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How To Cork A Wine Bottle

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Ways To Open A Bottle Of Wine Without A Corkscrew

How To Cork A Wine Bottle : DIY Wine Making At Home

At any wine shop, consumers are faced with a choice: Go for the bottle with a cork closure a more romantic option but one that requires more effort to open or reach for the screw cap for easy access? For those who decide on the former option, only to find that their corkscrew seems to be missing, theres no need to fret. There are, as it turns out, more ways to open a bottle of wine than there are to seal them.

Quick disclaimer: Most of these methods arent 100 percent foolproof. So tread carefully, as many of these methods run the risks of breaking the cork and having it shed into the wine, chipping the wine bottle, or, in a worst-case scenario, shattering the wine bottle completely. If you have a rare and/or expensive wine that would break your heart if broken in this process, wed advise you to wait until you have a corkscrew. However, in most other circumstances, these options can help lift you from despair and grant you a pleasant vino-filled night.

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How To Open A Wine Bottle With A Pen

One of the easiest methods on the list. Granted, it doesnt pull out the cork but rather pushes it in. Nonetheless, you get to the good stuff. So heres how:

  • Take a sturdy pen and put it perpendicularly into the top of the cork.
  • Now, push it with all youve got until it ends up in the bottle.
  • Thats it, in a matter of seconds you have your wine open. Its a bit dirty as you get the cork in your wine, but it works.

    You can use any object that fits to push the cork into the bottle this way.

    How To Open A Wine Bottle With A Steak Knife

    How is the steak knife different from any other type of knife to open a bottle? As you can see in the video, its much easier! This knife is much bigger and sturdier, so you get a better grip and you can drive more force into moving the cork. Most importantly, you can do it more accurately and safely:

  • Insert the steak knife into the cork. Use a bit of an angle so it doesnt slip out easily.
  • Twist the work and push it up in the same motion.
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    The Serrated Knife Method

    This method also famously works with a regular set of keys, but it’s a little easier to exert gentle force with a knife’s handle. You’ll need a key, a knife, or any sharp/flat object.

  • Insert the object at a 45-degree angle into the cork without cutting through it.
  • Rotate the object, pulling the cork up and out as you do.
  • Exert careful force and take your timelet the cork come up as you rotate.

    The Mommie Dearest Method

    Free Images : hand, food, red wine, wine bottle, cork ...

    If youve seen Mommie Dearest youll get the reference. If not, watch the movie. Its worth it.

    For this method of how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew youll need a wire hanger. Bend the tip of the hanger back about 30 degrees so it looks like a fish hook. Then slide the wire down alongside the cork, and rotate it roughly 90 degrees so the hook sinks into the corks bottom. Then pull the wire up. You can use pliers or by hand .

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    Twist It Out With Keys Or A Serrated Knife

    This method is somewhat similar to the first option, in which a screw and hammer are used to yank out the cork. This time, however, just plunge your keys or a serrated knife into the cork at a 45-degree angle and move the top of the item in a circle, essentially twisting the cork out slowly. After a couple rotations, the cork should come out. Make sure you really get your item into the cork because if you dont, the cork could crumble.

    How To Open A Waxed Wine Bottle

    If youâve got a wax-sealed wine bottle, you may be tempted to cut through the wax as if it were foil. You should follow that temptation. Because that is the correct thing to do.

    There may be a pull-tab on the wax, too. If so, great. Pull that and youâll be able to remove the wax easily. But if not, just cut the wax cleanly with your corkscrewâs knife around the bottleâs neck. Then youâll be able to lift off the top of the wax like foil. Then itâs business as usual.

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    The Slap Or Shoe Method

    Ok, so this method doesnt quite require no extra tools, but in most cases someone in your group is going to have a shoe on them, or with them, so its not a stretch to assume that youll have the tools needed for this method.

    There are two ways you can handle this method, but the idea is the same.

    The first way involves your shoe and a wall. Put the bottle of wine in your shoe , then youre going to smack the bottom of the wine bottle against the wall repeatedly until the cork comes out enough for you to manually pull it the rest of the way.

    Dont go too overboard when slapping the bottle against the wall, you dont want to break the bottle.

    If you dont have a wall available, say youre sitting around a campfire for example, then you can simply take the bottle, place it upside down between your legs, and slap the bottom of the bottle with your shoe until the cork loosens enough for you to pull it out the remainder of the way.

    How To Use Wine Accessories To Preserve The Life Of Your Wine

    Bottling Corking Capping Labeling Wine Bottles

    Wine accessories are what you need to put wine in its best light.


    corks can dry out over time, so its good to have a few stoppers on hand! Stoppers not only keep the air from altering your wine but also stop bugs or dust particles from getting into the bottle and screwing up everything .

