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What Goes Good With White Wine

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What Are The Ingredients Of Chicken Marsala

6 Basic Rules For Pairing Food With Wine (Video)

To decide on the best wine to pair with your dish of chicken marsala, you need to know what ingredients are in this flavorful dish. The common recipe for chicken marsala includes the following:

  • Chicken breasts coated in flour and seasonings such as salt and pepper, lightly fried in olive oil.
  • A sauce made with mushrooms, garlic, chicken stock, salt and pepper, and marsala wine.

Some chefs like to add asparagus, herbs, thick cream, or shallots to the sauce. Heavy cream works well for balancing out the acidity of the marsala wine, giving a rich and consistent flavor throughout the dish.

Depending on the recipe you follow and the ingredients you include in the sauce, your choice of wine pairing will make a difference to both the flavor of the dish and the drink itself.

Why We Love White Wine

From one foodie to another, white wine goes well with just about anything! There are so many varieties of white wine, you cant drink just one. The most popular white wine is Chardonnay and its made from the green grapes we all love. You wont find these grapes at the supermarket so no use in trying to make it yourself. While this may be disappointing, you may be happy to know that this variety of grape originated in Eastern Frances Burgundy region.;

It now forms the base of many sparkling white wines from Italy. For clarification, all champagne is considered sparkling wine but not all sparkling wines are considered champagne. Youll find the best sparkling white wines from the Lombardia and Friuli regions. These are great for special occasions, although we recommend to enjoy them whenever youd like.;

Viognier: Crab Cakes With Mango

The name of the game with crab is to choose a wine with crisp minerality that’s not going to overwhelm the delicate sweetness of the shellfish . With that in mind, opt for a food-friendly white like the elegant French Viognierits creamy body and fresh acidity can handle the richness of the crab meat and avocado beautifully.

Get our recipe for Crab Cakes with Mango-Avocado Salsa.

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Identify The Basics Tastes

In this day and age, weve learned that there are over 20 different tastes found in food from the basic, including sweet, sour and fat, to the extreme, including spicy, umami and electric. Fortunately you only need to focus on 6 tastes when pairing food and wine: Salt, Acid, Sweet, Bitter, Fat and Spice .

Basic Taste Components in Wine

For the most part, wine lacks the 3 tastes of fatness, spiciness and saltiness but does contain acidity, sweetness and bitterness in varying degrees. Generally speaking, you can group wines into 3 different categories:

  • Red wines have more bitterness.
  • White, rosé and sparkling wines have more acidity.
  • Sweet wines have more sweetness.
  • Basic Taste Components in Food

    Simplify a dish down to its basic dominant tastes. For example, baked macaroni has 2 primary components: fat and salt. Southern barbecue is a bit more complex and includes fat, salt, sweet and spice . Even dishes without meat can be simplified. For example, a green salad offers acidity and bitterness; creamed corn offers fatness and sweetness.

    Consider the Intensity

    FOOD: Is the food super light or super rich? A salad may seem lighter, but perhaps the dressing is balsamic vinaigrette with high acidity. If the intensity of the dish isnt obvious at first, just focus on the power of each taste component .

    WINE: Is the wine light or bold? Here are a few examples:

    Need more examples? 8 Common Wines and Their Taste Profiles

    Wine With Pizza And Lots Of Garlic

    How to Stay Fit and Still Drink Wine

    Garlic can be a very strong flavour. If youre combining this with basil on a pizza, how about experimenting with skin-contact white wines, such as those made from Vermentino? They would ordinarily match up well with green pesto.

    With so many toppings involved, wine and pizza can be a great avenue to explore and experiment with new pairing ideas.

    If youre looking for some of the basics on food and wine matching, refresh yourself on Karen McNeils 10 rules of food and wine pairing.

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    What Wine Goes Best With Chicken

    Good news! The best wine with chicken can be either red or white – it depends on your own personal taste and the way its cooked.

