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How To Get Wine Delivered To Your Home

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Best For People Who Want Their Wine Right Now: Saucey

WINC Wine Delivery unboxing | Get wine delivered to your door!

You can get a bottle of wine in under an hour in select cities across the country, thanks to Saucey. While their collection may not be as extensive or meticulously curated as some of the more boutique offerings on this list, speed is on Saucey’s side. Plus, you can even get beer or liquor on the site, so feel free to stock up for the next few weeks without having to haul heavy bottles around.

The Best Place To Buy Nonalcoholic Spirits Online: Seedlip

If you’ve been trying to cut down on your alcohol intake, being cooped up inside without much to do can complicate things. Here’s where the distilled, nonalcoholic beverages from Seedlip come in. Somehow, they manage to taste just as interesting and delicious as some apertifs, but with none of the alcohol.

What we’re buying:

Breweries Cannot Make Home Deliveries In Florida

Breweries cannot make home deliveries under the Florida Beverage Laws. This is true of breweries outside the state of Florida and Florida breweries. Even Florida breweries that have a vendor-licensed taproom are prohibited from making home deliveries either directly or through a third party deliverer.

Specific exceptions to Florida Three Tier Systemwhich generally keeps manufacturers, distributors, and vendors separatedallow Florida breweries to have vendor licenses for the premises attached to their breweries. It is the statutory limitations placed on these exceptions that prohibits home delivery by breweries.

The brewpub exception ) allows beer produced on the premises to be sold for consumption on premises only. The executive order which allows SFS licensed restaurants to temporary sell alcohol for consumption off premises does not provide similar relief for brewpubs.

The taproom exception ) does allow a brewerys beer to be sold for consumption off premises. There is no problem with a customer carrying out a growler, crowler, or other packaged products. But the subsection of the statute that allows taprooms specifically states:

A manufacturer possessing a vendors license under this subsection is not permitted to make deliveries under 561.57.

Florida Statutes Section 561.221

That is, the specific statute that allows other vendors to make home deliveriesSection 561.57expressly does not apply to brewery taprooms. Section 561.57 itself reiterates this further:

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Best For People Who Care About Awards: Firstleaf Wine Club

Ninety-two percent of the wines delivered by Firstleaf Wine Club are award-winning, so you can try critics’ favorites from the world’s best wine regions without having to decipher every sticker in the aisle. Take the quiz and narrow down your preferences to get your first box you’ll rate each wine you receive, so Firstleaf can tailor future shipments to your tastes. If you’re not looking for a commitment, Firstleaf also offers bundles with great value the award winners bundle offers 12 top-rated bottles for just $150.

An Affordable Way To Try New Varietals Every Month

How to Get Alcohol, Wine &  Beer Delivered to Your House

Winc Facebook

Winc was created to help make specialty wines more accessible to sippers across the country. This subscription service offers a wide variety of wines from the more common pinot grigio and merlot to the less-mainstream Grenache and Viogner, for any and all preferences. You can also narrow down options based on how its made and its sweetness

With an Insider Access membership, Winc sends a box of wine thats personalized to your preferences after taking a short quiz. If you dont like a bottle, let Winc know and youll get a replacement. Theres a variety of memberships to choose from and you can skip a month if youre already stocked upeasy as that.

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Wsj Wine From The Wall Street Journal

WSJwine is a great idea for gifting some bottles to your favorite people this Valentines, Day or ordering a few for yourself, too. They offer packages of wines, like the recommended Mixed Cases that allow you to try an array of top wines, included just reds, whites, sparkling wines or a mix of all of the above.

Check out New York Post Shopping for more content.

Best Wine And Alcohol Delivery Services

Our list consists of companies that provide same-day alcohol delivery in a wide range of cities and regions across the United States. All of these services let you order a choice of wine, beer, and liquor, and in some cases the companies also deliver groceries and other household essentials from retailers like Costco and CVS.

