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Where Can I Buy Palm Wine

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We Have An Abundant Supply Of Raw Materials For Beer And Wine Production


The raw materials for the production of Africas local brews and wines are abundantly available on the continent. Africa is one of worlds top producers of sorghum, millet and corn, the main ingredients for brewing local African beer.

The tropical forest belts of West and Central Africa are home to a dense population of palm trees from which palm wine is tapped.

East Africa remains one of the worlds largest producers of banana, the single most important raw material for the hugely popular banana wine and beer.

In addition to these, the potential for beekeeping and honey production is high on the continent thereby improving the prospects for honey wine.

Surprisingly, most of the foreign beer brands that are gaining ground in Africa are made from barley and wheat, two cereals the continent produces in low quantities.

No African country is in the top-10 list of wheat or barley producers in the world. Is there any reason why Africa has to import these grains for beer production when it has an abundant supply of suitable alternatives ?

With Her Bottled Palm Wine Company Pamii Daniella Ekwueme Is Improving On Tradition And Filling A Void In The Nigerian Spirits Market

In 2016, Daniella Ekwueme, the founder of the Nigerian palm wine company Pamii, had a casual thought when looking out at her mother’s land in Abuja. “She just had this farmland and she wasn’t doing anything with it,” she recalls. “So I was like ‘Oh, have you ever thought of planting palm trees and getting palm oil or palm wine and boxing it up?”

While her mother’s answer was no, the thought took hold in her young, entrepreneurial mind. She’d had palm winean alcoholic drink made from the sap of various species of palm trees and endeared to many Nigeriansat weddings and gatherings in the past, but it never quite “hit the spot” so to speak. “I realized that every time I’ve had palm wine in Lagos or Abuja, it’s always off or sour. Because palm wine ferments, so the longer you leave it, it gets bitter and . So anytime I’ve had it at weddings it just doesn’t taste right to me.”

Image courtesy of Daniella Ekwueme

In reality, palm wine is less of a hardy liquor and more like a wine cooler, with an average of only 4% alcohol content by volume the drink, especially when served chilled, is a light refresher in thick Lagos heat. It’s considered casual and inexpensive.

A Selection Of Other Fermented Beverages

Palm wine is produced from the sap of the palm tree. It is common in various locations in Asia and Africa, and is referred to by diverse names. Fermentation is through the action of endogenous yeasts for a few hours, leading to sweet products of up to 4% ABV . Distillation of palm wine yields products including arrack.

Pulque is a viscous and milky drink made in Mexico by fermentation of the sap of agave plants. Fermentation, by Zymomonas mobilis, is carried in vessels of oak, fiberglass, or plastic and is seeded by the addition of mature pulque.

Tepache is produced in Mexico from the flesh and rind of the pineapple together with coconut, sweetened with Pilloncillo and honey and flavored with cinnamon or clove. It is only mildly alcoholic and it may be served mixed with beer, perhaps spiced with chili.

Kumiss is traditionally produced by fermenting mare’s milk and is a staple in the steppes of Central Asia. As the sugar content of the milk is not especially high, these drinks are of modest alcohol content . Commercial production of the drink may likely be from cow’s milk, perhaps fortified with sucrose. Unpasteurized milk is fermented for hours or days while physically agitating. The primary organisms are yeasts and lactic acid bacteria, leading to a relatively sour product.

Indrawati Gandjar, in, 1999

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Nkulenu Industries Ghana A Promising Exporter Of African Palm Wine

Before I found out about Nkulenus Palm Drink, I never believed palm wine could be bottled without going bad or losing its amazing taste. It turns out its possible afterall!

Based in Madina , Nkulenu is a fast growing family business that started exporting its brand of bottled palm wine to the West about 15 years ago.

Today, its top export markets are in the United States and several countries in Europe.

With its distinct green bottles, the Nkulenu Palm Drink product is sold in 315ml and 625ml volumes.

The business exports over 250,000 bottles of palm drink to international markets every year. Its top consumers are mostly West Africans in the Diaspora and a growing number of non-Africans who want to try something different.

