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Where Can I Buy Rhubarb Wine

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Strawberry Rhubarb Wine: 1 Gallon

Chez Panisse turns 50 this month. Its scrappy, dreamy origin has become a legend of American food culture, and the restaurant the phenomenon that its owner and the many, many people who worked in its kitchens and dining rooms created molded our nation’s modern culinary sense of self.


English Sparkling Rhubarb Wine

Traditionally made sparkling English fruit wine.

Made with just rhubarb, no grapes, grape juice or concentrates.

Tasting notes: Demi-sec to taste

Completely free from artificial colours and preservatives, sulphites and finings.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

750ml Glass bottle corked opening

This product contains alcohol. By purchasing this product, you confirm that you are 18 years of age or over.

Rhubarb, sugar, water, citric acid, yeast and nutrient, grape must.

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    Innovative English wines made without any sulphites, artificial colouring or concentrate.

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    What Goes Well With Rhubarb

    Rhubarb is a delicious ingredient in compotes, jams, cakes, pies, muffins and sherbets. It combines beautifully with strawberries, raspberries, apples, lemon, asparagus, thyme, tarragon, cinnamon, mint, maple and ginger. Rhubarb can also add a refreshing touch to saltier dishes, making it a great accompaniment to white meats and fish.

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    Rhubarb Wine Recipe And Full Winemaking Instructions

    Use fresh spring rhubarb and a few other ingredients to make this rhubarb wine recipe. Includes tips on equipment and the full winemaking process.

    Quite a few people think of rhubarb as strictly a springtime treat but if you grow it yourself youll know that you can be pulling stalks of it far into the summer. Even so, its a matter of time before youre tired of eating rhubarb crumbles. When this happens, you know its time. Time to make homemade rhubarb wine.

    I only made a single batch of this recipe last year and it turned out to be a real tragedy. A tragedy in that I didnt make more. Im planning on rectifying the situation this year so you can bet that every spare stalk of rhubarb is going to be saved for these bottles of boozy deliciousness. The wine is dry, crisp, and has the full-bodied taste of rhubarb in every sip. Its absolutely divine and has impressed everyone who has tried it. Especially the skeptics.

    The Romance Of Rhubarb And Strawberries

    Pin by Brin Waters on Food and drinks

    Nothing says summer has arrived like a dish that pairs the sweetness of strawberries with the tart taste of Ontario rhubarb. Theyre fantastic together in crisps, cobblers, tarts and pies. Enjoy more of this tasty duo while they last by adding them to every meal:

    • For a heavenly breakfast, start your day with stewed strawberries and rhubarb on toast.
    • Add sliced strawberries and roasted rhubarb to salads at lunch.
    • Finish dinner with frozen vanilla yogurt topped with warm strawberry- rhubarb sauce. Delish!

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    Choose To Make Dry Or Sweet Rhubarb Wine

    What youll end up with at the end of making rhubarb wine is a clear and light golden wine. Its a white wine thats initially very dry, so if thats your taste, you could leave it at that. That dryness comes from the alcohol content and the tannins from the tea. Basically, theres no sugar left in it at the end and the crispness reflects that. Some people really like a dry white wine, and they can bottle it up at that time.

    If youre more of a fan of dessert wines, theres an extra step that will transform dry rhubarb wine into sweet. You literally just add a bit more sugar and an extra ingredient that ensures that the yeast doesnt transform it into alcohol. If youd like to use honey to sweeten the wine, you can use that instead of sugar but youll need to use a little more. When you make your own wine, keep notes on the process, records of exact quantities, and hydrometer readings.

    If all of this is beginning to sound complicated, you can make other boozy treats with rhubarb including this delicious rhubarb gin recipe.

    Rhubarb Wine Recipe How To Make A Delicious Rhubarb Wine

    Rhubarb Wine is actually a vegetable wine, although, rhubarb is the vegetable that is almost always used like you would a fruit.

    The sharp tartness is a great quality that really shines through in a country wine so this rhubarb wine recipe is a definite winner.

    Most people will be familiar with rhubarb in the form of rhubarb Crumble.

    Plenty of sugar helps to restrain the acidity and tartness of the rhubarb. If you like the taste of rhubarb then youll be pleased to know the flavour comes through in the finished wine.

