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Can You Ship Wine To South Carolina

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Get To The Bottom Of Wine Shipping

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The red states do not allow wine shipments. Image from

There 10 states that flat out dont allow wine to be shipped directly to you . What this image doesnt show you is that there are several states with additional rules and fees, making it hard for small wineries to deliver their wines to you. Lets look at some of the details on the archaic laws of wine shipping:

  • If you live in Alabama you have to get special prior written approval from the Alcohol Beverage Control Board and prepay for deliveries.
  • If you live in Utah youre a criminal if you bring more than 2 bottles of wine home from your travels.
  • If you live in Arizona or New Mexico you can only receive 2 cases of wine annually thats only one bottle every two weeks!
  • If you live in Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming, wineries must buy a yearly permit just to ship to you.
  • If you live in New Jersey large wineries cant ship you wine. No Gallo
  • If you live in California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska or Maryland you can pretty much get whatever you want, as long as they can get it to you.

Do Any Volume Limits Apply To Dtc Shipments In New Hampshire

Wine shippers are limited by New Hampshire to shipping no more than 12 cases per individual per year. Further, if a shipper ships more than 600 liters of any one label per year, they must offer to sell a matching amount at the lowest selling price to the New Hampshire LCC for wholesale distribution.

Is It All Good News

A 2017 New York Times article sent nation-wide ripples across the wine connoisseur community with a conclusion that only 14 states allowed for cross-state wine shipping. However, the legislators have amended some of the regulations by late 2018.

For example, direct shipping has been legal in Oklahoma since October 2018. The carriers and wineries need to follow in-state reporting procedures and pay special taxes. The New York state legislation is unique in that it requires a winerys home state to have similar direct shipping laws as the state of New York itself.

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What Sales Tax Rates Are Applied To Dtc Shipments In Kentucky

Kentucky imposes a sales tax on all sales of wine into the state at a rate of 6%. In addition, Kentucky imposes a 10% “Wholesale Sales Tax” on DtC shipments of wine, which should be assessed against the wholesale price of the wines and can be collected from consumers like a sales tax but is remitted separately from the state’s sales tax. Small Farm Wineries are exempted from the Wholesale Sales Tax.

What Are The Laws For Online Alcohol Sales & Delivery In All 50 States

Napa Valley White, 2019 by Matthiasson

Many states have allowed home delivery for years, but these regulations have often been very restrictive, making this option infeasible for many breweries and restaurants. Weve put together a list of current alcohol shipment and delivery laws for each state so you can determine whether shipping or delivering alcohol to your patrons is right for your business.

*Note: The descriptions below should not be considered a legal reference and should be used only for general informational purposes.

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How To Ship Alcohol In

Shipping alcohol in-state is the simplest alcohol shipping method but is still convoluted and confusing.

Since you wont be crossing state lines, youll only need to meet the alcohol shipping requirements of the state youre located in. However, you will need to be familiar with the local city laws for the different towns and municipalities in your state. Luckily, alcohol distributors should already be familiar with their local laws regarding alcohol production, distribution, and sales.

Consumers can also use one of the many alcohol e-commerce and delivery app companies such as Drizly or WineDirect to order alcohol directly to their home or to send beer, wine, or spirits to a friend.

When Reviewing This Information Keep The Following In Mind:

  • The rules weve compiled here only reflect regulations that a state would impose on a wine supplier located in a different state, looking to enter a new market. They do not include rules on setting up a production plant, or for federal or home-state compliance.
  • This is not a definitive or complete guide. It should be used only as a starting place, to help lead you in the right direction as you expand your distribution. Do not take this as the final word on any regulatory issue.
  • When you actually approach selling in a new state, be sure to consult with someone who can properly interpret how the rules apply to your individual circumstances: your compliance team, your legal counsel or even another winery located in that state.

And dont forget that Sovos ShipCompliant offers several tools to help you in this process, with a cloud-based, easy-to-use platform for your licensing, product registration, product management and state filing needs. Sovos provides complete and up-to-date state rules guidance in all ShipCompliant products. You can request a demo anytime.


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What Excise Tax Return Is Required Of Dtc Shippers In Montana

Wine shippers to Montana should use the WIT-3 form to remit their excise taxes, which is due monthly, unless the shipper ships less than 1,000 liters per year, in which case the return is due annually in October. In addition, wine shippers must file WSM return monthly to meet their Winery license requirements .

Become Familiar With Customs Documentation

South Carolina Gun Carry in Bar Law | Charleston SC Criminal Defense Lawyer

There are several different certifications and documents you must complete in order to export wine. The TTB website lists the following:

  • Certificate of Free Sale.
  • Sanitary Statement/Certificate.
  • Certificate of Manufacturing Process.

Its the responsibility of the seller to confirm which of the above certificates are required for the country to which they want to import wine.

