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What Is The Best Italian White Wine

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Best For Sangria: 2019 Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio Alto Adige

The Best Italian White Wines Under $20: A Taste of Friuli

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Okay, one more Italian wine before we wrap things up. If you have a craving for a white wine sangria, your best bet is the Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio sourced from the vineyards of Northern Italys Alto Adige region. This Italian jewel is beloved by Americans and this is the perfect white to sip on while you whip up that sangria made with this white!

This wine boasts an enchanting citrus musk that is spearheaded by lemon and grapefruit. It is bolstered by yellow apple and pear flavors, with light touches of almond paste, and is dry as a bone in the Sahara. The versatile flavors make this wine stand on its own and also pair well with floating chunks of fruit.

Collestefano Verdicchio Di Matelica 2018 $1799

The grape is verdicchio, and the area is Matelica in the Marche region, not nearly as well known for its verdicchio wines as its Marche neighbor, Castelli di Jesi, which is closer to the Adriatic. This wine is vibrant and energetic, with aromas of flowers and almonds, and a spine of electric acidity, typical of the inland, higher elevation Matelica area. Collestefano is a top-flight producer there. It farms organically, and makes this wine straightforwardly and simply. Drinking it is a wake-up call.

Vernaccia Di San Gimignano

The name of Vernaccia di San Gimignano comes from the grape used to produce this Italian white wine. Moreover, the place of origin is the Tuscan town of San Gimignano. These wines are generally straw yellow, but with the aging process, they also develop golden hues. These wines are well-structured, fresh, and bright. The aroma is fruity and floral. The typical aftertaste recalls almonds. Vernaccia di San Giminiano is excellent as an aperitif. It is also a good pairing with shellfish and first courses with white sauces and mushrooms, rice, and pasta salads. In general, we can say that this wine goes very well with all the baked, fried grilled, or raw fish dishes.

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Elvio Cogno 2019 Anas

This aromatic white from Elvio Cogno is a rare example of Nascetta, an indigenous variety that was almost extinct until the Cogno family found and revived it in the 1990s. White blossom aromas are touched by a salty sea breeze mixed with grapefruit and wet-stone minerality. Fresh, resiny herbs wrap around citrus on a vibrant, savory palatemouth-filling and long, with a zap of lime zest adding a kick.

Red Vs White Does It Matter

Best White Wines from Italy: Premium Sauvignon Blanc ...

If youre new to wine drinking, you might be wondering what the fuss is about? Surely you can just pair your favorite wine with your pasta dish. Wrong.

Many pasta dishes feature tomatoes as their main ingredient for sauces, it makes the sauce very acidic. Pairing that type of sauce with a wine that doesnt match the acidity, will leave you with a very bland tasting wine.

Since many white wines have a much lower tannic, their acidity levels are also much lower. For this reason, a medium to full-bodied red wine is a much better option for a tomato-based pasta dish.

With so many red wine options, which would be the better choices? Do different pasta dishes taste better with specific wines? Do overtones and the subtility of notes play any part? Lets find out.

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Trebbiano Dabruzzo 2016 Valentini

Characteristics: A kaleidoscope of aromas that makes room between floral scents of chamomile, tropical and candied yellow pulp fruit, dried green tea, continuing with nuances reminiscent of medicinal herbs, wild catmint, white chocolate and brackish nuances. The palate confirms the sense of smell with a balsamic finish.

A lysergic white wine of extraordinary aromatic finesse, with seductive and enveloping aromas on the palate. Excellent aging potential. Virtuous interpretation of Trebbiano dAbruzzo, fully qualified among the best Italian white wines.Grapes: Trebbiano dAbruzzo 100%Region: Abruzzo Approximate price: 100

Generic Wines Or Vini Di Tavola

Generic wines can be of two types: generic wines with grape and/or vintage and generic wines without grape and/or vintage. Practically, generic wines mean Vino di Tavola or table wine. In most cases, those wines are very simple and inexpensive.

