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How To Make Wine Bottle Wind Chimes

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Diy Star Wars Wind Chimes:

Cutting a Wine Bottle to Make a Wind Chime – Make It Artsy (Episode 303)

The one-of-a-kind wind chime is here that is sure to bring a great decorative appeal to any of your space along with producing sweet music whenever the wind will blow. This wind chime creation has been done with the PVC pipes, and PVC caps and the bird art has been traced fist on the balsa wood sheet and then has been cut out. Here decorative chains and eye hooks have been used to assemble the entire star wars wind chime. Another adorable and epic handmade wind chime idea. Want to duplicate this handsome wind chime? Then just find the complete free tutorial and step-by-step visual instructions from here ournerdhome

Diy Glass Mosaic Wind Chime:

If you are looking for a colorful wind chime that will make first an eye-catching hanging ornament, then you must go with glass mosaic wind chime. Just grab a plastic line and pass it through a rustic piece of wood by drilling some holes.

After you get various hanging lengths of plastic length then just sandwich your selected colorful glass tiles over them, making an enchanting looking wind chime in only no time. It would be just perfect for both garden and interior home decors and will also play sweet music with every blow of wind. newhousenewhomenewlife

How To Remove Labels From Wine Bottles

To remove those hard-to-remove labels off your glass bottle, fill your sink about halfway full, then add some baking soda to the water. Id say about 1/2 to 1 cup. Stir it around a bit.

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Submerge your bottles into the soda water so that the labels are underwater. Walk away for a half an hour or so, longer if you want.

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After 30 minutes, you will easily be able to scrape not only the paper off your glass bottles, but youll also be able to easily scrub off the gluey residue with something as simple as a paper towel. So easy! Youre welcome.

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Vintage Metal Teapot Wind Chime

You can turn an old metal teapot or coffee pot for that matter into a gorgeous wind chime that sounds amazing when the wind blows. The chimes on this one are old spoons and other silver cutlery which has a beautiful sound when it clinks against the teapot. Tie your chimes to the teapot with hemp, twine or regular rope and sit back and listen to the wonderful sounds it makes.

Tutorial/Source: butter-nugget

Best Diy Wind Chimes: How To Make Wind Chimes

Make Your Own Wine Bottle Wind Chime

Wind chimes are among one of the most impressive kinds of ! They not only enchant you with their colorful and vibrant appeals but also soothe your nerves by singing sweet melodies. Are you looking for some outstanding whimsical decor for your open spaces? Say for your garden, balcony, patio, or backyard? Look no more, as DIY wind chimes will make one great choice.

We all know that handmade things are way more eye-catchy hence making worthier gifts, too! So, how about making some cool wind chimes at home? Using recycled materials, like retired objects and all the other discarded things lying around. To add some extra wings to your creativity, we have shared these 30 excellent DIY Wind Chimes. All of these DIY wind chimes ideas are mind-blowing, cost-efficient, and unique. Plus, they are sure going to turn out great inspirations. Time to see everyday materials and objects, making adorable hanging ornaments for your spaces! Oh, well, this is going to be really interesting

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Diy Ombre Wind Chimes:

Once again the terracotta pots are here that have been turned into a spell-binding ombre wind chimes. Here five clay pots have been painted for an ombre color effect and have been added to a durable rope with equal spaced intervals.

These hanging clay pots end up with a big crystal at the bottom of the rope and finally, you can simply hang them aloft making a beautiful wind chime for any of your space. Get the complete project details and tutorial guides from here lifestyleforreallife

Repurposed Flower Pot Wind Chime

A few terra cotta planters make a wonderful wind chime when you add some string and a ringer. You can choose any number of things to make your chime. The beauty of this project is in the terra cotta base. Paint those pots to match your outdoor décor or to make a really great contrasting statement. This entire project shouldnt cost more than $10 if you have to buy everything.

Tutorial/Source: houseofjoyfulnoise

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Liquor Bottle Wind Chime

This liquor bottle wind chime transforms a liquor bottle into a beautiful, soothing wind chime that you can display in your home or patio.

Upcycling items to transform them into useful, decorative pieces for the home is perhaps one of the most rewarding things. Just a few weeks ago, I picked up some liquor bottles from a neighbor not too far from my home. She had beautiful green gin bottles that I knew would be perfect to whip up into wind chimes for my patio.

I quickly brought them home and got to work. If you have old liquor bottles, beer bottles or even wine bottles, you can transform them into wind chimes with just a few simple tools over the course of an afternoon.

