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How To Make Wine Bottle Candles

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How to make Wine Bottle Candles

Reusing wine bottles is a good idea for several reasons. Not only is the practice environmentally friendly, but it also gives you a chance to be creative. Crafting is an excellent way to express yourself and create things youll use often.

Another great use for wine bottle candle holders is as event décor. Candles are some of the most popular wedding decorations, and you can save money by using items you already own. Whether you want to throw a sustainable party or showcase your love for wine, the bottles add elegance no matter how you use them.

You can tell your friends and family how to turn a wine bottle into a candle. Theyll be pleased to know these tips and tricks. You dont have to cut a wine bottle to make it into a candle, but it does give you more options and uses. Get creative and customize these directions to suit your décor preferences. Shop Firefly Fuel for accessories to help you create your candle. We provide wicks, chimneys, and more.

Fit Your Candle Stick

Youd want your candlestick to fit perfectly into the neck of your wine bottle. Additionally, since youll be lighting it, you dont want your bottle to be top-heavy as it can cause the candlestick to fall off.

Cut off the excess wax using your knife so the fitting would be just right. You can also break your candlestick so it wont extend too high from the top of your wine bottle.

How To Cut Glass Wine Bottles To Make Beeswax Candles And Kinkajou Bottle Cutter Giveaway

Todays one-hour project and awesome giveaway is sponsored by my friends at Bottle Cutting, Inc.

Today Ive got a fun way to re-use your old wine bottles or any glass bottles! Im going to show you how to easily cut a bottle, and a simple project you can make using your newly recycled bottles: beeswax candles. There are LOTS of things you can make with cut glass bottles, but this project is one of the great basics. Use your favorite empty bottle to add personal flair to your decor, or a friends favorite for a fun gift! Ive got a full tutorial for you in this post, and be sure to read all the way to the end so that you can enter to WIN one of these fabulous tools for yourself!

See, Ive tried a few different methods for cutting bottles, and I havent been able to accomplish any of them. I had accepted that maybe recycled glass projects just werent for me but then I saw the Kinkajou from Bottle Cutting, Inc. Its an innovative tool that helps you get a clean cut from round bottles in a range of sizes in just a few minutes. I put it to the test, and guess what? I was able to get a perfect cut on my first try using it. It took me a couple of minutes to do while Im still getting the hang of it, but it works wonderfully, and the more I practiced, the faster its coming along. And Im getting a lot of practice, because Im already at work on my next project. )

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Diy Wine Bottle Floating Candle Holders

In our home, we very regularly polish off a bottle of wine, and each time we do the same guilt comes over me All those glass bottles can surely be put to use! With this easy bottle cutting technique, Ill be repurposing some of our wine bottles into these floating candle holders to add a simple, elegant glow to our Friendsgiving table this season. These particular bottles used to hold La Cremas Willamette Pinot Noir, one of our favorite red wines, that is perfect for Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving feasts. It pairs incredibly well with turkey, ham and any and all sides you might have on your table.

Materials:bottle cutter -pliers-boiling water-sink

First, I highly recommend trying on a few practice bottles to get the hang of this method. Getting a clean break takes some practice!

Use the pliers to loosen the bolt to adjust the cutting length of the bottle cutter. The bottle cutter comes with a hex key to adjust the width of the rollers and cutter- adjust them to the widest width.

Place the wine bottle onto the cutter and firmly apply pressure while rotating the bottle. Rotate only once around to score the glass. Dont double over the cut otherwise youll have a mess!

Evenly pour boiling water over the scored line while rotating the bottle for about 10 seconds.

Sand down the edges well before drying off the glass.

Fill the floating candle holders with water and add the candles.

How To Cut Wine Bottles

27 Ideas on How to Make Wine Bottle Candle Holders

Making candles is actually super easy. Cutting the wine bottles is hit or miss. Sometimes it works perfect and other times you get bad cracks in the glass for no reason.

I bought this bottle cutter off of Amazon. There was a really handy youtube video attached that really shows you how to cut the bottles which you can find here, but Ill highlight for you below

Place you bottle on the cutter and VERY slowly start to turn the glass until a light line has formed in a ring around the bottle. Be sure not to let your hands shake when moving the bottle. If you dont get a clean line then you might as well toss the bottle because it wont crack properly.

Once you have your line, boil a pot of hot water. Once boiled, place your bottle in the sink and slowly pour the boiling water over the fault line you created until its evenly heated.

Next, turn on the faucet and swiftly shock the bottle by running cold tap water of the same spot on the bottle. With luck, itll crack on the first try and the bottle should break evenly right on the line you drew. If not, repeat the process of heating the bottle and shocking with cold water until it cracks.

Once you have your broken bottle, throw a strip of sanding paper in a baking sheet with some water and sand the bottle in circular motions until smooth

Let the bottle/label dry and then you are ready to make a candle!

