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What Wine To Serve With Salmon

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Pair A Wine You Love With Salmon

Wines to serve with poached salmon this Christmas

Wine pairings are also a matter of personal preference. While a certain white wine may be best suited to your meal, you may prefer to drink red wines. Your taste preferences are just as important as any other factor. There are several factors that can affect what wine goes best with salmon, but you can’t go wrong if you choose a bottle that stands up to the strong flavor of the fish without overpowering it.

Pairing Wine With Salmon Tartar And Crudo

Tartar and crudo can dynamically reveal the nuances of a piece of fish or cover up its true colors. Regardless the preparation, I love rosé wine with salmon tartar and salmon crudo. Depending on the heartiness of the salmons flavor , I will vary between a lighter red, like the Vintners Reserve Pinot Noir lightly chilled, and a heartier white like the nicely dry Vintners Reserve Pinot Gris.

About Salmon And Wine

Generally, the guidelines for choosing the right wine are fairly simple: fish and poultry go well with white wines, while beef and richer dishes go well with red wines. According to that logic, food and wine pairings shouldn’t require a second thought, but of course, this isn’t an exact science. Many things can affect your choice of wine, including side dishes, sauces, and variations in the main meal. The idea is to create a complementary balance of flavors, allowing both the food and wine to draw attention without overshadowing one another.

With salmon, this balance can be difficult. A versatile and popular main course in both homes and restaurants, salmon isn’t like other fish. It has pink flesh and a richer flavor, and it can overpower a light-bodied wine. It’s important to choose a bottle that has strong and complex flavors of its own.

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Why Choose Cabernet Sauvignon

This full-bodied red wine has notes of black currants and plums, which means it will pair nicely with salmon because that fish has similar flavors think about a Salmon Fillet in Spiced Black Currant Sauce.

It also pairs well with other types of rich fish so you can even use this for Mediterranean dishes like Grilled Salmon Tacos or even seared tuna. Just keep in mind that its bold taste comes from an intense concentration of fruit flavors like cherry and blackberry all things considered, these flavors blend perfectly together into one delicious taste!

Whats The Difference Between Lox And Smoked Salmon

This is the best wine to pair with salmon
  • Lox refers to salmon that has been cured in a combination of sugar and salt. Think of what you get with a typical bagel lox spread. True traditional lox comes form the belly of the salmon, although at most stores you will see lox fillets, and is richly textured. Lox is cured. This is not what were using in this recipe.
  • Smoked Salmon can mean a number of things: cold smoked, hot smoked, or cured or brined then smoked. The point is its cooked on a smoker at low heat. You can buy smoked salmon in shrink wrapped packages from the store. But in this recipe were doing it ourselves .

For this salmon dip recipe use hot smoked salmon that is cooked on the smoker. This is also a great idea for leftover salmon you may have.

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White Wine To Drink With Salmon

White wine is the best wine when paired with salmon. If the current salmon recipe is mainly based on fresh herbs like cumin or towards a clean citrus aroma, Sauvignon Blanc’s sharp mineral, herbal and citrus aromas promise a delicious combination. If the avocado or cream sauce is to accentuate the fish, then switch to a rich Chardonnay with a hint of oak or swinging and choose the depth of the breed and sharp character found in Loire Valley Sancerre.

The fuller body of the grilled Chardonnay, White Burgundy, or Sancerre will match the weight and mouth feel of the fish, providing an out-of-flavor combination to texture. The arid style of many German Rieslings works well with the more subtle flavor of boiled salmon dishes as well as delivering the best of salmon wrapped in a spicy sushi theme. Its floral aroma and character Pinot’s has a moderate aroma.

Gris from Oregon or Alsace showed significant resilience with salmon prepared in a variety of recipes. Gingered, brown sugar, or maple marinated with a hint of garlic calls for the slightly tropical style of Gewurztraminer.

Whether it’s a white, red or rose wine, you can pair with your favorite salmon dish by looking at the recipe as a whole, considering the main seasonings, accompanying sauces and cooking methods.

Sauce With Salmon: Conclusion

Salmon is one the easiest fish dishes to cook when following the right recipe. One of the common ways of preparing salmon is using the grill, oven to bake or stovetop to panfry.

The dishes that go well with salmon include salads, vegetables, and rice. But drizzling sauce over the top or serving on the side as a dipping sauce can be great addition to the whole meal.

From sweet to spicy and creamy, there are many flavorful sauces to serve with salmon dishes. Typically, creamy sauce tastes the best with salmon no matter how it is prepared.

Depending on the side dish and how the salmon is prepared, the sauce can vary. When adding roasted or mashed potato as side dish, consider spicy horseradish or white wine sauce.

But when adding rice as side dish, try with Asian flavored sauces such as sweetened soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and lime to give flare to the meal.

Even though salmon has a rich and bold taste compared to other fish, it pairs well with salty, sweet, sour, pungent, and creamy sauces. So, use these flavor combinations to create a sauce based on the composition of your dish today.

