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How To Make Wine Cellar Racks

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How To Create The Perfect Wine Cellar In Your Home

Homemade Custom Wine Racks Made For The Wine Cellar

For those who appreciate a good glass of wine, having the right storage makes pouring a nice glass of vino easy. A wine cellar will provide you with a place to organize your favorite bottles for easy access and stylish organization. Before wine lovers can celebrate this new addition, its important to decide what type of cellar you want. Whether its a secret stash of wine under the kitchen counters or a custom wine bar, you need to pick a spot where your wine will be stored. Think about the location, functionality, and aesthetics of your new wine cellar to help you design the ultimate spot. Read on for some tips that will help you create the perfect wine cellar at home.

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Choose Your Cellar Location Wisely

Wine cellars should be located in cool, dry areas of your home, with no natural light, no vibrations, no unwanted smells, and a controlled temperature.

It’s much easier to control these factors when you start in a proper location, which is why we recommed installing your wine cellar in your basement, as it is much colder and more humid than the rest of your home , and is usually free of other issues like smells, vibrations, and natural light.

The most popular places to install a wine cellar are:

  • Basement
  • Along one wall in your dining room
  • Under the stairs
  • Guest room

Plywood Art Wine Holder

If you are looking for a statement piece that will also hold your wine, then this is the DIY project for you. You can keep it all one wood stained color, or really make it pop by adding in a two tone design.

It may look intimidating, but with the broken down step by step instructions its not as advanced as it looks.

You will start with a piece of plyboard and then create the 3D back design. Once finished, you will add on the wine bottle cut out holders, securing them with screws and some wood glue.

Check out the plans here: www.uglyducklinghouse.com

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Wine Cellar Mistakes To Avoid

The title of this blog post tells you everything you need to know. If you have valuable bottles of wine that need to be stored safely as they age and mature, you need to avoid the kind of mistakes that will cause the wine to deteriorate. This is vital information to understand before building your home wine cellar, and this guide will help you build one that keeps your wine in optimum condition.

Safeguard Your Wine Collection With Earthquake

Best build your own wine cellar racks

Custom Wine Cellar California with Earthquake Proof Wood Wine Racks

Wine racks play a significant role in creating attractive wine displays. It is a smart idea to work with a professional to make sure that everything is in place. As a wine rack specialist in California, Coastal Custom Wine Cellarsdesigns and installs wine racks with form and function in mind. Our team also makes sure that every wine rack we install is not only beautiful but safe as well. We offer earthquake-proof wine racks to clients who live in earthquake-prone areas.

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Copper And Wood Standing Holder

Elegant, classy, industrial elements this wine rack has it all and then some. It would look great on any countertop or table. The base and top are made from wood that has been painted white to give this wine holder a more modern look.

Along with step by step instructions there is also a video and patterns that you are able to to help you with measuring and cutting the wood. A good sander will also come in handy for smoothing out your cuts.

See the plans here: www.creativityhero.com

How Much Does It Cost

Wine cellar costs vary greatly depending on the size of your space, location, and design. An average of around $35,000 is typical, but really does vary greatly. The best way to work it out is to calculate the total materials cost you will need, then calculate any professional man hours on top of that for a total budget cost.

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Location And Other Considerations

Once you decide that a wine cellar is right for you, there are a few key things to consider. First, think about the location of your wine cellar and how much space it will take up in your home. If you have a basement, this can be a perfect spot for a new wine cellar. If youre limited on space, youll need to find a designated part of your home where you can store a few bottles. A separate part of your kitchen can be a perfect place for a small wine cellar. You can even use the space under a staircase for unique wine storage. Make sure you take the location into consideration and choose the coolest area of your home or an area with higher levels of humidity. If the new wine cellar will be a major addition to your home, take the scope of the project into account. If youre adding onto your home, think about structural changes like installing soffits and wall studs and putting up new drywall which can be costly and time-consuming.

Create A Wine Cellar Cooling System

DIY Wine Racking

No matter what size the space, if you want to do things right, youll need a wine cellar cooling unit. This machine will become the beating heart of your temperature-controlled storage area. Wine cellars are always chilly and consistency is the key to success. and so youll need one of these mini refrigerator units to maintain a constant chill in sunny weather. There are a number of different factors which will help determine the best cooler for your space.

The first thing we generally do is determine size of your wine cellar in cubic feet . Then we look for an adjacent room, a room in the house beside the cellar space where we can install the cooling unit and use a simple through the wall air-conditioning system. This allows the most options please see the chart for wine cellar cooling units sizes and specifications on the page.

Please keep in mind that ALL through-the-wall cooling units will have some heat and noise at the back of the cooling unit into adjacent space. If this is not acceptable, this may be reason to look at a ducted or split system.