There are a few rebel winemakers in Italy who are keen to experiment, and refuse to accept the limitations of the traditional DOC or DOCG rules. Some of them do make extraordinary premium-quality wine , one of Italys top-100), which has to be labelled as generic. But this is a rare exception rather than a rule: a Vino di Tavola without any awards will most likely be a simple wine.

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Three Italian Red Wines To Buy For Next Year

4. Gattinara

Gattinara is a delicious and often over-looked Nebbiolo-based wine from Piedmont. Perfect with stews and braises, these are the wines to drink while waiting for Barolo and Barbaresco to mature.

5. Rosso di Montalcino

Rosso di Montalcino is often referred to as baby Brunello. Made with Sangiovese grown in the same area, this wine is released to market the year after harvest, while Brunello continues to slumber in the cellars of winemakers.

6. Chianti Classico

Chianti Classico refers to the classic, historic growing area of this iconic Italian red wine. Produced with slightly stricter regulations than regular Chianti, these wines pair easily with a multitude of meals.

Neige Dor 2016 Ls Cretes

Northern Italian Wonders… Italy’s Best White Wines Part.1

The aromatic framework is intense, multifaceted and fresh with succession of alpine flora that veer towards fruity tones of lychees and grapefruit, smoky notes and sweet spices of vanilla and melted butter. On the palate it is voluminous and supported by a great acidic backbone. The alternating note between freshness and mineral iodized nuances that embellish the presence on the palate is interesting. Refines in large barrels and 12 months in the bottle before being put on the market.

A wine of sensational freshness, precision and olfactory clarity. Virtuous testimony of the oenological potential of the Aosta Valley. The aging potential is very interesting. Deservedly among the best Italian white wines.

Vines: Blend of native vines of the Aosta Valley.Region: Valle dAosta Approximate price: 65

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Introduction To Quality Levels Of Italian Wine

Can the letters DOC, DOCG or IGT on the label help you pick a good bottle of Italian wine? The short answer is yes. If thats the only information you have, they could be a great help, as they identify what level of quality this bottle is made to. Lets see how it works.

From 01 August 2009, the European Commission divided all Italian wine denominations as well as wines of all other EU countries into two categories . Broadly speaking, these are wines with indication of origin and generic wines without. Each category is divided further, with additional criteria to show quality.

The pyramid of Italian wines: how new and traditional categories are related.

Pietradolce 2019 Etna Bianco Doc

Unabashed minerality marks this 100 percent Carricante from Pietradolce and yet the wine is far from steely and harsh. Delicate florals, lemon-lime and resiny herb aromas mix it up with a fresh sea breeze. A beautiful palate of creamy citrus and a hint of apricot lingers, looping back into minerality on the finish.

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Furore Fiorduva 2018 Marisa Cuomo

Characteristics: Brushstrokes of broom, orange blossom, passion fruit and candied apricot blend harmoniously with fresh notes of Mediterranean scrub, cedar and dried green tea. In the mouth it is very soft, with an excellent structure, with a full and round sip with a brackish finish with continuous returns of candied fruit.

Icon of the Amalfi Coast and the whole of Campania, Fiorduva is one of those rare and unforgettable wines, produced with native grapes of the highest quality. Fully among the best Italian white wines for the ability to reconcile structure, identity and elegance.Grapes: Fenile 30%, Ginestra 30%, Ripoli 40%Region: Campania Approximate price: 60

Lugana Riserva Sergio Zenato 2017 Zenato

Assorted Italian White Wines 4x75cl

Description: A large bouquet stands out on the nose that ranges from exotic pulp fruit, mustard, orange blossom flowers to hints reminiscent of sage and brackish tones. On the palate it flows energetic and juicy integrated by a marked mineral flavor. Voluminous finish with long persistence.

A white wine repudiation of fruit and balsamic, in which the aromas, multifaceted and authentic, are the prelude to an energetic and vibrant sip. Among the best Italian white wines for courage in elegantly enhancing the varietal character of the indigenous Turbiana grape.Grapes: Turbiana 100%Region: Veneto Approximate price: 30

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Poggio Alle Gazze Dellornellaia 2018 Bolgheri Toscana

Sauvignon Blanc is the lead variety in this terrific white from Ornellaia. Evidence of that abounds on the nosebright lemon, fresh-cut herbs, white blossoms, wet stones and a subtle ocean breeze. The citrus continues on the palate, joined by white stone fruit, all bound by bright acidity, impressive structure and lovely persistence.

