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How To Move Wine Collection

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Lookup Customs Regulations For International Wine Shipping

How to safely pack your wine collection

If you are moving internationally, then dont forget to look up is the customs regulations. In most cases, you will have to pay tax to have your wine collection imported in the new country.

While household effects coming into the USA may be imported duty-free, alcohol cannot be imported duty-free. The U.S. Customs Border Protection allows you to import up to one liter of alcoholic beverage for personal use thats free of duty and internal revenue tax. Quantities above that are not exempt from duty and internal revenue tax.

Moving wine internationally is tough. Contact the customs department to arrange the safe transport of your wine collection, and make sure you understand the laws on shipping wine before you make your move.

Pickup And Drop Off At A Domaine Facility

If you live near a Domaine facility, we offer a pickup and drop off option. Weve done this for many customers with smaller collections. We can help you move to or from places near the following cities:

  • St. Louis
  • Washington, DC
  • Napa

All you have to do is pack your boxes of wine and drop them off at any Domaine facility. Then, we will transport your collection to the Domaine facility of your choice. Once your wine arrives, you have 30 days after delivery to pick it up.

This is a great, affordable option for those willing to do a little bit of work. Plus, your wine stays temperature-controlled as soon as you drop it off at our facility. After it arrives, our wine professionals handle it until youre ready to pick it up.

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Option 3 Hire A Specialized Wine Mover

Trusting a specialized wine mover is a guarantee your valuable wine collection will reach the new home in perfect condition.

In fact, using wine relocation specialists is a good option when youre moving a large and valuable wine collection over a long distance, usually in the summer.

In such cases, the wine mover should be able to offer you a climate-controlled van so that the temperature inside the vehicle can be optimal for the wine throughout the move regardless of the ambient temperature outside.

Inform Your Moving Company

Moving Wine Collections: A Step

Though you trust your moving company to work quickly, it may not be ideal for them to move your wine, especially across the country. Talk to your moving company about your wine collection and whether they ship alcohol for clients. Ask about custom crates or cell-divided boxes for your bottles. And if needed, request storage space with temperature control.

Your moving company may also recommend and coordinate a company that specializes in only moving wine.

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Will A Moving Company Transport My Wine For Me

Yes, but youll want special consideration. The biggest problem collectors face when moving wine is maintaining its integrity. This is the reason you cant just toss a couple cases in your car and make the drive. Temperature changes can spoil wine. If bottles get too hot, the wine can start to cook off. If they get too cold, corks can pop out. Mature reds can be affected by the vibration from your car stirring up sediment. Dont move your wine like its any old thing. Instead, find a company that can offer you the guarantees and insurance that you need for your collection.

Wine collecting is a serious hobby. Those who practice it want to make sure their bottles can and will stay safe, no matter what. Researching how to move your wine collection properly is a good first step. Talking to an expert moving company to learn more about the best way to go about it is even better.

Speaking of expert moving companies, Wheaton is always available and ready to take your calls. Well make sure your prized collection makes it from point A to point B safely.

Tip #3 Know How To Pack Your Wine

You cant just put your bottles in regular packing boxes and go. The best option is to use wine packing boxes that have Styrofoam or cardboard inserts in them. Its also essential to keep the corks wet, so bottles should be packed either upside down or on their side. Be sure to label the boxes to indicate which side must remain upright and mark them as fragile so they arent mishandled.

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How To Pack Wine Bottles When Moving

Moving wine is a delicate process. Wine has unique properties unlike any other item you might move. First, wine is perishable and can lose the subtleties of its intended flavors if you do not transport it properly under the right climate conditions. Second, wine is contained in a bottle, so breakage is also a concern. Whether you are moving a case of wine or you have a wine cellar of spirits with considerable value, you must take precautions to ensure the integrity of your precious elixir on its journey to your new home.

The Cost of Moving Your Wine Collection in San Francisco

Finding a cost-effective way to ship a significant wine collection during your move is nearly impossible. A 12-bottle case of wine weighs around 35 pounds, so shipping the collection is expensive. In addition, UPS and FedEx only allow licensed shippers to send wine.

