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What Is The Best Online Wine Club

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The Best Online Book Club – Nerdist Book Club

True to its name, the is all about the best wines, specially curated by the lady herself, and with the stamp of quality that the Martha Stewart brand is famous for.

The Martha Stewarts wine club offers two plan options 6 bottles every six weeks or 12 bottles every eight weeks. Both plans are offered with free shipping!

The Martha Stewart wine club is a wine lovers delight, with a vast selection of affordable wines on offer. Like all Martha Stewart brands, her wine club is designed for those who love entertaining, food and wine, and who want to spice up their table with some excellent quality and delicious wine selections.;

With this wine club, you can choose your preference for red wine, white wine, or a mix of both, and you have the options to skip shipments and change preferences from shipment to shipment easily.

For The One Who Always Has The Best Snacks

There is no better relationship than wine and cheese, which is why Wine Down Box is one of the best wine clubs out there. Each month, small-batch California wines are paired with artisanal cheese and charcuterie.;Check out our other recommended subscription boxes, too.

Cost: Starting at $70 for a one-month subscription

Why Join A Wine Club

  • As well as a convenient way to get wine delivered to your doorstep, joining a wine club could also help you discover styles of wine you might not otherwise dare to try.;
  • All wine clubs will cover your usual Argentinian Malbec and New Zealand Sauvignon, but a mixed case or a mouth-watering recommendation might send you on a delicious detour to something similar but different.
  • Most wine clubs provide informative and entertaining literature on the side, as well as on and offline tastings.
  • Most don’t have a joining fee. Those that do include the Wine Association which has a £40 one off membership fee, or Naked Wines which takes a monthly £20 payment which tops up in your account until a point you decide to spend it on wine. ;
  • All clubs will deliver for free, but the amount you have to order to trigger this benefit varies by club.
  • If you’re not wedded to a particular one, it pays to shop around and try a few different clubs. Introductory offers can save you lots of cash on your first order, and some of the joining gifts are quite appealing.;
  • Nearly all wine clubs offer a 100% money back guarantee on wines you don’t like.

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Best Wine Subscription Boxes And Clubs

Last updated on by Adam Bryan. This post may contain affiliate links.

This post contains affiliate links which means that I will make a small commission if you purchase a product after clicking on any of them, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.;

If you ever wanted to explore new wines and taste wine selection from a range of regions around the world, joining a wine club or wine subscription service is one of the best ways to start.

And with most of the wine clubs, all you need to do is take a simple quiz about your tastes and from there theyll build a flavor and taste profile thats perfect from your palette. That way, all the wines you get are tailored for you and your tastes.

Its such an amazing concept!

So, with that being said, lets jump straight into the listing of the very best wine subscription box clubs that you absolutely must join this month.

Savage Vines Monthly Wine Subscription: The Most Affordable Wine Club

The Best Wine Club for Wine Lovers

Price: From £30 | Buy now from Savage Vines

The popular monthly wine club from environmentally conscious independent Savage Vines is a brilliant way to try new wines without too much commitment. Subscriptions start at just two bottles per month and Savage Vines wine experts pick exciting new bottles directly from small, family-run vineyards, with a focus on organic and biodynamic growers.

Each box contains a wine map detailing the wines origins, along with comprehensive and approachable tasting notes and food pairing suggestions. Whats more, on the day of your wine delivery, youll receive a link to the Savage Vines podcast talking you through your new wine.

Members recently received a glorious Torrontés from Argentina brimming with lemon zest, pineapple and delicate florals. There was also an exciting 2017 Blaufrnkisch a powerful native Austrian grape that brings plum pudding vibes, tempered by heady French oak. Subscribers are entitled to a generous 25% off individual wines from the Savage Wines shop, too, so you can stock up on the wines youve loved.

Key details Subscription length: Rolling monthly or fixed 3-, 6-, 12-month subscription; Number of bottles: 2, 3, 6 or 12; Average price per bottle: £15

Price: £110 | Buy now from Shop Cuvée

All wines are sent in biodegradable packaging and you can pause your subscription whenever you like.

Key details Subscription length: Rolling, monthly; Number of bottles: 3 or 6; Average price per bottle: £18

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Best For Artisan Wine: The California Wine Club

The California Wine Club

Since 1990, The California Wine Club has delivered blends from working wineries.

Whereas some clubs offer their own wines or private label vino, they only feature real-working wineries with the intent of helping small, family wineries share their wines with wine lovers all over the country.

The California Wine Club prides itself on the quality of the handcrafted bottles it features. Each bottle is hand-selected, and the company does not outsource.

There are a variety of levels for choosing a subscription. The Pacific Northwest Series features two bottles of handpicked, artisan blends from Oregon and Washingtons best family wineries for about $77 per shipment.

The Premier Series features a different winery each month and delivers two hand-selected, handcrafted blends, a guide to the winery that includes tasting notes and insights, access to a personal vino consultant, their Love It guarantee, plus VIP touring and tasting at any of the small family wineries they feature.