Determine The Suspension Length

How to make a wind chime using recycled wine bottles.
  • We need to determine the suspension length for the striker
  • Tie a small string on the striker and suspend it inside the bottle
  • Adjust the length till we get a to a point where we hear loud and humming sounds
  • This will be a range, so we can adjust the length with the beads later
  • The sound should be as pleasant as possible.
  • Since we are using just one bottle, it will play just one node, donot expect same sound as multi tube metal windchimes
  • We need two set for beads thread
  • One between Key ring till the striker
  • Second between striker and wind catcher
  • I have used a nylon thread with glass beads
  • Remember the striker must come in the range to make best / pleasant sound
    • The wind catcher is is kept heavy to strike nodes only with stronger wind
    • Glass bottle should be thick if you have a lighter wind catcher
    • Hang the wind chime with moderate to low wind, this is more of a decoration

    Please share suggestions and tips

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    How To Make A Vintage Sifter Wind Chime:

    Having an old sifter lying useless in your home? Why not do some amusing crafts with it? You will not believe that it can be turned into a very pretty vintage wind chime that will be the center of attention if hanged in your garden space.

    Just drill tiny holes in the bottom side of the sifter and then add split rings to those holes, next add custom metal chain lengths to those split rings holding some steel spoon in their bottom ends. The final step would be to hang this vintage wind chime aloft for amazing decor statements. Get inspired by the given sample that is also easy to duplicate. thriftyrebelvintage

    Diy Terracotta Flower Pot Wind Chime:

    Make also beautiful looking wind chimes using the terracotta pots and some steel spoons. Get inspired by this precious given sample that is a big delight to view. Here the terracotta pots have been painted and then spruced up with polka dotting.

    Finally, they have been threaded on a heavy-duty string length also with some colorful bead balls and two steel spoon at the very lower end. houseofjoyfulnoise

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    Prepare The Sides For Attachment

    I decided to connect the pieces using some 24 gauge copper wire I cut the wire into 4″ pieces and wrapped one end of each wire through each hole of the side pieces. I figured that this would be easier than trying to fiddle with attaching the wires while juggling several pieces of the glass.

    I was a bit concerned about the loose glass pieces banging into each other and chipping or breaking, so to prevent that I added some tape wings to the glass. My thought was that the wings would help hold the pieces apart from one another. I think it helped because there wasn’t hardly any clanging of the glass pieces in the next step.

    How To Make A Wine Bottle Wind Chime

    Make Your Own Wine Bottle Wind Chime

    Image By: Char’s Nest Via YouTube

    We recently moved into a new home that had a lovely back garden. Having a back garden was such a dream come true for my family, we began to sit for hours watching the wildlife that came to visit. My daughter was so fascinated with the different species of birds that were attracted to our new property, and we began to notice that they were attracted to our wind chimes. We all wanted to be able to attract more birds. I went searching on Youtube and found this amazing recycled wine bottle video tutorial by Chars Nest on YouTube, which described how to make a wind chime out of a few bits of string and a recycled wine bottle. I showed the video to my family and they went wild! We started on this project right away, with some old bottles we had in the garage.

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    Recycled Plastic Lid Wind Chime:

    One more great looking wind chime made of scrap materials. This time the plastic lids have been recycled to make this cool looking wind chime, the lids have been threaded on custom string lengths and come with colorful bead intervals for a more glamorous appeal.

    Time to recover amazing wind chimes from home junk and deleted materials. Want to duplicate this fantastic wind chime for any of your open space? craftsbyamanda

    Make Your Own Wine Bottle Wind Chime

    Wine lovers often find themselves with a lot of empty bottles. These bottles may end up either being thrown away or as clutter. If youre one of the many who doesnt know what to do with these bottles, youll definitely find this DIY project worth your while.

    You know what they say one mans trash is another mans treasure. Why not turn those empty wine bottles into something useful? You can, in fact, make wind chimes out of them and give them out as gifts. Its a very easy project and youll love the finished product.


    • Wine bottle cutter
    • Table saw

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    Vintage Mason Jar Wind Chime

    An old mason jar can be cut in half to make a lovely vintage wind chime. This is the perfect chime if youre looking for that country look and its really elegant with beads and other pieces flowing down from it. The jar works as the base and glass beads and old costume jewelry can be used to make the chimes.

    Tutorial/Source: savedbylovecreations

    Upcycled Tin Can Wind Chime

    How to make a Bottle Bell Wind Chime

    This upcycled tin can wind chime is great. Not only is it lovely to look at and beautiful to listen to, it helps you to use up some of those empty tin cans that you would otherwise throw in the trash. I love anything that helps me to turn trash to treasure and this wind chime is certainly a treasure. Gather up your cans and let the kids help you paint and decorate them. Then just string them up and youre all set.