    That said, chicken is a light meat, it wont surprise you to learn that white wine is generally a more flexible match with smooth dry whites like chardonnay happily partnering a great many chicken dishes. But there are recipes Id definitely pair with a red . . .

    White wine pairings with chicken

    Go for a lightly oaked Chardonnay or other smooth dry white like oaked Chenin Blanc or Viognier with:

    • Chicken in a creamy sauce, such as chicken alfredo or creamy chicken pies
    • Creamy or cheesy chicken pasta dishes like chicken tetrazzini
    • Chicken caesar salad or other chicken salads with a creamy dressing
    • Mild chicken curries like kormas

    Aromatic white wines like medium-dry Riesling and Pinot Gris match well with spicy chicken dishes such as

    • Thai green chicken curry
    • Asian-style chicken noodle dishes

    A crisp dry white like a Pinot Grigio, Picpoul or Sauvignon Blanc is good with

    • Fried chicken dishes or Mexican-style dishes with guac and sour cream like chicken enchiladas or chicken fajitas

    Red wine pairings with chicken

    When either red or white wine pairings would do

    You may also find these posts useful:

    Wine With Pineapple Pizza

    Adding pineapple to pizza is a controversial topic, as Icelands president discovered in 2017.

    But if youre a fan then you could look to white wines with good acidity and enough body to hand the flavours. This Fiano from Australias Riverina region in New South Wales could be interesting, for example.

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    Lamb Curry Wine Pairing

    Depending on how high you turn up the spice, lamb curry can match well with both red and white wines. For milder lamb curries, opt for a Malbec or Syrah. If youre having a spicy lamb curry dish, an aged Riesling would be magnificent. If you, like me, have drank all your prized aged German Rieslings, opt for a Pinot Gris from Oregon.

    Chardonnay: Chicken Under A Brick

    What Wine Goes With Ham? Thumbs Up Wine Food Pairing

    You might be surprised at just how versatile chicken under a brick is when it comes to wine pairingsthis simple Italian dish is well complemented by whites and lighter reds alike. One thing’s for certain, though: You can’t go wrong with a full-flavored California chardonnay, which is a classic match for poultry. Consider choosing one that’s unoaked or lightly oaked, since oaky versions are better suited to rich, creamy chicken recipes.

    Get our recipe for Chicken Under a Brick.

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    Snacks That Go With White Wine Perfectly

    Whether youre hosting an informal gathering, or just looking for the perfect treat to enjoy with a nice bottle of white after work, there are plenty of snacks that go great with the fairer grape. Depending on whether you prefer to go sweet or dry, some foods will act as more natural accompaniments.

    Below is a list of the ten best snacks that go with white wine perfectly:

    A General Guide To Sauvignon Blanc Food Pairing

    Sauvignon Blanc food pairings are as varied as a Sauv Blancs tasting notes. But that doesnt mean that pairing this delicious wine needs to be difficult.;;

    When you have bold flavors in a wine its good to look for food with bold flavors to match.;

    Some great Sauvignon Blanc food pairings include tart vinaigrettes, briny sauces, spicy dishes, and herbal fare. The tartness of Sauv Blanc will lighten the heavier dishes and enhance subtle flavors, while the pyrazines will play wonderfully with vegetarian cuisine.;

    Sauv Blanc can pair beautifully with light, delicate flavors as well, which makes it great for white meats, spring vegetables, and fresh tomatoes.;

    We generally wouldnt recommend this white wine for heavy, meaty dishes with gravy or rich sauces, though. You may also want to steer clear of creamy sauces and cooked tomato unless your Sauvignon Blanc is oaked; then those might be well-suited Sauvignon Blanc food pairings after all!;

    As you can see, pairings can be broad, and there are no hard and fast rules for all Sauvignon Blanc wines. Thats why were here to help you figure out the best Sauvignon Blanc food pairings and the specific types of Sauv Blanc that should accompany them.

