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Which Wine Has Less Sugar

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Healthy Wine with Less Sugar and Fewer Sulfites // FitVine

The American Heart Society warns that, although moderate consumption of red wine may have health benefits, excessive consumption can be detrimental to your health. Liver damage, obesity, certain types of cancer, stroke, cardiomyopathy, are just some of the issues that excessive drinking can contribute to.

Sugar In Wine Which Wine Has The Lowest Sugar Content

Are you worried about the sugar content in wine? With so many of us following low sugar diets or omitting it altogether, a concern about sugar levels in wines could mean the kiss of death for your nightly glass of wine. But it doesnt have to be.

In fact, you dont have to veto vino at all, you just have to know how to choose low sugar wine.

How Many Units In A Bottle Of Wine

To figure out how many units there are in your bottle of wine, you need to know the wines alcohol by volume . You can find this information printed on the label it will say a number followed by %.

You can work out the units in a bottle of wine by a simple formula:

  • Alcohol unit calculator

/ 1000 = number of units

I.e. if you want to know how many units your 13% ABV 250ml glass of red wine has, its:

/ 1000 3.25 units.

Just FYI the recommended number of alcohol units per week for both men and women is 14 units. This equates to approximately 1.5 bottles of 12% ABV wine.

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Low Calorie White Wine

1. Fun Wine Coconut Chardonnay

  • Calories: 59
  • Sugars: 0.6g
  • ABV: 5.5%

This tropical twist on a chardonnay tastes like a pina colada in wine form. You’d never guess this low calorie wine has the least amount of calories with just 59 per serving!

You can find out more about this low carb wine here.

2. Cupcake LightHearted Chardonnay

  • Sugars: 0.03g
  • ABV: 9.5%

Cense wines are basically the gold standard for low calorie wine. And as far as white wines go, their sauvignon blanc is definitely the one to beat. It’s bright, crisp, and citrusy with the taste of fresh grapefruit, lemon, and lime.

For more info on this low calorie wine click here.

4. Sunny with a Chance of Flowers

  • Calories: 85
  • Sugars: 0g
  • ABV: 9%

This bright and fruity wine is guaranteed to be your next summer go-to. It tastes like a tropical fruit smoothie with hints of pineapple, guava, and grapefruit. You’d never believe a glass has just 85 calories. And not just that – it’s a completely sugar free wine too!

Learn more about this healthy wine option here.

5. Bellissima Sparkling Wine

  • Sugars: 0g
  • ABV: 13%

Skinnygirl is a well-known brand with low calorie alcoholic drinks, and this sugar free wine option is one of their best. It has notes of orange peel and tropical fruits for a fruity and floral blend that tastes like summer.

To find out more about this low carb wine click here.

8. Bev Gris Pinot Grigio

  • Calories: 107
  • Sugars: 0g
  • ABV: 11%

Click here for more info on this healthy wine option.

9. FitVine Chenin Blanc

The Clean Wine Fallacy

Healthier Alcohol That Won

While clean-washing is a term that is known in the beauty and hospitality industry, its a little bit newer to wine. There are many trendy, marketing-led wine brands labeling themselves as clean, implying others are…dirty?

Clean wines will often claim to be all-natural, lab-tested, low carb, and zero sugar, but what they dont tell you is that all dry wines from high quality producers fit that criteria, too.

And, dare we say it, the wine from clean wine companies is typically not up to par with quality wines from small producers that love their craft. So, it turns out you can have it all: delicious, small batch red wine, and dry, no residual sugar wine all in one.

The Maker Cabernet Sauvignon by female-led Sutro Wines is dry with 0g sugar, 137 calories, and 4.3 carbs per 5 oz. serving.

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Which Wines Have The Least Sugar

Hello there! I’m Dr. Vinifera, but you can call me Vinny. Ask me your toughest wine questions, from the fine points of etiquette to the science of winemaking. And don’t worry, I’m no wine snobyou can also ask me those “dumb questions” you’re too embarrased to ask your wine geek friends! I hope you find my answers educational, empowering and even amusing. And don’t forget to check out my most asked questions and my full archives for all my Q& A classics.

Dear Dr. Vinny,

I’m a diabetic, so I try to drink the driest wines I can find. Which wines have the least amount of sugar?

Jim, Milton, Pa.

Dear Jim,

First of all, please talk to your physician about including wine as part of a healthy lifestyle, especially when it comes to sugar. But I can tell you that during fermentation, the sugar in wine grapes is converted to alcohol, which means that wines made in a dry style dont have a lot of sugar in themmost are in the ballpark of less than 10 grams per liter of residual sugar.

As far as determining the actual amount of sugar in a bottle of wine, its not that easy. Sure, some styles are known for being drier and crisper and, others are richer and fuller-bodied. But there are many variableslike vintage variations, winemaker decisions and house stylesthat impact the actual sugar content of wine.

