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Who Makes N Finity Wine Coolers

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Eurocave Inspiration S Wine Cellar

N’FINITY PRO Dual Zone Wine Cellars

The EuroCave Inspiration S is an elegant, versatile, and reliable cooler that fits beautifully under any kitchen countertop. This unit features sliding shelves that accommodate an impressive 30 bottle capacity. Need more space? The Inspiration S is fully customizable, with modular shelving systems, door types, and even cabinet sizes. If youre a wine lover, theres a EuroCave Inspiration for you.

The Best Wine Cooler For A Small Budget: Ivation 18

On the lowest end of the price range, Amazons best-selling 18-bottle unit fits easily into tighter spaces , although it works best as a freestanding rather than built-in unit in order to ventilate properly. A smoked glass door is easy to match with any style of decor, and the digital touch controls allow you to set your ideal temperature.

Th Best Single Zone: Akdy With 20 Bottle Touch Panel

The AKDY Touch Panel Single Zone Wine Cooler is made for people who want to keep their wine at a fixed temperature. Though it is easily adjustable similar to how the lights can be adjusted via the touch panel. The Wine Cooler is comparatively vibration free, so you dont have to worry about it disturbing the fine sediments in the bottle. Whether you are a brewer, wine connoisseur or just want to keep a few bottles around the office, this is the best choice.

What We Like:

  • Removable Shelves: We always love wine coolers that can be modified to suit what we want. The five shelves can easily be removed to make room for a couple of odd sized or shaped bottles.
  • A Place to Keep Bottles Standing: Right at the bottom, there is a shelf which permits four bottles to stand. It is meant to store mainly open bottles, but weve had success storing beer bottles too.
  • Easy to Lock: Being able to lock the bottom of the cooler help to keep the wine safe from intruders and teens alike!
  • Temperature Display and Touch Screen: We always appreciate a Wine Cooler thats easy to operate, and with a touch screen, it does not get any easier.
  • Competitively Priced: In our experience, a Wine Cooler cant get any cheaper than this.

What We Dont Like:

  • Compressor-Based Technology: A compressor does a good job of keeping our refrigerators cool, but the technology isnt as efficient for dedicated wine coolers.

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What Should I Look For When Buying A Built

Criteria #1: Size

If you are on the market for a built-in wine fridge, chances are that you already have an idea as to where you plan to install it. Given the dimensions of that space, your shopping will be pretty specific. We have chosen a variety of sizes and capacities in this article so that you can choose the right fit for your home use.

Criteria #2: Features

Whether you are looking for a single zone wine cooler to hold your wine at one consistent temperature, or a dual-zone unit that can handle a couple of separate temperature settings for white and red wine, we have selections that will fit your needs. Beyond that, we will show you some models that have a reversible door and a unique temperature memory function that will protect your valuable wine collection.

Criteria #3: Price

As with any kitchen appliance, there is a wide range of prices you can expect to pay. In this article, we cover some higher-end selections, as well as some budget choices with several in between. The bottom line is that there are many options, some a bit more pared down than others, but you should be happy with your purchase, nevertheless.

Best Maximum Capacity Wine Cooler


At Wine Enthusiast, we cater to collections of all sizes. While the built-in and under-counter options are great for the budding wine collector, there comes a time when you need to upgrade. Holding 200+ bottles, these max-capacity units are more than enough to store any collection and they look great while doing so.

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Sunpentown Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

This is a stylish stand-alone wine cooler that measures 20.7 x 17.7 x 28.7 inches in dimension. It has a holding capacity of 24 wine bottles. You can stack the bottles on the retractable wooden racks that come inside this wine cooler.

This Sunpentown wine cooler certainly doesnt compromise on features and designing. Its products are used in various well-known restaurants and hotels. Unlike other wine coolers, the wooden racks in this one come with a beautiful design. Its subtle grey color with blue LED lighting makes the overall look luxurious.

It is easy to operate and comes with a LED-lit digital panel for controlling the temperature. Its dual-zone settings allow you to set different temperatures for both the upper and the lower zones. It keeps the wine at a decent temperature at all times.

To conclude, we can say that this is a fine dual zone wine cooler and worth investing in.

How To Store Wine

Despite its deceptively simple appearance, wine is a complex, dynamic drink. Many of the experts we spoke with compared it to a living being. How we taste, smell, and experience wine depends not only on the biological and chemical reactions between its compounds and our sensory organs, but also on the chemical reactions that are continually taking place within the wine itself.