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Wine Bottle Candles Ideas To Make

Imagination has no limits. Today it is possible to create many new things from a small thought which gradually becomes a magnificent reality.

And designing is really one of the best activities that a person can perform.

Giving free rein to creativity and translating them into a role is quite relaxing, however, taking it to reality is perhaps the best satisfaction that can be achieved in all this process.

Some of the really easy wine bottle candles crafts include:

  • Bottle of wine Lamp
  • Wine Candle
  • Wine Bottle Chandelier

Melting the bottles into free-form shapes gives you the opportunity to make unusual vases and artifacts. Also known as slumping, this is usually done in a potters kiln because youll need high temperatures for the job.

Among current trends, we find a very particular one that has been brewing for a long time but it is today that it begins to fully demonstrate its great potential.

The recycling wave is being talked about. Todays society has finally understood the importance of caring for the environment and working hard for it.

That is why they have joined the wave of working with materials of profit in order to reduce the consumption of all those plastic objects polluting that are produced to meet the demands of consumers.

In this sense, many fun and useful ideas have emerged to create objects with recycled materials which have made life very easier and keep the planet greener.

Cutting Glass Wine Bottle With A Dremel:

If you have a Dremel, then this is another easy way to cut wine bottles. Dremel is a sort of electrical equipment, specifically rotary tools, that can split glass and other types of material such as wood, plastic, and metal.

When youre cutting glass with the Dremel, it’s important to keep in mind that this tool isn’t just for traditional varieties. It can even cut fiberglass and plexiglass.

The Dremel is a fast and efficient way to cut wine bottles because it can work at maximum velocity-between 10,000 and 35,000 RPMs. It produces precision cuts with steady hands, but if your hand tremors or jitters while using the tool while cutting, then things won’t go quite right for you!

Cutting with Dremel:

  • The first step is choosing where you want to cut and then using two strips of masking tape close together as a thin line around the bottle while holding down the cutting tab on the Dremel tool- which will do all the work.
  • Attach a glass-cutting bit to the end of the Dremel. Work your way around, slowly cutting the glass along the marked line. To gain a clean-cut, you may have to recapitulate the same segment multiple times.
  • There should be a warning note here on operating a Dremel wheel on glass because glass dust is very hazardous to our respiratory system. Make sure you wear protective eye and nose gear.
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    I Gave In To A Bottle Cutter

    After a couple of failed attempts, I finally surrendered and bought the bottle cutter. It didn’t work at first but ended up working perfectly after a few tries it was like finding gold in your backyard garden!

    It is not necessary to purchase a bottle cutter, but I highly suggest it. Especially if youre having difficulties with any of the free strategies scattered around the internet, a bottle cutter is worth its riches.

    Upcycled Wine Bottle Lanterns

    EASY How to make DIY Wine Bottle Candles | FashionQuirks

    With the top of a wine bottle, you can create a lantern for a premade candle. Make the lantern as tall or short as you please. Keep in mind that youll need enough space inside the lantern for your candle.

    Pro Tip: Get multiple uses out of one bottle! Cut your wine bottle toward the middle so you can use the bottom and top to decorate.

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    Diy Citronella Wine Bottle Candles

    Keep those pesky bugs away this summer with these gorgeous citronella wine bottle candles! Hubby and I have started a fun little project together and Im so excited to share it with all of you. Were making wine bottle candles and we love the way they look.

    Hubby is in charge of cutting the wine bottles and together we melt the wax and set the candles. We ordered all of our supplies online and were having so much fun together with our new hobby. I had no idea candle making was so easy and I love that its something we are doing together.

    How To Make Candles Out Of Wine Bottles

    There isnt much else other than wine that I love more than a good craft. I love making things, working with my hands and the satisfaction of knowing that I made something out of nothing.

    A byproduct of being a huge wino is that you end up with a LOT of empty wine bottles.

    One of my favorite souvenirs to take home with me from a visit to a winery is a candle made from one of their bottles! But what about those special bottles or the ones with the cool labels that you cant visit?

    Enter: lets learn how to cut my own bottles and make the candles myself!

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    Final: Completing The Dripped Wax Wine Bottle Look

    Dont melt the last inch of the candle. Put the candle nub in the wine bottle opening and then take a second candle and drip a little wax from the second candle, over the candle nub. This will create the look as if the candle in the bottle completely melted down.

    Have fun using these dripped wax wine bottles. Wont they look awesome as part of your Halloween decorations, or on your Halloween table setting. They make a great spooky centerpiece, too! Just add a few spiders and fake cobwebs.

    See how they look on the creepy Halloween table setting. They really add a fun element to the table!

    *Note: After I created these wax dripped wine glasses, I discovered that there are candles made specifically to drip. Who knew!