Lets Take A Look And Some Of Italys Best White Wine Varietals

Pinot GrigioThe easiest-to-recognize Italian white wine is definitely Pinot Grigio. The Veneto region, where the Candoni de Zan winery is located, is known for its production of excellent Pinot Grigios. In general, this varietal is light, on the drier side, and slightly citrusy on its finish. You cant do much better than a glass of Pinot as a refreshing pairing for grilled fish or a fresh salad. If you love wine and saving the environment, you will enjoy a glass of organic pinot grigio, made from 100% organically grown grapes, free of fertilizers and other synthetic chemicals.

TraminerTraminer is the name of a family of grape variants that includes the famous German wine Gewurtzraminer. Its one of the main components of many Austrian wines and thus grows best in the northern reaches of Italy. As a wine these grapes provide a high sugar content and extreme aromatics, and flavors like lemon, raisin, and rose can be very pronounced. We love this unique grape that gives great aromatic qualities to our Polvaro Oro.

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Two Italian Red Wines To Buy For Tonight

9. Lambrusco

Ask your local wine merchant for a dry Lambrusco from Emilia Romagna to pair with your next antipasti. Slightly fizzy with a pleasing bitterness, these red wines are delicious on a hot summer day.

10. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

Montepulciano is Abruzzos answer to Piedmonts Barbera. Showcasing juicy, grapey flavors with soft, supple tannin, this is Italys quintessential pizza wine. Be sure not to confuse the grape Montepulciano with Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, which is a Sangiovese-based wine made near the town of Montepulciano.

Reds Whites And Ross From Some Of The Oldest Wine Regions In The World

Southern & Central Italian Wonders… Italy’s Best White Wines Part.2
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The world of Italian wine can seem dauntingin a country smaller than the state of California, some say there are over 2,000 unique native grape varieties, and about 400 of those are used in commercial winemaking. Every province in Italy produces and exports wine, so theres also an overwhelming number of regions to keep track of!

But the good news is that this means theres something for everyone among the wines of Italy the geographically diverse country produces a fascinating range of regional specialties in every style you can imagine and at every price point.

As an added bonus, the typically balanced, elegant wines of Italy are famously food-friendly across the board, so youre certain to find the perfect pairing for everything from pasta night to a seafood extravaganza to an antipasti picnic. Here are the best Italian wines to seek out right now.

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Moscato Bianco Di Trani

It is the indigenous wine par excellence of the Trani area. Produced from an ancient vine, probably of Greek origin, then spread throughout the Mediterranean basin. The result is a natural sweet wine with the following characteristics: golden yellow color intense smell, characteristic aroma sweet, velvety flavor. The minimum alcohol content is 14.5 °. It is also produced in the liqueur type with a minimum alcohol content of 18 ° and a compulsory aging of one year. In 1987 Moscato di Trani obtained the recognition of DOC wine.

Best Splurge: Giuseppe Quintarelli Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico 2012

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Region: Veneto| ABV: 16.5%| Tasting Notes: Plum, Blackberry, Mocha, Tobacco

There has never been another winemaker quite like the late Giuseppe Quintarelli. Known as the godfather of amarone, Quintarelli paid meticulous attention to detail and quality in order to create the unanimously agreed-upon gold standard for this unusual wine style made from partially dried grapes. Amarone wines are some of the deepest, richest in the world, with alcohol often approaching fortified wine levels.

Quintarellis artisanal bottling, which is only produced in exceptional vintages, is the most intensely concentrated of them all, but it manages to retain almost impossible elegance. The 2012 Amarone Classico is a truly legendary wine, with heady notes of brambly dark berry, black cherry, plum, bittersweet chocolate, holiday spice, tobacco smoke, and leather. This is a special-occasion wine if there ever was one. Enjoy it after dinner in excellent company with an array of aged cheeses or the finest chocolate truffles you can find!

