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How To Remove Wine Labels

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Reasons To Remove Wine Bottle Labels

How to Remove Wine Bottle Labels : Wine Topics

It may seem easy to remove wine labels, just peeling and pulling. However, pulling the label may result in tearing, which ruins the quality of the label. Therefore, it is vital to learn how to remove the label carefully to ensure it is worth keeping.

Many people throw away their empty wine bottles, not knowing how useful they can be. However, crafters and wine enthusiasts who keep wine journals may find the labels on the wine bottle quite fascinating.

Private-label winemakers remove labels from wine bottles to re-use them. Also, they create artwork, including coasters, bulletin boards, lampshades, portraits, or collages.

Why Remove Wine Bottle Labels

A bottle of wine may hold memories of a celebration or an unforgettable experience, so some people remove the wine labels to include them in theircollection, journal, or scrapbook. On the other hand, private-label winemakers take out wine bottle labels to replace the original with the one they made.

Meanwhile, crafters and artisans remove wine labels to re-use the label or the bottle for their arts and crafts. Examples of these projects are framed wine labels, wine bottle lights, wine tile coasters, and wine bottle glassware.

Three: Ive Got It Off Now What

Label Album

Head down to your local office supply store and get yourself some nice sturdy card stock and binder. A three-hole punch might help too. Soon youll have a lovely record of all your beer escapades. Wine drinkers have been doing this for decades.

If you soaked your label off, then you probably need some glue. Wuffling.com has a lot to say about glues, but to cut to the chase, acid-free glue sticks are the easiest to use.


Frames the size of a beer label are cheap and easy to come by. I recommend buying frames with the matting included so your label doesnt stick to the glass. You want to measure the mat opening and compare against the size of the label to make sure it displays nicely.

I like these frames from Craig because they have a lot of opening options AND I can still display my labels consistently in the same simple black frames. 4 x 4, 4 x 6, 5 x 5, 5 x 7 LOTS of options.

The same goes for these frames from Prinz, although they dont have quite as many options.


Tools: X-Acto knife, kitchen tile, Modge Podge, clear coat spray, cork feet

Feeling crafty? How about sticking your label to a kitchen tile for a handsome coaster? Pop Sugar has this all figured out for you

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If There Is Any Sticky Residue Left Behind You Can Use Peanut Butter Or Goo Gone To Remove It

Removing any residue left behind is critical to having your labels go on smoothly and look their best. Did you know peanut butter is a natural adhesive remover? Just apply it to a dry bottle and rub it on the adhesive. The adhesive will start to come off with peanut butter. Goo Gone will also remove adhesive.

The Label Removal Solution Test

How To Remove Wine Bottle Labels  KnowWines

I pitted the three most popular solutions against each other as well as plain old hot water. I set a camera up for time-lapse capturing and a four-minute delay between shots.

I picked bottles from New Glarus Brewing based on the following criteria:

  • They passed the dry vs sticky test, making them good candidates for using the Soak method.
  • The feel of the labels is very papery. The texture is matte, there isnt a ton of ink on the labels, and they feel, for lack of a better term, raw.
  • Id already tried removing New Glarus labels using the adhesive label saver with mixed results. I thought that perhaps the matte, papery quality of the labels might adhere better to the laminate, but this was not the case.
  • Removing them with a razor alone was nearly impossible.
  • I chose four vessels with enough volume to both hold the bottle and the solution AND display them nicely for a time-lapse. The bottle allowed for 12 ounces of water, so all solutions were scaled down to an appropriate ratio.

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    Keeping The Label Intact

  • 1Place a wine label removal sticker over the label. Peel the back of the sticker off and place the sticky side over the label. If your label is very large, use 2 stickers to completely cover the label.XResearch source
  • Purchase a wine label removal sticker from a winery or online.
  • 2Rub the sticker onto the label until all the bubbles are gone. Use your thumb to firmly press the sticker down onto the label. Push your thumb from 1 end of the sticker all the way to the other end. This helps to push out all of the trapped air.XResearch source
  • Ensure that your fingers are clean so that they dont leave smudges on the laminate surface.
  • 3Leave the label on the bottle for 24 hours. This gives time for the adhesive on the sticker to firmly adhere to the wine bottle label. Keep the wine bottle in a safe place where it wont be knocked over.XResearch source
  • 4Use a razor to peel off the first 1 cm and then pull the sticker up. Slide a razor underneath the sticker and label to loosen them from the bottle. Pull the laminated edges of the sticker up to remove the rest of the label. The sticker will stick to the label, giving it a laminated finish. This helps to keep the label in good condition.XResearch source
  • If the sticker is unable to pull up the label, use the razor to help pry the label away from the bottle.
  • How To Remove The Wine Label

    There could be multiple reasons for choosing to remove a wine label. You could be a wine enthusiast who requires saving labels in a scrapbook or a private label owner who needs to optimize resources and remove the label from old bottles to use their own.