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    What Sides To Serve With Chicken Marsala

    What sides you serve with your chicken marsala dish can also influence the type of wine paired with the meal. However, always try to pair with the sauce of the chicken dish to get the best results. Chicken marsala sides can include any of the following:

    • Starches: Rice flavored with parmesan, mashed potatoes with garlic, baked potatoes, or pasta.
    • Vegetables: A variety of roast vegetables, spinach with garlic, or steamed asparagus.
    • Salads: A green salad with baby tomatoes, cucumber, slices of red onion, celery, olives, and feta cheese.

    These side dishes will enhance the flavors of the main dish so pairing your wine with the sauce will also help to balance out the different tastes.

    Wine With Pepperoni Or Sausage Pizza

    White wines from ten varieties

    A spicier topping such as pepperoni will dominate the pizzas flavour and may be able to handle a wine with a bit more attitude.

    A juicy Grenache/Syrah blend could be great, but watch out for too much tannin and oak.

    In Tuscany, OHare said, If I stayed regional and red Id look for a young Chianti or Chianti Classico Annata and put it in the fridge or outside to chill, and Id go for a pizza with sausage meat to handle the more tannic wine choice.

    Fruit-driven styles of Nero dAvola, particularly from Sicily, have become a mainstay on several pizzeria wine lists in the UK and have the weight to pair with meat-based pizzas although some poorer-made examples can lack balance, especially if served too warm.

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    Sauvignon Blanc: Grilled Caesar Salad

    This grilled caesar salad is the kind of meal you’ll crave on a hot summer’s nightand it calls for a wine that’s equally light and refreshing. Try a New Zealand sauvignon blanc, as its pungent herbal notes are a nice accompaniment to vegetables and herbs, and its dry, light body won’t overwhelm the delicate flavors of the delicate romaine. If you can find it, Arneisa nutty white from Italy’s well-respected Piedmont wine regionis also an excellent complement to parmesan cheese and tangy dressings.

    Get our recipe for Grilled Caesar Salad.

    Best Cheese And Wine Pairings

    Even though it is a centuries-old tradition, matching cheese and wine together can still be a challenging and intimidating task. If done correctly, a perfect match can be an exquisite experience. Every detail in making the pairing needs to be considered. While a wine or a cheese by itself may be spectacular, that does not necessarily mean that pairing them is a good idea. Most people have not had years of experience focusing on tasting many wine and cheese options and become familiar with the characteristics and qualities of each. Here are some ideas that will help guide you into creating successful pairings:

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    What Foods Go Well With Wine

    Keep reading for 11 delicious food and wine pairings.

    • Sangiovese Pairs with Pizza and Other Tomato-Based Dishes.
    • Pinot Grigio Pairs with Seafood Dishes.
    • Rosé Pairs with Cheesy Dishes.
    • Prosecco Pairs with Prosciutto and Melon.
    • Malbec Pairs with Barbecue Dishes.
    • Cabernet Sauvignon Pairs with Steak and Other Red Meats.

    The Best Reds And Whites To Enjoy With Your Pie

    What Wine Goes With Salmon?: Thumbs Up Wine Pairing

    It used to be that when you placed an order for your favorite pizza pie you would then double-check the fridge to make sure you also had some beer. However, times have changed. Wine is now an accepted beverage to accompany pizza, and when chosen carefully, will complement the cheesy pie nicely.;

    Regardless of your pizza preference, don’t spend more on your wine than you would on your pizza. A;bargain wine;would be the wine of choice for your next pizza night. Whether you are a traditionalist and favor cheese and pepperoni or go for something a bit different like a white pizza, there are different wines for each type of topping. Here are some suggestions for which wines to pair with which kind of pizza.;

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    Pb&j Sandwich And Fizzy Crisp White

    For those of you who put effort into snack time; I commend you ;a PB&J doesnt have to be left alone, especially when its flavors go AWESOME with our Fizzy Crisp White.;The sweetness of this wine goes well with the fruity/sugary-ness of the jelly, while the crispness helps to put a spotlight on that delicious peanut butter. What could be better than this pairing? A PB&J flipflop flavor! Jklolz, April Fools!

