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Where Can I Buy Natural Wine

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Helen’s Wines A Los Angeles

What You Actually Need to Know About Natural Wine: The Best (and the Rest)

Sommelier Helen Johannsen opened her wine shop inside the popular Los Angeles restaurant, Jon & Vinny’s back in 2015, and five years later it’s still one of the best spots to buy natural wine not just in LA, but all around the country. She sells carefully curated wines, including a mixture a fan-favorites and many hard-to-find, small batch bottles you probably can’t track down anywhere else. Her wine club ships nation-wide, and you can choose to receive two, six, or 12 bottles each month, but if you want to order by the bottle, you have that option too.

Order wine from Helen’s here.

Our Favourite Natural Red Wines

Now that its properly cold and the days seem to be over in a blink, its time for some fuller reds to keep us warm. Wrapping up in layers and filling our dinner plates with cosy dishes calls for darker, more developed wines to keep up with all the flavour from our food. Whether its something delectable youve made yourself, or a cheeky takeaway, weve got you covered when it comes to winter warmers without additives.Here are some of our favourite natural reds, Winter Edition:

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Best Ros: Meinklang Pinot Noir Frizzante Ros

Region: Austria | ABV: 10.5% | Tasting Notes: Red berry, herbal spice

In the U.S., this bottle is labeled Frizzante Rosé, and in other markets, you’ll find it as Prosa. Whatever you call it, you’re going to love the sparkling pink wine from Meinklang. It is straight out of the weingarten where the grapes are grown alongside other produce and native plants that promote biodiversity.

The Austrian farm boasts sustainable growing practices that are apparent in the crisp, clean taste of this particular rosé. Its made from pinot noir grapes that are aged in concrete eggs, which only adds to the intriguing story of this winemaker. The wine is mildly effervescent with soft fruit touched by a lovely acidity that will appeal to both red and white wine lovers. Surprisingly, its not too difficult to find, and, at under $20, it’s perfect for any occasion.

Region: South Africa | ABV: 14.2% | Tasting Notes: Dried orange peel, honey, floral, oak

Orange wine is unique to natural wine and has absolutely nothing to do with the citrus fruit. Instead, this style mashes white grapes and allows them to ferment with the skins and seeds for anywhere from a few days to a full year, and it may not include yeast. The process results in a sour, slightly nutty, gold-colored wine.

What Is A Good Organic Wine


The best organic wines of 2018, best organic wines of 2019, and best organic wines from any vintage will all be made following those guidelines. As more and more brands begin converting their production to organics, it will become even more common than it already is to see organic labels on the bottles of your favorite wines, whether they’re produced by large companies or small, boutique brands.

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Over 150 Producers Worldwide

Ontarios #1 supplier committed to importing low-intervention organic, biodynamic and natural wines from remarkable producers around the world. Our wine portfolio is a collection of some of the world’s top wine estates working with the environment to make wines of incredible quality and reputation.

Top 5 Online Natural Wine Stores In 2021

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Wine lovers, rejoice! Weve rounded up the top 5 online stores for where to buy natural wine online, including options for organic, biodynamic, sustainable, vegan, and low sugar preferences. This simple guide will make your shopping easy. Plus weve got some special savings + discounts for you!

If you love wine and drink it on the regular, not only should we be friends, but this post is for you!

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Do You Get Wine Headaches Here Are The Reasons

I am a moderate drinker. Still, I end up getting headaches each time I drink regular or organic wine. I was always told that if I eat something with my wine or drink copious amounts of water, I will be able to prevent the hangover and headaches.

I tried all of those things, and yet, every time I ended up with a headache. The quantity I drank also did not matter – even a small amount was enough to trigger headaches.

Following are the additives in wines which lead to headaches:

As can be seen, there are hundreds of toxins in wines. It is no wonder that most people do not feel so good after drinking wine.

Boaz Red Carignan Ruth Lewandowski 2014 135%: 3199 Les Caves De Pyrene

Find the best natural wines with my REALLY GOOD wine awards

Described as a wine that’s comfortably in touch with its feminine side this Californian red is made from the carignan grape thats often used blended with syrah or grenache but rarely gets the stage to itself. Unfined and unfiltered with just a touch of sulphites, its female wiles presumably comes from the alluring black fruit flavours and floral notes balanced by what one has to say is a more masculine minerality.

