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Which Wine Glass For Which Wine

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The Standard Wine Pour

How To Pick the Right Wine Glass Every Time

Typically, a standard pour of a glass of wine is around five ounces. For a 750-ml bottle, that yields five glasses of wine. Dessert wines are often served in pours of two ounces, due to the sweetness and high alcohol content. Wine tasting pours are also kept at two ounces, allowing enough to smell and taste without over imbibing.

Serving a standard pour also depends on the size of the wine glass. Large glasses may get an additional ounce so the pour doesnt look too light. If a white wine glass is on the smaller side, that pour may look heavy handed. Whether it’s red or white wine, its important to not overfill the glass.

The Lifestyle Division Of Riedel Glassworks

Nachtmann has been defining affordable luxury for nearly two centuries. Today, Nachtmann independently operates all of its factories, with a commitment to quality, reliability, and certified Environmental and Energy Management Systems.

With a vast range of decorated and cut crystal glass products to suit every style, the Nachtmann portfolio is the perfect place to find a gift for absolutely anyone in your life. Modern to traditional, coloured to clear, barware to vases: Nachtmann has it all.

Other Wine Tools And Accessories To Consider

You’ve got the corkscrews and glasses, and now you’re wondering what other you could use to bring out the best in your favorite bottle. To go beyond the basics, consider a few other items that enhance the drinking and serving experience.

What type of wine glass do you use most? Share your ideas with us using the hashtag #CrateStyle. To learn more about different types of glassware, check out our , too.

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How Does A Wine Glass Function

From a starting point, there are two different types of wine glasses, stemmed and stemless.

There are three parts to every stemmed wine glass:

  • Base This is also referred to as the foot this part is required to keep the wine glass standing and stable.
  • Stem This is the functional part that the user holds it keeps the base and the bowl together.
  • Bowl This part is the most important this holds the wine. We recommend filling the glass to the widest point of the bowl this maximises the wines contact with the air as you need space above the wine to collect the aromas.

Aromas are collected in this space, and youre then able to swirl the wine round in the glass, which further releases the aromas and allows you to smell the wine.

All of the above is applicable for stemmed glasses, whereas stemless glasses feature no base or stem and tend to have a bowl with a flat bottom to sit on the table.

Each of the above parts will vary from glass to glass, but the bowl’s shape, size, and style are the most important.

What About Wine In Bottles

Top 10 Best Stemless Wine Glasses In 2021

Ah, glad you asked. As you may have noticed, Usual Wines come in single-serving glass bottles, which have been specially designed so you can enjoy your wine whenever and wherever without ever needing to break out a wine glass.

However, if you’re feeling fancy or want to follow a more traditional way of drinking wine , we wont judge. In fact, we have a few suggestions.

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Do I Need Different Glasses For Different Wines

If youve been in the market to buy new glassware recently, youve definitely encountered the overwhelming variety of styles and shapes from which to choose. Theres a wine glass for every style of wine you would ever want to drinka glass specific to Bordeaux, one for Pinot Noir, another for Chardonnay and on and on.

In fact, the choices are so numerous that youre probably wondering whether you need a wine glass for every type of wine you drink. The short and simple answer is no. While many will try and convince you that by using the perfect type of glassware for a certain type of wine you will be improving the drinking experience, we have to disagree. A glass of wine is going to taste just as good in a glass created specifically for that wine as it will in a tumbler. The wine is what matters, not the glass.

The wine is what matters, not the glass. So why are there so many different kinds of glassware? Marketing.

However, in 2004, an article in Gourmet Magazine reported that studies at major research centers in Europe and the U.S. suggested that Riedels claims were, scientifically, nonsense. According to Linda Bartoshuk of Yale University, Your brain doesnt care where taste is coming from in your mouth, and researchers have known this for thirty years. So while all of Riedels glasses may be beautiful, you certainly arent tasting a wine any better simply because you are using a Pinot Noir glass to drink Pinot Noir, instead of your standard wine glass.

Types Of Wine Glasses

Different wine glasses’ shapes are designed to enhance different wine varietals. So when stocking your glassware collection, keep in mind the wines you enjoy the most. If you prefer the rich flavor of reds, for example, consider investing in a few different types of red wine glasses to maximize your tasting experience. Use the wine glass guide below to learn the distinct wine glass names and which glasses go with which varietals.

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Different Types Of Red Wine Glasses

Red wine glasses are generally more oversized in height and more significant in bowl size than white wine glasses this allows the wine to come into contact with more oxygen. Red wine tends to require opening up more therefore, the larger-size bowl allows the wine to breathe a lot more as the aroma and flavours are released.