Depending on your situation, you may need a through-the-wall system for inside application or for outside application, or you may may seek a split system or ducted system. Keep in mind that a ducted system may allow for ducting of the cold air, the hot air or both.

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Put A Finish On The Walls

If done correctly, finishing the walls will help achieve the look you envision for the cellar space and help secure the wine at a stable temperature. Make sure that you choose water-based paints or stains for the interior walls.

Also, its imperative to allow air to flow outside once you are done painting or finishing the wall surfaces so that the wine cellars will be rid of odours that may worsen once the humidity and cooling systems begin operation.

Should I Worry About Security

Your wine collection is a special investment, so you want to treat it that way. Make sure that your wine cellar is safe from intruders who might want to steal your wine, particularly if you keep expensive varieties.

Installing a substantial lock on your wine cellar door is the least you will want to do. You may also want to consider a security system for your home.

Having a camera in your wine cellar or at least at the front door is another good idea. If you go to the trouble and expense to collect your wine and build a space for it, you don’t want to forget to protect it as well.

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How To Build A Wine Rack

No matter which specific project you pick for building a DIY wine rack, there are some general steps to follow.

  • Pick form or function or both: Is this wine rack going to be front and center, on display in your kitchen? Or, are you building a wine rack for long term wine storage, that doesnt need to be visible? Answering these questions will help you determine which set of plans you need.
  • Number of Bottles to Store : How many bottles of wine do you need to store? You can build a rack to store as few as 3 bottles, or a full fledged storage flight to to handle dozens of bottles. You need to know how many bottles you want your rack to hold.
  • Pick your plans: The best DIY wine rack plans will satisfy both your style desires and your storage needs. Pick a set of plans that can handle the number of wine bottles you want to store, while also having the look and feel you prefer.
  • Pick a wood: The type of wood you pick for your rack will have implications in how the finished product looks, along with how well it holds up over time. Certain types of wood are better at handling long term humidity, while other types of wood have aesthetic appeal.
  • Build your wine rack: Get to work! This is the fun part, and with all of the options weve provided, there is sure to be a specific rack that suits your fancy.
  • Wine Racks For Every Taste And Need

    How to Build a Wine Cellar Rack

    Essentially the concept of storing wine bottles is about stability and quiet. The bottles are preferably stored in a dark place with a constant temperature.It is very important that the bottles are lying down, to ensure that the cork is always in contact with the content and thus kept smooth and tight-fitting. To store the bottles this way wine racks or wine cabinets are the perfect devices.At Wineandbarrels.com our range of wine racks play a key role along with our wine coolers. Storing wine optimally is basically what we are here for. Therefore, our assortment is among the widest and largest available in the Scandinavian market.

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    Hire A Specialist In Designing Safe And Functional Wine Racks

    Order durable wine cellar racks from Coastal Custom Wine Cellars! We offer wine rack kits and custom wine racks that are constructed from durable materials. We can also create a racking system that will protect your collection from falling or shaking caused by earthquakes.

    It is vital to secure the bottles in all possible ways to ensure that your precious wine collection will not be harmed during an earthquake. Doing otherwise will lead to wasted money and create dangerous breakage and an expensive mess.

    If you have any questions or are looking for a wine rack specialist, please do not hesitate to contact us now at 735-8889 or to view our completed wine cellar conversion projects in California and New Jersey.

    What Kind Of Wood To Use For Your Wine Rack

    While this might not be the first thing on your list of considerations, it is important to use the right kind of wood for your rack. A traditional wine cellar is built with specific types of wood, designed to withstand humidity and temperature fluctuation.

    For a wine rack, you dont need to worry about a lot of these details. However, you can still borrow a lot of the theories as youre picking your wood.

    If youre going to be storing nice wine, then redwood, red oak, ash, alder, cherry, pine, mahogany and walnut are the best kinds of wood to use for your wine rack.

    Certain types of wood are bad for a wine cellar, such as pine. Pine warps in humidity and temperature fluctuation, so avoid it if you can.

    If youre just looking for a place to store the latest wine you bought , then virtually any kind of wood will do. Pallet wood and 2×4s are ultra cheap, and can be dressed up with paint or finish to look nice.

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    How To Start A Wine Cellar: Wine Racks For Reality Budgets

    Of course, higher-end options exist including wine fridges and custom-built wine cellars.

    However, you can start as simply as you like, with one wine rack purchased at a home furniture store, and add more as your collection grows.

    Here are tips on which wines to stock in your cellar.

    $200 $5,000 WINE RACKS

    Set up racks in a cool, dark area of the house, such as the basement, cold storage room or closet that have the best conditions for wine storage. Basements are often the best places, since concrete heats up and cools down slowly, which are close to the ideal conditions to cellar wine.

