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Where Is Prisoner Wine Made

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The Prisoner Wine Co The Prisoner Red Blend 750 Ml

Prisoner Wine: The Makery Experience: – Los Angeles
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  • Pairs with hamburgers, steaks and hard cheeses.

    The Prisoner was inspired by the mixed blacks first made by the Italian immigrants who originally settled in Napa Valley. The Prisoner is now the most recognized Napa Valley red blend, leading the resurgence of interesting blends by incorporating Zinfandel with the unlikely mix of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, Syrah, and Charbono.


    92 POINTS! Wine Enthusiast, 2017 Vintage

    “The famous blend combines Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Sirah, Syrah and Charbono from throughout the Napa Valley, combining the grapes into a robust, flavorful explosion of soft, richly rounded fruit and body. It’s undeniably appealing.”

    The label is based on the Little Prisoner etching, by one of Spains most famous painters, Francisco de Goya, who lived from 1746-1828. It depicts the atrocities of war between France and Spain during the artists time.

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Opening And Closing Sequences

The opening and closing sequences of The Prisoner have become iconic and cited as “one of the great set-ups of genre drama”, by establishing the Orwellian and postmodern themes of the series. The high production values of the opening sequence have been described as more like a feature film than a television programme.

Number Six awakes in the mysterious coastal location known to ‘residents’ as the Village. Most of the ‘residents’ are prisoners with others embedded as spies or guards. The Village is surrounded by mountains on three sides and the sea on the other. Would-be escapees who make it to sea are tracked by CCTV and perimeter alerts trigger the arrival of Rover, which resembles a huge white balloon. Rover will repatriate escapees who make it to sea or occasionally kill whomever it is told to do by Number Two and/or other high-ranking Village officials.

Everyone uses numbers for identification, although names are infrequently used. Most of the villagers wear a standard outfit made up of coloured blazers with piping, multicoloured capes, striped sweaters, plimsolls, and a variety of headwear, with straw boaters prominent.

History In A Coffee Cup

Fossil Fuel is the latest coffee collaboration just released from Two Brothers Coffee Roasters in Warrenville and Chicago’s Field Museum. The medium roast blend is a modern-day version of the world’s first-known coffee blend, Arabian Mokha Java. Fossil Fuel, which combines naturally processed coffees from Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea, features hints of dark chocolate, cocoa, raspberry, raisin and dried fruit. It’s available at the Field Museum’s Field Bistro and in 12-ounce retail bags at the Field Museum store, as well as online and at both Two Brothers’ locations and Two Brothers Coffee Roasters’ online store. A portion of the proceeds from each bag sold will go to the Field Museum to help educate young museum goers.

Two Brothers Coffee Roasters is at 30W315 Calumet Ave., Warrenville,

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How The Prisoner Went From Outsider Wine To $285 Million National Phenomenon

Emmy-nominated actress Pamela Adlon sips a lot of wine with her co-stars on the hit FX series Better Things. Very rarely do viewers get a look at which labels are being poured.

But during the Season 2 finale, titled Graduation, the cameras zoomed in for a brief close-up of one particular bottle. The label is partially obscured. Even so, its unmistakable: the red-and-black-streaked background, the cursive script, and, most tellingly, the ghostly white chains.

Im referring of course to The Prisoner, the ridiculously popular California red blend with the shackled inmate on the bottle.


The image is haunting in more ways than one. Beyond its grim depiction of a life in chains, Im beginning to feel like its following me. Almost everywhere I look, The Prisoner is there, from my local shops in Brooklyn to my mother-in-laws favorite retailer in suburban Ohio. In some strange corners, it even appears as an oversized display bottle. For birthdays, holidays, and other big celebrations, somebody inevitably shows up with a bottle of the stuff. Now its even creeping onto my TV screen.

It has become almost inescapable, which, given its label art, seems only fitting.