As you place your order, be mindful that the people delivering your booze nowadays are providing a great service and allowing you to avoid stores and stay safely indoors. So: Tip generously.


How to Order: Online or via app

Delivery Fee: $5 in most markets

Operating Hours: For location-based hours, see the app.

Drizly is known for its wide selection and its claim of delivering wine in less than an hour. They also deliver beer and other spirits. According to their website, they operate in over 180 markets.


How to Order: Online or via app

Delivery Fee: None

Operating Hours: 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. may vary by location.

According to their website, Saucy charge no delivery fees and have no order minimums. They deliver wine, beer, and other spirits in 13 cities across the U.S., including Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, and New York City.

Minibar Delivery

How to Order: Online or via app

Delivery Fee: Mostly free

Operating Hours: Varies depending on store partner


How to Order: Online or via app

Delivery Fee: None

Operating Hours: Normal business hours kept by the supplying store


How to Order: Online or via app

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The Best Wine Club: Parcelle

If you don’t need anything right at this very second, consider joining a wine club. Most wine clubs will send you a bottle or two at a regular cadence until you decide to cancel your subscription. The best ones are managed by sommeliers with direct relationships to wine producers themselves. They get you both excellent wine while also helping you develop your own understanding of what makes wine good, and then, what types of wine you like. Since it launched towards the end of last year, Parcelle has proven a superlative wine subscription. Each month gets you a themed shipment with three wines, plus descriptions and pairing information for each one. It’s a bit priceyâyou pay about $30 per bottleâbut each wine individually tends to be a bit more expensive than that, and otherwise hard to find. You can see a full list of wine subscriptions that we’ve tried and like, which includes some budget and upgrade options, right here.

Wineries Cideries And Meaderies Can Make Home Deliveries In Florida

Alcohol home delivery coming to Alabama in October

Wineries that have a vendor license are permitted to make home deliveries just like other licensed vendors in Florida. For purposes of the Florida Beverage Laws and regulations, wineries includes manufacturers of fruit wine, cider, and mead.

Like Florida breweries, Florida wineries are allowed to have a vendor-licensed tasting room pursuant to a specific statutory exception to Floridas Three Tier system. Florida Statutes Section 561.221 allows up to three vendors licenses to be issued to manufacturers of wine in Florida.

Unlike Florida breweries, Florida wineries are not expressly prohibited from making home deliveries of their products. That is, wineries have the same permission of other licensed vendors in Florida, including the permission to make home delivery of alcohol pursuant to Florida Statutes Section 561.57.

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Best For People Who Want To Take It One Day At A Time: Usual Wines

Usual Wines is anything but your standard wine delivery service. The only decision you have to make on this site is what type of wine you want brut, red, or rosé and how many servings you’d like. Usual Wines only sells single-glass bottles with a generous 6.3-ounce pour, and the wines don’t have any added sugar or sulfites. Grab the mixed pack and try all three types, with 12 glasses for $96, or send bubbles to a loved one with a six-pack of brut for $48.

Order With No Minimum Spend

Saucey Facebook

Saucey lets you get bottled wine and spirits like Francis Coppola Diamond Collection Claret and Jack Daniels whiskey delivered to do your door with no order minimums. Theres no commitment to keep on ordering, so you can order once and then move on with your life. Saucey doesnt just do on-demand orderingthe company also allows you to make bulk orders at a steeper discount to be delivered within two days.

Saucey services several major metropolitan areas across the U.S., but type in your address after you download the app or land on the website to make sure theres service near you.

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Best Mass Market: Winecom

  • Price : Starts at under $20 plus shipping, free shipping for members
  • Estimated Shipping Time: 1 to 4 days
  • Availability: Nationwide as state laws allow

Self-proclaimed as the worlds largest wine store, you can shop for everything from widely distributed wines by big names to small boutique selections at all price levels.

