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How To Pair Wine With Food

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Wine 101: How to Pair Wine and Food

Sparkling wines are very versatile and can be paired with many dishes. You can even pair sparkling wines with fried foods. The carbonation cuts through the saltiness and balances the flavor of the fat, which is another reason that beer is a popular option with fried food. Lets face it: Sparkling wines turn everything into a celebration!

Find Your Wine At A Wine Cellar Outlet Near You

From deep, earthy Pinot Noir to light, fragrant Sparklings, The Wine Cellar Group has the perfect wine for your food. Whether you shop online or in-store at a Wine Cellar location near you, youll be pleased to find a wide selection of wines ready for purchase or to gift! When youre looking for a specific wine, or need recommendations on wine pairings, our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you make the perfect decision. Contact your nearest Wine Cellar Outlet by phone with any questions, visit us in-store, or shop online today!

When Pairing Wine Keep It Fun

With a basic knowledge of food and wine pairing, it wont be long until youre confidently choosing wines that boost culinary and flavor compatibility. Wine pairing should never be forced. Drink what you enjoy and combine it with the foods that you love. There really is no wrong wine pairing, since everybody has unique tastes.

Today, were fortunate to have access to wines from all over the world. So, dont be afraid to experiment and break the so-called rules. Have fun trying out new combinations of wine and food to see what works for your palate. After all, if you like the way it tastes, then its the right pairing.

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Dont Overdo The Spicy

One of the most common mistakes made in pairing a wine with a meal is thinking that a big, spicy, bold dish needs a big, spicy, bold wine. More often than not, bold and big wines have higher alcohol, which will actually raise the spice factor of a dish. Tannins in wine, which are represented by the presence of oak and the dark colors from the skin of the grape in red wines, also make a dish taste spicier. For an entrée like pulled pork with corn jalapeño slaw and a vinegar-based barbecue sauce, a good pairing is a lighter red wine that is fruit-forward like Zinfandel, or, if you are feeling adventurous, a Gamay. These wines have enough body and character to keep up with the flavors of barbecue, but wont make the heat too intense.

When in doubt though, pairing wine with food is about enjoying what is in front of you. It is also always safe to ask for a recommendation, or more details about a dishs preparation to help you recognize flavors or ingredients that will key you to a good pairing. At Tupelo Honey, we also list recommended pairings on our menus that are not only for wine, but beer and cocktails, too. Because who doesnt love a taco and a margarita?!

To learn more about classic wines and pairings, you can check out one of Tupelo Honeys favorite training resources for our staff, Wine Folly.

Cheers to complementing the experience with great drinks, and be sure to visit us during Happy Hour!

This post was written by Tupelo Honey Cafe VP of Operations E. Tyler Alford.

Rules For Great Wine And Food Pairings

How To Pair Wine With Foods

Some advice for pairing food and wine can be overly strict. The truth is, you can eat pretty much whatever you want while drinking whichever wine you want. Are you pairing a green chile cheeseburger with a glass of crisp Chablis? Sounds great. Would it be recommended in most food-pairing guides? Not really. There are, however, time-tested guidelines to help you plan meals and parties and go through life as an educated food-lover. It’s basically a “you should know the rules before you break them” situation. Here are 15 tips for pairing food with wines.

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How To Plan A Small Party With Wine Pairings

Youre eating. Youre drinking. Youre hanging out friends. Its definitely all good. But here are a few ideas for making your small party with wine pairings GREAT.

When youre having a party, there are things to pay attention to. But avoiding the wrong combinations of food and wine definitely isnt one of them.

In other words, dont let anyone fool you into thinking that theres a right or perfect way to enjoy food and wine. Especially at a party.

Instead, think of food and wine pairing is a place to have fun. A place to experiment. To try things and discover what works and doesnt work for you. And enjoy the company of friends in the process.

Here, then, are some ideas for planning a finger food or app-oriented party of six to ten people with wine pairings.

The Basics: Wine And Food Pairing Guide

Topics:Wine Knowledge

The world of wine can be intimidating. From full bodied red wines to crisp dry white wines. The options are truly endless! However, when it comes to pairing wine with food there are quite a few tips and tricks to help you along the way. This guide is your one stop shop on how to pair food and wine.

The first step in gaining an in-depth knowledge into wine and food pairings, is an understanding of some of the most commonly used wine terms. These terms are used to describe all different aspects of wine. For a more extensive list of terms, check out our blog How to Taste Wine.

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Choose A Hook Or A Theme

This is another way to answer the question of where to start.

Maybe you have a type of wine youd like to learn more about. Cabernet Sauvignon, for example. You could serve a few bottles of Cab , then serve some foods that go with it. You and your guests would get to try the different wines with the different foods, discover what works in pairing with it and maybe also discover a particular brand or producer of Cabernet that you like.

