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How Do You Clean Red Wine Out Of Carpet

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Remove Spills From Tablecloths And Fabric

How to Get Red Wine Out of Your Carpet

Try Smallin Kupers boiling water technique for removing red wine stains from sturdy fabrics, including heavy cotton and polyester. First, pull the fabric tight over a bowl and secure with a rubber band so the material is taut. Then place the bowl in the sink or rub and carefully pour boiling water through the spot from about two feet above. Next, wash the fabric with detergent in the hottest water allowed according to the fabric care label. If youre not sure what the stain is, here are some more cleaning tricks for hard-to-clean household objects.

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How To Get Red Wine Out Of Your Carpets

Whether youve spilt a glass of your favourite Merlot or completely shattered a bottle of Shiraz, red wine on your carpets is every homeowners worst nightmare. But theres no need to panic if the Pinot Noir has got the better of you. Using simple ingredients from every cleaning cupboard, you can remove even the most engrained stains and get your carpet looking as good as new. Read on as we discuss how to tackle red wine stains on your carpet.

How To Get Red Wine Out Of A Carpet: 5 Easy Tips

Weve all experienced that horror moment you feel your foot connect with the glass of red wine on the floor. Hello red wine stain. This is every homeowners worst nightmare, particularly those with light-coloured carpets and an ingrained fear of stains.

If this is you right now, take a deep breath.

OK, now try these five easy home remedy tips on how to get red wine stains out of a carpet:

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Proper Steps To Remove Stains From Carpets And Couches

So youve got a red wine stained carpet and a nice splash of red wine on the couch. Youre taking care of it right now, and you didnt start scrubbing away like a mad man . Now what?

Tip #4: Apply a dry material that will lift the red wine out

Like any liquid, red wine will move toward anything dry that it comes into contact with. Your best move right after you get a red wine stain is to grab a dry, powdery material and apply it generously on the red wine stain. These include:

Table saltSodium percarbonate, a.k.a. a granulated form of hydrogen peroxideDry soap powderTalcum powder, which is used for baby powderKitty litter

These dry materials will pull the red wine out of the carpet, but dont just start rubbing them in. Remember, you never want to rub the stain, regardless of what youve applied to it. Always apply the blotting method, even when it comes to cleaning up the salt or powder.

Let the salt , or any other dry, powdery material you use, settle for a few minutes. In some cases, this may be enough to actually remove the stain completely, especially if you acted fast enough. Otherwise, you may need to apply additional methods.

How To Get Red Wine Out Of Carpet With Salt

How to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet?

Unfortunately, spills can happen on any flooring surface. When that red wine lands on your beige carpet, it can be a nightmare. Fortunately, there are several ways to get red wine out of your carpet. It helps if you know how to get red wine out of carpet with salt, because thatâs one of the easiest methods to use.

In this post, weâll highlight how to get rid of red wine stains from your carpet using salt. Weâll also point out a few other tricks that can help to remove those unsightly red wine stains from your carpet.

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Cleaning Red Wine From The Carpet Using Baking Soda

Baking soda has a lot of health benefits, but its a good cleaning agent as well. While removing loosen up stains, its as effective as using salt that weve discussed earlier.

However, a couple of things need to be taken care of while cleaning wines out of carpet with baking soda. Firstly, it can not be used in powdery form. Making a paste and spreading it on the affected spot is a much better way. Secondly, using powdery baking soda can be hard to clean with both a broom and vacuum cleaner.

Cleaning Red Wine From The Carpet Using White Vinegar

Another cooking item that works wonders when it comes to removing stains is white vinegar. So, if you have a big pile of red wine over your priceless carpet then white vinegar can help you out.

All you have to do is pair it up with detergent to create a mixture and then apply it on the carpet. Afterwards, a few rigorous scrubs will make the stains disappear forever.

Dont believe us? Then try it out yourself.

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Does Club Soda Remove Red Wine

  • 1Yes, club soda will work. Blot the red wine with a clean cloth to soak the excess up. Then, grab your club soda and pour it directly over the wine to thoroughly soak the carpet fibers. The stain should start dissipating immediately. Clean up the club soda by blotting the area with a fresh, dry cloth. Repeat the process as needed until the wine is gone.XResearch source
  • Club soda is fairly inert, so this is a safe option if youre especially worried about causing discoloration or damaging your carpet.
  • Some people claim that regular water is just as efficient as club soda. If youre extremely worried about damaging your carpet, you might try using regular water first.XResearch source
  • Dont Scrub Blot Instead

    How To Clean Red Wine Stains From A Carpet

    Thats right do not scrub. While our instincts might be to scrub scrub scrub, scrubbing red wine out of carpet can do more damage than good. Scrubbing a stain on any fabric or fiber drives the stain further in, and if the friction is enough, it can heat the fibers and chemically bond the stain to the carpet. Yikes!