The Premier Series offers a pay-as-you-go system, where you pay around $41 indefinitely until you decide to cancel.

The Innovator: Club W

Xander Oxman founded Club W with two friends, Mark Lynn and Geoff McFalane, after Lynn received a wine club membership as a gift. Lynn found that the delivered bottles came in junky packaging and the wine club had no web presence. There was virtue to the decades-old model, they thought, but they wondered how they could refresh it for a generation of digital natives.

When it first launched, and for the first 18 months it existed, Club W sourced its bottles from third-party wineries and retailers. In April of 2014, Club W opened the doors of their Central Coast winery where they currently produce 200,000 cases of 100 to 150 different wines a year.

“The move to being a winery allowed us to deliver higher quality product and put the best wines in people’s glasses,” said Oxman. “It was also the easiest way to be clearly compliant with most U.S. states.”

Club W produces dozens of wine in partnership with small producers and from tiny AVAs and single vineyards across the U.S., but they also have a significant amount of imported wine in their portfolio. To help its customers, the company asks buyers to take a palate quiz developed in tandem with wine industry professionals.

Price: At $13/bottle, Club W sends a monthly box of three;wines for $39 + $6 shipping. Shipping fees are waived for those who order six or more bottles.

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Faqs About Wine Clubs

Do wine clubs deliver to every state?

Wine clubs dont deliver to every state as states may have different alcohol licensing requirements or specific regulations when it comes to shipping wine across state lines. Find out here if your state allows or bans winery to wine consumer shipping.

Can I store an opened bottle of wine?

Wine can be stored after having been opened if sealed properly and kept in a cool, refrigerated location. To maintain wine at its best quality, its recommended that you use a wine-pump to get as much air out of the bottle as possible. You should also try to sealing the wine with the cork it came with, or a replacement cap to help prevent the wine from oxidizing.

Health Benefits Of Moderately Drinking Wine

Welcome to Nerdist Book Club!

At some point in your life, youve probably heard that red wine is good for your heart, particularly if you consume red wine with the Mediterranean diet. Studies suggest that red wine is rich with antioxidants that could benefit your heart.

One of the most notable elements found in wine is polyphenols, commonly found in red and purple grapes as well as in other fruits, vegetables, and nuts. The rich presence of polyphenols sets wine apart from other alcoholic beverages due to their abundant micronutrient qualities. Their antioxidants have proven to act as a natural defense against pathophysiological aspects of neurodegenerative diseases by mitigating oxidative stress, neuroinflammation, protein aggression, and mitochondrial dysfunction at the cellular level.

One of the most widely studied polyphenols in wine, resveratrol, is naturally produced in plants in response to physical harm or invasion by pathogens. Resveratrol possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-tumorigenic, and antioxidant properties, which experts argue may help combat certain chronic diseases.

Some studies suggest that red wine polyphenols reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and have a positive impact on individual human organs when consumed in moderation. Specifically, polyphenols in red wine have been shown to improve heart function.

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Cellars Wine Of The Month Club With Shipping Included

The Cellars Wine Club, operating for over 20 years, is a monthly subscription wine service.;

The idea behind this wine club is to provide you with excellent hand-selected wines that fit your unique tastes at a relatively affordable price.

You can choose from each one of twelve different subscriptions from single-bottle to 12 bottles case-size, reds to whites, to natural wines, 90+ points, and more.

One thing is common to all their plans standard shipping is always free!

Does Packaging Affect The Quality Of Wine

Wine packaging does indeed affect the quality of wine youre getting. Alternative wine packaging such as canned wine, boxed wine, tetra packs, and glass vials have started to gain popularity in recent years. Here are some of their differences:

Premium Boxed Wine: If youre looking for an aged vintage, boxed wine isnt an option for you. Boxed wine cant be aged, but what makes it popular is that once opened it can last for up to six weeks. For those who are environmentally conscious, this is a good option. Boxed wine containers require less energy to be recycled and youre getting more quantity for the price. Consider it as buying in bulk.

Tetra Pak: Tetra paks have been around for some time. We use them for juice, soups, and to store other types of foods. But its recommended that wine be consumed within three to six months after purchase. After that, it may run the risk of oxidation.

Glass Bottle: Bottled wine can be aged, which is necessary for some types of wine. This means that it can be enjoyed for longer periods of time in an unopened bottle. The average bottle of wine can be stored in a wine refrigerator but must be consumed soon after opening to enjoy the best results.

Canned Wine: Canned wine, like tetra paks, is made to be consumed soon after purchase for the best results. According to experts, the best canned drinks of this variety are rosés or fruiter wines that can be chilled and enjoyed for their sweet refreshing taste.