A post shared by James C. Sturges on Jan 18, 2018 at 2:15pm PST

Last year, the company produced about 165,000 cases of The Prisoner, up 17.5 percent, a dramatic escalation for what used to be a small but influential indie label.

A post shared by Burcu Orsel Doeh on Jan 13, 2018 at 1:20pm PST

Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Carneros Chardonnay Included In Holiday Gift Packs

2016 Prisoner Wine Company

The Prisoner Wine Co., Napa Valley, Calif., introduced a new Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon and Carneros Chardonnay to accompany its flagship Napa Valley Red Blend under the label of The Prisoner.

This trio of wines is available online and at retailers nationwide in 750- and 375-ml formats, as well as a gift pack of three 375-ml bottles, arriving in time for the holidays.

Developed by The Prisoner Wine Co.s Director of Winemaking Chrissy Wittmann and her winemaking team, these new wines are sourced from the brands network of grape growers in Napa Valley. Wittmann blends interesting varietals to develop a unique palate for the Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, which echo the bold character of The Prisoner Red Blend, the company says.

Loyal fans of The Prisoner Wine Co. will recognize the disruptive style of these new wines, which blend varietals from Napa Valleys premier vineyards to achieve distinct character, Wittmann said in a statement. Blending new wines to stand alongside our namesake Red Blend has been an exciting new adventure for our winemaking team, and were pleased to finally share The Prisoner trio of wines with fans of the brand and new drinkers alike.

Each wine in the trio boasts a rich, complex flavor profile:

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A Little Bit Spooky And A Whole Lot Of Delicious These Four Wines Pair Perfectly With Sweet Treats And Savory Halloween Traditions

I always loved trick or treating as a kid.

As an adult, I continue to embrace the tradition by handing out the treats instead of asking for them. But every year I fantasize about putting on a costume or not and going door to door with an empty glass, trick or treating for adult beverages.

Ringing a doorbell, thrusting my cup forward with anticipation, hoping to get a cocktail made with premium spirits, a cold splash of craft beer, a generous taste of a grand cru wine.

Just like regular trick or treating, there would be risk of a “trick”: cheap, headache-inducing tequila skunked beer dregs of wine from a jug.

I’d happily take the risk. Maybe one year.

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In the meantime, Ill stick to handing out candy with friends while enjoying a selection of festive wines and spirits I know are palate pleasing.

These four wine brands deliver a little bit of everything for the Halloween holiday, from spooky packaging to stories that are fun and mysterious. Even better, most of the wines in these portfolios deliver in the taste category, as well. They can stand up to savory party platters and handfuls of candy. They’re all treat, no trick.

No Longer A Prisoner Dave Phinney Goes For Something Harder

I never made a wine I liked, says Dave Phinney, world-famous winemaker-turned-distiller.

If you dont know Phinney by name you probably know The Prisoner wine. This Zinfandel blend is a testament to Napa wines that also put red blends on the map. Phinney, ever the perfectionist, toiled away at The Prisoner, creating a few hundred cases in 2000. Ten years later, he was making more than 80,000 cases.

I know all the things we couldve done better, said Phinney, whos up for Wine Enthusiasts Winemaker of the Year.

The Prisoner was the cornerstone of Phinneys Orin Swift Cellars, propelling the brand to stardom. After years of hard work and well-deserved fame, Phinney, now 45, sold Orin Swift and his other wine brands and assets for a cool $300 million.

The catch? An eight-year-long non-compete agreement preventing him from making another delectable Zin blend.

The success is great, but it comes at a price, which meant not spending enough time with my family, said Phinney who was married with two young kids at the time of the sale. So, the non-compete portion versus the monetary aspect it was much more important that I was gonna get my life back.

Of course, with his long history in the wine world and relationships with various growers, he got the Zin-making itch about halfway through the non-compete. The aptly named 8 Years in the Desert marked the end of this restriction in 2016.

Mostly, because the universe willed him to do it.