    Thats why we suggest you blot the red wine stain from the outside in. Blotting from the edges of the stain prevents the stain from further spreading, which is precisely what you want. Again, use a spray bottle of water or a damp rag and gently blot from the outside in. Repeat this process until the stain is no longer visible

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    Additional Methods For Tough Or Dry Stains

    If your salt treatment didnt quite work, or you need something a little extra to address the stain, applying some liquid measures may solve your problem, with some guidance of course.

    Tips #5: Never apply white wine to red wine as a cleaning solution

    Were not sure who started this silly rumor, but dont believe it. White wine is not a cleaning agent, nor will it counteract the dyeing agents in red wine. In fact, white wine may just cause your red wine stain to spread out even further. For your own sanity, and to avoid wasting precious white wine on a red wine stain, seek better, alternative methods.

    Tip #6: Apply boiling water and blot the stain

    Dry heat is very different from, well, wet heat. Hot water is a wonderful substance, especially when applied to other materials as a cleaning agent. It may cause the red wine to dilute and spread out a bit, but the hot water will also cause the molecules in the red wine to lose a bit of cohesion with the fabric, making it easier to clean. If this completely doesnt work, you can try other methods.

    Tip #7: Milk may do a fabrics body good

    Milk has absorption qualities to it. You can try pouring milk on the stain liberally, letting it sit for a few minutes, then blotting it up with a sponge or dry rag.

    Tip #8: Beat the stain on the head with club soda and white vinegar

    Tip #9: Grab the oxi cleaner

    Create A Cleaning Solution

    This cleaning solution can work wonders when you need it to. Take a large bowl and mix two cups of warm water with one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid, and one tablespoon of white vinegar.

    Using a clean towel or rag, apply the solution to the stain and blot away. Have a dry towel beside you to alternate and dry up the solution every minute or so.

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    Finish With A Carpet Stain Remover

    Having a good carpet stain remover, such as ZEP, right at hand can be a lifesaver. Apply as directed after removing the baking soda paste. This will help to remove any remains of the wine and help to recover the fibers.

    Some commercial stain removers are applied and left to dry, followed by a thorough vacuum. Others, like the ZEP, are applied and blotted away almost immediately. Read the directions carefully to avoid any damage or discolorations.

    Know When To Call The Pros


    You might be familiar with the old saying Dont cry over spilled milk. Well, we say, Dont cry over spilled red wine it can be removed. By acting fast and knowing how to clean red wine from a carpet, you can save yourself a scare.

    Always start by blotting any stain if its still moist you might even be successful at removing it entirely.

    When everything else fails, dont hesitate to call in for professional help. Some red wine stains are simply too difficult to remove, especially if theyre dried and old.

    About the Author

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    How To Clean Red Wine Out Of Carpet Universal Method

    Red wine is removed very difficult not only by the mossy carpet, but also from clothing in general. If you leave the stain to dry, things get more complicated. If you rub the carpet, the stain fades and its purple hue spread further.

    To remove the red wine stain most easily, pour a glass of white wine directly to red to neutralize it. Moisten a cotton cloth with cold water and dab the stain. Then cover tightly stain with salt. Let dry, then go with a vacuum cleaner.

    A simple advice we can give you if you love drinking a glass of red wine every evening is to be prepared for red wine stains. Just keep a bottle of white wine in the storage. Thats all!

    What we have to do if we see red wine stain?

    • Act quickly, the faster you react the greater chances you have not stain the carpet. The first step is to rinse the stain with cold water.

    • Absorb as much of the wine, I use white paper napkins or paper towels.

    • If possible, rinse with cold water.

    • If the stain on the carpet – absorb quickly and sprinkle with salt. Wait salt to absorb the wine. If necessary, repeat several times. Wait salt to dry slightly before you remove it.

    What not to do?

    • Do not use hot water, it will seal the stain permanently.