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Modern Wine: Not So Healthy After All

As stated before, I wanted to get to the bottom of why red wine, being so healthy, always impacted me negatively. My research led me to a book Applied Mycology by P.D Bridge and others. According to the authors, there are some hurdles in wine preservation and manufacturing methods faced by the wine industry today.

While every wine manufacturer wants to use very little sulphur dioxide for preserving their wines, it is also a fact that this chemical is associated with human allergies. Unfortunately, this decreased use of sulphites during wine processing and storage is not always possible.

High quality wines are made in oak barrels and the main issue faced here is preventing wine contamination by pathogens. Therefore, common treatments to prevent wine contamination such as hot water, sulphite, and steam, ozone cleaning and disinfecting agents are used.

All these cause contamination of wine at varying degrees. Now, if you happen to be asthmatic or are very sensitive to sulphites, you could have an immediate toxic reaction upon drinking wine. Wine allergy is very real so now you know the reason why some people suffer instantly after drinking wine.

  • Lead – Read this report on lead contamination in over 7000 regular wine brands.
  • Phthalates – Read this report on phthalates in wines.
  • Syrup and sawdust– Read this shocking article on additives like syrup and sawdust in wines.

So health benefits aside, drinking wine can actually be toxic to our body.

Chateau Tour Blanc Summertime 2010 105%: 20 Totem Wines

Totem Wines specialises in importing lesser-known wines from small producers in France and Italy. Low in alcohol but rich in flavour, this comes from a vineyard above the Landais forest, between the Pyrenees and the Bay of Gascony in south-west France owned by British couple Philip and Sandra Kelton. Organic and biodynamic, the grapes are harvested by hand and fermented at a normal cool temperature using only natural yeasts. Light and refreshing, its the perfect wine for a summers day.

Imported by Totem Wines, available at Provisions

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Fellow Traveler Wine Bar

The latest addition to LAs natural wine scene, Fellow Traveler opened in the middle of the pandemic. With a name like Fellow Traveler, you can expect wines sourced from all over the globe, from Croatia to South Africa. Opened by the sommelier of the recently-shuttered Auburn, Rick Arline, this WeHo wine bar shows his love for minimal intervention wines. In addition to the small plates menu, Fellow Traveler also hosts pop-up collaborations, such as their current Tiger Ramen pop-up.How to order: Order pickup and delivery via DoorDash, or grab wines to-go in person.

Primal Wine An Online Wine Shop That Ships Nationwide And Focuses On Organic Biodynamic And Natural Wines From All Over The World

Monavale Organic Blueberry Wine â Monavale Organic Blueberries

Another online natural wine shop to get to know is Primal Wine. The Primal Wine Club is perfect for people who are just starting to explore the world of natural wine. It’s a monthly subscription of three, six, or 12 bottles, and you can choose to order all red wine, all whites, or a mixed case.

You can also order wines by the bottle, and Primal Wine has a great selection of many of the big-names in natural wine from all over the world like Meinklang, Frank Cornelissen, Ruth Lewandowski, Martha Stoumen, and more, as well as bottles from lesser known producers.

Order from Primal Wine here.

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Mas Estela Emporda Quindals 2009 15%: 1476 Biowein Hartl

Theyve been producing wine in the Empordadates region of Catalonia in northern Spain since the 6th century BC. This biodynamic red made from Garnacha grapes is not filtered or refined and has no added sulphites. Fermentation occurs naturally using the yeast only from the grapes. This has scored heavily in wine tastings and its not hard to see why. Full-on red and dark berry flavours with hints of chocolate and strong but ripe tannins make this a red to savour.

Glam: Give Us The Full Rundown On How You Got Your Start In The Wine Business

Holly: My entry into wine wasnt the typical story! It actually started as a hobby taking Wine Spirit and Education Trust courses while working at a consulting firm. As I got more into the tasting groups and further along in my certifications, I decided to start a company as a side-project to source wines from Europe.

After meeting my partner, we found our focus in natural wine and eCommerce and launched with a wine club in December 2018. In 2020, we officially launched MYSA Natural Wine, a uniquely curated natural wine club and e-commerce platform with an emphasis on affordability, accessibility, and exploration.