    The reason why rhubarb is so tart is because the stems contain an excess amount of oxalic acid.

    This is also the reason why some people have an aversion to rhubarb. Too much oxalic acid is bad for wine yeast and may result in poor fermentation so we will take this into account when preparing the recipe.

    Reducing the amount of acid is a fairly simple process of making a small addition of chalk which causes a reaction and reduces the acidity in the wine. Apart from this one small step the process is the same as almost any country wine recipe.

    It should be noted that rhubarb leaves should not be used in wine or eaten. The levels of oxalic acid are far too high and can in fact be poisonous .

    The stems are perfectly edible and can be used in wine. Rhubarb is always sold without leaves so its only really an issue if you are picking your own rhubarb..

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    Its not around for long, so let us show you how to enjoy refreshing rhubarb!

    National Strawberry Rhubarb Wine Day

    making easy Rhubarb wine

    National Strawberry Rhubarb Wine Day on the third Saturday in July celebrates the strawberry sweetness of summer with a relaxing sip of wine. The day offers an excellent opportunity for a wine tasting featuring a strawberry rhubarb wine, too.

    In July of 2010, Maple River Winery in historic downtown Casselton, North Dakota, proudly accepted the Double Gold Award at the Indy International Wine Competition for its Strawberry Rhubarb Wine. What a delicious way to celebrate! But what is rhubarb?

    It may be difficult for the common person to classify rhubarb. Is it a fruit? Is it a vegetable? While technically rhubarb may be known as a tart perennial vegetable, combining it with strawberries creates a unique flavor. Some even consider it the perfect balance of tart and sweet. Rhubarb even went to court over the matter. In 1947 in a customs court in Buffalo, New York, the court ruled that since rhubarb is used as a fruit in the United States, for the purposes of regulations and duties, it was to be counted as a fruit.

    And from the wine perspective, thats a good thing. Fruit wines sound so much better than vegetable wine. Of course, strawberry rhubarb wine celebrates the day with a flavor that tastes like summer.

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    Northern Lights Estate Winery Seduction Strawberry Rhubarb Wine 750 Ml

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    Strawberry Rhubarb Wine Day History

    In 2013, the Registrar at National Day Calendar declared the 3rd Saturday in July as National Strawberry Rhubarb Wind Day to recognize the significance of the Double Gold Award being presented in July. The day also recognizes the popularity of strawberry rhubarb wine.

    There are over 1,500 national days. Dont miss a single one. Celebrate Every Day® withNational Day Calendar®!


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    Things To Consider When Buying Fresh Rhubarb Online

    While rhubarb is famous for its delicious contribution to strawberry-rhubarb pie, its good for so much more, either sweet or savory. You have several options if you want to buy fresh rhubarb online, so consider the following before you make a purchase:


    While rhubarb is versatile and yummy, it does have limited availability in most areas. Fresh stalks are usually harvested between April and June. Some climates can get two harvests from their plants, but this isnt common.

    The short harvest season means you should get fresh rhubarb while its available. After that, frozen may be your only option.

    The Source

    While the harvest season may be short, rhubarb can grow across much of the Northern United States, meaning there should be plenty to go around while its still fresh. This means that for many, it should be available locally.

    As the harvest season ends and the stock becomes low, however, you might have to start ordering it from father away. The good news is that rhubarb has a decent shelf-life of about five to seven days if kept in the fridge. This means that an extra day of transit wont necessarily cause it to go bad.

    Other Products

    Lastly, consider what other rhubarb related products they have available. Other than pie, rhubarb is great in yogurt, jams, spreads, cakes, muffins, and more. These things are also great options to have when fresh rhubarb becomes more scarce as summer comes to an end.

    How Wine Is Made

    Rhubarb Wine 2015

    Everyone knows that wine contains alcohol, but how does it get inside? Traditional grape wine is made from grape juice, and you make rhubarb wine using a sweet homemade rhubarb juice. After this point, yeast is introduced and it starts eating up the sugars. Alcohol is what the yeast produces as a by-product.