    How Do You Remove Older Dried Red Wine Stains

  • 1Tackle the stain with dish soap, vinegar, and warm water. Combine 12 teaspoon of dish soap, 12 teaspoon of white vinegar, and 2 cups of warm water. Mix your solution together, load up a sponge, and blot the stain repeatedly. Dry the area with a clean towel. Then, spritz the area with cold water and dry it with a clean towel over and over again until the old stain is gone.XResearch source
  • Spot test the vinegar on an inconspicuous area before you do this. Pour a few drops of white vinegar in an area most people wont see and wipe it with a paper towel. If any of the rugs dye comes up, dont use vinegar.XTrustworthy SourceConsumer ReportsNonprofit organization dedicated to consumer advocacy and product testingGo to source
  • 2Have a professional give it a shot if the stain wont come out. Contact a professional carpet cleaning service and have them take a crack at it. Theyll have access to all kinds of neutralizing agents that may lift the old stain out. Its also just a good idea to have professionals clean your rug at least once a year anyway, so this is a smart move regardless of how old the stain is.XExpert Source
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    Know Your Stains: What Are Anthocyanins

    Aside from the flavour notes, the main difference between red, white and rosé wine is the colour. White wine is traditionally clear and not such a problem when it comes to accidental spills. However, the pink and purple hues in reds and rosés are created by stain-causing anthocyanins, a type of plant pigment and antioxidant. Its these tricky little particles that can make red wine stains such a nightmare to remove!

    Water And More Blotting

    How to Clean Red Wine Out of Carpet: Carpet Care & Cleaning Victoria, BC (created March 2011)

    With the towel or cloth sitting on the carpet stain and starting to dry up, it’s time to move to the next step.

    Prepare an amount of cold water that’s appropriate to the size of the stain and pour it on the area affected. Ensure it is cold water, as hot water can actually set the stain faster… and we need all the time we can get!

    Next up, it’s time to blot again. With the water now mixed in with the red wine, you’ll be able to suck up more liquid and dilute most of the red wine still existing with the cold water you used.

    Now with the stained area drying up again, you’ll need to dig into the cleaning products and see what you have available. The best thing to use in this situation is white vinegar, followed loosely by salt or baking soda and other stain remover products.

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    The Anatomy Of A Red Wine Stain

    Although you can take care of a red wine stain in the morning, attending to it immediately is always the best solution.

    With the exception of a few types of fabrics, most fabrics are highly porous. When liquid matter gets into the fibers, they become immersed into the fabrics pores. Unlike many of the other drinks we enjoy, red wines color is completely natural. The grape-based beverage contains chromogens, the primary substance in many colorful plants that are responsible for dyes. Yes, dyes. Red wine is essentially a giant bottle of dye molecules. Combine this with red wines naturally occurring tannins, an organic substance also used in many ink productions, and your red wine stain is essentially a DIY tie-dye experiment gone wrong.

    Once red wine hits a fabric, it begins to sink into the fibers, with the liquid moving throughout the fibers pores wherever it can find space. Red wine, like all liquids, will move in two directions: down and outward.

    Treat The Stain Right Away

    If possible, try to treat a red wine stain immediately the older a stain is, the more difficult it is to remove. Follow these first crucial steps:

  • Blot the stain with a clean cloth or paper towel. Make sure you are pressing down gently and dabbing, not rubbingif you start scrubbing, you will set in the stain.
  • Apply some kind of treatment to the stain. The method you choose will depend on where you are and what supplies you have on hand. Some potential cleaning substances include salt, club soda, dishwashing liquid, white vinegar, laundry detergent, and stain removers.
  • Do not put the stained fabric in a hot dryer. The heat will set in the stain and make it almost impossible to clean.
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    Does Salt Get Red Wine Out Of Carpet

    Red Wine stains and Carpets.

    This works best with fresh, damp stains , but can be a simple way to beat a red wine spill with a common kitchen ingredient. After blotting the stain , cover the entire surface of the wine stain with salt â donât skimp! The salt will absorb the wine as it dries. Once the salt is dry, run a vacuum over the area to suck up the granules for a stain-free result.

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    Apply A Cleaning Solution

    For a dry red wine stain, you’ll need to make a cleaning solution. Mix 1 cup hydrogen peroxide with a 1/2 teaspoon dish soap in a small bowl . Using a sponge or light-colored towel, dab the liquid cleaning solution onto the stain . Allow the solution to sit on the stain for 5-10 minutes. Once the solution has had time to sit and work its magic, use a clean towel or paper towel to absorb both the wine and cleaning solution. Note: Most carpets have a solution dye, so they won’t discolor with hydrogen peroxide. If you aren’t sure, test a small hidden area first before treating the stain.

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