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Where Can I Buy Radius Wine

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Gluten Free Wine Brands Gift Baskets And Wine Coolers

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Wine is a beverage that has nearly universal appeal. In addition to being consumed by themselves, wine varietals are paired with specific meals for one-of-a-kind culinary experiences. Between red, white, rose, and sparkling wines, there are infinite flavor combinations for occasions both casual and formal.

But what if youâre gluten free, know someone who is, or want to cater to your gluten free customers? Is wine gluten free? Thank goodness the answer is yes, and there are dozens of gluten free wine brands.

If youâre involved in bar or restaurant operations, you may be interested in gluten free wine coolers and gift baskets as well. The more products you carry the more profit you can make, and thatâs especially true of online wine sales.

Weâve compiled the best gluten free wine brands, gift baskets, and wine coolers so you donât have to. Keep reading for our recommendations.

What You Should Know About The 15 Top

Red blends make up a massive category in the wine industry for a few reasons: Most importantly, theyre fairly inexpensive, and appeal to a range of audiences. Bottles below $15 tend to be sweeter and richer wines that are juicy and easy-drinking. Above $15, bottles tend to have more structure and less residual sugar, appealing to wine drinkers looking for accessible, yet more serious wines.

According to the data firm Nielsen, red blend table wine has grown to nearly $2 billion in off-premise sales in the U.S. over the last year, from almost $1.7 billion just four years ago. Its a bigger category than sparkling wine, which is at $1.75 billion, and rosé, at $576 million. VinePairs own internal data confirms that consumers are deeply interested in the category. Per VinePair Audience Insights, consumer interest in red blends is quickly rising, with drinkers searching for the term as if it were a variety. Red blends were the third most popular variety in VinePairs wine rankings in 2019, up from ninth place in 2017. shows similar findings.


To get a sense of the wines leading the red blend category, we looked to Total Wine, one of the countrys largest wine retailers, for its top customer-ranked bottles. Heres what to know about the biggest red blend brands and bottles.

How Is Radius Merlot Made

As a dry red wine, Radius Merlot is made by the usual winemaking process. The grapes are picked from the vines, sorted, destemmed, and crushed until taken to the winery. There they are placed inside large stainless steel vessels, and alcoholic fermentation begins. Then, the temperature of the tanks steadily increases to ensure the extraction of color, flavor, and tannins from the fermented grapes. Specialized winemaking techniques take place and develop the wines personality. Afterward, the final wine might be placed into oak barrels for aging, and later it is bottled.

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How Much Does Radius Merlot Cost

Purchasing Radius Merlot does not have significant cost-considerations. The wine is not cheap, but its name is also not printed on the most expensive labels. Furthermore, its intense red berry aromas and candy flavor make it a perfect gift choice that will be appreciated by anyone, whether the boss in the office or that neighbor that you desperately need to catch up with. Radius Merlot price ranges from $9 to $15 per 750ml bottle, and it is priced accordingly to its deliciousness, smoothness, and premium quality.

Where To Buy Radius Red Wine

Pindar Wine Shop

This wine is perfect for any occasion and goes well with a variety of foods. A deep, dark red wine with ripe cherry and plum fruit aromas and a hint of light vanilla oak, according to the winemaker. The wine is round and well-balanced, with supple tannins and lingering fruit on the finish.

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How Many Calories Does Radius Merlot Have

Radius Merlot is a highly suitable dietary option. The wine consists of just 24 calories per 1 fluid ounce of the beverage or a total of 125 calories per serving. Consequently, Radius Merlot calories are not an obstacle to the daily enjoyment of the wine. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that Radius Merlot alcohol content sits at 13,5% per 750ml bottle, which is about right for an everyday red wine from Washington.

What Kind Of Wine Is Radius Merlot

Radius Merlot is an incredible Washington state red wine that is tremendously fruity and exceptional for everyday pleasure. The wine is sweet but has enough bite and complexity, from the tannins, to satisfy any Merlot lover. Aromas of ripe cherries, chocolate, and marshmallow-y vanilla are sure to draw wine lovers in, while lush red fruit flavors add so much to the general wines character.

Washington State is known for producing seductive Merlots blessed with red plum, blackberry, cocoa, coffee, and earthy flavors. These wines are delicious and velvety, just like Radius Merlot. And even if Washington wines might not be as fruit-forward and elaborate as their counterparts from Californias Napa Valley, they still exhibit Merlots structural components and characteristics. Ultimately, Radius Merlot is a brilliant example of East Coast winemaking, as it combines Washington summer temperatures with the sharp coolness of the regions climate.