Most glassware manufacturers offer grape and regional specific wine glasses designed especially for that particular style of wine. This is great if your preferred choice is a specific style or grape type, but not so good if you dont have a particular kind of wine you generally opt for. In this instance, an all-round or universal wine glass would be ideal as these types of glass shapes work well for various styles of wine.

How Do You Clean/care For A Wine Glass

The Best Wine Glasses with New York Times Wine Critic Eric Asimov

Glasses should be cleaned with hot water or washed with a small amount of neutral soap. I always make sure to rinse out the glasses immediately after use to avoid any staining. At home with some very delicate glasses I will often just clean very well with really hot water, describes Rudzinski.

Tara Guthrie of San Antonios Chases Place continues, If you have lees or stains that have accumulated at the bottom, use a soft scrub brush, avoid trying to scrub the glass with your hands because the crystal could easily break and hurt you. Find a brush with a 16 inch handle and the ability to bend it for use on decanters or easy access to hard-to-reach red wine stains.

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Nude Terroir White Wine Glass Set Of 2

For whites, I prefer a slightly larger glass than the standard white glasses, so I look to brands that make them, says Mowery. I always use a white wine glass for Champagne because the flutes although pretty for gazing at bubbles don’t allow for much aromatic release.

Turkish glassware brand NUDE is a personal go-to for Mowery, and the Terroir white wine glass fits the bill. Not many Americans know about this brand yet most think Riedel is the best since they’ve done a lot of marketing here, but that’s like saying Dom is the best Champagne. They’re good brands but they have great competitors, she said. NUDEs wine glasses are made of lead-free crystal, are strikingly thin and relatively affordable in comparison to Riedel .

Big Wine Glass 6000ml Capacity


  • This Big Wine Glass has a large capacity which is perfect for parties
  • It has a short stem and flat base that allows it to balance better and be sturdier
  • The glass has a transparent design so its contents are visible and it can serve as a decor
  • Material: Glass / Capacity: 6000ml
  • Size: 22 x 11.5 x 17 cm / Mouth Diameter: 17.5 cm
  • Package Contents:


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How We Tested The Wine Glasses

At the risk of sounding like a total lush, we tested, and tested, and tested these glasses. We used, among others, the following benchmark wines: Left Bank Bordeaux, White Burgundy, Barolo, California Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Zinfandel, Chilean Pinot Noir, New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, white Bordeaux, northern Rhône Syrah, Aglianico, Argentinian Malbec, Austrian Grüner Veltlier, and dry German Riesling. It should be noted, of course, that we had a few weeks to do the testing! The best and only way to compare glassware is to pour a small sample into each glass, and compare the following factors.

How does the glass enhance or suppress the aromas of the wine. There was a marked difference in the experience of the wine depending on the glass, so the answer to the age-old question does glassware matter? is YES!

Although it really followed the line with aroma because most of flavor is driven by our sense of smell, we did check to see if the flavor differed based on the glass and if that was different from the aroma. Spoiler alert: No, so that means aroma alone was enough to make a judgment on quality of the glass.

What Makes A Nice Wine Glass

Libbey 15 Oz. Everglass White Wine Glass, 4 Pack

A nice wine glass is the one that gives you the best value.

It should be large enough with a capacity of at least 20 ounces to have a large surface area, but slim enough so you can taste the wine and not the glass, and a long stem so you can hold it properly. Also, it should be slightly tapering at the rim so the aroma is directed to the nose.

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How Much Is A Glass Of Wine

The average cost of a glass of wine at a bar is around $12 per glass. Though, because of the exceptions to the wine by the glass pricing rule, this is a pretty loose average. $8-10 for a wine by the glass is on the cheap side. $15+ is on the expensive side. It all depends on the quality of the wine and the price the bar or restaurant got it for from their vendor.

There are obviously more factors to consider when pricing than wholesale cost.

1. Consider the specifics of your business

For bars, restaurants, and hotels, there are three big ones:

Figuring out price points that maximize sales while maximizing pour cost is a field of study all its own. Its called menu engineering. Its the art and science of turning your most profitable drinks into your most popular, and vice versa. It involves taking wine inventory frequently, and a liquor inventory sheet helps with that.

Doing so will uncover what wines sell at what price or what bar promotions or happy hour ideas work best for your wine list. Learn how to do it. Learning how to price a menu unlocks your profit potential. Many restaurants with great wine lists do the same.

2. Dont Charge an Arm and a Leg

Its well-known that wine is marked up massively from supplier cost. Guests know they can get a $50 bottle of wine from your restaurant for $20 at a liquor store. So try not to rub their face in it.

