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How To Make Mini Wine Bottle Labels

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Our Favorite Bridesmaid And Maid Of Honor Wine Bottle Labels

How to Make Personalized Wine Bottle Label | Easy DIY Wine Labels

We’re not exaggerating when we say that the options to personalize your own labels are overflowingâthere are so many ways to create custom designs for bridesmaid proposals, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, bridesmaid luncheons and more. From simple templates that ask, ‘”Will you be my bridesmaid?'” to more elaborate designs that feature photos, names and heartfelt sentiments, these wine labels are sure to make your bridesmaid gift ideas and party favors sparkle.

And if you feel a little anxious about perfecting that peel-and-stick wine label process, consider the bottle neck hang tags available from our very own The Knot Shop instead. These hangers go over the neck of the bottle just like a gift tag. Perfect for when you’re gifting a bottle , the tags are a fun, effortless alternative to adhesive bottle labels that cover the bottle’s own labelâand they’re budget-friendly, too.

How To Apply Your Custom Labels

Most importantly, be sure to review the specific instructions provided by your sticker source. But in general, there are also some common best practices for applying the labels, which include removing the original wine or champagne label, soaking the bottle to slough off any of the remaining residue and patting the bottle dry to ensure the label has the strongest, most flawless seal when it’s applied.

Make A Unique And Attractive Wine Label At Home

The possible customization combinations are endless. Experiment with different layouts, color schemes, alignments, images, and text until youre completely satisfied that the design represents your wine in the best possible way. By taking full control of the design process yourself, you can be sure the finished product is everything you wanted it to be. Use Creative Cloud Express as a wine bottle label maker to save money and ensure your product gets the attention it deserves.

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Choose Theright Size Label

Making sure your labels fit correctly is really importantand a key part of making your labels look professional. The last thing you wantto do is re-create and re-order your wine labels.

At Avery WePrint, theres a wide range of label sizes to fitwine bottles which you can use in either orientation:portrait or landscape .

First, decide if you are going to be using one label or two one on the front to sell the wine and say what it is, and one on the backfor more detailed information.

For standard bottles with high shoulders, wine bottle labelsare usually used in the portrait orientation. A typical rectangle label size for this typeof bottle would be 75mm x 110mm.

Let Creative Cloud Express Be Your Wine Label Design Expert

50th Birthday Mini Wine Labels Gold Mini Wine Bottle Set

Hone your creativity with the power of Creative Cloud Express. Explore professionally designed templates to get your wheels spinning or create your wine label from scratch. Establish a theme for your designs using photos, icons, logos, personalized fonts, and other customizable elements to make them feel entirely authentic. Duplicate designs and resize them to create consistency across multiple types of assets. With Creative Cloud Express, its free and easy to make, save, and share your designs within minutes.

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Thank You Mini Wine Labels

Use these labels for any occasion or holiday where you want to give your guests a mini wine bottle for a favor as a way of thanking them for celebrating the occasion or event with you.

Coming Soonas soon as I finish creating these labels I will update this post, but with Easter and the other holidays fast approaching, I wanted to get these out there.

Christmas MIni Wine Bottle Labels

Valentines Day MIni Wine Bottle Labels

Mini St. Patricks Day Wine Bottle Labels

Christmas Mini Wine Labels

When it comes to celebrating Christmas holidays with your close friends, an exotic wine bottle really adds an extra spunk to the joy. What if you personalized these mini wine bottles? Icing on the cake! Isnt it? So give a new twist to this Christmas festivity with Christmas mini wine labels from iCustomlabel. These custom labels will provide the perfect way to make your wine bottle truly unique whether you’re creating a Christmas gift for family or for that special someone. If you are thinking of giving wine as a gift, wrap these bottles with our mini wine labels having splashed with Christmas holiday colors. We only provide premium high quality labels for a lasting impression.

Design your own wine labels for Christmas

You dont have to be extravagant to celebrate the Christmas. Rather, you can do it quite under budget by turning inexpensive wine bottles into festive treats. The free, printable mini wine bottle labels from iCustomlabel come in adorable Christmas holiday themes. Create your own beautifully personalized wine label by adding your own custom text and photos to one of our easy to use design templates. Choose a label to add to a bottle and give as a gift. Browse our collection, and download and print your favorites.

How to personalize Christmas mini wine labels

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iCustomLabel & Invitations

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The Knot Shop Personalized Be My Bridesmaid Wine Bottle Neck Hang Tags

Sometimes the wine is just too good that even thinking about removing its OG label seems blasphemous. That’s why a hang tag that slips right over the top of the bottle is a great solution. This one can be personalized in either black or gold foil with your intended bridesmaids’ names atop the burning question: “Will you be my bridesmaid?”