Selling wine internationally definitely represents a great opportunity for established businesses. But its important to know for sure whether or not the investment will justify the return.

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Is Product Registration Required For Dtc Shippers In Connecticut

Yes, all brands being sold into Connecticut must by registered with the state prior to sale. Brand registrations cost $200 per brand and are valid for three years. Any brands that have previously been registered for distribution through Connecticut wholesalers do not need to be re-registered for DtC shipping and vice versa.

Is This A Control State For Wine

No license required to sell to licensed wholesalers

How much does the license cost?

Do I need to have money held in bond?

Is there a representative license?

Do I need to register products first?

Do I need to Post Prices?

Do I need to file my Distributor Agreements with the state?

Do I need to file my Territory Assignments with the state?

Are there rules on the exclusivity of territory or brand assignments?

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Where Can I Ship

We ship wine in the following states: AK, AZ, CA, CT, DC, FL, ID, MA, MN, MO, NC, ND, NJ, NM, OR, VA, WA.

We ship non-alcoholic accessories to all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Our product availabilty varies by states due to differing regulations. At this time, we are not able to ship internationally. We do not ship to APOs, FPOs or PO Boxes.

We Are Having Extreme Weather Conditions Will My Delivery Be Safe

Shop Wines

Total Wine & More may hold a wine shipment during extremely hot weather to protect the quality of items purchased. These occurrences are most likely during summer months in southwestern states. When we temporarily hold your shipment, well notify you by email. Well also post a message on so shoppers know new orders may be delayed.

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Any Issues Shipping Wine To South Carolina

  • Any issues shipping wine to South Carolina?
  • quote:Originally posted by scbeerman:I was not allowed to ship a bottle out a few months ago. I do get deliveries from wineries, so there is a bit of confusion.Where is your brother going to play golf?

    Originally posted by NY Retailer:I think that the storage facility is just covering their ars.I do not suspect that you will have any issues.

  • Any issues shipping wine to South Carolina?
  • South Carolina Wine Shipping Laws
      South Carolina Wine Shipping Laws South Carolina is very hot to be making wine. Does anybody know of any wineries in South Carolina? As of 2003, South Carolina does allow shipping in to consumers – up to 24 bottles of wine in a month. Most states define their limits in terms of case, but South Carolina defines it in terms of bottle.

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    Digital Wine Routes Revisited

    When all is said and done, direct shipping regulation is to remain subject to state legislation. Some progress has been made to allow online retailers and wineries to ship without too much of a hassle. The important thing is that the wine shipping regulations are improving across the board.

    You might be required to conduct some research and most online wine clubs and shops provide detailed information about their wine shipping rules. So theres no need to worry your wine collection is in jeopardy.

    What Excise Tax Rates Are Applied To Dtc Shipments In Minnesota

    A Wine Loverâs Weekend Escape to the Yadkin Valley: Part 1

    DtC shippers are not obligated to remit Minnesota excise tax. Wine sold through the state’s three-tier market, though, is taxed at a rate of $0.30 per gallon on wines with an ABV of 14% or less, $0.95 per gallon on wines with an ABV from 14%-21%, and $1.82 on all sparkling wines and still wines with an ABV greater than 21%.

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    What Additional Considerations Are There For Shipping Dtc In North Carolina

    Wineries shipping more than 1,000 cases per year must appoint at least one in-state wholesaler to distribute its products, if contacted by a North Carolina wholesaler. The wholesaler appointed does not need to be the one that originally contacted the wine shipper. Further, most of these compliance rules do not apply to on-site purchasesonly a five case per shipment is in place for orders made by the North Carolina resident at the winery location.

    North Dakota

    What Sales Tax Rates Are Applied To Dtc Shipments In Colorado

    Colorado does not specifically impose sales tax burdens on DtC shippers. However, any DtC shipper with nexus in the state has a general sales tax liability in the state. Colorado’s state sales tax rate is 2.9%, with additional local rates ranging from 0-8.3%. Remote sellers are only obligated to collect and remit state-administered taxes in Colorado.

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    How To Ship Alcohol Internationally

    Importing and exporting alcohol across country borders presents even more challenges. Youll now need to meet state, city, and country laws, as well as be familiar with exporting and importing laws.

    Youll need to ensure that the distributor sending the shipment has the correct permits or the US government can seize your shipment. Youll also need to be aware of taxes and duties for international beer, spirit, and wine imports.

    We recommend not managing international alcohol shipping yourself instead, work with reliable third-party retailers and compliance companies to ship beer, liquor, and wine orders.

    Stay on top of the latest alcohol trends and regulations

    Whats The Best Way To Start A Wine Ecommerce Website

    2016 High Acres Pinot Meunier

    If youre starting from scratch, your first step is to identify your target audience. Then, like any ecommerce business, youll need to determine which types of merchandise youll sell.

    From there, you need to connect with a wholesaler.