Like everything new and exotic, many non-Africans who taste palm wine for the first time say its like an old indigenous drink they are familiar with its definitely a taste you have to get used to.

According to the company, Ghanaian Palm Wine, compared to other West African types, is unique because of the method of preparation.

Those who have tasted Nkulenus brand of Palm Wine consider it the best when properly chilled and shaken thoroughly to blend the yeast.

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Africas Beer And Wine Industry Needs More Investment

Alberta halts import of B.C. wines

It is indeed a very good sign that small and big players are already exploiting the huge potential of local beer and wine.

However, like most young and growing ventures, this sector still needs a lot of investment to take on the established wine importers and foreign beer giants on the continent. Its time for entrepreneurs, local and foreign investors, and governments to directly invest in this market.

As I have shown throughout this article, the fundamentals prove that local African beer and wine have a strong competitive advantage in both local and global markets.

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Keeping Up With Fitness

Palm wine not only represents the rich culture of Costa Rica but equally comes with loaded vitamins and minerals. Palm wine contains vitamins and minerals which keep the body healthy and fit. Researches have proved that drinking palm wine is beneficial for eyesight too. Its cancer-fighting capabilities are definitely worth mentioning also. So do your mind, body and soul a favor and order palm wine online right away or contact us directly for more information to give your health a boost with this all-natural drink.

Is It Legal To Sell Alcohol Online

The government requires paperwork for your business in order to sell alcoholic beverages online. Unfortunately, alcoholic beverages are age-restricted, which is why you can sell them online. Depending on your state, your states laws about online commerce may differ. In some states, proving that you are a business owner is enough.

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Fermented Beverages From Africa

Africa has rich variety of traditional fermented food and beverages, which may contain probiotics that can have a positive effect on human health. Palm wines, and traditional beers, such as: Mahewu, Togwa, Teji, Burukut, Pito, Sherbote, and Mwenge are traditional fermented beverages consumed by people of Africa . However, some beverages, such as Teji, an alcoholic fermented beverage from honey and whose flavor depends on the region where it is elaborated. In Ethiopia and Pito, a light brown sweet beverage from Niger, produced with maize or sorghum , only have been studied by identification methods based on culture of microorganisms. wine

Palm wine is an alcoholic beverage produced from the fermentation of sap of different palm species. Palm wine is a sweet, milky, effervescent, and alcoholic beverage. The Palm wine is composed by amino acids, proteins, vitamins, and sugars. This traditional beverage is elaborated in different regions, such as Ghana, Cameroon, and West Africa regions but in India three types of palm wine called sendi, tari, and nareli are produced, too . Palm wine microbiota has been analyzed by culture and nonculture methods to identify the microorganisms present during fermentation the main yeasts identified were: S. cerevisiae, S. ludwigii, Zygosaccharomyces baili, Hanseniaspora uvarum, Candida parapsilopsis, Candida fermentati, and Pichia fermentans but some LABs were identified, too .

A. Endo, … S. Tanasupawat, in, 2014

Things To Keep In Mind Before You Buy Palm Wine Online

How Palm Wine is Made in Ghana ð¬ð – An African Favorite Beverage

Palm wine is loved across the globe due to its exceptional taste. The nutritional value is another significant aspect of why people prefer palm wine over others. While it is absolutely true that palm wine drinks are produced in countries with continental type climate, still you can enjoy freshly prepared palm wine drinks sitting at your home. The advent of technology now allows customers to get their choice of palm wine online.

Vino-de-Coyol is a leading palm wine supplier. Were based in Costa Rica and ship our fresh palm wine drink. The coyol palm wine is what Costa Rica is famous for, apart from its continental lifestyle and shallow beaches.

How We Offer Fresh Palm Wine

Palm wine is loved by people of all age groups here in Costa Rica. However, palm wine is not something new to the market. This delicious drink has been passed down to us by our ancestors. The coyol tree that is widely found in Costa Rica is the ultimate source of your favorite beverage.

Unlike other wines, palm wine online suppliers use the natural process of fermentation. You will find it interesting that your favorite drink is a seasonal beverage. Only trees that are above 10-14 years may produce sap.