    Best Snacks To Serve With White Wine

    White wine is a favorite of many for its refreshing and light taste. White wine also pairs beautifully with a number of dishes which makes it the perfect choice for hosts to serve at gatherings. The below blog post outlines the best snacks to serve with white wine at an event to complement its flavor and prevent an unbalanced taste.

    1. Popcorn

    A great casual snack to serve at your next gathering with white wine is popcorn. Popcorn is perfect for parties given how easy it is to find, make and share with multiple people. The taste of standard popcorn tends to pair well with whites like Chardonnay because of the buttery taste that both have.

    This creamy flavour complements the richness of popcorn without being too overpowering and hiding its tastes. Ultimately, making it the perfect snack to serve at movie nights or social gatherings without running the flavors of both.

    2. Dark Chocolate

    Another snack that pairs well with white wine is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate can be easily incorporated on a platter, charcuterie board or served on its own to guests at an event. When serving dark chocolate its recommended to select a Cabernet Sauvignon because it will complement the taste of it.

    Just like dark chocolate Cabernet Sauvignon is filled with rich and powerful flavors that help to balance the bitterness of the chocolate without overpowering its flavor. Plus, most Cabernet Sauvignon have hints of berries, cherries and plums that work well to enhance the taste of both.

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    Elements To Consider For Lamb Wine Pairing

    Lamb can be characterized by being halfway between beef and game meat. It has a tender texture and full of iron, vitamins, and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. When pairing wine with lamb, consider that lamb meat has a high fat component. Following the wine pairing rules, the best wines with lamb will be medium to full-bodied with high acid. The preparation, spices, herbs, and sauces will also play a factor in lamb wine pairing.

    Animal Crackers And Riesling

    The Best Cheese Pairings For Your Favorite Type of Wine

    Classic and brilliant. Someone made the conscious decision to call these tiny delicious cookiesCrackers. It sure makes me feel better when I scarf down the whole bag! These bites of tasty call for a nice glass of Riesling and a moment to chillax. Slightly sweet with mild acidity, this wine brings out the sweet cookie deliciousness of animal crackers.;;;

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    Best Foods To Eat With White Wine

    White wines are elegant, simple and light. They should be served chilled, some to colder degrees than others. They are considered much more delicate than their red wine counterparts. That being said, white wines tend to pair well with lighter flavour so as not to upset the balance upon the palate.

    If youre not sure when you should be ordering white wine in a restaurant or serving it to guests in your home, here are 5 of the best foods you should be pairing with your white wine selection.

    PoultryOne of the easiest pairings you can make with white wines is by serving them with poultry. Most people think of chicken, but dont forget about Thanksgiving, that roast turkey should be served with a white wine. Chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, and Riesling are all proper white wines to accompany any poultry from chicken to turkey to Cornish game hens.

    Shrimp, crab and lobsterHeres where white wine can get a little bit tricky. Its fairly common knowledge that whites pair well with seafood, but certain foods from the sea are richer and fuller and must be treated as such. For the holy trinity of shrimp, crab and lobster, its best to pour a dry Riesling or sauvignon blanc to balance the beautiful flavours.

    Appetisers and saladsAs white wine is a match for lighter fare, appetisers and salads are ideal companions for your glass of white. Just about any white wine will do to harmonise with these light tastes, particularly Chardonnay.

    Wine With Salmon: What The Experts Say

    Salmon is a fairly versatile fish, so its going to depend on the type of salmon youve bought and what you do with it.

    The wine pairing depends heavily on how the salmon is prepared and the accompanying side dishes, said Jolanta Dinnadge, speaking to;as head sommelier at Corrigans Mayfair in 2019.

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