    Check them out. They look pretty cool

    Preparing The Parts For The Wooden Base

    Wine Bottle Candle Holders, Set of 6

    First, download the attached pdf file and print it in A4. It shows the three single parts. Apply the printout onto your wood of choice, for example using spray adhesive. Here, I used some left over pieces. 12mm plywood for the bottom layer and 6mm plywood for the other two parts. However, the thickness and the type of the wood for the three parts can be changed however you like best. For example, you could significantly increase the thickness of the bottom layer to give it a more solid appearance or use hard wood to make it look more elegant.

    Next drill all the holes according to the drawings. I would recommend using first a 1 mm drill then following with the 5 mm drill for accuracy.

    After that, cut out the three pieces using for example a jig saw or scroll saw. Drill the holes from the side into the bottom layer until you feel it connecting with the other hole. This will provide the candle with fresh air.

    Finally, sand the inside of the top layer to about 45° for a smooth transition to the middle layer. You can do this by hand or by using some power tools if you have them available. The purpose of the top ring is only to keep the candle roughly in the middle of the glass bottle.

    The dimensions of the wooden base were adjusted to the wine bottles that I had available. To adjust the wooden base for any bottle, just change the dimensions according to the inner and outer diameter of your bottle .

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    Assembling The Wooden Base

    Once all parts are finished, glue them together. Be careful to properly align all the holes. You can do this by plugging some rods or smaller sized drills into the holes while gluing.

    After drying, sand down the wooden base until you are satisfied with its appearance.

    You can also stain it or apply some varnish to give it the color of your choice.

    Now you are ready to go.

    A few minutes after lighting the candle, the top of the bottle will be getting very hot. Don’t touch it!!! Touch the glass bottle only at the height of the flame or lower!

    Enjoy )

    Special Wine Bottle Candles Tools Needed

    DIY Wine Bottle Candles. Youll need a few specialized tools in order to work with this material.

    Most hobbyists have a tile cutter or a buffer wheel at home.

    A power drill should be equipped with a special glass-cutting tip in order to work on glass.

    A special glass-cutting wet saw will be required to cut wine bottles into the right shapes.

    You should also consider learning about the art of decoupage so that you can decorate your glass bottles properly.

    DIY Wine Bottle Candles. You need to be very careful when working on glass.

    Since this material breaks easily you need to wear protective gear.

    Such as goggles and gloves before you start to work on them.

    You will also probably need a sufficient number of bottles so that you can get the hang of working on this material.

    Youll be really pleased with the results of wine bottle candles crafts.

    If you like this video DIY Wine Bottle Candles please share it.

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    Ways To Wow Your Friends With Recycled Wine Bottles

    by Yuka Yoneda

    Theres a reason that recycled wine bottle DIYs have been so popular theyre a great excuse to drink some vino! Wine bottles also come in many interesting colors and shapes, and are already elegant enough that not much needs to be done to turn them into all sorts of lovely items. From sophisticated centerpieces to light fixtures to garden accessories, read on for a selection of some of our favorite ways to reuse old wine bottles.

    What Youll Need To Make Wine Bottle Candles

    Wine Bottle Cutting – Wine Bottle Candle Tutorial

    There are quite a few ingredients that youll need to make these candles. Some you might have on hand already and others you can get from a candle-making supply shop or an online retailer. Links to where you can get items online are below:

    • 4-5 empty wine bottles, cleaned and with labels removed
    • Optional: Candle Fragrance
    • Optional: Essential oils unfortunately, essential oils dont tend to give off much of a scent when used in candles. If you do want to use them, measure enough liquid in weight to match 7-8% of your total recipe weight. Youll need a kitchen scale for this and with two lbs of soy wax aim for approximately 36 grams or 1.25 oz.

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    Diy Wine Bottle Candles How

    DIY Wine Bottle Candles. Being good with your hands and tools with the right information on how to make different wine bottle candles crafts.

    Glass is not an easy material to work it, particularly since it can break easily if it is not handled in the correct manner.

    Youll definitely need to be able to cut glass or drill holes into it in order to make a variety of things.

    For instance, a regular bottle wine can only be used as a bud vase it should have its neck cut off in order to accommodate more flowers.

    Recycle Old Wine Bottles Into Wine Bottle Candles

    Have you ever thrown away an old wine bottle? I bet you wish you had known about this idea first. Wine bottle candles are a great way to reuse old wine bottles and make some gorgeous candles for your home.

    Old wine bottles can be found at the bottom of your bin after a big festivity, or be able to pick them up from the local recycling station. Either way, recycled wine bottles are great for all sorts of things.

    A good idea is cutting the recycled wine bottle in half and using one side to make a wine bottle candle no need for scented oils when they can just look like cute little candles in a wine bottle candle holder. So, let’s get started!

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