Palm wine is absolutely an exotic drink. In case you visit Costa Rica, you have the option to taste three different categories of beverages, i.e., sweet, medium, and strong. Also, the sweet taste is the freshest of all and has very little or no alcohol content.

Buy Palm Wine Online

Benefits Of palm wine

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The Panache Of Nigerian Palm Wine

Posted on January 4, 2019 by adminblog

You have tasted almost every drink available across UK and pride yourself as being something of a wine connoisseur. Sure, the beautiful wines and varies of champagne has you all excited and agog about tasting the best that the land has to offer. Yet, you are likely to get a kick out of the relatively unknown but exceedingly refreshing Nigerian palm wine.

What is Palm Wine?

Your mind begins to brim with curiosity while your brain yearns to discover the truth. No issues though! You can get the answers readily by visiting the exotic African stores specializing in bringing genuine products to your doorstep. The wine happens to be a sparkling beverage sourced from the sap of the tropical palm trees indigenous to Africa and Asia. It looks akin to champagne without sans the froth. Yet, it can rejuvenate the body and cheer up the mind.

Surprisingly, it is low in alcoholic content and will not have you dead drunk unlike whiskey and other spirits that result in a devastating hangover the day after. You would also be intrigued to know that you can buy palm wine online in a beautiful bottle that comes with an attractive stopper. You do not have to think twice about purchasing this wonderful beverage in bulk either for the contained yeast and probiotic properties make it beneficial for health as well.

Benefits of Palm Wine

The Best Source of Nigerian Products in the UK

Importance Of Geotrichum In The Food Industry

Geotrichum fragrans has been isolated from fruit juice, palm wine, milk, figs and mash of Zea mays. However, G. candidum is by far the most common of the two species and is known to be the causative agent in the spoilage of a number of food types.

G. candidum is a post-harvest pathogen of a wide diversity of fruit and vegetables. This species is known to cause sour rot of citrus fruits. It causes watery soft rot in asparagus, onions, garlic, beans, beetroot, carrots, parsnips, parsley, endives, globe artichoke, lettuce, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, radishes, rutabagas, turnips and tomatoes. It also causes post-harvest damage to bananas, mangoes, musk melons and stone fruits. Another similar species, Geotrichum citri-aurantii E.E. Butler, only causes sour rot in citrus. These diseases usually spread when hyphal fragments or arthric conidia from Geotrichum are carried by fruit flies or other insects from infected plant material to injuries and lacerations on freshly harvested fruit and vegetables.

G. candidum occurs commonly in raw milk and acts as the spoilage agent of a number of dairy products. It imparts off-flavours on cottage cheese and under certain conditions is able to cause surface defects on hard cheeses. It is able to grow on the surface of butter and has also been isolated from spoilt poultry and from fresh, refrigerated, processed and cured meats.

V. Arunachalam, in, 2012

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In The Next Two To Three Years I Think Nigeria Women Will Definitely Take Over For Sure

Part of what makes Pamii apart is it’s “premium” brand identity and the drinking experience that it promotes, which is a far cry from the old-timey one my uncle described. Instead, Ekwueme wanted to make it more accessible for people in her age group. “Because I’m young, I let’s get young people drinking palm wine and package it as premium wine,” she says. “So you’re actually telling people this is a drink, it’s really nice. And you can take it to the beach and you can mix it with other things.”

Most importantly though, it tastes good. After tasting Pamii at my uncle’s home in Lagos, my mom and I became curious to try it at the various restaurants we visited. After trying it at the first restaurant, my mom remarked: “No. I like the one we had at your uncle’s house much better.” I agreed and we resorted to drinking from the stash of Pamii stored in my uncle’s “special fridge” for the remainder of our trip. I brought two bottles back with me to the U.S.

Trying Pamii at my uncle’s house.

Image courtesy of Daniella Ekwueme

Drawing inspiration from these highly-capable women is why she won’t let things like the “mansplaining” she faces from men, who assume she’s too young or too inexperienced to actually know what she’s doing, phase her. “Having a strong mom, I’ve never felt like I could do less. There’s no way someone would tell you no and you listen to the no when you know it’s a yes,” she says quoting words of wisdom from her mother.