  • One-time purchase and club option

  • Club price varies by wines picked for you

  • Must join annual program to get free shipping

  • No flat rate shipping

If you buy wine online, surely youre familiar with Its likely the largest online wine retailer, with thousands of wines from around the world, generally offered at great prices. Are there run-of-the-mill wines? Of course. But youll also discover gems hidden among its offerings as well.

Best Rare Finds: K& l Wine Merchants

How to Get Wine Delivered To Your Home

K& L Wine Merchants

  • Price : Starts at under $15 plus shipping
  • Estimated Shipping Time: Varies by location
  • Availability: 9 states

Shop for everything from affordable bottles of table wine to rare vintages only available through auction at this California-based store that has been working in wine since 1976.

  • Extensive variety of price points and wines

  • Single purchases and wine club options

  • Helpful shipping rate calculator on website

  • Only ships to 9 states

  • Clubs dont offer free shipping

  • Hidden pricing on some wines that requires sign in to view

Few wine shops are as well respected as Norther California-based K& L with retail shops in San Francisco, Redwood City, and Hollywood. K& Ls team has scoured the world for the best wines at a great price since 1976. Whether youre looking for top bottles from Napa and Sonoma or buzzed-about wines from lesser-known regions in Belize, China, Lebanon, and beyond, you dont have to look far. And if youre a collector seeking old and rare wines, youd be hard-pressed to find vintages like this outside of an auction.

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The Best Alcohol Delivery App That’s Probably Already On Your Phone: Postmates

What was once our go-to for takeout has now also become a go-to for alcohol. With Postmates, you can get your favorite drinks delivered from your favorite local spots, whether you live in Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, Washington D.C, Phoenix, or any other major metropolitan area. Postmates has everything you could possibly want: beer, wine, cognac, brandy, tequila, rum, gin, whiskey, vodka, you name it. You can even grab drink mixers, wine openers, and solo cups on Postmates.

Whats The Difference Between A Wine Delivery Service And A Wine Subscription

A wine delivery service, broadly speaking, refers to an online wine retailer that ships your order to your door. This can also refer to on-demand services like Instacart, Drizly, or Minibar, which allow you to shop your local stores from your computer or phone and have your order delivered to you in as little as an hour. A wine subscription, on the other hand, delivers wines to your home or office, but the format is a bit differentsubscriptions are ongoing, and theyll often take into account your palate profile in order to curate a selection that youre sure to enjoy.

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What Is A Wine Delivery Service

A wine delivery service, in short, is your new best friend. You can shop for your favorite wines without ever having to set foot in the outside world thanks to easy online shipping and relatively quick delivery. Some fall into the traditional online retailer category while others take on more of a membership or club format. For example, Winc automatically sends a selection of wines based on your personal tastes at your desired frequency . Its also extremely easy to send wines or a membership as a gift to someone else, again without leaving the house.

Distilleries Cannot Make Home Deliveries In Florida

New How to get the best wine delivery system

Distilleries cannot make home deliveries in Florida because, under current law, distilleries are not authorized to be licensed as vendors. Craft distilleries are permitted to make limited sales to consumers, but they do so without a vendor license. Florida Statutes Section 565.03 allows craft distillery gift shops to sell products in face-to-face transactions only. Section 565.03 specifically states:

A craft distillery may not ship or arrange to ship any of its distilled spirits to consumers and may sell and delivery only to consumers within the state in a face-to-face transaction at the distillery property.

Florida Statutes Section 565.034.

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Mysa Natural Wine Club

No need to head to the co-op or health food store to hunt for natural wines. Now you can order them right to your door on a subscription basis, by joining one of MYSA Wines wine clubs. Subscriptions start at $84.95, and range from three bottles, six bottles and 12 bottles. Then choose your delivery frequency from monthly, every two months or every three months. Finally, they also have a gifting option, perfect for the wine lover who has everything.

Whenever the words wine and sale are in the same sentence, you should probably pay attention.