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It Went Viral Before Going Viral Was A Thing

When The Prisoner was first released in 2000, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram had not yet been invented. Yet the Zinfandel-heavy red blend, with its creepy yet Instagrammable label, became wildly popular in Napa and beyond. Back then, dark labels like The Prisoners werent done, and most winemakers focused on single-grape varietals, making a red blend like The Prisoner unconventional for multiple reasons. Within 10 years, the brand was sold to Huneeus Vintners. In 2016, it was again sold to Constellation Brands, a major beverage conglomerate.

The Prisoner Wine Companys Eternally Silenced And Saldo

Taste Testing Homemade PRISON WINE!?
    Posted on: 05-2020

J. D. Landis

J. D. Landis’ thousand+ bottles of wine are kept in a crawl space, in which he often bumps his head.

The Prisoner Wine Company of Napa, California, was created and launched by winemaker Dave Phinney twenty years ago, with a single wine that he called The Prisoner and of which he made only 385 cases.

Today, The Prisoner Wine Company is a widely recognized and celebrated maker of over a dozen wines: red, white, rosé, and sparkling.

With The Prisoner wine itself still leading the winerys way into a world of discerning, excited , and amply rewarded wine drinkers, it is The Prisoner winerys red wines that are its most sought after and, when the wine in the bottles on the table may be getting low, fought over. They are that good.

All the companys wines are intriguingly, dramatically, and thoughtfully named. They are also craftily packaged . I suspect that more emptied bottles of Prisoner wines are kept around kitchens and wine cellars than any but those of Mouton Rothschild, the label of which for each vintage is created by a great artist .

Eternally Silenced is a Pinot Noir in a traditionally shaped Burgundy bottle but one that has been hand-dipped in wax. Like all Prisoner wines, it is made from purchased grapes, in this instance from some of Californias finest locations for Pinot Noir: Santa Barbara, Sonoma Coast, Napa Valley, Edna Valley, and Monterey.

So let that be the last thing you hear here.

Keep the empty bottles.

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Constellation Buys The Prisoner Wine Company For $285 Million

Constellation Brands, one of the worlds largest wine companies, is investing big in California red blends, buying the brands of The Prisoner Wine Company from Huneeus Vintners. The portfolio includes five brands: superstar blend The Prisoner, as well as Saldo, Cuttings, Blindfold and Thorn. The transaction, expected to close this month, includes just the brands. The price is approximately $285 million.

More than ever, consumers are seeking high quality, distinctive wines, and the portfolio we are acquiring from The Prisoner Wine Company delivers, said Bill Newlands, president of Constellations wine and spirits division. Our goal is to be a leader in the U.S. wine market and to continue to premiumize our portfolio. We continually look for opportunities to strengthen our position within this portion of the industry.

The Prisoner is a modern-day wine success story, launched by Orin Swift founder Dave Phinney in 2000. Phinney crafted a contemporary version of the California field blendZinfandel with portions of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petite Sirah and Charbono. The wine consistently earns outstanding reviews from Wine Spectator, and has appeared on Wine Spectators Top 100 list multiple times.

In 2010, Phinney sold the brand to Huneeus Vintners, owners of Quintessa, after growing it to 85,000 cases. Sources report the price tag then was $40 million. Huneeus has continued to expand the brand, increasing production to 170,000 cases last year.

The Prisoner Wine Co Has A New Home In The Napa Valley

Constellation Brands: tasting room to open to the public early Novemberby Kerana Todorov

The Prisoner Wine Co.’swinery opens to the public early November near St. Helena. Constellation Brands on Wednesday opened the doors of the winery – the former Francisccan – for a peak preview. Photo by Kerana Todorov/Wine Business Monthly.

The brand The Prisoner Wine Co. has a permanent home the renovated old Franciscan winery on Highway 29 near St. Helena.

Constellation Brands plans in early November to open the doors of The Prisoners new house, two years after the New York State-based public company purchased the label from Napa-based Huneeus Vintners for $286 million. The renovated winery, which features a fireplace filled with metal balls and chains in its tasting room, is the former home of the Franciscan brand. Renovations started about a year ago.