    Theyre cheap and easy enough for anyone to use with no special training whatsoever. Just put them at either end of the cork before sliding them down until they make contact with each other for an airtight seal that will last as long as possible.

    Some people might put wax paper between the two pieces of metal just in case there is any moisture inside when putting together which then would put the stopper and cork together for a longer period of time.

    There are also wine keys that some people put on their keychains to keep with them at all times, but one thing to be careful of is not using your teeth when opening up corks because you might chip or break a tooth!

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    How To Remove A Stubborn Cork With Ease

    Ask any sommelier, and theyll likely tell you that opening wine is an artform especially when youve got a cork thats stuck in your wine bottle. Try as we might, there are some wine toppers that wont give, no matter how much muscle we put into it. Luckily, there are a few easy tricks of the help coax them out of their hiding place just in time for all those holiday toasts!

    When youre trying to open a bottle of wine, but the cork just wont budge, try this in-a-pinch save: Run the neck of the bottle under very hot water for 30 seconds, holding the bottle at an angle so the cork stays dry. The heat will cause the glass to expand slightly just enough to loosen the cork.

    From there, all youll have to do is give the cork one final tug with your wine opener but not just any opener will do. Vino aficionados will want to invest in one of the best wine openers on the market.

    For those who prefer the old-school, tactical approach of a corkscrew opener, your best bet, hands down, is the Code38 P-Type Light . Before you balk at the price, hear us out: This semi-professional tool is not your average wine opener. Designed by ex aircraft engineer Jeff Toering, this thing is touted by some of the best in the business as being the crème de la crème of corkscrews.


    I wanted to create something that youd love and keep forever, Toering explains on his site.


    See more of our best product recommendations.

    The Screw & Hammer Method

    This method is the safest and most foolproof way to open a wine bottle.

    You’ll need a screwdriver, a screw , and a hammer.

  • Drive the screw into the cork with the screwdriver until there’s only a half-inch sticking out.
  • Using the hammer, gently pull up on the screw as though you are removing a nail.
  • If you’re gentle, the cork should come out perfectly without any damage to the wine or the cork.

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    How To Get A Cork Out Of A Wine Bottle

    Have you used one of the methods that push the cork to the inside of the bottle? This method will help you get it out from the empty bottle using a simple plastic bag.

  • Roll up a plastic bag so you can insert it into the bottle, leaving the opening outside.
  • After inserting the bag, turn the bottle over so the cork falls down into the bag.
  • Blow into the bag through the opening so it wraps around the cork better.
  • Pull the bag together with the cork out.
  • This method may take a few tries but its fairly doable. Best of all, you will easily get the times needed for this trick.

    Corked Wine Causes And How To Tell If Your Wine Is Corked Or Cooked

    Three Practical Uses for Cork From Wine Bottles  101 Ways ...

    Learn about the causes of corked wine and how to identify corked wines.

    The number one problem wine buyers continue to encounter time and time again is purchasing bottles that are defective due to problems with the cork used to seal the bottle. This is commonly referred to as corked wine. Trust me on this, there is nothing worse than opening an expensive bottle of Bordeaux, or any bottle of wine and discovering the wine is faulty, due to issues with cork. This is a problem as cork remains the number one material used to seal wine bottles.

    Part of the success of using cork to seal to wine bottles comes from tradition. Cork or other sealants in some form have been used to seal vessels holding wine for thousands of years. Corks became popular at the same time that glass bottles began gaining in popularity. Corks seal the wine in the bottle which severely retards the oxidation process, allowing the wine to age and evolve slowly over time.

    This takes place because corks, or better put, quality corks allow a minimal amount of oxygen into the wine. This is important because when air interacts with wine, it causes the wine to eventually oxidize. As we mentioned, a minimal amount of air needs to interact with the wine because that is how wines develop their mature, secondary qualities as well as expel unwanted aromas.

    Cooked wines and how to identify them by looking at the cork

    Percentage of corked wines.

    Can you drink corked wine?

    The cause of corked wine.

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    Apply Heat With A Blowtorch

    This method is pretty crazy, but it works . It requires the use of a blowtorch. Heat is applied to the bottleneck just below the cork, the air expands and pushes the cork out.

    This method is potentially dangerous, as a cold bottle can easily explode if it is subjected to a rapid temperature increase. The bottle therefore needs to be reasonably warm to start with.

    How To Open A Wine Bottle With Hot Water

    Bringing the wine to a boil gets the cork out in a hands-off way. The only downside to this method is that boiling wine can mess up with the taste, and you have to wait for it to cool off.

