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Where Can I Buy Sir Walter’s Red Wine

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Guide To Sweet Walter Red Wine Explained

Walter & Wine – Cheap Red Wine – Monday Wine Review

Lets just get to the point, what is Sweet Walter Red Wine? You may be a beginner on a first quest or an adventure in this wine-tasting world or a pro who have tasted different types of wines.

Perhaps you are not even sure you like drinking any wine at all. Perhaps this is already one of your most favorite sweet red wine that you cannot resist tasting over and over again.

Well, if you have already tasted it, you might want to skip this article. But if you happen to be the curious ones, read along.

But, first of all, who is Walter? Why is that sweet red wine is named after him?

Sweet Walter Red Wine was inspired by the existence of Sir Walter Raleigh, an English-landed gentleman who had lived around 1554 until October 29, 1618.

He was well-known as a writer, a poet , a soldier, a politician, a courtier, a spy, and an explorer.

Since writing would also be more enjoyable with the sole company of a bottle of light red wine, perhaps his name was taken as the name of the wine today.

sweet walter red wine

According to a review on Empire Wine , Sweet Walter Red Wine is sweet red wine with tones of strawberry and red raspberry. It is rich and smooth, a delightful blend of Native American grape varieties.

You can enjoy it either during or after dinnertime, especially if the menu includes pizza and pasta while listening to a pianist playing soft jazz music.

Which Pa Wines Spirits Were Top Sellers At Plcb Stores During The 2020

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board recently published its Fiscal Year 2020-21 Annual Report, which details agency operations, sales trends, popular products, and financial results.

Heres the list of the top 25 Pennsylvania-made wines and spirits items sold during the 2020-21 fiscal year, which runs from July 1, 2020, to June 30, 2021. It includes the name of the product, the bottle size, and dollar sales.


1, Clover Hill Vineyards & Winery Concord, 750 mL, , $589,731

2, The Winery at Wilcox Clarion River Red, 1.5 L, , $518,492

3, Dailys Jamaican Smile Frozen Cocktail Pouch, 296 mL, , $351,457

4, Franklin Hill Vineyards Sir Walters Red, 750 mL, , $310,872

5, Dailys Blue Hawaiian Frozen Cocktail Pouch, 296 mL, , $292,151

6, Franklin Hill Vineyards Carnival, 750 mL, , $264,422

7, Mazza Vineyards Concord, 1.5 L, , $258,897

8, Dailys Margarita Frozen Cocktail Pouch, 296 mL, , $233,802

9, Dailys Fireworks Frozen Cocktail Pouch, 296 mL, , $214,555

10, Clover Hill Vineyards & Winery Pink Catawba, 750 mL, , $204,733


1, Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog, 1.75 L, , $1,502,132

2, Bluecoat Dry Gin, 750 mL, , $1,416,642

3, Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog, 750 mL, , $1,256,808

4, Stateside Urbancraft Vodka, 750 mL, , $1,188,910

5, Leroux Jezynowka Blackberry Brandy, 1.75 L, , $999,468

6, Stateside Urbancraft Vodka, 1.75 L, , $746,847

7, Dads Hat Rye Whiskey, 750 mL, , $609,391

8, Faber Vodka, 750 mL, , $478,544

10, Resurgent Bourbon, 750 mL, , $429,864


Recycle Grapes Drink Wine

GOVERNMENT WARNING: Alcohol consumption during pregnancy increases chances of birth defects. Excessive alcohol consumption can result in impaired judgment when driving. Once you start drinking wine, theres no turning back. Wine is always better with food. Theres a wine for every palate. Drinking wine can be fun. But never drink alone.

Welcome to the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail!The fertile farmlands, rich in shale and limestone and favored with a moderated climate, provide an ideal growing environment for vineyards of both traditional Vinifera wine grapes and Native American grapes. The Lehigh Valley Wine Trail is Pennsylvanias fastest growing wine region and an exciting place to visit. We have new vineyards being planted, our wineries are growing and the wines taste better than ever.

Ground Breaking in Local Vineyard

History of Local Winemaker

A Guide to Drinking WineDo you shy away from wine because your perception is that drinking it is fraught with arcane ritual and esoteric jargon ? Learning how to appreciate wine, assess its quality, and talk about it with confidence isfairly simple. After following these few simple steps, youll be able to discuss a glass with the best of them once you understand how to evaluate wines essential features.

