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Dandelion Wine For Sale

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It Is Daunting To Choose A Recipe For Your First Batch Of Dandelion Wine So Here Are A Few Tips To Guide You:

Dandelion Wine Making

Use only the yellow petals. Leaving the petals attached to the green base will make the wine bitter and unpalatable. This step, called the second picking, can be quite laborious.

Once youve harvested your flowers, recruit a group of friends to pick the petals from the base. I also highly recommend a chilled white wine to go with this step.

There Are Three Mandatory Ingredients And A Host Of Optional Ingredients To Create Dandelion Wine

Mandatory ingredients include sugar, wine yeast and a source of acid, typically oranges and lemons. Raisins will make it more reminiscent of a white wine. Bananas will give it a richer texture and distinctive aroma. In addition, ginger can add a hint of spice.

Aging is typically at least six months. This allows the wine to mellow out and develop complex flavors. Aging the wine for two to three years will create a full-bodied wine, similar to brandy, with a rich golden color. So, this spring dont bemoan the dandelion. You too can enjoy what it has to offer.

The perfect bottle of hand-crafted artisan wine awaits at Island Winery on Cardinal Rd. Complimentary tastings, wine by the glass and cheese platters are available Monday-Saturday from 12:30-5:30 p.m. and Sunday from 12-4 p.m. 842-3141 or

Dandelion Wine By Hidden Legend Winery

This is not your grandmothers dandelion wine, but its pretty darn close. Its been approvingly described as delicate and grassy but we just think of it as summer on a back porch in Montana. Hidden Legend Dandelion Wine is best-appreciated mid-afternoon, by itself, or with a very soft cheese.

We are pleased to offer a 10% discount for orders of any combination of 12 bottles or more. Use the discount code case10 at checkout. This offer cannot be used with any other coupons. Like us on Facebook for new product information or to comment on our products. Our meads come in 750 ml bottles.

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Many Of Us See Dandelions As A Yellow Blight In Our Neighborhoods

They were, in fact, purposely brought to the United States from Europe in the mid-1600s. Today, Dandelion Festivals occur across the country from Napa Valley, California, to Vineland, New Jersey.

Amish, French, Greek, Italian and Polish cuisine use dandelions. They are also believed to be one of the original bitter herbs of Passover. Young dandelion greens are considered to be a delicacy. In the spring, when the leaves are tender and fresh, they can be used for salad greens, either raw or boiled. The roots may also be roasted and used as a coffee substitute. In parts of Eastern Europe, the milky sap is used in folk medicine.

It is almost impossible to describe the taste of dandelion wine, because it depends on the recipe used and the amount of aging. Many different cultures incorporated dandelions into their distinctive cuisines. Dandelion wine recipes, born from these distinct cultures and traditions, are extremely varied. In addition, many people have graciously shared their family recipes online.

Only Place To Get Dandelion Wine


Years ago, I had come across their dandelion wine. Since then have looked everywhere. My son found one other winery in the U.S. that made dandelion wine, but it did not compare favorably. The Ackerman winery has a nice historical display of its beginning and processes, in addition to the wine room. The winery has many fruit based wines–cranberry, apricot, rhubarb, pomegranate, to name a few. They are all on the sweet side, but a few other types are available. Tastings available. An upstairs room has some home décor items, and some food items are available on the main floor, along with related wine accessories.

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Buy Wine & Spirits Online In Canada

My Wine Canada is an online wine and spirits store that enables Canadian consumers to shop for and buy products online from Canada’s top wineries and distilleries. This means you get to learn about and buy the very best Canadian wine and spirits online, anytime, without going anywhere. Our process is very simple: just pick it, ship it and sip it.

Delivery Notice: All orders are shipped directly to you from each participating producer by their preferred carrier. Many of our BC winery partners use a courier to ship to you and these couriers will make contactless delivery to your door. In cases where Canada Post is the preferred carrier, please note that Canada Post is safely resuming door delivery to homes with their own outdoor entrance and a verbal signature will be captured. For deliveries to apartments, condos and businesses with a common entrance, Canada Post is delivering all packages to the nearest Canada Post outlet and you will be notified where to pick up your order. For more information, please visit the Product Delivery page. To inquire about delivery options, please email us at or call us toll-free at 1 236-5036 and we will be happy to help you.

Here Are A Few Tips To Make A Batch Of Dandelion Wine A Spring Delicacy

We all know that when life gives us lemons we should make lemonade, but did you know that when life gives us weeds, we should make dandelion wine?

Of course, you can always order a bottle online, just make sure you dont accidentally purchase the 1957 Ray Bradbury novel by the same name. Homemade dandelion wine is surprisingly delicious, so as spring approaches and the dandelions start popping up, consider making a batch of homemade dandelion wine.

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Wycombe Vineyards Puts Limited Supply Of Dandelion Wine On Sale

For those of you wanting something unique, Rich Fraser of Wycombe Vineyards along the Bucks County Wine Trail has his dandelion wine for sale for the second year in a row. Just released this past weekend, Fraser said by phone Wednesday that this is a limited release, around 230 of the smaller bottles, each selling for $15.

It’s a dessert wine, Fraser said, “not candy sweet like an ice wine but definitely sweeter than, say, a sweet Riesling. And I think, for me, it would go outstanding as a sipping wine — you wouldn’t need a whole lot of it — with, say, cheesecake or vanilla ice cream with caramel topping on it. Creme brulee would go great with it. Nothing chocolatey, nothing heavy. Lemon meringue would go great. It has that honey-pear to it. For a light sipping wine, I think you only need like, maybe, 2 ounces in the glass, and you can sip that, because the alcohol is high and the flavors are there. You could just sit there and sip it for an hour. You don’t need a whole lot of it.”

Fraser said the dandelions came out early this year, in April, and “we picked what we could. There were zillions of them out there. Took about two months . Just had to get the labels for it. Had to get the labels in, then started bottling. Took about two months to make it.”

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Maple River Winery North Dakota’s Winery

Wine and Mead Making Q and A

We are still in awe over the train derailment from December 30, 2013. Here is a link to a page we have dedicated with photos and videos from this historical event. Fortunately, no one was injured in the Casselton, ND train derailment.

Our tasting room is open Monday through Saturday year around. On Saturdays we take an in-depth tour of our wine production area as well as enjoy some wonderful Pride of Dakota products to go with our wine sampling. We can also visit the Maple River Distillery tasting room just 2 doors to the west. Join us today! Our Dandelion Wine is sold in 1/2 bottles. Each 1/2 bottle has close to 100 yellow flowers in it. Our wine is not blended with any grape or fruit juice or wine. Enjoy this prairie delicacy chilled.

autographed by the legendary Ray Bradbury

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Local Ontario Wine Sales

Pillitteri offers a variety of sales options for our wines within Ontario. We are pleased to offer many of our brands for sale in the LCBO, both in General List and Vintages. All of our wines are also available to our customers via our direct to home delivery service. Our licensee customers may also to have our wines delivered directly to their licensed restaurant through quick and efficient delivery methods. We know not all fans of Pillitteri wines have the opportunity to visit the winery to buy your wines. If you are looking for our wines, look no further, we are easier to find than you may think.

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