Get your favorite wines for great prices on this site, which will also deliver to your door for free on orders of six bottles or more with code SHIPFREE1 at checkout. Ordering in bulk wont be an issue either, as the site offers an impressive array of cases and curated boxes, seen on their page for Curated Wine Cases that make great gifts or a helpful way to restock your own wine cellar.

Best Unique Options: Garys Wine & Marketplace

Garys Wine & Marketplace

  • Price : Starts at under $15 plus shipping
  • Estimated Shipping Time: 1 to 9 days
  • Availability: Nationwide as local laws allow

Youll find domestic and imported wines at price points to meet every budget along with beer, spirits, and gourmet snacks to add to your order.

  • Large selection of U.S. and imported wines

  • Estimated shipping cost visible on product page

  • One time purchase and wine club options

  • Must join annual program for free shipping

  • No customization for wine clubs

With five physical locationsfour in northern New Jersey and one in St. Helena, Calif.Garys has grown to be one of the best sources for both fine and more accessible wine in the country. The team at Garys regularly visits wine regions around the world to forge relationships with winemakers and secure wines you may not find elsewhere.

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Best For People Who Want High Quality At An Affordable Price: Wine Insiders

Throw yourself a DIY tasting of wines from around the world with Wine Insiders. User reviews make picking a great wine easier than ever, and with numerous options under $20, you can get a quality bottle without spending too much. Need a little help deciding? Opt for the Wine Insiders Club subscription they’ll send you 12 bottles every 12 weeks for just $89, ensuring that your wine rack stays full throughout this holiday season.

Buy Your Favorite Beverage Along With Your Grocery Haul

You Can Get Wine Delivered Straight to Your Home With ...

Downeast Cider House

FreshDirect has made a name for itself as a grocery delivery service in select regions in the Northeast, but it also delivers beer, hard cider, wine and spirits. You can ask for one-off products or order an entire case of your favorite, like Lagunitas IPA and Smoking Loon Pinot Noir. Most places have a minimum order of $30, and a delivery fee that ranges between $5.99 and $7.99 . But FreshDirect has all the good stuff, including craft beers and organic wines. Stock up on cocktail mixers and snacks while youre at it.

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Sample And Rate Wines To Learn Your Tastes

Firstleaf Facebook

This alcohol delivery service prides itself on offering award-winning international and domestic wines to customers. After you answer some initial preference questions, Firstleaf will send you wines and then have you rate them. Based on all of your feedback, theyll curate packages for you preferences.

The company works directly with wine producers to help you save up to 60% off retail prices. You also choose your own schedule, so you can pick shipment dates that work best for you. Your first box of six is just $40, and once you become a member, youll get six bottles per month for $90. Firstleaf delivers to 47 states throughout the country including Washington, D.C.

Most Florida Alcohol Vendors Can Deliver To Homes

The Florida Beverage Laws provide thatwith some important exceptions discussed belowlicensed alcohol vendors can deliver to consumers homes. Florida Statutes Section 561.57 specifically addresses home deliveries of alcohol. It authorizes licensed vendors to treat orders received by telephone, by mail, or electronically in the same way as they treat orders in person. This means that any vendor licensed to sell beer, wine, or distilled spirits for consumption off premises can deliver those products to a consumers home.

Licensed vendors can make home deliveries in a vehicle owned or leased by the vendor. Alternatively, deliveries can be made by a third-partyincluding common carriers like the US Postal Service, FedEx, or UPSunder a delivery contract. Common carriers generally have strict limitations on delivering alcohol, but a number of companiesincluding Instacart, Drizly, and Minibar Deliveryactively delivery alcohol to customers homes.

Ordinarily, Florida restaurants with a Specialty Food Service license are authorized to sell beer, wine, and liquor for consumption on their premises only. Florida Executive Order 20-71 has lifted this restriction while the COVID-19 state of emergency is continuing. Accordingly, restaurants are allowed to make deliveries of alcoholic beveragtes in sealed containers accompanying sales of food within the same order.

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