How To Get Labels Off Champagne Bottles

DIY Personalized WINE BOTTLE LABELS | With a Cricut | Sticker Paper | Custom Gifts | Bridal Party

Take the label from the wine bottle and soak it for 30 minutes in room temperature water with 5-10 tablespoons of baking soda. After removing the bottle from the water, wipe it clean with a rag to remove the label. You can remove any remaining label with your fingernail or steel wool if there is any.

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The Knot Shop Personalized Eat Drink & Suit Up Wine Bottle Neck Hang Tags

Not every wine label needs to be reserved for bridesmaids. These hang tags are an equally dashing prop for grooms to ask their groomsmen . Even though they’re billed as wine bottle accoutrements, they also make great little additions to other types of bottles. You can throw the inexpensive custom printed hangers onto champagne, beer, liquor and even water bottles, because the message is still the same: “Eat, drink and suit up.”

The Sunshine Garden Greenery And Gold Bridesmaid Proposal Wine Label Template

These modern, editable wine labels feature hand-painted, watercolor greenery artwork in a gold geometric frame with calligraphed fonts. Using a special website, you can purchase and create your own print-at-home labels right from your browser. If handling the printing on your own is a little intimidating, you can also upload your files online and print them through an online printer.

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Tipsy Cheers Labels Bridesmaid Wine Label

A black and white motif is utterly classic, and this one includes your bridesmaid or bridesman’s name and their role in your special day. Grayscale greenery next to your text adds a whimsical flourish to the design. The best thing is that they’re re-positionable if you don’t quite get the application right the first time . If your bottle needs to be chilled before you share with your crew, no worries, the label is professional-grade and water-resistant, so it won’t smear or smudge.

Valentines Day Mini Wine Bottle Labels

winter wedding gold wedding mini wine bottle labels

I love making these things. They are so fun for me and then I get to give them to you as a gift. Yay! These are made for the mini wine bottles but you could probably fit them on water bottles or soda bottles if you didnt want to use wine.

I like to give gifts to my friends as well as my hubby so some, or all of these can be for friends. They are multi-purpose mini wine bottle labels.

The download includes one png file that you print on 8.5 x 11 sticker paper.

I have been using the Avery 8.5 x 11 sticker paper sheets but have used other brands before that work just as good. I have tried card stock in the past but it does not like to stick to the wine bottle as nicely as the sticker paper so I really recommend it.

I recently made these beer bottle labels for a retirement party and they stickers worked great too. I let the bottles warm up, then applied the labels. It worked like a charm.

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Select A Label Material

If you’re labeling white wine, you may want to consider any of our waterproof label materials. Since white wine is typically placed in a refrigerator, cooler, or ice bucket, your label will need to stand up to cold and wet conditions.

If you’re labeling red wine, you don’t necessarily need to limit your options. Shop our full line of label materials including metallic labels.

Read our material selection tips for an in-depth analysis of our material types.

Cutting And Applying The Labels

Once you have printed the labels cut them using a paper cutter or paper trimmer. I left enough space for you to make them a little larger or smaller if needed depending on the size of the bottle.

The peel of the backing of the sticker paper and start at one side of the bottle and slowly stick it down as you roll the bottle. Easy peasy!

You can even place one in a jar with some candies as a nice gift.

They are just fundont you agree?

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Standard Size Wine Bottle Labels

There are many standard-sized wine bottle labels on this site as well. They are perfect for gifts. There are standard size labels for Easter, Graduation, Birthday, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Valentines Day, and St. Patricks Day.

Please note these printables are for personal use only. You do not have permission to sell them for profit or claim them as your own design.

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Free Wine Labels For The Holidays

How to Make Custom Wine Bottle Labels with Silhouette Print and Cut

These free holiday wine labels from Better Homes & Gardens need to be printed out and then adhered to your bottle of wine. They make great gifts but are also just great to sit on the holiday table.

There are 12 different holiday wine label designs here, so you have plenty to choose from.

Better Homes & Gardens also has some free fall wine labels that include fall, Thanksgiving, and Halloween designs.

  • 09 of 09

    This free wine label from Martha Stewart Weddings comes in neutral gray, orange, and white tones and greets the recipient with the word “Salud!” front and center. It’s a classy label for a classy occasion and the recipient is going to love the modern look it gives the bottle of wine.

    This free wine labels work great with a wedding and the name of the bride and groom along with the wedding date can be added before printing.

    Don’t stop at weddings though because you can add any custom text before printing to make this work for any party or gift.

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    Mini Wine Bottle Labels Only

    Personalize your party with customized wine bottle labels.