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What Else We Recommend And Why

Picked by Long a reliable place to shop a huge variety of wines, now has its own personalized club for the people who get instantly overwhelmed when they land on the site. I was impressed with the level of personal care by this service my assigned sommelier personally reached out to me explaining why he couldn’t include any sweet reds in my shipment and suggested how I could update my account for a better experience. My conversations with him were friendly and informational, making me feel comfortable enough to ask questions. Since the Picked program is fairly new, you might not get the variety you want, as I experienced, but the level of care and personalization alone makes it worth a try.;

Eater Wine Club: We always look to Eater to find local restaurants and bar recs, and now it’s making use of its expertise and community connections to curate a monthly wine club. The new club, which launched in late 2020 and sends you four bottles of wine every month, has already featured cool, memorable themes like Greek wines and celebration-worthy wines that aren’t Champagne. I loved that the roster of monthly curators and wine experts hailed from all over the country so that even in the midst of a pandemic, it felt like I was traveling to and exploring a new food and wine scene. As a member, you’ll also be invited to a virtual tasting with each month’s curator and receive an exclusive newsletter.;

Other Great Wine Clubs Worth Checking Out

The Best Wine Club to Gift Wine Lovers

WincPrice: Starts at $39/month, plus shippingBased on a simple questionnaire you fill out upon sign-up, Winc sends personalized wine recommendations each month, while allowing you to tweak your preferences for subsequent shipments at any time. Memberships start at $39 a month for 3 bottles , but if you order four or more bottles, shipping is included.;According to its;website, Wincs winemaking team handcrafts all of its wine and partners with innovative winemakers to produce quality wine from over 90 regions around the world. It’s also committed to increasing its amount of organic and natural wine options. To further boost its sustainability, its boxes and pulp trays are completely compostable, so you wont have to fret about unnecessary waste.;

Sign up for the club here.

Vinley MarketPrice: Starts at $59/monthWhether you have a strong opinion about rosé or its your go-to beverage whenever you’re out , Vinley Market sources high artisanal quality wines from regions all over the world that their sommeliers are most excited about.;

The Bubbles & Rosé box, like the name suggests, includes two bottles picked by Vinleys sommeliers, which could contain Cava, Champagne, Cremant d’Alsace, or Prosecco. The box also comes with a card that delves into the history of each featured winery and winemaker.

Sign up for the club here.

As a member of Vineboxs wine club, youll also receive $15 in credits to purchase full-sized bottles of the ones you like the most.;

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Top 10 Wine Clubs Overview

Award-winning wine from vineyard to door. Customize your shipments or let the experts go to work for you.

  • Pro: Customizable
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Instant

Firstleaf brings award-winning whites, reds, and sparkling wines right to your front door. Its the club of choice for thousands of people around the world and its why a number of clubs have chosen to partner with it, despite only setting up back in 2016. Between budding wine enthusiasts and those aiming to be the next top sommelier, Firstleaf delivers for everyone due to its affordable prices and firm commitment to quality wines. Choose from a wide selection of award-winning wines or let the experts curate the perfect order for you; the decision is entirely yours.

Firstleaf is designed so you, as a member, have a say in what wines make it into the next shipment. Just give your opinion on everything you taste and your reviews, along with everyone elses, actually matter with this club. This community-focused approach isnt something youll find everywhere else.

Before you give Firstleaf a go, why not learn more about it? Find out everything you need to in our in-depth review and see why they are the top pick.

Winc was created back in 2012 to make the journey into wine exploration simple and, most of all, fun.

  • Pro: Skip a month option available
  • Con: Limited stock;
  • Customer Support: Mon-Sun
  • Gift Memberships & Gift Cards: Yes
  • Cancellation Policy: Online cancellations

What Is The Best Wine Club To Join

Its hard to say which is the best since every club, whether on price or selection, might work better for some than others. That being said, after careful testing, examination, and consideration, we found that Firstleaf was our favorite. Why? Best wines, best prices, best deliveries, to put it simply.

Read Firstleaf’s Full Review Here >>

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Their Primary Focus Is On Wines From All Corners Of California

Created by Bruce and Pam who saw a great opportunity to share small family wineries and their extraordinary wine with their Members. This was a;journey to help these;artisan wineries;introduce their exquisite wines to the world.

They hand select their wine from a real-working winery and backed by their Love it Guarantee. You are never stuck with the wine if you do not like it. They offer customer support and Wine Consultants to help you with your selections.

Plans they offer 5 different variations and at a price range of 2 bottle minimums from $20 a bottle to $120 a bottle depending. They send you wines from select regions, and their International selections are $60 or so a bottle and come from across the world.

Disadvantages Of Joining A Wine Club

Wine in a Box is Back! – Part 2 | This Morning

Wine clubs offer a slew of benefits, but they may not suit everyones needs.

  • If you drink wine less than once a month, you probably wont get through your wine club basket in time for the next delivery and that may mean a lot of wine piling up at home. Of course, you could always solve that problem by enjoying wine a little more often.
  • The other potential disadvantage of joining a wine club is that you dont get to specify exactly what wine youll be receiving. If youre well-informed about wine and know exactly what winery youd like to order from, a wine club membership may not be the ideal choice for you.
  • For most wine drinkers though, a wine club membership is a great way to sample some excellent wines. Lets take a closer look at some of the best ones you can join online.

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