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The Best White Wine In The World Is Italian


& nbsp The ranking is drawn up by the prestigious New York magazine that for 30 years has been reporting the best productions in the world, in the wine and spirits sector& nbsp

This splendid white opens with seductive aromas of Mediterranean scrub, yellow spring flowers, eucalyptus and citrus fruits.

The delicious palate offers hints of juicy yellow peach, fennel, white almond and a hint of grapefruit along with a tangy acidity.

A mineral and saline note adds depth.

Absolutely phenomenal .

This is how Bucci’s Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore 2019 is described by the Wine Enthusiast experts, who place it in second place overall in their world ranking of the “100 most exciting wines 2021” . It is therefore the best Italian wine and the first absolute white for the top 100 published every year by the magazine directed by Kerin O’Keefe. In addition to a placement that makes Italians proud , it is also a sign of how far Verdicchio has come in recent years.

The director of the Marche Institute for the protection of wines, Alberto Mazzoni, talks about “the increasingly numerous awards we receive from national and international critics” and an award “to a native vine and its producers who are making a further decisive qualitative leap” .

The Marche consortium has 16 denominations for a total of 652 members.


Cantico Della Figura Verdicchio Dei Castelli Di Jesi Classico Riserva 2017 Andrea Felici

Best Italian white wines for summer

Characteristics: Wide and varied nose, articulated on wild herbs, broom, peach and grapefruit, embellished with notes of pastry and smoky hints. On the palate it flows dense and sinuous, with a savory granular acidity that leaves the mouth very fresh and satisfied. Great persistence with continuous fruity returns.

A glyceric sip wine and at the same time very fresh, pulpy and brackish. Reference point of the Marche viticulture, Cantico della Figura is a unique wine, fully qualified among the best Italian white wines.Grapes: 100% VerdicchioRegion: Marche Approximate price: 56

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Asti Spumante E Moscato Dasti

This wine comes from the white Muscat grape. A pleasant aroma combined with a moderate alcohol content make it unique. Its scent is rich and intense with sensations reminiscent of acacia flowers, wisteria and orange, mountain honey with a background of spices that recalls elderflower, yarrow, bergamot. It is clear and straw-colored in color. The nose is aromatic and slightly sweet in the mouth, therefore particularly appreciated at the end of a meal. Minimum alcohol content 11.5%.

Best Organic: 2017 Long Meadow Ranch Pinot Gris

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Flanked by Redwood forests and exposed to long stretches of cool marine air, Long Meadow Ranchs vineyards in the deep of Anderson Valley sets the scene for a majestic pinot gris. Their winemaker, Burgundy native Stéphane Vivier, cut his teeth working at vineyards all over the globe and lends his distinctly French sensibilities to this organically-farmed wine.

A sumptuous minerality underscores aromatic notes of apricot, pear and honey. Floral and citrus flavors add layers. This bottle is nice and dry with a soft lingering finish.

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Verdicchio Dei Castelli Di Jesi

Verdicchio Dei Castelli di Jesi is a backbone of Italian wine history. It comes from the Marche region. Moreover, this is a sparkling wine with a fairly weak structure but strong aromas. It has a marked freshness and effervescence. Verdicchio Dei Castelli di Jesi has a soft body that accompanies dishes with intense, decisive, and persistent flavors. It can be combined very well with appetizers based on vegetables, fish, and pure meat.

Riserva Lalbereta 2016 Il Colombaio Di Santa Chiara

Piedmont Whites of GAVI DOCG | Some of Italy’s Best Vino

Characteristics: Nose rich in facets between citrus notes of orange blossom, apricots, sage and saffron. The sip is energetic and well structured, supported by a beautiful acid blade that tempts you to drink it. Very clean, intense and persistent finish. Fermentation with indigenous yeasts.

An impeccable Vernaccia di San Gimignano, with a salty and captivating sip. Among the best Italian white wines for olfactory versatility and expansive presence on the palate.Grapes: Vernaccia di San Gimignano 100%Region: Tuscany Approximate price: 30

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