Step #1: PronunciationLearn the pronunciation for popular wines: Chardonnay Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot .

Wine is Like People

Have Fun with Wine

Four months or two years from now: Bottle a quality wine.

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Wine Spells Big Business For The Holidays

The holidays are a busy time for the Franklin Hill Vineyards shop in Tannersville. As an arm of Bangor-based winery Franklin Hill Vineyards, its a destination of necessity for may locals and out-of-towners.

The store does about one-fifth of its businesses in thirty days, owner Elaine Pivinski said. And for good reason.

The holidays is the time for family to get together, she said. Its such a social time and theres nothing better than a glass of wine to put the icing on the cake. Wine also has incredible health benefits of any beverage on this planet.

Wine is also a popular gift for the holidays.

Wine it is the go-to gift when you dont really know what to buy. People also like to gift something from their region or state. Its like a homemade apple pie, something you look forward to, she said.

That has created many loyal customers for the store over the past 20 years.

Everyone likes to buy local and be sustainable, and help Pennsylvania agriculture. People love to support local.

They tend to drink more wine over the holidays, too, she said

Customers usually go for many sweeter wines during the season, according Pivinski.

Our number one seller is Sir Walter’s Red. Its a sweet concord wine, the grapes are grown in Pennsylvania and there are so many ways of serving it. Regular, chilled, you can warm it up with a mulling spice, and you can make a sangria, she said.

A bottle of Sir Walter’s Red goes for $11.

What do customers ask for the most?

Despite Recession Investments Have Paid Off For Franklin Hill Vineyards

Sir Walter Raleigh North Carolina Sweet Red Lu Mil ...

Many businesses’ sales fell in 2008 when the Great Recession hit and hurt spending habits.

Franklin Hill Vineyards ownership at the time financed a $250,000 commercial loan, and the risk actually yielded a 10 percent growth every year since then.

“We winemakers have a very lucky product,” said Elaine Pivinski, who founded the company based in Bangor in 1975. “When things are bad, people drink. And when people are happy, they drink.”

And with Thanksgiving and the holiday season at hand, carrying in a bottle of wine for a dinner visit can be the ideal touch for the table.

Besides the retail outlet that sits on the second landing above where the wines are aged and bottled, Franklin Hill Vineyards has retail locations in Tannersville, Easton and Bethlehem.

There are 23 people on the payroll, and 23 varieties of wine. The sales leader is Sir Walter’s Red, named after Pivinski’s late father. Walter Pivinski worked for his daughter in the Tannersville store.

“He sold that wine like it was liquid gold,” Elaine Pivinski recalled. “Everyone bought it from him.”

The wine was formerly known as Country Red. After his grandfather died in 2008, Pivinski’s son, Adam Flatt, suggested his mother change the name as a way of honoring the family progenitor.

Sir Walter’s Red, has merited attention and awards from judges at wine festivals.

“The minute I put his face on the bottle, I’ve gotten gold medals and best-in-show ribbons,” Pivinski said.

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Sweet Walter Red Wines Nutritional Fact:

For those of you who are health-conscious and would like to stay safe even in wine-drinking, you may check the contents out:

  • 15 mg sodium
  • 36 grams of total carbohydrates
  • 2 grams of dietary fibers
  • 21 grams of sugar
  • 4% of iron
  • 4 grams of saturated fat

Where can you find this wine? Well, Sweet Walter Red Wine can be found in several different stores and wineries in New York , from Total Wine & More in Norwalk, Lisas Liquor Barn in Rochester, Newton Wines in Latham, and even in New Yorks neighbour New Jersey where stores like Shoppers Wines exist.

If you happen to be in New York, visit those stores or check out to find them. However, if you are somewhere else and would like to have a bottle or two imported to where you are, you can still check out in wine-searcher website for more information on how to get Sweet Walter Red Wine.

You can also check out, if you happen to be somewhere in Colorado. The shipping orders through international fine art moving companies generally take 48 hours and arrive around three to five days.

Another alternative to order Sweet Walter Red Wine includes Franklin Hill Vineyards, where you can order online and have a bottle or two of it delivered straight to your door. Isnt that really something?

Join the tasting group there, since they have regular activities which involve wine-tasting. Who knows? Perhaps you can have a taste of Sweet Walter Red Wine for free.

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