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Gluten Free Wine Coolers

Whether youâre learning how to increase restaurant sales or need new happy hour drinks ideas, you should keep a couple wine coolers in your par stock. This beverage niche is growing by 6.4% year over year and should be on every purchaserâs list when stocking a bar.

Wine coolers are made a little differently from regular wine, though. These drinks are a combination of wine and fruit juices, giving them a lower than usual wine alcohol content.

Some of the juicesâ added flavors include ingredients like barley, which contain gluten. Even more complicated is the fact that some wine coolers donât have any wine–instead, they have a base of malt alcohol, which is full of gluten.

Because of this, itâs much more important to pay attention to wine cooler ingredient labels . What may not appear to be gluten-related can actually be a barley or wheat derivative.

Thankfully, there are still a couple gluten free wine cooler brands. Take a look below:

Santa Julia Organic Malbec

KIWI WINE How to Make it at Home

Looking for a fantastic red wine pairing for a rich dinner? Santa Juliaâs organic malbec is the right answer. This Argentinian winemaker uses industry-leading growing practices, including organic soil, wastewater treatment, and onsite composting. Santa Juliaâs Malbec offers plum, cherry, blackberry, and chocolate notes with a smooth entry and spicy finish.

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Cheese And Wine Traders

This Vermont-based, family-owned gourmet food company offers some of the most complete gift baskets on the market. In addition to sourcing foods from local producers and specialty stores, they include sweet wines in their gift baskets. Cheese and Wine Tradersâ Gluten Free VerMonster Gift Basket includes a bottle of Boyden Valley Ice Wine, a specialized cream liqueur from another local producer.

How To Serve Radius Merlot

Radius Merlot is best served at room temperature, approximately 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit . It could also chill in the fridge for 20 minutes at the longest

As a dry red wine, a larger-sized wine glass would help considerably to allow the air to come into contain with the wine surface and realize its aromatic and flavor intensity. Plus, I would also recommend a balloon-shaped glass. Apart from looking sexy, its massive size will give Radius Merlot additional space for breathing, allowing it to reveal its raspberry and chocolate nature in all of its glory. Decanting is a good option as well, as it would benefit the wine with extra aeration.

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Radius Wine Is Not Vegan Friendly

1910 Fairview Avenue East, Suite 400Seattle, Washington, 98102
Jo, A, Susan, Devin, Lisa, Kathy, Tanya, Brooklyn, Blue, Joy

Company email re Madame Liberté:

“Our wine does use egg whites as a fining agent during the fermentation process.”

Company email re Pendulum Cab:”Our pendulum cab does not contain any animal byproducts in production or fining of the wine.”

Company email re House Wine:”Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that all of our products are vegan. Many of our cans do not use animal products during production or in the fining process, however they are produced in facilities which may use them in other products. Our winemakers and vineyards have committed to prioritizing the highest quality of wine produced, so a lot of our processes also change from year to year. For these reasons, we are unable to label any of our products as vegan.”

Company email re Red Theory Wines:”Unfortunately, our wines like most wines are produced in facilities that practice non-vegan friendly methods. A good amount of our fining methods use animal byproducts so we cannot guarantee that any of our wines are completely vegan.”

Company email re: Provisions:”Provisions wines are not vegan. Though we do not use egg fining or other practices in the wine-making process of some varietals, all Provisions wines are produced in a facility that is not vegan-certified or regulated as such.”

Company email :”Most of their wines use egg white to remove tannins in their red wine.”

Frey Vineyards Organic Agriculturist Red Blend

Wine museum of Samos, travel in traditional winemaking

Choosing a gluten free wine from Frey Vineyards is easy, because thatâs all of them. Each wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks and refined with clay, which is a naturally refining agent. Their Agriculturalist is a well-rounded red that pairs well with most meals and offers a smooth finish. Pick up a bottle today for yourself or a friend.

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How Long Does Radius Merlot Last

Radius Merlot might not be suitable for aging, as far as I am concerned. The reason is that the wine, like a classic American Merlot, values first its fruitiness and secondly its structural components and complexity. Therefore, if the wine goes for long-term maturation, it would risk eliminating its freshness, leaving behind a dull and faulty wine. That said, the wine could age for a short time, under certain circumstances, as that would allow it to develop some secondary and tertiary aromas and flavors.

