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Where To Buy Outlander Wine

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The History Of Port Wine

Outlander | A Taste of Outlander End of Summer Series Episode 2 | STARZ

Remember how Jamie went to work for his cousin, Jared, in France in Season 2? And Jamie and Murtagh schemed to hijack the Count St. Germains shipment of wine? That was port wine being brought from Portugal.

According to Taylor FladgatesThe History of Port, red wine has been made on the Iberian Peninsula since antiquity. Port wine emerged in the second half of the 17th century, and became an important trade good between Portugal and England.

At that time, English and Scottish merchants living in Portugal imported English commodities like wool and cotton cloth. They exported foodstuffs and the lightly acidic red Portugal wine back to England.

Theres a lot more to this story, and I wont bore you with it now. Suffice it to say that port became very popular in England, and on to America. Im not wrong to assume that Jamie could have acquired some to toast the happy couple.

If you want to know more about the history of port , head to Taylor FladgatesThe History of Port. I promise there wont be a test.

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The First One We Tried Was The Mac Dubh A Pays Doc Syrah That Is Inspired By Jamies Nickname While At Ardsmuir

Sheridan: The mere fact that its inspired by Jamie makes me want to chug this immediately. Seriously, I would drink a bottle of Jamies sweat old school gladiator style, but I had a feeling this wine would taste better than that. And I was right! I kind of hate red wine but I was so into this. It was like the most delicious juice but the adult version. 4/5

Casey: Damn, dark Jamie. The Powers That Be over at Outlander describe this as the dark version of Jamie, and I am here to say, be dark, Jamie, be dark. Not only would I buy this wine for myself its straight-up perfect for a night underneath a blanket but I would buy this for my mom, who loves both red wine and Jamie Fraser equally. 5/5

The Sassenach Is Heughans Award

On Dec. 16, 2021, Heughan revealed in a social media video that the whiskey won a gold European Wine and Spirits Trophy, roughly three months after Heughan announced in mid-September that Spirit of Home won a Double Gold Medal at the 2021 New York World Wine and Spirits Competitionwhich, he also noted, is our first win while The Sassenach is in stock.That followed the second consecutive double gold that Sassenach captured back in at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

HELLO UK! is back in time for the holidays!

We also won another gold medal European Wine and Spirits Trophy!

Sam Heughan

As he also noted in that video announcement, Heughan was ready to help fans toast the holidays with a Dram with Sam on Instagram Live! Hed originally planned to join fans online for a virtual tasting event right before Christmas, but later had to postpone those plans due to travel commitments. The good news? Hes hoping to reschedule the event soon after the start of 2022.

Pour yourself something delicious!

Im afraid I have to postpone my IGLIVE due to changes in travel plans but will schedule in the new year!Until then, have a great Xmas all!

Ill be lighting the fire, pouring a and putting my feet up

Sam Heughan

Meanwhile, keep reading below to learn more about Outlander star Sam Heughans award-winning The Sassenach whisky, plus his picks for the best whisky sips, what to pair them with, and what to gift the whisky lover in your life.

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Next We Went For The Sassenach A Languedoc

Sheridan: When you open up this bottle of rosé, a smell of pure sophistication wafts over you, so you know this has to be inspired by Claire. This wine was very light and delicate but with a wonderful strong punch at the end, kind of like the formidable Claire. It’s honestly the perfect wine for any occasion: a hot summer night, a cool winter afternoon this rosé is mad adaptable. 5/5

Casey: I’m a red girl through and through so let me tell you I was SHOCKED by how much I loved this rosé. It was super mellow and light, and it made me feel like I was day drunk in a field of flowers. And, in this delightful dream, Jamie was there. Duh. 5/5

All About Buying Wine At Aldi

Outlander Fans Rejoice, Pre

Wait, ALDI sells wine?!

Yes! Their everyday wine collection includes more than 60 labels, and most cost $10 or less. Throughout the year, they also sell limited-time unique and specialty wines as part of their ALDI Finds program at great prices.

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What kind of wine does ALDI carry?

Youll find whites, red, rosés, and sparkling wines, plus specialty and seasonal items such as Irish cream, a pre-mixed Mimosa and Sangria. Their wines hail from the U.S., as well as regions around the world.

What about beer?

Theyve got that too. ALDI carries premium domestic and imported beer such as pale ale, IPA, lager, and hard cider and hard root beer.

HELP! My ALDI doesnt carry wine!

Due to state and local laws, not all ALDI stores sell wine and beer. Check availability at your local store.

Is beer and wine available every day at ALDI?

That depends. In some states , wine and beer is not available for sale on Sundaysso plan your shopping trips accordingly!