    Tutorial/Source: designdazzle

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    How To Make The Wine Bottle Wind Chimes Step By Step Guide

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    To begin, youll want to thread your wooden wheel onto the chain. This wheel should be narrow enough to fit, diameter-wise, inside the widest part of your wine bottle but wide enough to actually be able to hit the glass bottle wall and make the chime sound.

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    Thread it onto your chain, toward the chain clasp . Let it just hang out there for a minute.

    Tip: Choose a jewelry chain that is strong enough and high quality enough to easily support the weight and movement of your glass bottle as a wind chime.

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    Place one of your key rings in the bottle. Tip the bottle upside down to see how far up the key ring goes until it sticks. Take note of this distance from the key ring to the mouth of the bottle.

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    Take the key ring out of the bottle. Lay your chain next to the bottle so that about 2 of chain extends past the bottom cut end of the bottle. Mark on the chain the point where the key ring hit in the bottle neck.

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    Attach your key ring to a chain link at this point.

    View in gallery

    The key ring should just hang gracefully down. Note: You will likely want to match metals with your key ring and chain. These dont match simply because there were no matching options at my craft store in the 5 minutes I had to get supplies. Through the tinted green glass bottle, though, it will not be noticeable.

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    View in gallery

    View in gallery

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    Kids Craft Diy Key Wind Chime

    This colorful wind chime is the perfect thing for kids to make when its rainy outside. You make it from keys that are painted all sorts of bright colors and tie the keys to a branch or stick with ribbon. If youre like me, you have all sorts of old keys that you dont use anymore because you dont know what they go to. This would be the perfect way to put those otherwise useless keys to good use and give the kids a craft to keep them busy.

    Tutorial/Source: innerchildfun

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    Colorful Metal Washer Wind Chime Tutorial:

    Another unbelievable but great looking wind chime design is here! This is all made of metallic wasters that are super easy to add to a string or metal wire lengths. Here the selected washers have been painted in different colors and put together on a white string or cord along with colorful beads making a fabulous bright wind chime that would make an outstanding centerpiece for any of your space even for your garden. Intending to own this wind chime? craftymorning

    Upcycled Spindle Wind Chime

    Repurposed For Life: WINE BOTTLE WIND CHIMES

    If you love the sound that wooden wind chimes make then you will really love this spindle wind chime that you can easily DIY. Youll need old spindles which you can upcycle from a chair or baby crib, or you can normally buy these pretty cheap at flea markets and such. This is a really simple project and leaves you with a wind chime that looks as lovely as it sounds.

    Tutorial/Source: confessionsofaserialdiyer

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    Glass Pyramid Wind Chimes

    These gorgeous glass wind chimes are made from pyramid bottles and they sound wonderful when the wind hits them. The wooden ball inside the glass bottle gives it that wonderful sound. I found these on Etsy and theyre made from pyramid glass bottles, sort of like those old decorative bottles with dried flowers in them from the 1990s. You can pick these up for less than $20 each and they come in a wide range of colors.


    Beautiful Diy Driftwood Wind Chime

    This beautiful chime is made from all driftwood, so the sound you get is more of a deeper clank than a metal bell sound. Its a pretty easy project, too. Youll need driftwood and then a drill to make holes. You just string the driftwood together with rope or twine and then hang it on the porch for a lovely natural sound.

    Tutorial/Source: goinghometoroost

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    How To Make Terra Cotta Pot Wind Chimes:

    Let this another handsome wind chime grab your attention. This one is made of terra cotta pot that hangs through macrame hanging and looking fabulous. Here the big pot hangs at the top, and then the custom wind chime has been added to its bottom side making a lovely statement. Two mini terracotta pots, small wooden beads have also been used to craft this outstanding looking wind chime. Looking forward to duplicating it? Get the complete free tutorial and step-by-step instructions here diynetwork

    How To Cut Wine Glass Bottle

    DIY Wine bottle Wind Chimes | How to cut glass | Creator’s bottle cutter

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    The first official step toward making your glass bottle wind chime is cutting off the bottom of your glass bottle. Use a glass bottle cutter.

    View in gallery

    Score your bottle one time. Follow the techniques in this glass bottle cutter article to get the cut you want.

    View in gallery

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    Diy Balsa Wood Fall Wind Chimes:

    If you are all a big fan of colorful things, then you are surely going to award your heart to this special fall wind chime. Here this lovely creation has been done with the painted balsa wood and with painted wooden beads and both come after each other on the entire string.

    Finally, the complete wind chime has been tied to a tree branch making an awesome looking wind chime that will rock every of your space, especially the bedroom window side. Duplicate this wind chime also to hang in your garden as a precious hanging ornament. Complete project details and tutorial guides are here mericherry

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