There are professional wine shippers with refrigerated trucks for large collections, but the prices are through the roof, and those specialized wine movers do not move your couch and mattress. Using a separate moving company to transport a large wine collection begins at a cost of about $10 a case for a local move, which usually requires a 20-case minimum, to $3,000-$5,000 for a climate-controlled move across the country. A cross-country trip usually takes a week. Airfreight will cost even more, about $20,000 for 50 cases.

Appraising and Insuring Your Wine Collection before Transporting It

Consider the Temperature before Moving Your Wine

Take An Accurate Account Of Your Inventory

#BordeauxWine How to Start a Home Wine Cellar Featuring a Bordeaux Wine Collection

According to Joe, nothing can slow down a move like a lack of preparation. Everything starts with a great plan. Unless you use software, most people dont know exactly how many bottles and cases they have.

If youre short on time or moving yourself, packing your own wine is hard enough. You dont want to have to run out to get more boxes or tape. Since cardboard wine boxes for moving arent on every corner, your move might slow down by days.

While it may seem like common sense, we find that people underestimate all the time. We always bring extra boxes. Theres usually wine people forget to count. Sometimes its a few bottles, other times its 10 or more cases, said Joe.

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Before You Move Get Organized

Count the actual number of bottles.

Make a list in Excel or use software like CellarTracker.

Determine what types and shapes of bottles you have:

  • Champagne or oversized?
  • Magnum or large format?
  • Riesling or taller bottles?

Doing this will let you know exactly how many boxes you need to order and pack. Also, youll be able to select the proper box for each type of bottle. This work on the front-end will help you unload and unpack with ease. And if you need to get a quote for wine moving, youll be able to get an accurate estimate.

Determine The Value of Your Wine Collection

Once you know exactly what you have, youll want to know how much its worth. Wine is expensive and fragile. Thats why most moving companies wont move it.

Its often that we get the call while the moving company is in the driveway. Joe said, Its always tough when you hear from someone in a bind. They assumed their movers would take care of everything. Weve been able to help out on many last-minute jobs.

Additionally, most homeowners policies dont cover wine during transit. Double-check your policy to make sure youre covered.

We know the value of your collection, and thats why we offer wine insurance on every move. Its an extra level of peace of mind because of the added level of protection.

The Equipment You Need

When youre moving your wine collection, your number one priority should be safety. Your first line of defense is the cardboard wine box. Unfortunately, not all wine boxes are equal.

Can You Put Alcohol In A Moving Truck

Whether youre driving the truck yourself or a professional is, never transport alcohol in a moving truck. A specialized moving van with a more controlled temperature is ideal.

Moving trucks arent able to transport a lot of things. Due to their lack of temperature regulation and constant movement, they run a higher risk of breaking or leaking their cargo. This means alcohol has to be transported in a separate vehicle to meet safety regulations and keep liquor from spoiling. Transporting alcohol and other materials in extreme temperatures could lead to fires.

  • aerosol cans
  • weed killers

Ask your moving company for a list of non-movable items and go over your moving items carefully before moving day. You dont want to toss several of your belongings at the last second.

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What Is A Wine Collection

how to move a wine collection

It is useful to define what a “wine collection” is as used in this resource. You can bring in collections of beer, whiskey, etc. but most people want to bring wine collections in. Yes, of course there are a some people who would bring in different kinds of alcohol and the process, in BC, for example, would be the same. But, just for simplicity, let’s stick to a “wine collection” being defined as 6 x 750ml bottles of wine, or more. Much more, in most people’s collections: Dozens of bottles, and in some cases: hundreds of bottles.

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How To Pack A Wine Collection Properly

The easiest way to transport your wine safely, whether in your own vehicle or otherwise, is in special wine shipping boxes or kits. These boxes have styrofoam dividers that protect each bottle fully. Seal the box well and label it fragile on each side!

Ideally, transport the bottles on their sides to keep the corks wet. If the journey is brief, this is less important but dont let the corks dry for too long! Once you unload your precious collection, get the bottles on their sides until you can put them in their display case or wine cellar.

Again, let the wine rest once you unpack and settle in. Ten days should give things plenty of time to settle, though longer is never a bad idea!

Big or small, FlatRate is ready to help you with your move.Get a quote.

Hire A Wine Relocation Professional

There are some companies that specialize in only moving wine. This option can be expensive, but it is the best choice if you have a valuable collection and you are moving over a long distance. Your moving company will have a recommendation or can coordinate the service for you.