Just like us, wine ages. When people talk about the process, theyre referring to the inevitable chemical reactions that affect the flavors, aromas, and texture of a wine. Sometimes aging will dull a wines fruity or floral characteristics, making it taste off or just bad. But on the rare occasion, wine can transcend into something magical, if you provide it with enough time and the right conditions.

Storage will affect the aging process. Many of these chemical reactionsparticularly the oxidation and reduction reactions prevalent in wineare significantly sped up by heat, light, humidity, and motion. No matter whether youre planning to age wine for decades or keep it on hand for a few years, its best to treat your wine like a delicate sculpture: with care.

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How Long Does Wine Last In The Fridge

When stored properly, unopened wine bottles can be kept for years. If youre opening a bottle and plan to store the bottles remnants in your wine fridge for later, just be sure youre using a bottle stopper with a strong seal, as most wine fridges store bottles horizontally, and dont wait too long to finish the rest of the wine as it will lose its freshness over the days that follow. Alternatively, use a system like Coravin to tap into your bottles and enjoy them for months to come.

Top Choice For The Kitchen

N’FINITY PRO HDX Wine and Beverage Center

A beautiful, modern wine refrigerator is a great way to enhance a kitchen. Besides the quick availability for wine pairings, it can come in handy for the home chefs who like to imbibe during their culinary process. Weve picked out a few kitchen-ready models that would make a great addition to your space.

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Eurocave Pure Double L Wine Cellar

Ultra-sophisticated temperature and humidity controls are presented with a sleek touchscreen interface in the EuroCave Pure Double L. This is the only cooler today that has adjustable humidity, via a built-in hygrometer and lava-rock cassette. Orange, low-heat LEDs make your collection easy-to-see. A main du sommelier shelving system cradles each bottle, just as a restaurant professional would tableside. Whats not to love?

Koldfront 18 Bottle Dual

The Koldfront 18-bottle dual-zone thermoelectric wine cooler is a free-standing fridge only and cannot be used as a built-in.

  • The lower zone is 54F-64F for 12 bottles.
  • Six bottles fit on top at 45F-54F.

This is a great deal for a dual-zone wine fridge when compared to Amazon’s number one best-selling wine fridge overall. The Ivation 18-bottle single temperature wine fridge retails for just a little less than this dual zone option.

One downside to this fridge is that it may not hold larger format bottles, so keep this in mind if you plan to cellar a lot of sparkling wines or other non-standard bottle sizes. Another potential negative is that white-wine drinkers will find the larger section is devoted to favorable red wine temperatures.

The Amazon price is $199, including free shipping.

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Wine Enthusiast Vinoview 155

Designed with the collector in mind, this cellar-style model features the latest in state-of-the-art compressor cooling technology. With a matrix-style display and modern LED lighting, this unit is perfect for showcasing all your favorite bottles. In addition, the VinoView is available in free standing or built-in design, which means its suitable for any number of places in your home.

Eurocave Premiere L Wine Cellar


The EuroCave Premiere L Cellar is one of our most popular units for good reason. Aside from its modern, sophisticated design, the EuroCave Premiere also boasts an eco-friendly level of energy consumption: 64% lower than comparable models. An intuitive, touch-sensitive control panel with a remote, LED lighting system makes this large-capacity unit equal parts functional and beautiful.

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Vinotemp Wine Storage Credenza

If you’re not sold on the idea of having a freestanding wine fridge in your home, and you don’t have room to do a built-in, why not one that fits in with your decor? Vinotemp makes a 38-bottle wine storage credenza that has two independently controlled fridge sections. Aside from being a cool piece of furniture, it holds 18 wine glasses in the central stemware racks and includes three storage draws to place all your wine accessories in.

It has three pull-out service shelves, dual compressor cooling systems, and a beautiful wood exterior with a mahogany finish. Dual-paned glass doors and soft interior lights help protect and display your wine collection.

Available directly from Vinotemp for $1,995 plus $439 in shipping costs.

Nfinity Pro Hdx Dual Zone Refrigerator

The NFinity dual zone wine cooler is more like a professional-grade home bar for your drinks. It measures 33.5 x 30.25 x 24 inches and weighs 150 pounds. It is tall in size with plenty of space to hold lots of beverages. It comes in a beautiful silver color that will look graceful standing in any kitchen. You can use this as a free-standing or built-in wine cooler.

It can hold bottles and cans on its seven pull-out shelves made of wood. The total holding capacity of this fridge is 90 cans and 35 wine bottles. All your beverages can fit in one place with this spacious wine cooler.

It is easy to operate through its digital touch screen control. You also wont have to open the fridge every time you want to change the settings as the control panel is located on the door itself.