Chris Stenzel, president of Constellations wine and spirits division, on Wednesday unlocked the patina-finished steel doors and handed the padlock – and chains – to Napa County Sheriff John Robertson, one of the guests invited for a peek into the renovated winery before it opens. The building, which features a Teflon covered front-porch area, was renovated to reflect the brands unique image and style.

This certainly transcends what consumers are accustomed to when visiting Wine Country, Stenzel said.

Winemaker Chrissy Wittman said all The Prisoner wines will be produced at the winery on Galleron Road.

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The Barn Steakhouse In Evanston Honors National Sandwich Day On Nov 3 With The Grand Central Caviar Sandwich

Who doesn’t like the oh-so-versatile sandwich? National Sandwich Day is Wednesday, Nov. 3, so The Barn Steakhouse in Evanston is offering its homage to Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York City with The Grand Central Caviar Sandwich. Made with Wild American Bowfin Caviar, farm egg and creme fraiche, the sandwich is $18.85.

The Barn Steakhouse is at 1016 Church St., Evanston, 868-8041,

The Prisoner Is One Of Napa’s Most Popular Wines It Also Glamorizes Something Ugly: Incarceration

The Prisoner Wine Company Red 750 ml

There is no winery in Napa Valley like the Prisoner Wine Co.

Amid all the valleys visually redundant wineries, the Prisoner stands out as starkly modern a sleek, horizontal monolith on Highway 29 in St. Helena. The surrounding Tuscan villas, faux chateaux and palatial farmhouses feel prudish by comparison. Inside the Prisoners tasting room, one wall is covered in long, dangling shackles. Customers sip flights of wine while surrounded by metal bookshelves held up by prison cell-like bars.

Its one of Napa Valleys most prosperous attractions, and its products, the various Prisoner Wine Co. bottles, are among the countrys best-selling wines. Since the first Prisoner red blend debuted 21 years ago, it has enjoyed an unparalleled level of success. Its the third-best-selling wine over $25 in the U.S., according to data analytics firm Information Resources Inc., and the top-selling red blend in that price range.

The Prisoner is arguably one of the most influential wines in modern history: It has spawned a generation of copycat brands, lining grocery shelves with gothic-looking red blends such as 19 Crimes and Bodyguard. What this winery does matters its choices and successes reverberate throughout the industry.

The Prisoner Wine Co. tasting room in St. Helena, which opened in 2018, two years after the corporation Constellation purchased the brand.

The Prisoner wine first emerged during a crucial, transitional moment in Napa Valley and in many ways, defined a new era.

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Things You Should Know About The Prisoner Wine Company

Born in Rutherford, Napa Valley, The Prisoner began as a little-known red blend, created by winemaker Dave Phinney in 2000, but the brand quickly garnered a huge fan base, becoming famous for its untraditional label and style.

Following the sale of the brand to Constellation, what used to be The Prisoner the aforementioned red blend has become The Prisoner Wine Company, a winery brand that now offers its flagship label, plus 13 other varieties.

Want to know more about the unconventional wine brand? Read on for 10 things you should know about The Prisoner Wine Company.


The Prisoner Wine Company

Napa Valley is known for its impressive views, delicious food, bold wines and unforgettable experiences. Recently opened The Prisoner Wine Company combines everything you think of when you think Napa Valley and presents it in a new and contemporary setting. Its become one of the most popular St Helena CA wineries.

The Prisoner Wine Company is located on Highway 29 just south of St. Helena. The space was inspired by the work of artist Francisco de Goya, which is depicted on the wine label. SF architect Matt Hollis and Napa artist and designer Richard Von Saal worked together to create a space that feels like you have walked into a refurbished industrial space. The dark colors, with pops of red, are the perfect backdrop to taste Prisoners cult favorite wines. Make sure to check it out when visiting St Helena CA wineries!

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