Or maybe you have a type of food you want to explore. Shrimp, for example. You could prepare a few different shrimp recipes and serve a few different wines that go with shrimp. You and your guests get to try different wines with the food and discover what works with shrimp.

You can expand from there, maybe choosing three recipes that each go with a different type of wine and serving those three wines alongside. That can be fun because therell be two recipes that each wine theoretically isnt ideal with, as well as two wines that each recipe theoretically doesnt go with. So you and your guests can try both right and wrong pairings and discover for yourself what works and doesnt work.

Choosing wines or foods from a particular place or cuisine can be fun. Or choosing a specific type of winesparkling wine, for examplein a range of prices.

All great ways to go, and you can be as casual or formal as you want to be about them.

Brunch A New Movement

How to Pair Wine for Thanksgiving | Bottle Service | Food & Wine

After a stressful week at work or a Friday night party, brunch is perfect to save you more time in bed. Even more appealing are the various items available for both breakfast and lunch some light dishes such as salads or tapas and an early daytime drink. This is the premise for the occasional adaptivity of brunch.

Brunch is best for fresh, sweet and sour dishes with “natural flavors” from fruits, vegetables, or herbs as the main background. This also has a certain influence on the recent trend of F& B product launches.

Jacob’s Creek, Australia’s veteran winemaker, recently introduced to the Vietnamese market three new wine products – Jacob’s Creek Moscato, Moscato Rose, and Cherry Red, carrying the spirit of “A Wine Worth Sharing” with the inspiration drawn from the natural sweetness of herbs and fruits.

These are low-alcohol wines, featuring natural sweet and refreshing flavors from summer fruits a refreshment for leisurely gathering time with friends and family.

According to Jacob’s Creek, the new products will represent popular flavor trends for brunch parties. The new line is also expected to create a “breath” of taste for the domestic wine market in the last quarter of 2021.

Brimming with a fruity, floral aroma complemented by citrus notes, Jacob’s Creek Moscato is a summer beverage for brunch parties in the garden.

Translated by Bich Tram

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Feeling Funky Feeling Blue

“Époisses is a commitment cheese,” says Jenn Mason of Boston’s Curds & Co. , a statement that could extend to a lot of washed-rind cheeses. Washed rinds are made by moistening the outside of the cheese with liquidanything from salty water to brandy, cider, and other alcoholsas it ages. They range in intensity from mellow to intriguingly aromatic to straight-up, in-your-face stinky. The wines that go best with them vary because of that, but a dry or off-dry Riesling is almost always a good choice.

The other polarizing category is blue cheeses. If you are a blue cheese fan, “That’s when you go for the sweet wines,” says Kent Torrey. “The classic pairing with Roquefort is a Sauternesyou get this elixir of unctuous apricot and peach flavors that offsets the acidity and saltiness of the cheese.” Same for the equally classic pairing of Stilton and port, where the sweet intensity of the wine balances the salty, tangy, umami of the cheese.

Are You Sure This Is Fun

It is, if you want it to be. If you are hosting friends for dinner, you want them to enjoy your cooking and appreciate the wines without necessarily seeing the effort and thought behind them.

What if you unwittingly serve a wine that makes your veal dish taste like a heel cushion, or your sole meunière makes the wine taste like skid-row jug juice? As weve said, no meal has been completely ruined by an improper pairing, but time, consideration and experimentation will improve your odds of getting it right.

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The Best Way To Learn Food And Wine Pairings

One way to learn about food and wine pairings is to sign up for a class or a wine tasting led by a professionally trained sommelier. Virtual wine tastings are a great way to learn about wine, explore gourmet food and wine pairings from world-class chefs and sommeliers, and discover what wines you prefer, all from your own home.

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How To Pair Wine And Food Like An Adult

A Guide To Pairing Food &  Wine

Nothing is better at the end of the day than a pouring yourself a glass of wine with your dinner, but most guides for wine and food pairings assume youre making Steak Diane or something equally as fancy and impossible.

Lets be real. We work hard all day, so when we come home we want something easy I make tacos or burgers if Im cooking, or Im ordering pizza or Chinese takeout. But that doesnt mean I cant enjoy the right wine with my comfort foods. There are just a few rules you should abide by if you want to achieve the ultimate taste combo.

One thing to remember is to never eat food thats sweeter than your wine. When youre pairing wine with food, think about the strongest flavor in the dish. If youre eating pizza, will the toppings overpower the tomato?

Lets talk about reds: Pinot Noir, Dolcetto, and other light-bodied reds are perfect for foods that have an earthy flavor. Red meats are typically paired with wines like Cabernet Sauvignon. If youre drinking Rosé, aim for cheesy dishes. Malbec reds are delicious with barbecue sauces. Zinfandel can be described as rich, which pairs it great with other rich, meaty foods like ribs or chicken.

Now that you have the basic rundown of wine and food pairings, here is a wine pairing chart to help you apply your new knowledge to the foods you actually eat.