    Grapes have perfect balances of sugar, water, wild yeast, tannins, and other ingredients that make winemaking simple. Making country wines, like rhubarb wine, takes a little more thought. We add things like commercial yeast, and ingredients to stop fermentation to have better control. Winemaking is a precise art, and its something that you can make with a lot of other berries and vegetables, like black currants, parsnips, and apples.

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    Do You Need To Feed Rhubarb Plants

    Caring for rhubarb

    Feed the plants with a balanced fertiliser in spring./li> Water regularly in dry spells. In fact, the crowns need a period of temperatures below 3ºC to stimulate new growth in spring. Mulch around the plants in autumn with a thick layer of organic compost or well-rotted farmyard manure.

    A Tart Delight For Every Tongue

    Trust me: if you havent tried cooking your own garden-grown rhubarb before, youre missing out. Big time.

    I love eating a slice of rhubarb pie at my favorite pie restaurant up here in Alaska while looking out of the window at the very patch of large, curly leaves and red-green stalks from whence it came.

    If youve never visited Alaska and you want to taste something we northerners enjoy in the summertime, grow your own pie plant and whip up a special creation come spring, summer, or even fall, depending on your chosen variety.

    Theyre all excellent, but wed love to know: do you prefer sweet or tart rhubarb? Let us know in the comments!

    And dont forget to check out these articles on additional pie-ready vegetables to grow in your garden:

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    How To Observe #strawberryrhubarbwineday

    While enjoying the summer day, savor some chilled strawberry rhubarb wine. Uncork a bottle and pour a glass. Actually, pour a few glasses and share it with a friend or two. Strawberry rhubarb wine goes well with a picnic, so take a bottle or two! A bottle makes a great gift, too. Strawberry rhubarb wine also complements many dishes and you just cant go wrong! Share your celebration by posting on social media using #StrawberryRhubarbWineDay.

    Buy Fresh Rhubarb Online From These 4 Websites

    How to make rhubarb wine
    • Pin

    Most people know rhubarb for its delicious partnership with strawberries . Strawberry-rhubarb pie is delicious, but rhubarb is an underrated ingredient in many other snacks and dishes. It makes great yogurt or jam and tastes great when baked into a cake or cookie in addition to pies. Some cultures even use its roots for medicinal purposes.

    Because of its mostly sour taste, rhubarb is generally cooked rather than eaten raw. Its sour taste comes from malic and oxalic acid. These are common in plants and are responsible for the acidity and sourness of most fruits and vegetables. Rhubarb is notably more sour than most due to its higher levels of these two acids.

    There is such a thing as forced rhubarb which is grown in darkness and interestingly, turns out much less sour and more tender than regular rhubarb.

    Even cooked, though, it offers plenty of nutrients. 100 grams of cooked rhubarb contains 116 calories and 26% of your daily requirement of vitamin K1, as well as varying amounts of vitamin C, calcium, potassium, folate, and two grams of fiber.

    The fiber content may help lower your cholesterol levels and its antioxidant content rivals that of kale and well-known antioxidant-rich berries.

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    Using Rhubarb In A Wine

    Rhubarb has two crops in a year, the first crop is forced rhubarb and is grown earlier in the year, around January to February.

    The stems and leaves are grown under pots and the result is a pale pink stem that is more delicately flavoured and tender.

    The second crop of rubarb is grown outside and arrives late March until June, the resulting crop is slightly hardier darker in colour and contains more oxalic acid than the forced rhubarb.

    This stronger flavour may be less desirable to cook with but is still great to make wine with.

    Later in the season some rhubarb stems can become a bit tough and stringy which makes these stems less desirable to eat but still fantastic to make wine with. If you grow rhubarb yourself then consider using the larger and tougher stems to make a wine.

    What Does Rhubarb Wine Taste Like

    Depending on how much sugar you use, rhubarb wine can be very dry and zingy to sweet and lemony. The lemony part comes from the oxalic acid thats naturally in rhubarb. Its what gives rhubarb its kick! Either way, its fresh and summery and great for serving at late summer gatherings.

    Some people get upset stomachs from too much acid and there are two things you can do. First off, use bright pink forced rhubarb. Its lower in acid than summer rhubarb. Also, you may want to consider using a specialist wine yeast. Both Vintners Harvest MA33 and Lalvin 71B-1122 cut down on malic acid in wine and they may be of use in reducing oxalic acid.

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