The wine cooler is divided into two vertical parts. The temperature in the left zone ranges between 41-72 degrees and 36-72 degrees on the right. This beverage-cooling machine is also energy efficient. Its daily usage wont cost you heavy electricity bills. Its compressor operates on twenty-five percent less energy than others. You can truly use this as a one-stop station for all your beverages.

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Wine Enthusiast Silent 32 Bottle Dual One Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator

With over 200 positive reviews, this unit definitely qualifies as a fan favorite. One of our most visually stunning models, this dual-zone unit packs a whole lot of functionality in a compact package. This sleek refrigerator boasts two 16-bottle zones on top of being both energy-efficient and CFC-free.

Koolatron Dual Zone Wine Cellar

N’Finity Wine Cellars from Wine Enthusiast

This is one wine cooler than will impress anyone who sees it. Its stunning looks comprise a dark interior and exterior with vertical strips of steel on the door frame. It also has a dim blue light for the interior, which you can turn on or off according to your preference.

Its two separate zones have separate tempered glass doors and an LED display control panel on the upper door. It comes with six removable shelves and even a basket for easier accessibility. You can store 29 bottles in this cute compact wine cooler 10 in the upper zone and 19 in the bottom zone.

This wine cooler operates through compressor-based cooling and doesnt make loud, disturbing sounds while operating. It weighs 70.6 pounds and measures 18.5 x 18.5 x 32.5 inches.

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Beware Imported Wine Cellars

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Wine Enthusiast Silent 32 Bottle Dual Zone Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator

Epicurious chose this wine fridge as their choice for the most affordable dual-zone cellar and a good choice for beginners. Although it is said to be almost as good as silent, you’ll lose that feature if you place it under a counter as the unit does require venting. The unit is split into two 16 bottle zones to keep red and white wines separate. The fridge is energy-efficient and CFC-free, although it cannot be sold to homes in California due to that state’s energy efficiency standards. The unit is attractive with smoked-glass doors and a stainless steel finish and LED lighting.

You can purchase the unit from Wine Enthusiast’s website for about $369. Shipping is free.

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Ultimate Wine Storage In A New Light

Professional quality and stylish design. Build-in or stand alone, stores up to 35 bottles of wine and 90 cans of beer or soda. This sleek and sexy wine cellar is sure to light up and beautify any room that it graces. Equipped with a 25% more energy efficient and ETL approved, cooling system than its predecessors as well as telescoping shelving that will fit all your various sized 750 ML bottles. With dual zone cooling and built-in capability, this is the perfect unit for all your wine storage and service needs.

Higher Energy Efficiency

We have created a wine cabinet that contributes to protecting the environment by reducing its energy consumption. It is ETL-approved and uses 25% less energy compared to similar traditional wine cabinets.

3 Year Factory Protection

The entire sealed cooling system is covered for 3 full years, parts and labor! Rest assured that your prized collection will remain safe and properly protected for years to come.

Touchscreen Controls On LED Door Display

No longer do you have to open your door, letting all that perfectly cooled air out of your cellar, to change the settings. Everything can be done with a simple touch of the controls, turning lights on or off and turning off temperature display illumination for a less obtrusive look.

Wine Enthusiast 236 02 40 02 Nfinity Pro Hdx 30


NFINITY PRO HDX 30 is a wine and beverage cooler thats equipped with R600a refrigerant. It has 2 temperature zones left one designed for wine and the right one for cans.

Temperature in left zone can be set 41°F to 72°F and it holds up to 35 wine bottles, temperature in right zone ranges from 36°F to 72°F and it can hold up to 90 cans.

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Best Wine Coolers & Refrigerators

Single zones can be set to a single temperature, and that temperature is maintained across the entire appliance. They’re best for people who only drink and store a certain type of wine .

For instance:

  • If you only buy and stock white wine, then your entire stock can be stored at a precise 52 degrees.
  • If its red, then 60 degrees is ideal. .

The temperature with all the best models below is adjustable and well maintained.

What Temperature To Store Wines In A Wine Fridge

The best temperature at which to set your wine fridge directly correlates with the temperature you plan to serve your wine, Brady says. For our restaurants , I typically store everything between 51-54 degrees. At this temperature, we know the wine is healthy and it’s a great temperature to pivot from in both directions. Some people, like Thompson, prefer to keep different types of wine at different temperatures so you can serve them directly from the fridge rather than chilling them down more before serving. He keeps rosè, white, and sparkling at 45-50 degrees, and stores reds around 60 degrees.

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