expect from every glass and growler at their locations with no artificial colors, flavors, or high-fructose corn syrup added to their canned versions.

I know what you’re thinking; wine in a can? Isn’t that somehow blasphemous? A lot of wineries are getting in on the canned wine game. Cans are convenient. They’re portable. Cans can’t break, chip, or shatter. Plus, you don’t have to open an entire bottle to enjoy one glass. Take them camping. Take them glamping! Enjoy them in a box. Enjoy them with a fox.

Look for Round Barn Winery’s Red Sangria and Crantini in stores this May. And, keep your eyes peeled for two other Round Barn offerings mid-summer.

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Built On Brews Made For Fun

Locally inspired food, craft beer, wine, and spirits are on the menu. Our Brewery & Public House menu boasts locally inspired food, craft beer, wine, and spirits. From small-batch Think Taps to Round Barn specialties, your palate will never be disappointed. Add a side of friendly service and a vibrant atmosphere in Michigan countryside and you have a must-visit spot for anyone with an appetite for fun.

You’ve Got Questions We’ve Got Answers

It’s been a year full of changes, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the questions we’ve received the most.

Are you open year-round?Yes, we are open year-round, except for major holidays, New Year’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. This also includes the Mt. Tabor Trails.

Are face masks required at your properties?Per the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Guidelines & Orders, face masks are required for those who are not vaccinated inside our locations.Are your properties back to 100% capacity?With restrictions lifted, it’s important to remember that not all businesses are back to 100%. So, we are not back to 100% capacity due to not being fully staffed. We are struggling to find job applicants and willing workers. We simply cannot keep up with demand. Southwest Michigan Regional Chamber said it the best: Supporting local doesn’t always mean spending local, sometimes it just means showing a little grace.

What are your current bus and limo policies?We make every effort to ensure that your visit is enjoyable and safe. As you plan your visit to any of our Moersch Hospitality Group locations in Southwest Michigan, please review our Bus & Limo Policy if you are not driving yourself.

Are you kid-friendly?Yes! Well-behaved kids are always welcome but need to be closely attended to by parents at all times. We do not have a playground or offer activities for children, so please consider bringing quiet activities to keep them entertained.

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New Vineyard Premier Membership

Introducing Vineyard Premier, a new kind of wine club. Our goal was to design a membership program offering maximum benefits in order to reward our loyal guests and customers – just like you! There are some great benefits to being a member of our family of brands, like free shipping, autoship and member pricing. With wine delivered to your door, youll never have to worry about coming home to an empty wine rack again.

About Round Barn Winery Distillery & Brewery

Round Barn Winery Distillery Brewwery

Producing wines, fruit wines, full-bodied beers, and handcrafted spirits, the Round Barn is as well-rounded as the Amish barn that anchors the winery. The striking structure wasnt always the southwest Michigan propertys main landmark, however. Biology teacherturned-winemaker Rick Moersch had been cultivating the land for five award-winning years when he came across the 1911 structure in Rochester, Indiana. Timber by timber, he and his crew dismantled the barn and moved it to Baroda by truck after realizing it wouldnt fit in a planes overhead bin.

The round barn was a natural fit for the round copper-pot still where Moersch was beginning to distill European-style brandies from his grapes. They launched a grape-based luxury vodka, DiVine, in 2006, and entered the beer brewing business the following year.

Today, Round Barn Winery, Distillery & Brewery produces red, white, fruit, and sparkling wines, microbrews, and traditional Vodka, Rum, Gin, Agave, Bourbon and Whiskey. The Moersch family invites visitors to tour the barn and sample the potent potions, with wine tastings taking place in the Round Barn and beer available in both barns. Just a few miles down the road, Round Barn’s Brewery & Public House offers 20 taps of their unique beers, wines, and hand-crafted cocktails, as well as beer and wine flights and a full menu that highlights locally-sourced ingredients.

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Upcoming Event At Our Sister Property

Get ready to bring the glitz and glamour of Vegas and the sensational sound of Nashville to our fall concert with Vegas McGraw on Friday, September 17, which will be held at the future site of the Round Barn Cantina in downtown Baroda . Tickets are on sale now for $20. Gates open at 5pm EST. Round Barn craft beer, wine, and soft drinks will be available for purchase.

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