    But how can you do that? Well share two methods for doing so, but which of the methods to choose? We are addressing this question in the next section:

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    How Do You Remove Wine Labels


    Correspondingly, how do you remove wine labels without damaging them?

    Easy Ways of Removing Wine Labels

  • Use Wine Label Remover Sheets. Wine label remover sheets are used to gently remove the wine label from the bottle without destroying the label itself.
  • Soak Wine Bottles in Hot Water and Detergent.
  • Remove Wine Labels by Using Hot Water.
  • Steam Off the Label.
  • Use a Razor Blade.
  • Keep a Digital Scrapbook.
  • how do you remove labels from liquor bottles? Immerse a water-filled wine bottle in the bucket for 30 minutes . Use gloves when removing the wine label. Wash the bottle under cold water to remove any residue. Results: Ammonia is one of the most effective means of removing labelsuse enough ammonia and the label will just dissolve.

    In this regard, how do you remove wine labels with vinegar?

    Soak a paper towel or cotton ball in regular old vinegar. Rub the sticky leftover papery mess that’s on your wine bottle where your label used to be with the vinegar soaked paper towel/cotton ball. Voila! A few SECONDS and it’s gone!

    What is the easiest way to remove labels from plastic bottles?

    Submerge the plastic in a container of cooking oil for 12 to 24 hours. Canola, vegetable, and other oils will soak into the sticker and loosen the adhesive. This will make it easier to remove later. You can try the method again if it doesn’t work the first time and then gently peel the sticker off with a razor blade.

    How To Easily Remove And Reuse A Wine Label

    Removing & Saving Wine Labels

    A friend of mine taught me a cool trick to easily remove wine labels. So today I want to share his trick with you and also show you a couple of ways that I have reused a cute wine label.

    The first place I have reused a wine label is on this old crock in our kitchen. I think that the wine label adds such a cute touch to the crock. Dont you?

    I made this video to show you how I easily removed the wine label and how I have reused the labels.

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    Baking Soda And Water Soak

    1. Fill the sink with warm water.

    2. Add 5-10 tablespoons to the mixture in the sink.

    3. Place the wine bottle in the sink .

    4. Soak for 30 minutes

    5. Pull label or scrape the label off.

    6. Use a green ruff sponge, old plastic credit card, or steel wool if any areas are stubborn. Here you can see that we used an old coupon card to help scrape off the sticker residue.

    7. Optional: Resoak the wine bottle in the sink for an extra 5 minutes to help get the extra gunk off and wipe it with a towel.

    Mixed Opinions About How To Remove Bottle Labels On The Internet Surely You Jest

    When it comes to removing labels intact, there is a lot of advice out there regarding the best solution to remove the labels intact. For example, for soaking labels, advice can be found using some variation on Oxiclean, baking soda, dish soap, and of course, hot water.

    Among the many claims youll read, the one that jumps out to me is that by using this method, the labels will simply fall off the bottle.

    We decided to put label soaking recipes to the test and see if this is true and, if so, which method is the fastest.

    TL DR Its really no contest. A solution of Oxiclean and water IS indeed the fastest and the label does fall off very quickly. The rumors are not only true, its kind of embarrassing to suggest anything else.

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    Ways To Remove Labels From Wine Bottles

    Removing wine bottle labels is perhaps to collect them for a scrapbook, a wine collage, or decorate a tasting room. Whether you are a DIY crafter, wine enthusiast, or just curious to find out how to remove labels from wine bottles, this guide will help you to learn the tricks for a perfect job.

    Soak Wine Bottles In Hot Water And Detergent

    How to Remove Wine Labels for Collecting

    Soak the empty wine bottle in hot water with a bit of mild detergent for about 20 to 30 minutes. The combination of the hot water and the detergent will loosen the adhesive, allowing you to peel it off intact. Be patient though, not soaking the bottle for long enough or attempting to peel the label off too quickly will only result in a tearing.

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    How The Sob Method Will Make Art Out Of The Labels You Want To Keep

    The Thirsty Bastards SOB Method will allow you to remove labels quickly, without damage, and using minimal tools you likely already have so you can save the labels that are precious to you. SOB stands for Soak or Bake and you need to figure out which is right for your label.

    The steps for this technique are extremely simple:

  • Determine what kind of adhesive was used on your label
  • Use the appropriate method for removing your label Soak or Bake?
  • Transfer your removed label to its new home
  • But Im Here To Tell You There Is A Simple And Easy Way To Remove Labels From Glass Jars & Bottles

    Affiliate Disclosure. Some of the links on this website are affiliate links, which means that I may earn a small commission if you click on the link or make a purchase using the link. If you make a purchase you will not be charged anything additional.