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Can You Pair Red Wine With Seafood Pasta

It may seem unusual but this pairing can work very well together. Seafood pasta can be either a Spanish dish , or it can come from the coasts of Italy. The absolute best way to pair any wine and food, particularly something like seafood pasta is to do it by the region the dish was created.

This means that if you are cooking a seafood pasta with a Spanish influence you should try to pair it with a bottle of Spanish wine, ideally from the coasts of Spain. It can be either red or white, depending on your preference. The important thing in this pairing is that the regions match up as best as you can.

Best Wine To Pair With Sea Bass

Wine Education & Pairings : Top Wine to Pair With Baked Salmon

Sea bass may seem like it falls into the category of meaty fish alongside tuna and salmon, but its mild flavoring keeps it out of the club. The best kind of wine to pair it with is a lively white with lots of flavors like a Sauvignon Blanc or a Pinot Grigio. This will allow your palette to experience lots more flavors than it would with just the fish, and prevent the dish from falling flat.

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The Best Salmon And Wine Pairings

For being such a versatile fish, youd think coming up with the perfect wine to pair with salmon would be easy, but its actually this versatility that can make it a challenge. What wines pair best with grilled salmon? What wine should be served with lemon-crusted salmon? Are you having dinner with salmon and a crisp green vegetable like asparagus, or pairing wine with smoked salmon and cream cheese for a weekend brunch?

With a nearly limitless array of cooking methods and flavor profiles, its often not as simple as choosing between a red or a white.

Focusing on a few tried and true preparations, we’re taking the guesswork out of it to help find your perfect wine for pairing with salmon.

The Best White Wine Pairing With Salmon

When crafted in oak barrels either fermented or aged in them Chardonnay develops a smoother and more voluptuous texture that stands up beautifully alongside salmons fattiness. Depending on the style of Chardonnay, its acidity level may be subtler and blend into the palate with the fish or it may have enough refreshing zing to keep the palate watering throughout the meal. If youre planning to match a white wine with salmon, this is the surest bet.

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Best With Blackened Salmon: Bedrock Wine Company Old Vine Zinfandel 2018

Seasoned, most likely, with a combination of paprika, garlic, cayenne, and oregano and then seared until a dark and crisp crust is formed, the blackened salmon is a versatile dish. The bold, nuanced flavors in the Bedrock Zinfandel are a wonderful match for the rich and flavorful blackened salmon. Full-bodied, wonderfully balanced with extensive notes of spice and black pepper, this zinfandel features a silky texture balanced with grippy acidity and an ample personality.

Wine Pairing With Grilled Salmon

The Best Wine to Pair with Salmon

A richly textured organic Sauvignon Blanc is a great accompaniment to dishes with grilled salmon. For example, this Pan-Fried Salmon with Pine Nut Salsa has quite a lot of flavours currants, saffron, capers and green olives, so your wine of choice will have to have plenty of oomph to carry those flavours.


New Zealand

Aromas and flavours of stone fruit, ripe citrus and guava are revealed on a richly textured palate lifted and balanced by the grapes natural acidity.


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Which Wines To Pair With Salmon

This article was published more than 11 years ago. Some information may no longer be current.

It was news to make an ocean-conscious, ethical foodie run for his fishing pole: Pacific salmon stocks are back. By now you may have read about the miraculous resurgence of the succulent fish in the northwest.

After years of scary declines in the population, which prompted eco-sensitive chefs to remove the prized pink flesh from their menus, researchers are saying the ocean is becoming overcrowded with salmon. The boom may not last, but some consumers are gorging while they can.

Which raises the potable question: What should we be slurping with all that glorious sockeye, wild pink and chum?

At a recent dinner I attended as part of the charity Grand Cru Culinary Wine Festival in support of research at Toronto General and Western hospitals, New York superstar chef Daniel Boulud had a mind-bending answer, old Bordeaux. Challenged to create a dish to go with Château Lafite-Rothschild 1996, he offered wild salmon baked on fig leaves with fennel confit and a Bordelaise sauce. Not many toques would dare serve a big cabernet sauvignon-based red, typically uncorked for beef or lamb, with fish.

But Boulud is a master at making fish work with bold reds, usually by creating a wine-flavoured sauce as a bridge. He did it most famously with a signature dish from his days at Manhattan’s Le Cirque, sea bass in Barolo sauce.

Consider the following selections, all good buys, for a salmon blowout.

Our Advice For Pairing Wine With Salmon


Full-Bodied White Wines As a general rule, rich oily fish like Salmon pair wonderfully with full-bodied white wines like oak-aged Chardonnay, Viognier, Marsanne, White Rioja, White Burgundy, and White Pinot Noir. However, depending on the preparation method and sauce, you can easily pair Salmon with rosé or light-bodied, low-tannin red wines.

First, well discuss the nature of pairing a wine directly with a very basic salmon and then offer a few options of pairings depending on the sauce and preparation method. Lets do this!