If Radius Merlot goes for long-term storage, it should be sealed with a cork and stored away in an environment with temperatures and a portion of humidity. Direct sunlight or artificial light is not beneficial as it will damage the wine by messing around with its enzymes, responsible for a successful maturation. Furthermore, the environment should be odor-free as odors find their way inside the bottle and affect the wines quality by giving it unpleasant flavors such as vinegar or sweaty animal skin. Finally, I would recommend a maximum of one to three years of maturation.

Gluten Free Wine Brands

Selecting gluten free wine begins with knowing excellent gluten free wine brands. Remember that the wine bottle price and flavors youâll discover vary based on producer, so shop around until you find something youâre interested in.

Here are the brands that made the cut for our gluten free wine list:

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The Twelve Best Gluten Free Wine Brands

Does wine have any gluten in it?

Although wine is made mostly with grapes, there are still brands that will add in a few other ingredients for preservative, fining or flavor reasons. These byproducts can have a little gluten in them, which is enough to trigger nausea at best and a severe reaction at worse.

If you have a gluten intolerance or know someone who does, youll want to keep reading. Below are the twelve best gluten free wine brands: explicitly labeled or customer reviewed so you can continue to drink safely.

Who Makes Radius Merlot


Radius Merlot is produced by Radius Wines, located in Washington. It is the handiwork of winemaker, Hal Landvoigt, who has more than 30 years experience in the wine industry. Since 2008 and their first vintage, Radius Wines, have celebrated the winemaking process every year. Finally, they are determined to cultivate and collect the best grapes from Washington and California to bring fruit-driven, approachable, and unpretentious wines to the table.

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These Gluten Free Treats Offer You Some Bread Rest

Finding gluten free wine and delicacies isnât the easiest task, but itâs well worth it. Those who are gluten free in your life will appreciate the effort you invested to find treats that suit their dietary needs.

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Where Is Radius Merlot Made

Radius is crafted from the Merlot grape, which is cultivated in the Colombia Valley in Washington, best known for juicy red or crisp white wines. Columbia Valley lies east of the Cascade Mountains in the valleys of the Columbia River and its tributaries. Within this area are the smaller but significant Yakima Valley and Walla Walla. In addition, the shadow of the Cascade Mountains makes irrigation challenging in this sun-drenched area.

For this reason, the local river assists in the watering of the crops. Winemakers benefit from the long daylight hours and consistent summer temperatures too. The grapes attain optimal ripeness during sunny days, and the cool nights help them to maintain natural acidity levels. Lastly, the greatest challenge is Washingtons winter freeze, which may reduce crop volumes by half in some years.

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Certified Gluten Free Wine

So youâre ready to make room in your wine storage cabinets for gluten free wine, but youâre wondering: âWhy isnât wine gluten free in the first place?â Allow us to shed some light on the matter.

Wine, which is made from red and white grapes, is naturally gluten free to begin with. Gluten is a type of binding protein in grains that, when grain flour is turned into dough, gives it a stretchy quality. This is most notably the case with wheat, which is what most people are referring to when discussing gluten free options.

Gluten serves as a fining agent when making wine. A fining agent is any material that removes unwanted bits, clarifies the liquid, balances the tannins in wine, and gives the wine a smooth finish. Unless otherwise specified, most wine producers create aged wine in oak barrels and use gluten during fining–both of which are concerns to those with allergies.

If you have celiac disease or have otherwise gone gluten free, itâs essential to check that no gluten was used throughout a manufacturerâs process. Wines can be labeled gluten free if their gluten content is 20 parts per million or less. To be absolutely sure, speak with the wine manufacturer directly or request a copy of their literature.

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Radius Merlot Food Pairing

Bethel Wine &  Spirits

As a Washington Merlot, the wine makes a luxurious combination with Grilled Beef Steaks of any kind or some juicy Pork Chops. The grilled meat pairs incredibly well with the red plum and cocoa flavors of the wine. And if you ever visit Texas, get some original Texas-style BBQ sauce to marinate your meat for a more savory experiences.

On top of that, Radius Merlot goes with roasted lamb for an even more meaty pleasure or a modest flatbread pizza with pepperoni. But what will absolutely skyrocket the wine is aged goats cheese and a cheese plate of similar assortments. The contrast between fruitiness and cheesiness is so powerful that it gives new meaning to the phrase two negatives make a positive.

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