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When Tasting Wine What Order

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Wine Tasting Order Ask Decanter

15 Year Old Napa Cabernet // Wine Review

Alistair McGlynn, Edinburgh, asks: At wine events, the bottles are usually lined up from sparkling first to dessert wines at the end, but Ive noticed some people taste red wines first then go back to whites. Is this personal preference or is there some merit in it?

Andy Howard MW replies: Fundamentally, the order of tasting is up to the individual.

I often find it better to taste red wines first, as ones palate gets jaded after many wines and it can sometimes be easier to taste a fresh white after the reds, than to do it the other way round. But thats just my opinion.

I think its important to taste more delicate wines before richer, heftier styles, so taste Pinot Noir before Syrah or Cabernet.

Similarly, fragrant whites would usually go before oaky white wines.

Another key thing is to taste dry to sweet, as sugar coats the palate and can make dry wines taste sharp or bitter.

Sparkling wines can also be used to freshen the palate, but try to taste these as soon as possible after theyre opened, in order to experience the mousse at its peak.

Wine Tasting Party Ideas

A formal wine tasting with proper place settings in . Notice: even pro tastings will use 2 glasses per guest.

  • Decanter**optional

While there are a myriad of different techniques to decorate the table, if you have well-curated wines it doesnt matter how the table looks. If you select wines based on a specific theme, people will pay closer attention to what theyre drinking. It also helps if you have to write on.

This pairing focuses on wines from a specific area. Try 4 top wines of or
An in-depth way to understand a variety. Buy different price brackets of one type of wine grape
New World vs. Old World
One of the classic old world vs. new world tastings is Napa Valley Merlot vs. Right Bank Bordeaux.
Big and Bold Wines
Compare and contrast the from around the world.
Elegant Wines
Compare and contrast the on earth. Find out what we mean by
The best way to do this is to ask for library vintages from your favorite winery.
Price Comparative
Crowdsource guests to spend less than $20 on a bottle of wine and blind taste them to determine everyones favorite.
Blind Tasting Party
Wrap bottles in aluminum foil if you dont have enough wine bags. Find out what wines to select for a

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By Step How To Taste Wine: The Basics

One of the best ways to make the most of the glass of wine in front of you is to engage each of your senses, inviting them along for the journey. You can consider this as a five-step process to truly understand your glass and the liquid within it.


Whether you have opted for a cork or a cap, listen to the pop or the crack, and then the sound of the wine pouring. While this step may not seem very important, its actually a crucial reminder for you to slow down and take your time through the process and just to enjoy the pour- whether it is into a decanter or a glass.

This is something you should keep in mind throughout the wine tasting. There is no rush between each step. Take your time and enjoy it. Listen as the liquid flows from the bottle and appreciate the sound as it hits the glass. Life is not a rush and neither is wine, so dont make it one. You will find much more appreciation in the smaller aspects of what you are enjoying.


You may not think it, but your sight is a key player when it comes to wine tasting. Once you have your glass of wine, you can tell a lot about it just by looking at it. Just from observing the color and the intensity of the liquid, you will be able to tell the body of the wine- that is whether it is full-bodied, light-bodied, or anything in between. The body of the wine is a wine tasting term used to describe the density of the liquid.

More Residue on the Glass = Fuller Body of Wine




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Take Home Your Favorites

Extend your wine tasting experience by bringing a piece of it home with you. Some wineries will even wave the cost of your tasting if you buy a couple bottles. Just be careful if youre going to be flying. Some airlines have restrictions about the weight and quantity of alcohol in checked baggage. And, if youre flying carry-on only, the liquid restrictions unfortunately wont permit a wine bottle. You might also consider tipping your wine steward for their time and expertise!

How To Taste Wine: Wine Tasting For Beginners

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When it comes to wine tasting as a beginner one of the most important things to remember is that wine is there to be both experienced and enjoyed. The best way to enjoy wine to its full potential is to understand how to taste wine and appreciate the special drink that sits in your glass. It can seem extremely intimidating, to begin with, but once you have a handle on the basics of knowledge, you can start to relax and enjoy yourself a little more.

Wine is one of the oldest drinks in the world with a history spanning the globe from the Mediterranean to East Asia and has been regularly consumed in Europe for millennia. While wine these days is produced in many countries , you can broadly categorize these into two. Old World Wine is a wine that is produced in its traditional areas of cultivation throughout Europe and the Middle East, while New World Wine is a wine that is produced anywhere else.