    Once youve built your website, select an online shopping cart and payment processing provider.

    Next, decide how youll distribute your products and if it makes sense to invest in an online shipping software.

    If you already have a brick-and-mortar location, then you only need to worry about building a user-friendly site, setting up an online shopping cart and payment system, and developing an efficient shipping process.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Selling Wine Online

    There are many advantages of selling wine online, such as:

    • Its open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
    • It has advanced personalization both of your site and your online store
    • It has a professional image
    • Theres a greater availability of handicraft products that are difficult to find elsewhere
    • You can process direct sales to your customers

    Can I Sell Wine On Ebay

    Yes, but only if youre an eBay-approved wine seller.

    In order to become a licensed wine seller on eBay, you must first upload a copy of your alcohol license.

    You must also abide by all requirements listed on eBays guidelines for selling wine.

    Once approved, you must include the following in each listing:

    • Your shipping policy, including which states you can ship to as well as any shipment restrictions
    • Your states buyer eligibility requirements e.g., whether or not buyers can receive shipments directly or have to pick up their order elsewhere
    • The buyers age requirement
    • Indication you have been approved by eBay to sell wine

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    There Are A Few Zip Code Restrictions

    Local laws prevent us from shipping to certain zip codes that are considered “dry zip codes” in Alaska, Florida, Idaho and New Hampshire. We do ship to most of the zip codes in these states, but our system will tell you if the zip code you enter is one that is excluded by law at the time the order is placed, after the shipping address and zip code is entered.

    Which States Allow You To Buy And Sell Wine Online

    Can I Bring Alcohol on the Ship? – Cruise Tips TV

    Navigating each states specific laws can be challenging.

    Every state has its own rules and regulations regarding the shipment of wine, and some are more strict than others.

    For example, in some states, only wineries are allowed to offer D2C shipping. But in other states, retailers can engage in DtC shipping, as well. Additionally, some states have limits on the quantity of alcohol that can be shipped.

    To help make it easier, we put together the chart below which specifies which states allow or prohibit winery direct shipping and retailer direct shipping. It also lists volume limitations as well as any special rules about D2C shipping.


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    How To Mail Alcohol Out

    When you cross state lines, the shipment of alcohol becomes more difficult. That its because you now must meet the requirements and regulations in both the state youre shipping from and the state youre shipping to.

    There is a loophole that helps consumers ship beer, liquor, and wine to other states if that other state permits the shipment of alcohol to consumers. Instead of shipping a bottle from your state to their state, simply find a retailer based in the state youre shipping to and order it from that retailer. That way the retailer wont need to cross state lines and only meet the rules of their states alcohol regulation board.

    Do you own a brewery, distillery, or winery? Learn how to serve a food menu with 2ndKitchen.

    Can I Ship Direct To Consumers

    Primary American Source of Supply

    How much does the license cost?

    $15 per individual COLA that the party will register for sale in Florida per year

    Do I need to have money held in bond?

    Is there a representative license?

    Do I need to register products first?

    Yes each COLA

    Do I need to Post Prices?

    No price postings are made by Florida wholesalers

    Do I need to file my Distributor Agreements with the state?

    Do I need to file my Territory Assignments with the state?

    Are there rules on the exclusivity of territory or brand assignments?

    Do I need to file a report with the state on what Ive sold?

    Yes monthly, 4000A-125-2 Wine Shipments Return


    How is wine defined?3-1-2 Wine means any alcoholic beverage containing not more than 24 percent alcohol by volume made from fruits, berries, or grapes either by natural fermentation or by natural fermentation with brandy added. The term includes, but is not limited to, all sparkling wines, champagnes, combinations of such beverages, vermouths, special natural wines, rectified wines, and like products. The term does not include cooking wine mixed with salt or other ingredients so as to render it unfit for human consumption as a beverage. A liquid shall first be deemed to be a wine at that point in the manufacturing process when it conforms to the definition of wine contained in this Code section.

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    New York Has Additional Regulations

    New York regulations prohibit wine and food from being shipped in the same package. Gifts and Baskets ordered that include both food and wine will be sent in two separate packages. Your gift message will be included in both packages and your Order Confirmation will show two order numbers that will also be given to separate tracking numbers once they are shipped.

    Interstate Dtc Shipping Compliance For Wine

    Fun Mom Dinner Movie $50 Visa Gift Card and Wine Giveaway ...

    While most states allow direct-to-consumer wine shipping, each destination state has its own rules to follow in order to ship compliantly. States can have varying requirements and limitations when it comes to licensing, product restrictions, dry communities or even volume limits for how much a given customer can receive.

    Understanding and managing the complexities of DtC wine shipping compliance is critical to the success of your business. The rules spelled out state by state below will help you learn how to comply with each states distinct direct-to-consumer wine shipping rules for out-of-state wineries.

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