Dr. Vinny

Theres No Need To Skimp On Flavor With Low

With all the information about the health dangers of consuming too much sugar, its no surprise that opting for low-sugar wine is the way to go. Fortunately, you dont have to give up your favorite glass of wine because youre watching your sugar intake you simply need to be mindful about where your wine comes from and how its made.

Whether you prefer red, white, or rosé wine, you have options that can align with your low-carb lifestyle and help you maintain your health goals every sip of the way.

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How Much Sugar Is In Wine

How and why the White Stuff varies between different types of wine? How to know which wine is the lowest sugar wine? There are different amounts of sugar in different types of wine.

Wine contains residual sugar, and its just part and parcel of drinking wine, it doesnt necessarily mean that your wine has had sugar added in. The naturally occurring sugars in the grapes are eaten by the yeast and turned into ethanol the alcohol, as a by-product during the fermentation process.

  • Dry white and dry red wines

Essentially, the dryer a wine, the less sugar it has as the yeast has eaten all the sugars in the grapes. Dry wines have lower residual levels, ranging from 1 to 3 grams per litre of wine.

Popular dry white wines

Interested in finding out how long can red wine go off? See how long does red wine last once opened.

  • Sparkling wine

Sparkling wines have 6 to 20 grams per litre of wine . So sparkling wines with the lowest levels are extra dry sparkling wines think brut.

  • Fortified wine

Fortified wines can have 150 grams per litre, which means that your favourite Port, Sherry, or Marsala can have as high as 15 percent residual sugar.

  • Semi-dry wine

Semi-dry wines such as Rieslings, White Zinfandel, Chenin Blanc, which contain a trace of residual sugar that remains after the fermentation is completed and most rose wines can have 10-50 grams per litre.

  • How much sugar is in dessert wine?

What does that look like for your recommended daily allowance ?

Understanding Sugar Levels In Wine

Sugar Free Wine

Now that you know the bad news about consuming too much sugar, we have some good news: You don’t have to take wine off the table. While there is technically no such thing as sugar-free wine since all alcohol is derived from sugar, there are wines that exist without any added sugars. Case in point: Usual Wines, which have zero added sugars, additives, chemicals, or sulfites.

There are several factors that affect the sugar content in wine, including when the grapes are harvested and how long they’re allowed to ferment. For example, varietals like Riesling, Chenin Blanc, and Sémillon are often left on the vine longer , which results in a riper, sweeter, and raisinated wine grape with more concentrated sugar levels.

The fermentation process is another factor that directly affects the sugar content in wine. As you may have learned in our guide to winemaking, fermentation is the most critical part of wine production.

During this process, naturally occurring sugars are converted into carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol. If fermentation is halted before all the sugars are converted into alcohol, the result is a sweeter wine with more residual sugar. If the fermentation process is allowed to run its course, there will be less sugar, resulting in a drier wine.

Good To Know: Usual Wines are made the Old-World way, in small batches from sustainably farmed grapes with minimal intervention and absolutely no added sugars or other additives.

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Low Sugar Wines Available At Drinkwell

If all this talk about the sugar found in standard wines has left you wondering if you will ever be able enjoy a glass of wine again, youre in luck! Here at DrinkWell, we have carefully selected a number of zero/very low sugar wines so that you dont have to miss out!

  • No Sugar, No Worries

Unfortunately, many wine brands dont include sugar content on their packaging, and this information isnt always easy to find. DrinkWell will always give you this information for every bottle of wine on our website, ensuring that you can make a more educated and informed decision. Some examples of zero and low sugar wine that we currently have available include:

Which Wines Have The Least Carbs And Sugar

If youre trying to cut down on the amount of sugar you consume, the good news is that you can still enjoy a glass of wine – you just have to know what to look out for.

If youre doing the keto diet, you shouldnt be having more than 50g of carbs a day – and a standard glass of red wine contains between 2 and 5 carbs or 85 calories.

However, drinking a bottle is a different story and should be avoided, as it can cost you upwards of 15 carbs.

A small glass of wine every so often isnt too bad for you – but its all about moderation and knowing what wines contain the least amount of carbs and sugar.

There are plenty of low carb and low sugar wine options out there, so keep reading to learn what to look out for.

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Which Wine Has More Sugar Red Or White

Generally speaking, red wine has the lowest sugar content, with an average of around 0.9g per serving. White wines will usually have around 1.4g of sugar per serving, although this varies by type. Given its sweet nature, it will come as no surprise to learn that a glass of rose could include a huge 21g to 72g of sugar.

Champagne Pol Roger Pure


Under 1 gram of sugar per liter, Pol Roger Pure was created to complete the Pol Roger range of champagnes and to offer new sensations to connoisseurs. Pure Brut is a zero dosage Champagne made with equal parts Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier, and aged for 3 years in cellar prior to release.

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Lowest Calorie Wines: By Type

While the wines below offer some selection, you can also use these general formulas when choosing a wine:

Red Wine = 25 x

Dry White Wine = 24 x

Sweet White Wine = 28 x

Rose Wine = 20 x

Champagne = 19 x

Port Wines = 46 x

While they may not be 100 percent accurate, they can give you a ballpark of roughly how many calories you are consuming.