    But it does the job done:

  • Pour some water into a pot .
  • Bring the water to a boil.
  • Put the bottle in.
  • As the wine heats up, the air expands and pressure builds up, pushing the cork out.
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    How To Open A Wine Bottle

    So, you need to open a bottle of wine, but opening it has you all stressed. No shame, we’ve all been there! Wine openers can appear confusing and difficult to use, but once you have it down, it couldn’t be easier. Read on to learn about the two most common types of wine openers and how to use them.

    1. Wine Key

    Also known as a waiter’s corkscrew, a wine key has three important parts: a foil cutter, a lever, and a “worm”. The foil cutter, which looks like a small knife, is simply used to remove the foil from the top of your wine bottle. Rest the foil cutter just above the first ridge at the top of the wine bottle and press lightly to pierce the foil. Turn the bottle in a circular motion so that the cutter drags all the way around the neck of the bottle. Remove the top of the foil. Insert the “worm” into the center of your cork and twist in a clockwise motion until you the corkscrew is fully inserted in the cork. Rest the shorter notch on the lever on the lip of the wine bottle, then pull up the handle to bring the cork out of the bottle. If needed, switch to the longer notch on the lever and continue to pull up until the cork is completely removed. Success!

    2. Winged Corkscrew

    That’s about it! Now that you’ve got your wine, put it to good use! This beef stew is enhanced with rich, red wine flavorand there will be enough left over for a couple generously poured glasses. Cheers!

    BUY NOW Wing Corkscrew Opener, $7

    How To Put Cork In Wine Bottles Without A Corker

    Wine Advice : How to Open a Wine Bottle With a Corkscrew

    Red wine bottle sealing hine open wine without a cork how to open a wine bottle use twin lever wine bottle corker for

    Vine french vineyard wine corker at 1stdibs stick a cork in it sealing our chardonnay s fate intsupermai manual red wine stopper pressure corker cork bottle corking inserting stainless steel

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    How To Open A Wine Bottle With A Corkscrew

    Opening a wine bottle with a wine bottle opener is a step-by-step process. Weâll lay it out one step at a time. And weâll assume youâre opening your wine bottle with a corkscrew on a wine key, a type of wine bottle opener.

    • Step 1: Cut the foil beneath the bottleâs lower lip. Cut it all the way around the bottleâs neck. Then youâll be able to neatly remove the top of the foil off. As if you were politely removing someoneâs hat. Put the foil in your pocket.
    • Step 2: Press the tip of the corkscrew into the center of the cork and push just enough to break the corkâs surface. This is where youâll be drilling down. Youâre just positioning the corkscrew right now. Next, straighten the corkscrew upright while still holding the tip in place.
    • Step 3: Rotate the corkscrew approximately 6 to 7 times. Or however long it takes for the hook of the corkscrewâs lever to be in a position to latch onto the bottleâs upper lip.
    • Step 4: Place the lever on the bottleâs upper and push down, leveraging the cork out. Donât do this too quickly. There shouldnât be a popping sound. Once the cork is almost entirely out, wiggle it and pull it gentle and finally remove it by hand.
    • Step 5: Wipe the bottleâs lip of any sediment or cork pieces.
    • Step 6: Place the cork on the table and your corkscrew in your pocket.

    But wait, what if youâve got no corkscrew? All good.

    The Towel Wrap Method

    This one is risky, but if you take your time, it should work perfectly. You’ll need 1-2 thick towels or blankets.

  • Wrap the bottom of the bottle with towels or fabrics.
  • Gently thump the bottom of the bottle against the wall.
  • Repeat until the cork is nearly out.
  • Remove the cork with your hand.
  • Don’t try to get it all out at once! The key here is to move the cork a little at a time.

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    Open A Wine Bottle With A Shoe

    One of the most popular tricks to uncork a bottle is using a shoe. Sounds fancy, indeed! But does it actually work? The method is as follows.

  • Place the bottle in a shoe at the heel.
  • Bang the shoe at the wall with the bottle.
  • The force of the hitting should eventually move the cork out enough so you can pull it out with your hands or pliers.
  • Sounds easy enough but there are a few caveats:

    • You need a sturdy enough wall to bare all the hitting with a shoe. This probably wont work in a hotel where youll most likely get complaints from your neighbors or damage the wall. This most likely will work only outside or in a garage where brick or concrete walls are available .
    • Youll need to keep hitting accurately and long enough. This is a long and tedious process. The force of a hit has to go at a 90-degree angle to through the heel and the bottle. The more accurate the hits, the more likely you are to succeed. Not every shoe will work for this.
    • Youll have to finish off the uncorking with some tool anyway you dont have forever to keep banging on.

    So while this trick sounds cool in theory, in practice its a desperation move you can turn to if all else fails.

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