The Different Names Of Palm Wine

News: TODDY palmyra SAP

Palm wine is known by different names around the world.

  • Algeria: legmi
  • Benin: atan and sodabi, distilled palm wine
  • Borneo: tuba
  • Cameroon: mimbo, matango, mbuh, and sodébi
  • Cambodia: tuk tnout choo
  • Congo-Brazzaville: in Nsamba, kikongo and in Masanga ya mbila, lingala
  • Congo-Kinshasa: kikongo
  • Costa Rica: vino de coyot
  • Côte divoire: bandji , koutoukou
  • Djibouti: dooma
  • Ghana: doka, nsafufuo, palm wine, yabra, and déha
  • Indonesia: tuak, or saguer in the Eastern part
  • India: kallu in Tamil Nadu in the south, tadi, toddy, tari, in Bihar, Bengal, and Assam, neera in Karnataka, sur in Goa.
  • Libya: lgbi
  • Malaysia: kallu, nira, toddy, bahar, and goribon
  • Mexico: tuba
  • Nigeria: emu, oguro, ogogoro, palm wine, palmy tombo liquor, and nnmaya ngwo
  • Papuasia-NNew-Guinea: segero and tuak
  • Philippines: tuba, lambanog, and bahal
  • Senegal: bunuk and seung
  • Sri Lanka: raa, kallu, and tuak
  • Togo: déha
  • Timor Leste: tuaka, tua mutin, and tua sabu
  • Tunisia: qêshem and legmi mayeet
  • Tuvalu: toddy
  • Vietnam: ru da

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Bacterially Produced Acidic Preservatives

Bacteria are prokaryotes and about a 10th of the size of yeast cells. To give you some idea of the size of bacteria, imagine a tiny cube, the sides 1 mm long , filled with no less than a billion bacteria!

Bacteria are often rod-shaped bacilli. Some are spherical cocci , some are comma-shaped and constantly vibrating vibriones, some spiral-shaped spirilli. Many bacteria have flagella, long tails that act as propellers. Most bacteria reproduce by splitting in half. The daughter cells mostly detach themselves, but can also form chains. The chain-forming bacteria are called streptococci . Others stick together in grape-like bundles and are known as staphylococci .

Figure 1.8. Bacteria.

Bacteria are prokaryotes, i.e., their genetic information is not contained in a nucleus, but is found in the cytoplasmmostly as double-stranded DNA loops.

They are lacking organelles typically found in eukaryotic cells, such as mitochondria or chloroplasts , and an endoplasmic reticulum.

Most bacteria are heterotrophic, i.e., they draw their energy from organic matter, whereas other species get their energy through photosynthesis or from inorganic compounds.

Bacteria comprise mobile as well as immobile single-celled organisms , but also multicellular filaments on the substrate, as in Nocardia and the fungus-like structures of Streptomyces spp. in the air.

Gram-negative aerobic rods and cocci include Pseudomonas spp. and Acetobacter , Rhizobium , and Methylophilus .

Figure 1.9. Fungi.

Wosiwosi African Food Store

Wosiwosi African food store specialises in the distribution of wholesale and retail of African and Caribbean food. We sell both online and in store. Our shop is located in Basildon, Essex. We also serve other areas like Braintree, Brentwood, Castle Point, Chelmsford, Colchester, Epping Forest, Harlow, Maldon, Rochford, Southend-on-Sea, Tendring, Uttlesford and more.

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The 5 Major Opportunities And Challenges For Local African Drinks Wines & Beverages

For Africas local beverage brands to truly succeed, entrepreneurs and businesses interested in this area will have to take advantage of the continents strengths and opportunities.

In this section, well look at five important factors to be strongly considered for Africas wines and beers to become successful. Here they are

Can You Buy Beer In South Dakota

Visiting The King Of Emure Ekiti – Buying Cow and Palm Wine

Sunday is a prohibited day for packaged liquor sales under South Dakota law. You can purchase packaged liquor between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. I woke up around 2:00 a.m. Mon-Sat. From 7:00 a.m. to noon, packaged beer and wine are available for sale. I woke up around 2:00 a.m. Every day is a good day.

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