Past this distinction, there are over 6000 varieties of wine . These varieties fall into 9 categories. The categories include light-bodied and full-bodied whites and reds, rose, medium-bodied reds, sparkling wine, aromatic wine, and dessert wine. Each category possesses unique aspects of flavor, body, and method of fermentation. Once you identify a category of wine that you like, you can begin to explore further within that boundary.

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Can You Reject A Bottle Of Wine

The only acceptable reason to reject a wine is faultiness. Full stop, Goode adds. Others in the industry have a different, more democratic approach. Many working sommeliers have opened bottles with faulty corks that had, as a result, turned the wine to vinegar, or that had obviously oxidized far before their time.

How Does A Wine Tasting Work

Wine tasting is about more than just drinking wine. Its about judging and examining a wine in a more critical manner.Its about exploring new types of wine and sampling the variety a vineyard has to offer. It can help you expand your horizons without committing to a whole bottle of wine. Wine tastings are often accompanied by a tour of the vineyard, an explanation of the wines, or delectable food pairings. Your experience will be a bit different at every winery. In fact, there are even virtual events that let you enjoy a wine tasting at home!But, you can generally expect to have a guided service in a tasting room with a curated selection of wines. Youll be given a tasting selection of anywhere from two to eight wines in a specified order.

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Around The World Wine Tasting

For this type of wine tasting, select several bottles of the same varietal from as many different growing wine regions as practical. For example you might try Pinot Noir from California, Oregon, France and Germany. This kind of tasting helps demonstrate the stylistic differences found across the world. We have several Wine Tasting Kits created for this kind of tasting, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Chardonnay. You can also follow one of our experts as they taste through the trios!

Best For A Group: In Good Taste Tasting Flights

G. H. Mumm Champagne // Wine Review

Buying full bottles for wine tastings isn’t practical unless you have a very large group. In Good Tastes slogan is “Explore more and commit less.” The brand achieves this by offering a variety of different tasting flights that were curated by various winemakers around the world. Each tasting flight consists of eight 187-milliliter mini bottles, highlighting a region, style of winemaking, or both. If you fancy one of the mini bottles, in particular, full bottles of all the wines are also available for purchase through the website.

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Use The 3 Wine Evaluation Steps

Learning how to taste wine is about training yourself to look at, smell, and taste the aspects in your glass. Here is how best to evaluate your glass of wine.

Step 1: Look

First, look straight down into your glass to get a sense of the color and density of your wine. Next, hold your glass up into the light to see how clear it is. A clear wine with some sparkle to it is a good sign of quality wine. But, if there is some murk, it could just be a wine that is unfiltered. Its okay to ask! Then, tip your glass slightly, so the wine thins out at the edge. This can help you understand the age and weight of your wine. For example, with a red wine, the more purple you see at the rim, the younger it is. The more orange and gold hues, the older it is. Experienced aficionados and sommeliers can tell the grape variety, climate, and alcohol content just by looking at their wine!A deep purple-black color could indicate a Syrah or Zinfandel, while a brick or pale red could be a Pinot Noir or Burgundy. Finally, its time to swirl your glass. This action will oxygenate your wine and help it become more fragrant and flavorful. If you are unaccustomed to swirling, keep the bottom of your wine glass flush on the table while you do it to keep balance. Take note of the trails of wine sliding down your glass. These trails are called legs. The more legs your wine has, the higher the alcohol content is and the bigger and bolder the mouthfeel will likely be.

Step 2: Sniff

Step 3: Taste

Learn How To Taste Wine With Us

Ready to put our tips on how to taste wine to the test? Come visit us for our wine tasting in Sonoma County. Halleck Vineyard is not only our winery, its the place we call home and wed love to invite you into it for the day. We can show you what makes wine tasting in Sebastopol so special, and introduce you to some award-winning Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir. Wed love the chance to teach you how to taste wine in person! But if you cant visit us at this time, try our wine subscription or a virtual tasting. Youll be able to put our wine evaluation tips to the test from the comfort of your own home. Whatever way you start your journey, we hope this has been an informative lesson that sparks a lifetime love of wine.

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True Or False: Pouilly Fum Fum Blanc Blanc Fum And Sauvignon Blanc Are All The Same

True – basically. Pouilly Fumé is produced in France, and is the Loire region’s most famous wine. It is also referred to there as Blanc Fumé. Both Pouilly Fumé and Blanc Fumé wines are made with Sauvignon Blanc grapes.In America the name Fumé Blanc was thought up by Robert Mondavi who believed the name Sauvignon Blanc lacked marketability. By renaming it Fumé Blanc he thought it would closer associate the wine with the more glamorous imported Pouilly-Fumé of France. The idea stuck and has been a huge commercial success.