Moving your wine – either by yourself or with the help of moving professionals – should be approached with care. Therefore, to preserve the sanctity of the bottles while moving your wine, it is important to follow these wine moving tips.

When you are ready to move your wine and the rest of your belongings? Call Victory Van moving company. For more quotes on how to move your living room,kitchen, gym and home library

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Move In A Climate Controlled Condition

As a result of moving through different climates, changes in environment may affect the taste and appearance of your wine. Most wine experts agree older red wines delicate flavors need to be protected from shifting temperatures. They recommend a consistent temperature of 55 degrees for storing and transporting wine. White wines and less expensive supermarket brands are less susceptible to damage by temperature.

For a small, manageable collection, we recommend transporting the collection by car, where atmospheric conditions can be better regulated. A climate-controlled van can be used to move a very large or rare collection. However, arrangements must be made early and the additional cost may be more than you wish to spend.

The best time to move your collection is early spring or late fall. The temperature in the van during the summer months can be very high and in the winter there is the possibility of the wine becoming slushy, which can alter the flavor.

If your move must take place in the summer or winter months, you may want to consider moving your collection via a commercial airline. If you want the wine to be professionally packed, consult your mover. Your prompt delivery to the airport and pick-up of the wine at destination will limit its exposure to temperature extremes.

Schedule An Appraiser To Value Your Collection

How to Pack Wine When Traveling

Understanding the current market value of your wine collection is essential. Before moving wine, its important to take out insurance to cover your wine during the transit. To get accurate and cost effective moving insurance, you will want an updated wine appraisal.

Also, remember to take your time to seek out reputable appraisers and avoid the urge just to pick randomly. If youre at a standstill, ask local liquor stores and distributors to give you some recommendations.

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How To Move Your Wine Collection

March 27th, 2020 | Household Moves.

If you love wine, you already know how sensitive it can be. A three-dollar bottle of mixed red isnt going to be damaged by transport, sure. The same isnt true for your beloved Chateau Margaux 1787 or your 1949 Cheval-Blanc. Wine needs care. This applies when you store it, when its open, and especially when you move it.

To preserve the integrity of your beloved wine collection during your move, you need to make sure youre using the right transport techniques. First, youll need to hire the right help to move it. Next, youll need to follow the tips, tricks and suggestions listed here:

Moving Smaller Wine Collections

If your wine collection is small enough, not overly expensive and you are moving a short distance, you can transport it by yourself. The most important thing to remember is to maintain a consistent atmosphere for as much of the move as possible.

Make moving a little easier by getting the right boxes. There are sturdy boxes especially for wine bottles that have Styrofoam dividers.

Simply pack the wine on its side and maintain an even temperature between 55 75 degrees F in the back seat of your car. Its best not to pack small wine collections in your trunk or a moving truck.

Moving wine the correct way is an investment that sometimes has to be made. Surround yourself with people who are knowledgeable and have many years experience to make the experience less stressful. When the move is complete, we can help you assess whether or not youre storing your wine correctly.

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How To Pack Wine Bottles

Your wine bottles require special care in a move. It isnt difficult to upset wines delicate chemistry with high or low temperatures, vibration, humidity or light. Fine red wines are especially susceptible to damage in a move. You can minimize the risk with careful planning and packing.

Determine The Best Shipping Method For Your Collection

4 Tips To Move Your Wine Collection

First, lets answer a few questions:

  • How far are you moving to? A local move makes transporting your wine collection much easier. A long-distance move, particularly across state lines, will require more logistical planning that is best handled by a moving company. If your move will take multiple days, your wine could be exposed to more temperature fluctuations. In that case, definitely look into having your collection transported in a refrigerated truck.
  • How valuable is your collection? High-value collections should be carefully transported by specialized wine shippers.
  • What will the weather be like on moving day? As you know, wine is extremely sensitive to big shifts in temperature. If you are moving in the heat of summer or in the winter, it is best to transport your wine in a climate-controlled truck or in your personal vehicle to avoid spoiling the flavors.
  • Are you crossing state or international borders? Some states require individuals to pay taxes on wine transported into the state, while other states have varying laws about the transportation of alcohol. Your professional movers will be able to inform you about what they can and cannot transport for you.

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