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Is Wine Good For Health

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Red Wine May Benefit Brain Health

How Red Wine is good for Health, Heart and Happiness, Dr Atul Gogia

Anding says the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of polyphenols may also contribute to the brain health benefit of red wine. Though hard scientific research is more sparse in support of this for humans, there are a few animal studies that show promising evidence.

For example, a 2015 study published in Scientific Reports examined late middle-age rats who were given resveratrol and found that they exhibited improved learning and memory over the course of four weeks. Once again, excessive alcohol consumption will have non-desirable effects. In fact, Monfiletto says excessive drinking has been shown to cause brain damage, which can lead to degenerative diseases such as developing dementia.

Drinking Wine Can Improve Our Eyesight

Ophthalmologist, Milind Pande, from Vision Surgery, says that the resveratrol which can be found in wine may be beneficial to the eyes. Resveratrol prevents age-related deterioration of eye muscles. One of these age-related deteriorations of eye muscles is called Macular Degeneration.

Macular Degeneration is a leading cause of vision loss and is considered an incurable eye disease. This is the deterioration of the central portion of the retina, which is called the macula, which records the images we see.

The macula is the one responsible for your ability to read, recognize, and see objects in fine detail. Resveratrol which can be found in wine and grapes prevent the growth of blood vessel in the eyes that can lead to macular degeneration.

Key Takeaway: Wine can prevent age-related deterioration of eye muscles. So, say goodbye to carrots and drink up your wine for better eye health.

Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe and most of its vineyards are dated back to centuries ago, some have survived and developed since before Roman times. Douro Valley located in the North of Portugal is the oldest demarcated wine region in the world, particularly famous for Port wine, as well as several other world-famous reds. It is no surprise then, that in Portugal winemaking, vineyards and wineries are an underlying part of the country’s strong culture and identity. See it for yourself, and enjoy a trendy country full of traditions and flavors.

Boost Your Immune System

While we dont recommend neglecting your daily vitamins, drinking wine can also help boost your immune system. As long you consume wine in moderation, it can help ward off infections and keep your immune system healthy.

The antioxidants found in red wine also has its own share of benefits, such as improving insulin sensitivity and helping stave off Alzheimer’s disease. Unsplash

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Good Is Not Always Expensive

The keyword is polyphenols. These are bioactive compounds that come from plants and that, although the body can live without them, they are highly beneficial.

Polyphenols are found in the skin of fruits and vegetables and serve to protect vegetables from external aggression.

For our bodies, they provide antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

The wine that contains the most polyphenols is red wine.

Heres a clue to evaluate which wine is healthier:

  • When assessing the health-price relationship, its important to know that there are different opinions on this.

On the one hand, young red wines are the healthiest because they conserve more polyphenols.

Remember that young wines are those that have not been aged in barrels, but bottled after their making. Plus, theyre mostly made with intact grains.

This causes the substances that form it that help maintain properties that can be lost with time. Hence, some consider them healthier wines.

Health Benefits Of Wine According To Science

Drink to Your Health: 5 Reasons Wine is Good for You ...

Wine has undergone intensive studies over the years and it has been proven to be an effective elixir. Who says a man needs a fountain of youth to live a long life? Pour yourself a glass of wine and bottle up some surprising benefits. We gathered some interesting facts and curiosities about how wine can impact your health. Take it lightly, get to know your beverage of choice, and drink with moderation.

The wine has undergone numerous studies that have found various connections between improving the quality of life and its consumption. In ancient times, due to the scarcity of water, wine has become an essential need in life rather than a luxury, so it came to symbolize sustenance and life. Even in the earliest of times, wine has proven its worth when it comes to sustaining life. Up to now, there are still ongoing researches on why wine is considered one of the most powerful elixirs known to man.

However, the first thing to realize is that the quantity matters and most of the studies show the results in glasses per day or week. Anyhow, saving it all during a week to binge over the weekend has been shown to be associated with zero health benefits. So our advice is that you savor every sip, feel every texture and scent of your wine. Drink it, slowly as it was grown in the vineyards and produced, with love and care. Let’s start…

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Thanks To Guest Blogger Mark Davis For This Post

Whether red wine has any prominent health benefit is still a debatable issue. However, studies have shown that consuming a moderate amount of red wine, which has an alcohol content of 12% -15% on a daily basis helps in the prevention of a number of diseases including heart disease.

It should be remembered that there is a fine line of difference between moderate and excessive. Too much consumption of wine can be detrimental to health. On the other hand, too little of it would not give you the benefits usually enjoyed by the moderate drinkers.

Health And Wellness Trends

The global community has become immensely health-conscious with emphasis on where we are sourcing our food a good thing!

Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore, and South Korea are leading markets of organic wines. Consumers who are wellness-orientated can be confident that by researching and selecting certain wines, they will be able to embrace the following values that they may cherish and hold true:

  • Vegan Wine

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Drinking Wine Helps Keep Our Hearts Healthy

Since ancient times, cardiovascular diseases have become a known, life-threatening problem for the world.