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Setting The Party Scene

We usually do our tasting in the summer and enjoy the warm evenings. I set up one or two tables. I also purchase small plastic or bamboo plates for everyone to eat from. This helps with clean up afterwards. I bring everything out family style and have everyone grab their portion from the serving platter. We also do the same thing with the wine. I love the community aspect to the tasting and it makes it more laid back.

Drink Blueberry Wine While Noshing On Cheesecake

When antioxidant-rich, brain-boosting blueberries become irresistible fruit wine, the results are spectacular. To pair rich and decadent blueberry wine with food, be sure to enjoy it with a slice of cheesecake. Blueberry wine is renowned for pairing well with any sort of dessert, so its a great after-dinner wine to try. If you prefer to enjoy fruit wine with savory nibbles, nosh on nuts while you sip. Pecans, almonds, and hazelnuts are fine choices.

Now that you know more about fruit wines made from peaches, apples, and blueberries, why not try them for yourself? When you pair fruit wines with the right foods, you can enjoy them like premier wine experts and chefs. Always keep in mind that these wonderful fruit wines taste amazing on their own. Visit Robinettes winery in Grand Rapids, Michigan to sample and bring home some of our homemade fruit wines and hard ciders!

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Pair Peach Wine With Smoky Or Spicy Foods

A true gourmet experience is about building a superlative flavor profile via contrast. For example, salted caramel is very popular nowadays because it provides an addictive balance of sweet and savory flavors. The same principle applies when it comes to food and wine pairings. When you enjoy a glass of peach wine alongside smoky or spicy foods, youll balance your wines exquisite sweetness perfectly. The wines fresh, summery taste will complement the strong flavors of smoked cheeses, such as smoked Gouda, or some spicy BBQ.

Peaches contain vitamins C and A, and freestone and clingstone varieties are very popular in the USA. Wines made from peaches will vary in terms of taste, mouth-feel and aroma, based on how they are produced and aged, and which types of barrels they are aged in. Other factors include the properties of the soil the peach trees are planted in. So, be sure to experiment with different peach wines, with or without smoked or spicy snacks and cuisine. When it comes to fruit wines made from peaches, there are so many notes and nuances to discover.

What Exactly To Serve At A Pairing Party

How to Pair Wine and Cheese | Wine School | Food & Wine

Once you have some direction about what you generally want to do, how to pick the specific foods and wines for your party?

For the appetizers, I recommend three to six dishes for six to ten people, ideally a mix of cold foods and hot foods so youre not a slave to the kitchen during the party. Err on the side of simple recipes versus complicated ones. Because its antithetical to fun to be stressed at your own event.

Its also perfectly valid to ask people to bring things. It can even add to the success of a partyguests who bring things have a stake in the outcome.

For specific recipes and food and wine pairing tips, see the resources below.

For the wine, I recommend two to three glasses per person , depending on how long the party lasts and how much your friends are drinkers. Pour small tastes rather than full glasses, since the idea is to try different wines with different foods.

Tip: Provide water or sparkling water and encourage drinking lots of it.

For specific bottles, let your wallet be your guide. Or again, ask friends to bring a bottle each. And if you have something specific in mind, a knowledgeable retailer can be a huge help.

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Check The Acidity Level Of Wine

The wines that belong to cool climates are much more acidic than the ones that are from the humid climates. The certain way to get the best wine pair with the food dish is to prior check the acidity level of the wine. The wine must always be more than the food. If you are eating the food with the fattest calories, you must go for picking the top acidic wine. You can pair such foods with Rose, Sparkling, and White wines.

Of Course Its Not Always That Simple

A Chardonnay from Chablis and a Chardonnay from Napa Valley share some core flavors and characteristics, but most of the stylistic elements will vary widely. This holds true for Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and other wine grapes that are vinified worldwide.

The respective climates, soils and winery treatments will affect the finished style of the wines. And that affects their ability to pair with a specific dish.

For say, grilled fish served with a light drizzle of olive oil, a light white wine, like a cool-climate Pinot Grigio or a lean and steely Chablis, would be a good match.

But again, not all Pinot Grigios or Chardonnays are created equal. A full-bodied, intensely flavored, oaky wine might render the fish tasteless. What if the fish is not grilled simply and lightly oiled? What if its smothered in a rich, flavorful cream sauce?

In that case, the very light Pinot Grigio will be overwhelmed by the food. A fuller white wine or a leaner red, like Pinot Noir, might be a better choice.

What if a squeeze of lemon is needed to bring this fish to life, or perhaps the fish is a component in an acidic ceviche? Then the acidity of the wine becomes a factor. Either choose a low-acid wine to contrast the acidity of the dish, or pick a crisply acidic wine to complement it.

You can see how this can get insane very quickly. So generalizations like white wine with fish are useful, but only to a point.

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