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What Is Sam Heughans Favorite Whisky

Besides his own , Heughan told, I love so many different kinds of whiskies and there are so many different ones. We have five different regions and they all have different characteristics and there are so many varieties within that. In the TV show, we do look at whisky quite a lot. And, for me, the Islay whisky, they are traditionally smoky, and not everyone loves those, but I do love them. I have to say, there is nothing better than sitting in front of a log fire on a cold winters evening. It is amazing.

Ahead of the release of his November 2020 book Clanlands: Whisky, Warfare, and a Scottish Adventure Like No Other, Heughan likewise told that whisky is not just an alcoholic drink. There is an emotional attachment to whisky and it takes you somewhere. Theres something about a good whisky that is really transportive.

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With that thought in mind, Heughan and his friend and Outlander costar Graham McTavish took a road trip last year driving around the Highlands that was filmed for Men in Kilts, which aired on Starz in 2021. In a beat up camper van, they searched for the perfect whisky and some Scottish history in the bargain.

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We Knew Sam Heughan Was Working On His Own Whisky Now It Finally Has A Name Look Out For Sassenach Whisky Soon

The news that Sam Heughan was working on his own whisky was shared earlier this year. It didnt have a name or any other information at the time, but thats changed. Heughan shared the name Sassenach Spirits through a post on Instagram.

As many Outlander fans know, Sassenach is the nickname hes lovingly given Claire. However, the term didnt initially come from a positive experience. Shes called Sassenach as a derogatory term because shes an outsider. More importantly, shes English. But Jamie has turned it in a loving nickname and hes the only person allowed to call her that.

Now fans around the world are known as Sassenachs, so its fitting that Heughan has named his whisky after the show that made him a household name. But what do we know about the whisky and when we can get it?

Unfortunately, theres no release date for the first bottles just yet. There is the Sassenach Spirits website where you can drop your email address so youre among the first to be notified. Just drop your email and your location and youll be immediately added to the list. It really is that simple.

Sassenach Whisky is part of the Great Glen Company. Again, the website for the company is bare but you can drop your email address to be added to the email list to get information right away.

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Limited Edition Outlander Wine Collection Returns

New collectors edition bottles available today

Wine lovers and fans of the worldwide hit television series Outlander can now order the newest installment in The Outlander Wine Collection from Lot18 in partnership with Sony Pictures Television. The limited-edition collection features six hand-crafted blends, available individually or as a set. The uniquely designed labels honor the two main characters, Claire and Jamie, from the bestselling novels by Diana Gabaldon, adapted for the screen into the Emmy® and Golden Globe® nominated series by showrunner Ronald D. Moore.

With limited quantities of each specially created bottle, these delicious wines are available exclusively at while supplies last. The sale will go live at 12pm ET on October 9. Every order will come with a complete set of tasting notes for all six wines.

The individually selected wines were carefully crafted by the team at Lot18 to highlight the various facets and personalities of the beloved characters Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser and James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser as their adventures continue in the world of Outlander. The following are Lot18s descriptions of each wine inspired by the characters most well-known monikers.

Sassenach Languedoc-la-clape Rosé

Mo Nighean Donn California Pinot Noir

La Dame Blanche Pays dOc Viognier

Red Jamie Côtes du Rhône Rouge

Mac Dubh Pays dOc Syrah

A. Malcolm Languedoc-la-clape Rouge

About Sony Pictures Television

About Lot18

Where To Buy Outlander Star Sam Heughans Sassenach Whisky

Outlander 1×2 First Time Watching Reaction & Review

Sam Heughans latest venture isnt on screen. The Scottish actor, who got his big break on Starzs Outlander, has launched his own whisky, and some fans can get their hands on it starting Monday.

Unfortunately, The Sassenach Whisky isnt available everywhere just yet. However, Heughan fans in five states can get the scotch whisky now. Residents with addresses in California, Florida, New Jersey, New York and Texas can buy their own bottles. With the exception of New Jersey, that list includes four of the most populated states in the country, so several Outlander fans should be able to get a taste.

The Sassenach Whisky is available from the Reserve Bar website and costs $99 per bottle. Free shipping from Reserve Bar starts at $150 with the code SHIP150 for a limited time. The website warns that Sassenach Whisky wont start shipping until March 23. That will still give fans plenty of time to try a dram before the Outlander Season 5 finale on May 3.

A member of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society, Heughan previously told the organization that the cast loves drinking together. Everyone on set is a fan of whisky and at the end of some long night shoots a few can be found sharing a dram before bed. Our showrunner Ron Moore is a great fan and Ive managed to damage his collection a bit. My co-star Caitriona is Irish and theres always a good bit of banter, he told the organization.

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Outlander Wine Is Here To Make Sundays Even Better

If your Sunday night routine involves curling up with a glass of wine and watching Outlander, Lot18 is about to make your night even better. The company is releasing more Outlander wine Monday.