According to World Health Organization , up to the present time, many people are still dying annually from CVD than from any other disease and it has been the number 1 cause of mortality and morbidity all around the globe.

Many researchers have shown that the intake of polyphenols is associated with a reduced risk of CVD. Wines contain polyphenols which can be actively found in flavonoids that also have putative antioxidant properties.

These polyphenols once again are called resveratrol which may help protect the lining of the blood vessel in the heart. Consuming 1 to 2 drinks per day may reduce the risk of CVDs.

Drinking wine may help in decreasing low-density lipoprotein also known as bad cholesterol which may cause artery damage while increasing the bodys high-density lipoprotein which is also known as good cholesterol which may reduce the risk for heart disease. Moreover, wine prevents the formation of blood clots.

Key Takeaway: Drinking 4 to 8 ounces of wine per day may lower the risk of having CVD because of the polyphenols that it contains.

The Drawbacks Of Drinking

Is Wine Good For Health ( TASTING SECRETS!)

The researchers in the 2018 Current Cardiology Reports study also talk about the risks of alcohol consumption if you drink too much. While red and white wine have health benefits, alcoholic drinks have inherent risks. The biggest risk is that you develop a dependency to alcohol.

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Drinking too much can lead to heart problems like arrhythmia and stoke, according to an article from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Liver problems, such as cirrhosis and fibrosis, can occur. Your pancreas may become inflamed and damaged. Your risk of certain types of cancers is also increased.

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Healthiest Wine How To Choose The Best Red Wine For Health

People often wonder what is a good red wine? And since many people today are health conscious, they often ask whether there exists any healthiest wine or not? And moreover, if that does, how would you choose the best red wine for health?

In this article, I intend to touch upon these points only. Here you will learn how can you pick the healthiest red wine, and what would ideally be the best red wine for health. I am sure all you wine lovers will really love this article, since your health is taken care of without compromising on your choices. Isnt it?

But before we move ahead and pick the healthiest wine, lets answer to the question why is red wine good for you.

Sharpen Your Thinking Skills

According to studies, low to moderate consumption of wine has been linked to better cognitive function for middle-aged or older men and women in the U.S., researchers found better cognition in terms of forming new memories, learning, vocabulary and emotions.

It’s important to remember that in order to fully enjoy wine’s health benefits, it should be drank only in moderation and combined with a healthy diet. Unsplash

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Switching To White Wine

Since red wine is more researched and has more benefits than white wine, it might make sense to just stick with red. However, some people get migraines or allergic reactions from red wine but can drink white wine without a problem. Some people simply dislike the taste of red wine and prefer white.

Not many studies compare the effects of white and red wine directly. However, more and more evidence is coming out about the benefits of white wine. An article from Circulation, the American Heart Association’s scientific journal, speculates that white wine might not have the same polyphenol level as red wine, but it has its own chemicals that give you similar benefits.

Beware Of Binge Drinking


According to Alcohol Concern, 24% of adults in England regularly drink more than the recommended guidelines. So as well as disrupting sleep, clouding your judgement and potentially interacting with prescribed medication, high levels of alcohol consumption can impact nutrition by inhibiting absorption of certain nutrients including the B group of vitamins most notably, folate and B12. This can make you more vulnerable to heart disorders, including high blood pressure and stroke, even if you are not in a high-risk group. For women in their twenties, drinking heavily can contribute to osteoporosis later on.

Binge drinking is especially harmful and can damage the brain. Regular heavy drinking is associated with a wide range of other health problems from liver disease to loss of libido, menstrual problems, nerve and muscle damage, and psychiatric problems, including clinical depression, as well as increased risk of accidents.

Alcohol is thought to be responsible for about 3% of all UK cancer cases people who drink three or more alcoholic drinks a day are more likely to develop cancer of the mouth, larynx or oesophagus. Keeping to low-risk guidelines is without doubt the most sensible approach, or better still, avoid alcohol altogether which is the case if you are pregnant, trying to conceive, or have a pre-existing health condition or are taking medication which may be adversely affected by alcohol.

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Can Red Wine Be Healthy

When it comes to health benefits, red wine surpasses white wine because there are more antioxidants, called polyphenols, in red wine. Resveratrol has become the star polyphenol when it comes to heart health. Resveratrol is found in the skin of the grape.

It may be resveratrol that provides cardiovascular benefits, says Dr. Gibson. Its thought that resveratrol can help protect the lining of blood vessels. Besides strengthening blood vessels, resveratrol may reduce LDL bad cholesterol and prevent blood clots. However, the research is mixed. Some studies have found no real benefit from resveratrol in preventing heart disease.

There is debate about the cardioprotective effect of resveratrol, Dr. Gibson says. Some research has shown that in order to obtain a benefit, 2000 mg or more of resveratrol needs to be consumed per day. To compare, supplements contain 250 to 500 mg, while red wine contains 12.41 mg, which means you would have to drink 40 liters of wine a day just to get 500 mg.