    How to remove sticky labels from glass

    • Start with an empty & clean glass bottle/jar
    • Fill sink/bucket with HOT water
    • Add a several drops of Dawn dishsoap
    • Apply Dawn dish soap all over the label then slowly submerge it into the water letting the inside of the bottle fill with water.
    • Let it sit for at least 10 minutes.
    • Lift the bottle out of the water and start peeling off the labels. Its so important to know that not all labels are put on with the same glue and also, glue clings more to different label materials. Like with this bottle the circle label came off with no problems and took all of the glue with it. But the paper labels left some of the glue behind.
    • After you remove all of the labels from the glass bottle take your scrub brush and just give it a good scrub. The glue will come right off with the Dawn dish soap.
    • Once all the adhesive is gone, empty the bottle, rinse and dry it with a dish cloth.

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    Label Savers Offer Mixed Results

    No matter what brand name the wine label remover, those whom have tried them have experienced mixed results. The biggest complaint about using the sheets is the cost, right around one-dollar a sheet. If you plan on starting a large collection of wine labels, using the removal sheets will get a bit pricey, but they are perfect for saving the occasional label here and there. Aside from the cost, the most common problems are:

    • The adhesive on the label remover sheet is not strong enough to completely peel off the wine label.
    • Holes or tears occur in the label when removing the adhesive sheet.
    • Problems also arise when the wine label is laminated due to the fact that the label remover will only remove the laminated sheet and not the actual printed label.

    Heat Your Wine Bottle

    how to remove wine bottle labels
    • Preheat your oven to between 100°F and 200°F. My oven only starts as low as 200°F, so I used the “Warm” setting. If your oven’s temperature is slightly off, start with 100°F and increase the temperature by increments if the label does not come off smoothly.
    • Set your wine bottle or bottles on the oven rack and bake them for about 10 minutes.
    • When the time is up, remove the bottles carefully using an oven mitt. Despite the low oven temperature, the bottles will be hot to the touch.
    • Use a sharp kitchen knife to lift the edges of the label.
    • Once you have peeled up the corners, the label itself should be cool enough to touch with your bare hand. Just be careful not to bump the glass with your skin, ouch!

    Use a sharp kitchen knife to carefully lift the corners of the label.

    • Carefully peel the label off. It should detach from the bottle easily and cleanly. You now have a lovely intact wine label for art projects!
    • The removed label will be very sticky. Place it on a sheet of wax paper for easy reuse later.

    Peel the label off carefully.

    Christy K.

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    Why Remove The Label From A Wine Bottle

    Wine enthusiasts and scrapbookers may want to remove a wine label to save it in a wine journal or scrapbook. Private-label winemakers remove labels for the purpose of re-use – they remove commercial labels from the bottle before adhering to their own. Last, artisans and crafters often use wine bottles or wine labels for crafts such as wine bottle glassware , wine tile coasters , or framed wine labels as wall or desk art .

    How To Choose The Right Method For Wine Label Removal

    The first thing you need to decide is your goal for the label removal. Is it saving the bottle or the label?

    Besides, the label type used on the bottle would also determine the mechanism you can use. Lastly, the adhesives or polymers used for binding the sticker to the bottle are also important to consider when removing labs from the wine bottle.

    Having a clear understanding of these aspects will make the method selection and sticker removal process a lot easier.

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    Factors To Consider Before Removing Wine Bottle Labels

    If you intend to remove a label from a wine bottle, you first need to store the bottle away from any possible damage. Unfortunately, after parties, wine bottles are often discarded off into dustbins, and getting that label may prove quite a hassle for you.

    Secondly, consider the type of label on your wine bottles. Determining the types of labels before attempting to remove them will help you decide what removal method to use.

    Note: American wine bottles are more stubborn than European ones.

    How To Remove Wine Bottle Labels With Ease

    How to Remove Wine Bottle Labels with Ease

    Whether it is to keep a fragment of reminiscence of the 1960s Sauvignon that you spent an excessive amount of money on, or whether you would like to use and reuse the bottle, removing wine bottle labels can be a precarious job. Its an arduous task to some while gratuitous to others, but at the end of the day, is a rather meticulous job a valuable skill, if you must.

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    Natural & Easy Label Removal Ideas

    If you are like us, you always are looking to repurpose and recycle everyday objects. From DIY anniversary decorations to easy spray-painted crafts, wine bottles fit this bill. But what is the easiest way to get the wine label off? Here is a simple baking soda method to help you easily remove those labels and stickers.

    You can try any method on any sticker residue. However, just make to test whatever method you are using on a hidden spot first.

    If you want to save the wine label, then you may want to check out this article on how to preserve wine labels and also look into wine label removal sheets. While I do like a good wine, I dont need to save the labels.

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