3. Have a Small List with a Healthy Variety

4. Dont Offer Only Familiar Wines

5. Seek Out High-Value, Up-and-Coming Regions

Other Wine Glasses Options

In addition to our wide selection of stemmed red and white wine glasses, we also offer other options, including:

  • Champagne Flutes and CoupesToast with some bubbly in our . Effortlessly stylish, these glasses are a must-have for entertaining guests. We have champagne glasses in classic and contemporary styles.
  • StemlessWhen you need a glass with an easy grip, our stemless wine glasses are the perfect solution. These glasses are effortless and uncomplicated, making them a perfect option for casual gatherings. Our stemless wine glasses can also double as stylish vases and much more.
  • TastersIn addition to our full-sized wine glasses, we also have taster styles. These small 6 oz. wine glasses are great to have on hand for when you’re hosting a wine tasting party or when you simply want to have a smaller serving of your favorite vino.
  • Acrylic is great to have on hand for casual entertaining indoors and out. Perfect for barbeques, our acrylic glasses are constructed of durable clear plastic that won’t easily break. We offer both stemmed and stemless acrylic wine glasses.

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What Is The Difference Between Glass And Crystal

All crystal is glass, but not all glass is crystal. In general, the lead content of glass determines whether it is classified as glass or crystal. The presence of lead softens the glass in crystal, making it more easily cut and engraved. Unlike traditional glass, crystal is heavier and diffracts light. In traditional lead glassware, the lead has a tendency to leach out of the crystal. To combat this, today’s crystal glassware is typically unleaded.

When deciding between crystal and glass, consider the environment in which the wine glass will be used and your washing situation. You may choose to purchase some of each, so you can use either glass in the correct situation depending on your needs.

What Wine Glass Should I Use

Jancis Robinson discusses wine glasses: what is the best shape?

A wine glass with a large bowl should be used for full-bodied red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz as it helps aerate the wine and accentuate its flavours. Whereas a white wine glass has a larger rim to help guide its flavours to the tip of your tongue, theyre also made with a longer stem to make the glass easier to hold and keep your wine chilled.

So whether youre serving a full-bodied red alongside a roast lamb lunch, or a dry white wine with rich, creamy blue cheese, its important to remember the glass you serve your wine in has a huge impact on its flavour.

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Contemporary Wine Glass Use

Your grandmother only hosted with fine china and crystal in her dining room? Bless her. Did she fret about the different types of wine glasses? Likely no more than to make sure there was a glass for white and a glass for red. Its entirely possibly that, by todays standards, her glass choices wouldnt have been considered ideal.

Today we operate on different parameters. We prefer bowl-shaped glasses not only for their beneficial aromatic effects but also because they allow us to more easily swirl the liquids inside them. While some wine glass shapes work well for both red and white wines, a more exacting nose or palate could easily find more precise alternatives to highlight a chosen wine.

Mind you, this isnt so much a decision between a Toyota or a Tesla or a Ford Fiesta versus a Ferrari, with regard to price. Still, you absolutely have the option to spend copious quantities of money to refine offerings that are already highly precise when it comes to wine glasses. It doesnt have to be that way though.

Crystal Glassware And Lead

To clear up any confusion, though, the term crystal indicates lead content by definition, thus the term lead-free crystal can be a bit confusing. According to Gurasu, a fine crystal brand based in London, lead-free crystal is technically a brilliant form of glass as it replaces crystals hallmark lead oxide with other chemical compounds.

Science aside, this glass changed my life. It makes me more excited to drink wine than I ordinarily would be , and the silhouette truly is conducive to many different wines. The unique shape with the broader base at the bottom of the bowl allows for more surface-to-air contact for the wine served in the glass, so flavors and aromas emerge in the glass, Reichardt explains. The conical shape at the top of the glass both focuses and drives the aromas and flavors, allowing for the full expression of the wine.

Like a set of knives, you can get away with a few basics.

Lauren Mowery, Contributing Travel Editor, Wine Enthusiast

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How Wine Glass Shapes Work

Different wine glass shapes also vary the way the wine hits your tongue: a glass with a narrow opening will focus liquid in a linear way straight through the center of your tongue, but a wide-mouth glass will deposit the wine across your tongue in a horizontal wave. Because the structural elements of wine alcohol, acid, and tannins are sensations you can feel but not taste, the way wine flows across your palate affects how you experience its texture. Specialty glassware is designed to balance the structure, aroma, and flavor to deliver the optimal drinking experience for each type of wine.

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