However, if youre at a party or restaurant and need to choose between several different wines, here are the best low-calorie wine options.

Low Carb Red Wine Hot Chocolate

This low carb red wine hot chocolate is an adult-only warming drink that is perfect for a cold day! Sugar free and keto friendly recipe.

This post may contain affiliate links.

I have several hot chocolate recipes on this site but this is the first one with alcohol! It’s rich but not super sweet it feels very grown-up!

If you’re concerned about including alcohol on a low carb diet, please read my article but know that you’re only getting two tablespoons of wine per serving with this recipe! It’s just enough to make a delicious difference.

For the red wine, I’d recommend something dry, as it will typically contain fewer carbs. Dry Farm Wines is a company that I’ve known for years and they specialize in wines with a VERY low carb count! They lab-test every wine to make sure that it is less than 1 carb per liter and all their wines are organic and free of additives, sugar, and chemicals.

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Which Wine Has The Least Calories

If you’re aiming to drop a few extra pounds and lead a healthier lifestyle this year, you’ve probably contemplated cutting wine from your diet.

However, the good news is that not all wines are detrimental to weight loss. In fact, a study done by Washington State University found that some red wines can actually aid weight loss due to an element called resveratrol.

In fact, Professor Min Du, who authored the Washington study, says, “Resveratrol can enhance the conversion of white fat to beige fat.” As beige fat is much easier to burn than white fat, drinking red wine in moderation can actually help with weight loss.

However, that doesn’t mean that your wine’s calories don’t contribute to weight gain. Therefore, this guide will show you some of the best low-calorie wine options available to ensure you minimize weight gain while enjoying a glass of wine.

What Alcohol Can You Drink With Type 2 Diabetes

Low Sugar Wine Options To Sip On

Some, such as dry wines, champagne, and distilled alcohol, are naturally lower in sugar than other offerings as long as theyre imbibed straight up or with a sugar-free mixer. Beer, although also low in sugar, tends to be higher in carbs. Dessert wines such as port live up to their names by being relatively sweet.

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But Why Is Sugar Added To Wine

Some winemakers need to add the White Stuff when they use under-ripe grapes to make their wine not to make wine more sweet, but to enable yeasts to produce more alcohol . This process is called chaptalization, where cane or beet sugar is added to the crushed grapes before the grapes ferment in order to increase the alcohol by volume of the final wine.

So, more sugar content in wine = more alcohol by volume.

Chaptalization is illegal in some countries or states in the US where they can routinely grow grapes with naturally occurring higher sugar content. Chaptalization is not allowed in:

  • Argentina

And These Types Of Wine Have The Most Sugar

Clocking in at seven to nine percent residual sugar, it’s no surprise that dessert wines tend to have the highest sugar content of any wines, says Largeman-Roth.

For context, while a five-ounce glass of Chardonnay has just one gram of sugar, five ounces of Port contains around 12.

The following wines tend to have the most sugar:

  • Whites like Riesling, Gewürztraminer, and Chenin Blanc
  • Reds like Cabernet, Zinfandel, and Grenache
  • Sweet sparking wines, which range from 17 to 50 grams per liter: Sec, Demi-Sec,and Doux
  • Dessert wines, which pack around eight grams per five ounces: Port, Sauternes, and Tokaji

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Best Wines For Keto Diets

If you are on a keto diet, the goal is to minimize carb intake. Many people on keto diets enjoy moderate alcohol intake including wine. Your best bet is a single serving of a dry wine Champagne, rosé, and Sauvignon Blanc are good bets for whites or rosés, while Pinot Noir is your best bet for a red.

Tesco Low Alcohol Cabernet Tempranillo

The Secret

Tesco Low Alcohol Cabernet Tempranillo

Calories: 37 per glass | ABV: 5% | Price: £2.75 per 75cl bottle

Delivering the punch of flavour of a rich full Spanish red, but none of the alcohol. Enjoy it with one of our favourite low calorie meals like squash risotto or stuffed peppers.

Vidiano Natural wine

Calories: 84 per glass | ABV: 12.5% | Price: £25.50 per bottle

This sensational biodynamic wine is produced on the Corelli Wine Domaine Paterianakis on the island of Crete. Its organic and doesnt have any sulphates added. Sulphates are often the cause of hangovers so this could be a hangover-free wine? I guess its worth a shot!

In fact, its one of the best we tasted, this wine has a complex flavour. We picked up aromas of apple and honey, but it also has a refreshing finish. It would pair well with chicken and fish. Despite being having only 84 calories in a glass it certainly doesnt compromise on flavour.

Oddbird Sparkling Rose

Calories: 19 per glass | ABV: 0% | Price: £9.99 per bottle

Another lovely French rosé, but this time with the alcohol removed so everyone can enjoy it. Oddbird Sparkling Rosé is described as having Sophisticated tones of Granny Smith apple, Citrus and Summer berries. With a very fresh taste of berry with a touch of sweetness there are hints of strawberries, red currants and citrus.

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