    • Price includes one customized labels. Fits 187ml bottles. If you need more than 18 items please indicate that in the notes section.
    • These are sticker labels which you can apply on the front of your mini wine bottles.
    • We customize with a theme of your choice and will email you a sample before it is printed.
    • Please make sure to add party information in order notes.

    How To Make Your Own Wine Label Template

    This custom wine Label template word includes the following information to fill:

    • Brand Name

    Most re-known companies have some brand names under which they are manufacturing their alcoholic products.

    • Slogan / Tag line

    The one-line description of the brand that perceptualizes in the consumers minds.

    • Year of establishment

    The year since they are producing or giving their services.

    • Information

    In the template, the information includes the details about the following.

    Date of manufacture and date of expiry Secondly, it may include flavors names. Thirdly the origin of production.

    • Volume

    Volume may include the percentages of alcohol in the wine and it also visualizes the quantities of ingredients present in the wine.

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    How To Attach The Mini Wine Bottle Labels

    The easiest thing to do is print them on sticker paper like this. That way, you can just cut them out with a paper trimmer and peel and stick them onto the mini wine bottles.

    You can also print them on regular paper if you wish. Use a glue stick to spread glue on the entire back of the label. Make sure you glue all the way to the edges. Then smooth it over the mini wine bottle label, and you have transformed it into a beautiful DIY gift or favor.

    If you are placing the labels over mini wine bottles that you will chill, you will want to use waterproof paper such as this sticker paper for laser printers and inkjet printers.

    There are mini wine bottle labels for Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas, St. Patricks Day, Valentines Day, Graduation, and Birthdays. For many different occasions, some labels can be used that simply say, Thank you for celebrating with us! These are perfect to be used as favors for guests.

    There are also several different designs for each holiday or occasion. Check back as more will be added as they are created!

    To download the mini wine labels, enter your name in the email form below with the holiday or occasion labels that you would like. You will then receive an automated email asking you to confirm your address. Once you confirm your address, you will be taken to the PDF print version of those labels. You can then download them to your computer and use them year after year.

    Personalization Mall Rustic Bridal Shower Personalized Wine Bottle Label

    56 2.5 x 2 inch Die Cut Mini Wine Bottle Wedding Labels

    Personalized wine labels don’t have to be for specific people, either. These wood grain-style labels would be right at home at a rustic bridal shower, dressing up wine for a festive centerpiece . And since the customization is the same across the board, you’re eligible for bulk/quantity discount pricing at checkout.

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    Custom Mini Wine Labels

    Premium Mini Wine Bottle Labels for Weddings and Celebrations

    iCustomLabel designs thousands of custom labels and stickers for wine bottles, and we offer personalized labels for all occasions. Our mini wine bottle labels are waterproof that are printed on high quality digital printing press. Since we make sure they are available in multiple sizes so they that can easily fit on mini wine, champagne or liquor bottles. Our customers admire the superior quality that we pour in all of our personalized wine labels. We have hundreds of options to choose from, so you will never be limited in terms of choice. Whether you need custom wine bottle labels for your anniversary, or personalized wine bottle labels to add elegance to your dinner table, we carry every type of custom label imaginable. You can also customize your labels and add images, company logo, text whatever you want with desire colors at background and font.

    Personalized labels for special occasions

    Create your unique Mini Wine labels or Gifts

    The moment you get invitations for your close friends engagements or weddings, you wonder what you should give them as gifts. Your predicament will be easily solved when you have exotic wine bottles for them, and putting personalized labels and stickers on them will be icing on the cake. These shining and colorful labels go as per the flow of any party to make them even more enjoyable and special.

    What Information Should Be On A Wine Bottle Label

    Usually, wine bottlers make two wine label templates for their bottles. The label on the front features the name of the wine. Its also the label meant to catch your eye as youre going through the bottles. The label on the back contains a lot more information.

    These include useful data as well as helpful suggestions about the wine. Some countries require bottlers to include certain information on their front labels. This includes the wine type, alcohol content, and the wines country of origin.

    Here are some other kinds of information you may find on the typical wine labels:

  • The name of the wines brand.
  • The type of wine
  • The percentage of the alcohol by volume.
  • The bottlers name and address.
  • The net contents of the bottle.
  • The government warning.
  • Aside from these, you may find some terms youre not really familiar with. That is unless youre a wine connoisseur. Here are some of those unfamiliar terms and their definitions:

    • Estate-bottled refers to the company which bottled the wine and also grew the grapes.
    • Reserve indicates that the wine went through extra aging. The bottlers did this before they released it from their winery.
    • Vintage year is the year in which bottlers harvested the grapes for the wine.

    As you can see, there is a lot of information on the labels of wine bottles. But now what? Aside from knowing the information, you also need to know how to read the wine bottles. Lets discuss that next.

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