And dont forget, resveratrol can also be found in sources other than wine. Simply eating grapes or the skin on grapes gives your body the antioxidant. Red and purple grape juices also contain resveratrol and could have some of the same heart-healthy benefits as a glass of red wine.

Does Drinking Every Day Make Me An Alcoholic

According to studies, having a drink or two every night is not an absolute indication you are headed for trouble. There is truly little data about one or two drinks negatively impacting your health or hastening your decline into alcoholism. Nonetheless, drinking alcohol every day may increase your risk for alcohol-related health issues.

To be sure that a drinking problem does not sneak up on you, watch for the following warning signs:

  • Needing to consume alcohol to cope with difficulties
  • Often drinking more than you intended
  • Need for drinking to relax
  • Feelings of guilt or shame about your drinking
  • Lying about or hiding your drinking habits
  • Blacking out or forgetting what happened while you were drinking

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Is Red Wine Actually Good For You Heres What The Research Suggests

Theres a scientific link between drinking red wine and having better health, but theres no concrete evidence that booze is responsible.

You may reach for a glass of red wine when unwinding after a long day, treating yourself to a steak, or dining alfresco at an Italian restaurant. And though in the past that glass may have been considered a boon to your health especially when it comes to your heart experts say that the evidence on alcohol and your health isnt conclusive, and, believe it or not, the risks often outweigh any benefits.

Still, its something that perhaps should be at the forefront of your mind right now. As the American Heart Association has noted, surveys show that many adults are increasing their alcohol intake during the COVID-19 pandemic, including a Nielsen poll in late March that said alcohol sales skyrocketed 54 percent compared to the same time last year. That may come with a host of risks, including high blood pressure and certain cancers like breast cancer, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention .

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That uptick in intake doesnt do your health any good. If youre already someone who consumes alcohol, the CDC recommends limiting yourself to one drink per day if youre female and two drinks per day if youre male.

The CDC defines one drink in ounces :

Type Of Wine And Health

Adulting With Alcohol: Is Wine Good For Your Health? (Ep 7)

Its not the price itself that influences the properties, of course, but the components of the grape and the time of production.

The age of a wine is related to the months it has been aging in the barrel.

This degree of aging affects the cost, and also the health benefits.

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How Does Red Wine Help Protect The Heart

The benefits of red wine come from polyphenols naturally occurring compounds that have antioxidant properties. Polyphenols like resveratrol and procyanidins have been linked to a variety of health benefits, including cardiovascular health.

How exactly do these compounds protect the heart?

Studies suggest that these polyphenols:

  • Boost good cholesterol
  • Lower bad cholesterol
  • Reduce blood clotting

So, wines with high levels of resveratrol and procyanidins are considered the best for your heart.

Cannonau Grenache From Sardinia

While Grenache touts similar health benefits of other red wines, Grenache from Sardinia, aka Cannonau, offers one of the healthiest red options. Cannonau has two to three times the number of flavonoids as other red wines, containing even more antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

A daily glass of Cannonau is one of the reasons Sardinia is amongst the blue zones of the world with a higher concentration of centenarians or people who live 100 years or more.

Ready to incorporate red wine in moderation into your healthy lifestyle? You just might live to be 117 years old like this woman who claims red wine is her secret to longevity.

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How To Make The Best White Wine Sangria

  • Prepare the ingredients. Slice up the apple, lemon, and lime. Remember, fresh fruit is the meat of your sangria. Try to find organic fruit if you can!
  • Combine the ingredients. Add the sliced apple, lemon, lime, blueberries, raspberries, and white wine into a large pitcher and stir well.
  • Refrigerate. Cover the pitcher with plastic wrap and put the sangria in the fridge to chill for a minimum of one hour.
  • Finish it off. Remove the sangria from the fridge and top with chilled sparkling water.
  • Serve. Serve over ice.

Is Red Wine Good For You

How Healthy Is Red Wine, Really?

Definitely yes!

People often find red wine good for heart. And while alcohol is infamous for causing stomach fat, red wine does not!

You can easily sneak a glass of good red wine here and there in a week without worrying whether you will fit in your skinny jeans or not. No bloating, and no stomach fat occurs, keeping you lean just like you were before.

That was about fat. But wines are also popular for having large quantities of anti oxidants. While we know that these antioxidants are really helpful to the body, how are they actually helpful?


One of the key nutrients found in a good red wine is resveratrol. This is packed with enormous antioxidant properties. Antioxidants in wine protect the blood vessels in the body from any kind of damage. Along with that, it also prevents blood clots, and reduces LDL cholestrol levels in the body. Isnt this the property you need in the healthiest red wine?

Some other benefits of resveratrol include:

  • Lowered risk of cancer
  • Reduce inflammation
  • No heart diseases, and so on.

So now you know how great this is for your body, make sure you have your shelves stock up with plenty of red wine instead of any other alcohol. One, no weight gain, and two, great amounts of antioxidants. What else do you need in the healthiest red wine?

Are all red wines same?

Overall, it is the quantity of antioxidants present in the wine that makes it good or bad.

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