    But be warned: by the end of each season, accumulated heat or cold in the concrete can still make the conditions less than ideal for long-term wine storage.

    Low-cost racks can be bought prefabricated or in do-it-yourself assembly kits. Materials are usually stainless steel, wire grids and wood.

    Stainless steel and wire grids, though cheaper, are least desirable since the metal conducts temperature at wider extremes than the bottle, and can cause hot or cold streaks where it touches the bottle.

    Softwoods such as pine and Douglas fir, though more prone to warping, are good, low-cost options mainly because theyre easier to work with, and lighter to ship than hardwoods.

    Where to Buy Wine Racks

    Ikea and Costco both sell low-cost pre-fabricated wooden racks.

    Specialty wine accessory stores and custom cellar builders also sell these racks along with other subterranean accoutrements.

    How To Build A Wine Cellar From Wine Guardian

    How To Build A Wine Cellar Closet

    Building a proper wine cellar requires more than simply setting aside a space in your home for wine racks. For wine to remain in perfect condition and mature properly, it needs to be kept in a properly controlled environment, and this video teaches you everything you need to know about what that entails. For example, this video talks about selecting a location that is naturally cool, is free from vibration and is not exposed to UV light, and theres lots more useful info in there too, so check out the video to find out more.

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    Diy Home Wine Cellar: Utilizing Space Under The Stairs

    I cant even begin to explain how happy I am to FINALLY be sharing todays post with you!

    When Casey and I moved into our home two years ago, creating our own wine cellar underneath the staircase was a thought, an idea, and a dream. Most neighbors with the same model home utilized that space for extra storage, or a little office nook. While both of those are smart ideas, Casey and I wanted something that would make a bigger statement.

    Like many home owners, we had all of these grand plans and projects in mind. Casey was focused on making the backyard look like an oasis, and I on the other hand cared more about custom closets and pretty decor. The reality is, these things take time and money. So, just because we wanted a wine cellar in our home didnt necessarily mean it was happening, at least any time soon.

    Choosing Racking And Cooling

    Select a racking style that fits your taste and budget

    Is your cellar going to be the crown jewel of your home or is it for utility and just getting the wine off the floor? Admittedly, choosing the best options can feel a little intimidating. We like to follow this rule of thumb: Let how you feel about your wine dictate how you display it. If you consider a wine bottle a work of art, then get racking that will allow you to see your favorite bottle labels. If you have lots of bottles but not a lot of variation, get plainer storage such as bulk bins and cubes.

    What wood type is best for me?

    At Wine Racks America we create racking made from Ponderosa Pine, Premium Redwood and genuine Sapele Mahogany.

    Whats the difference?


    This sturdy, affordable wine cellar material is beautiful as is or stained to match other types of wood. Stain to match mahogany, cherry, or add a polyurethane clear coat to bring out the natural beauty. Pine lends a rustic, warm feeling to any room or cellar.

    Ponderosa Pine


    Redwood is a favorite among collectors, designers and decorators for its stunning natural beauty and versatility. Redwood contains chemicals that make it naturally resistant to moisture and mildew, making it a perfect racking material for dark, moist environments like a wine cellar.




    Next, choose a cooling system


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    Passively Cooled Wine Cellars

    Passively cooled wine cellars are built in rooms that are naturally humid and chilly. Usually they are surrounded by 2 or 3 walls of earth and located in climates known for temperate weather year-round. These wine cellars have little maintenance cost and won’t fail even if the power goes out. Unfortunately, if there is variance in temperature/humidity where you live , you likely will need an active wine cellar.

    Diy Wine Racks To Store Your Bottles In Style

    Wine Cellar Design for Residential Wine Cellars ...

    These projects will all age incredibly well.

    Why spend time crafting one of these DIY wine racks, you ask? After all, you’ve got a whole host of other things to get done, and “wine” isn’t the first thing on your mind. When it comes to tidying up your home and making sure everything’s in its proper place, the top of your to-do list is likely filled with tasks related to kitchen storage, followed closely by a few bucket list pantry organization items. And frankly, we wouldn’t dare argue about the importance of keeping things neat in those hardworking spaces.

    But after a day of cleaning, stacking, storing, and straightening up, there’s one household item that you’ll come back to over and over againand that’s wine! Keep things carefully coordinated with our favorite DIY wine rack ideas. The projects we’ve compiled here are as stylish as they are functional, and whether you drink super-fancy Pinot Noir or a $5 Pinot Grigio, they’ll keep your bottles in order . Yes, there are plenty of places to buy them online, but DIYs are just so much more satisfying…and they’re customizable too. Cheers!

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