How To Smell Wine

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  • Swirl the glass. This will allow the volatile aromas to evaporate.
  • Smell the lower end of the rim and then the upper part of the rim. I usually get fruit aromas on the lower end and smoke, mineral aromas and ageing aromas on the upper part.
  • After several smelling attempts, sometimes your nose will refuse to tell you anything. Dont worry. Smell your arm above your hand and resume smelling. This acts like a reboot for your sensors.
  • If youre still not getting anything specific, the wine may be too cold, your nose may be faulty or the wine is just too nondescript and simple to give you more than the most basic aromas. But I promise good wine will soon stop smelling like wine and start revealing its secrets with practice.

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The Wine Tasting Steps To Follow

Below are the key wine tasting steps to follow when ordering wine at a restaurant, bar or even at your local cellar. Knowing what to look out for will also help determine whether the wine is soiled and needs to be returned. And who knows, the knowledge you will gain might even pique your interest in possibly attending wine tasting events at a vineyard near you!

Attending wine tasting events with like-minded peers who share the same interest will definitely give you further exposure and knowledge in the field of wine. You will learn how to write down your tasting notes to keep for future reference, and also learn what tickles your taste buds. For the time being though, let us start with this article and the wine tasting tips you need to know about!

The three key factors you need to consider when tasting wine are sight, scent and taste.

How Much Wine Do I Need For A Wine Tasting Party

½ bottle per guest.

A little over a half a bottle of wine per guest is ideal. For instance, if you have an 8 person party, plan on having about 5 bottles of wine . It wont be too much to make people drunk, but enough to have a great party. In some of the best professional tastings, the first bottle is usually an ice breaker aperitif such as Champagne or Prosecco. People just seem to lighten up instantly with a glass of bubbles.

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Lets Go Over This Recommended Order Of Wine Tasting And Ill Also Give You Some Insight On The Order Of Specific Varietals

Start with Sparkling

If you are tasting any sparkling wines, definitely start with those first- regardless of varietal. A sparkling wine is very light, and while it does have some sweetness, it wont leave a lingering taste in your mouth. Sparkling wine will lead the way for stronger wines with little effect on your palate.

Your Wine Tasting Order Should Move from Whites to Reds

Regardless of the varietal, red wines will always leave a thicker taste in your mouth. This means you should always start with light, crisp white wines and then move on to red wines. Since white wine doesnt have the same level of tannins as red, it will leave your palate primed for sampling darker options. Alternatively, reds are a perfect way to close out the evening with their hearty taste.

Note: If you plan on tasting any rose or orange wine options, these should be served in between the whites and the reds.

Dry to Sweet and Young before Old

Within whites and reds, work your way from dry to sweet. If youve enjoyed a sweet wine before, you probably know that it can leave you feeling relatively satisfied instead of craving another drink. This is exactly why dessert wines and fortified wines are better left until the very end of a meal or wine tasting event.

The acidity in a sweet wine can interfere with the flavor of a dry varietal, whereas a dry wine wont interfere with the flavor of a sweet wine.

Wine Order of Common Wine Types

Order of Common Varietals Reference List

  • Riesling

Order Of Tasting White Wines

Merlot from Mayacamas Vineyards on MT. Veeder // Wine Review

When you taste a variety of white wines , there’s an order to follow that optimizes the experience for tasters. If you’re tasting white wines at a winery or professional tasting, they usually pour the wines for you in the correct order. However, if you’re hosting a wine tasting, you’ll need to understand this order. Tasting in this manner helps to build on the palate so you start with the lightest wines that are the least likely to linger on the palate first and finish with the more powerful or full-bodied wines that linger.

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Wine Tasting Tips For A Successful Wine Tasting

The first trick on how to taste wine is this: go from light to heavy. This usually means you will move from white wines to reds finishing with the fuller bodied wines last. If you start with a heavy glass of wine first, your palate will be too overwhelmed for the lighter wines. You should start with the more subtle wines and move to the more bold ones. Its best to give your tongue a warm-up before hitting the heavy weights, so to speak. As you taste the wines, you will be asked a few things. Take note of how they look. Notices the different aromas you can smell. And, of course, be ready to talk about the taste. Now, its okay if you dont taste blackberry, grass, and flint and if you have no idea what tannins or forest floor means. Learning how to taste wine can be incredibly enjoyable no matter your experience level. We all begin somewhere and this blog is the perfect place to start. Ready to learn how to taste wine like a pro? Start with these wine tasting tips.

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