Sassenachs may recall that Lot18 released four limited edition Outlander wines last year. While the original quartet is no longer available, the company is releasing six new types of vino. Much like last time, its a limited edition run, so place your orders fast. The new bottles go on sale Monday, Oct. 9 at 12 p.m. EDT on the Lot18 website. Prices range from $20-$25 per bottle, but expect a discount if you buy a set.

The wines all have names that are a little more fun than last year . This time, the brand has chosen titles based on Jamie and Claires many nicknames.

Lot18 only ships within the continental U.S. Laws about shipping alcohol vary by state, so choose your shipping location at the top of Lot18s website before selecting your bottles.

If you need to make sure everything is themed, Starz already has Outlander wine glasses for sale. Crystal stemware is available at the shows official store. The $34.95 set comes with two glasses etched with Jamie and Claires silouhettes and a special box for storage.

The wines are coming out at the perfect time. In Sundays episode of Outlander, Claire finally headed back to the 18th century and found Jamie in his print shop, giving fans a good reason to raise a glass in celebration.

Droughtlander Is Almost Over

Can you believe it, friends? The premiere of Outlander Season 5 is but a few days away! In the first episode , were going to be treated to Roger and Brees official wedding. Having this celebration so close to Valentines Day just cements the romance of it all, so in the spirit of love Im presenting to you a wedding cake for Bree and Roger.

But this isnt your typical ornately-tiered cake we see at weddings today. I wanted to honor the spirit of our 20th-century-turned-18th-century couple with a cake that spans both time periods: I give you a Port Wine Chocolate Cake with Port Wine Chocolate Ganache.

I decided that wedding cakes on the Ridge would not be huge and fancy, but they would be something extra special. I may be taking liberties, but hear me out.

Port would definitely be present at the wedding , and its not unprecedented to have red wine alongside chocolate. Port wine, red wine fortified with brandy, accentuates chocolate while adding hints of red berries in the background.

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Where To Buy Sam Heughans Whiskey

Heughans social media posts have been pointing fans toward, where they can order the limited-edition Sassenach for $99.

Limited-edition Blended Scotch Whisky is back and available for pre-order now on ReserveBar. Its smooth flavor and distinct character are perfect for any occasion | Pre-order now:


In October 2021, Heughan revealed on his Instagram that hes also driving a Sassenach truck around the U.S. to promote the whisky, as well as to visit some of the great retailers and restaurants who are going to stock so maybe youll see him soon at a bar near you!

Its unheard of actually, Heughan said of winning the award. I am really, really proud of it. We knew we had something great, but its so rewarding to see when that happens. I was so excited. He continues, We were not supposed to reveal it straightaway. We had to wait for them to announce it, so I was waiting for a couple of months. Heughan loves hearing what people think of it. I just want people to try it and tell me what they think of it. I know a lot of people dont like whisky or a lot of people havent tried it and I think this they will really enjoy because we wanted to make something that is accessible that everyone will enjoy.

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Hold Onto Your Kilts Theres Now An Official Outlander Wine

Limited Edition Outlander Wine Collection Returns

This takes Red Jamie to a whole other meaning.

Whisky might have been the poison of choice for sexy Highlanders in the 18th century, but if youre more suited to a glass of fìon youre in luck. New York-based wine merchants Lot18 have released six limited Outlander wines just in time for season three.

The wines, which are all named after Jamie and Claires many aliases throughout the series, range from a 2015 Mac Dubh Pays dOc Syrah to light and fruity 2016 Sassenach Languedoc-La-Clape Rosé.

And, of course, each wine comes with its own tasting notes by Lot18:

2016 Mo Nighean Donn California Pinot Noir:My brown-haired lass is what Jamie affectionately calls his charming new bride in Gaelic, and theres no better wine to embody that side of Claire than this earthy, seductive pinot noir.

2016 Red Jamie Côtes du Rhône Rouge:Whether hes fiercely defending the love of his life or charging off to war alongside his clansmen, the notorious Jacobite Red Jamie is a force to be reckoned with as is this dynamic Côtes du Rhône named in his honour.

2016 Sassenach Languedoc-La-Clape Rosé:This rosé is Provençal in style, but like Claire, it comes from an unexpected place.

2016 A. Malcolm Languedoc-La-Clape Rouge:Equally unassuming, at first, is this red wine from a small appellation in southern France. It becomes clear after experiencing the pure, black-red fruit nuances, however, that this is a charming, formidable wine one you wont easily forget.

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Then We Got To Try Red Jamie A Ctes Du Rhne Rouge Inspired By Jacobite Red Jamie Duh

Sheridan: This wine had a super bold taste, and yet it didn’t give me heartburn, which is a miracle. It has a very strong bitterness to it, but I’ll buy anything that says Jamie on it. 3/5

Casey: This red blend for sure has some bitter notes, but I love how easy it is to drink. I could definitely imagine my mom pouring another glass of this while she tells me for the upteenth time that she wants to go back to Scotland to visit the graves of the Frasers. 4/5

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