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What Is The Best Temperature To Store Red And White Wine

If you have only one wine fridge to store your wine in, what temperature setting is best? White wine tends to like being kept between 45 F to 50 F, while red enjoys 50 F to 65 F. So, select an average temperature of 55 F. Wine bottles are best stored lying on their sides to help keep their cork moist.

Best Wine With Salmon Overview

Wine Pairing with Salmon (ENJOY THE PERFECT MATCH)

Before we dive into the specifics of wine and salmon, lets discuss cost. One especially gratifying aspect of pairing wine with salmon is that it can all be done on a budget.

Salmon itself is a relatively inexpensive food which can be easily complimented by a wine that is reasonably priced and suitable for the task. Given the litany of preparation methods used on salmon its remarkably easy to find a suitable companion on the wine aisle or on the wine list.

As a quick note, while there is plenty of room in the world of red wine for salmon, today I will only be discussing white wines. The reason for this is because white wine options alone number in the thousands.

With so much territory to explore within the realm of just white varietals its best we limit ourselves lest we get carried away! With that said, lets dive in.

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Grilled Salmon Wine Pairing

As a rule of thumb, oily fish such as salmon works perfectly with a strong and rich white wine such as the perennial Chardonnay wines in oak, Viognier, Marsanne, White Rioja, White Burgundy and White Pinot Noir. However, depending on the method of preparation and the sauce, you can easily combine salmon with a red wine with a mild taste and with less tannins.

Chardonnay Or White Burgundy

Chardonnay is a classic pairing with fish, particularly rich fish and shellfish such as salmon, lobster, or crab. A buttery oaked Chardonnay is especially delicious with a salmon with a cream or butter-based sauce such as a beurre blanc. Likewise, a white Burgundy from Côte de Beaune has vibrant flavors that balance the delicate flavors of the salmon.

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Salmon And Wine Pairing Tips

As you know, salmon is a versatile fish. There are infinite ways to cook salmon, depending on your preferences. The same goes when it comes to pairing your salmon dishes with wine. You again have countless options, ranging from reds to whites, to rosés, and even sparkling wines. So today, were talking about how to choose the right wine for your salmon dish. Well share a few general wine pairing rules to live by plus a couple of examples of salmon dishes and wine pairings. We also recommend the freshest salmon for your wine pairing, Oshen Salmon.

Keep in mind, this post is a general guide for salmon and wine pairing. Were hoping youll feel totally empowered to choose the right wine when youre eating salmon. That being said, true wine pairing is an art. So we always recommend asking the chef or even your butcher what kind of wine they recommend with the dish youre preparing.

Lets get into it.

Crispy Salmon With White Burgundy

Bottle Service

Russell and Desta Klein of Meritage in St. Paul, Minn., pair luscious salmon with a fine, minerally Chardonnay. Plus, get the chefs recipe and cooking tips

Russell and Desta Klein joke that they met in the middle. Russell grew up in New York, Desta in the Pacific Northwest they met working at St. Paul restaurant W.A. Frost. In 2007, they held their wedding reception at a downtown restaurant with huge vaulted ceilings, views of the historic city center and an Old World feel. Six months later, we ended up with the space, building Meritage within the place that we celebrated our wedding, Desta says.

St. Paul may keep a lower profile than Minneapolis , but its booming in its own right. Meritage is smack in the middle of the action, surrounded by concert venues, museums and the hockey stadium. We serve suits to jerseys, we like to say, Desta laughs. We have the pretty wild crowd that come in for burgers and beer, and then we have operagoers in gowns and suits. Thats the beautiful part about a French brasserie: Its always been intended to be the meeting place in an urban environment for people who are traveling in all sorts of different directions.

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How To Smoke Salmon For This Dip

We go into detail on how to smoke salmon over our easy and tender smoked salmon filet post.

But well do a quick recap here too:

The secret to good salmon, is not to overcook it.

  • Start by seasoning your salmon with some salt and pepper, then rub the fish with a little Dijon mustard for moisture and flavor, finally sprinkle with a simple dry rub .
  • Place the seasoned salmon on your smoker for roughly 90 minutes at 275 degrees. Look for a moist, slightly opaque, and pink interior. After you remove it from the smoker let it rest for about 15 minutes, dont forget you will have some carry over cooking from the residual heat
  • Break the cooled, smoked salmon into chunks .
  • The secret to perfect salmon, is to cook to the correct internal temperature. In our case we pull our salmon closer to 130 for a more rare texture and 145 for medium rare.

    **If you do not have a smoker or grill but still want to use this recipe, you can use store bought smoked salmon, or even lox. If you use lox, be sure to only season with salt after the lox is combined with the cheese.

    Best Wine To Pair With Crab Legs

    Choosing a wine to go with crab legs depends on how you plan on having the crab legs. A solid all-rounder is of course the Chardonnay, but if you want to try and get a little more out of your wine then go for something that offers a little more fruit.

    If you are serving the crab legs with a lemon dressing, pair it with a Pinot Grigio to really bring out the citrus in both. However, if you plan on having the crabs legs warm then try a Riesling, which will bring out the natural sweetness in both the dish and the wine.

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