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What Does Organic Wine Mean

What is organic wine? Put simply, organic wine is any wine that’s produced naturally and crafted from organically grown grapes. But there are many shades of gray that have to be considered. You can make wine from organically grown grapes, for example, but not use organic winemaking ingredients. Some producers work organically in the winery, and use only organically grown grapes. Still, because certification is often costly and time-consuming, they don’t have the seal of an official governing body on the label. But in general, some indication of the use of organic ingredients will be noted on the bottle, because it has become a significant selling point.

The Verdict: Natural Wines

The Guide To Buying Clean And Healthy Wine

Specialised retailers the Organic Wine Club, Rawland Wines, Totem Wines and Under the Bonnet all offer fascinating examples of natural wine ranging from the reasonably priced Monastrell and the sunny Summertime to the funky Trica Plavac Mali Kriz and the intriguing Ni No Rouge Blanc. The South Australian Jauma “Tikka the Cosmic Cat” and the Austrian Puszta Libre! are both great red wines which you can enjoy slightly chilled during the summer. But perhaps the best entry point into this fascinating world is the South African Running Duck, a good wine that also does good as well.

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Les Chants Jumeaux Blanc 2015 Coteaux Dancenis 13%: 21 Wines Under The Bonnet

A white wine to treasure, as theres not much around. Winemaker Matthieu L’Hôtelier, who sees natural wines as the wines of the future has a low-yielding vineyard in the Loire and because of some hungry birds and an accident in the cellar was unable to produce any wine last year. So the 2015 output, made from grapes which are slow pressed before fermentation and ageing in fibreglass, is all youre going to get for the time being. Strong apple flavours allied to an almost orange-wine like acidity and a heady taste of outdoor living make this one to savour.

Austins Newest Wine Shops Support Small Producers Sustainable Agriculture And Traditional Production Methods

My first real jobwas junior public relations executive for the Napa Valley wine industry in the early 1990s. While my brief stint solidified my belief that I wasnt cut out for an office job, the experience did validate my passion in supporting small-scale agriculture.

At the time, the organic wine industry was in its infancy in the U.S. The term natural wine didnt exist. Over the last decade, natural or low-intervention wines have become one of the fastest growing categories within a global industry that in 2020 was estimated at over $326 billion. Despite their increasing popularity however, natural wines are indisputably a labor of love, one borne of cultural heritage and traditional methodology.

With natural wines, youre not correcting anything by pitching yeast or adding things like DAP , tartaric acid, coloring, stabilizers, tannins or oak chips, says Erika Widmann, wine director of four-month-old Salt & Time Wine Shop . Small winemakers take what the harvest has given them. Theres no filtering, refining, no post-production other than pressing the grapes.

SHOP: 10 Accessories for Sophisticated Wine Lovers

LoLo was created by Christian Moses, Charles Ferraro, Matt Bowman and Adam Wills. Photograph by Patrick Waites.

Specialty foods can also be found at Salt & Time.

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Erika Widmann of Salt & Time, photographed by Brittney Smith

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Natural Wine From Vine To Glass

As with everything else, natural wine have their loyal supporters and determined opponents. However, the truth is that more and more people are taking an interest in minimal intervention wine production. Many people thought it was just a fad, but it has become clear that more and more people are getting on board with additive-free wine. So what makes this type of wine so successful? To start with, we should explain exactly what natural wine is.

What is natural wine?

Although Regulation no. 479/2008 of the European Community in Annex IV of Category of wine products defines wine as the product obtained exclusively from the total or partial alcoholic fermentation of fresh grapes, whether or not crushed, or of grape must, in practice there is an endless list of authorised wine products that can be added when making a wine. Many conventional wineries add ingredients like sulphurs, yeasts, enzymes and nutrients. Natural wines, on the other hand, want to be faithful to this statement of intent and are therefore made without additives.

So, just like when we ask for a natural orange juice, we expect a juice made purely from squeezed oranges, with no sweeteners, no added vitamin B, colouring or preservatives, when we talk about natural wines we mean wines made only with fermented grape must, and no artificial additives.

Is natural wine the same as organic or biodynamic wine?

Organic, biodynamic and natural wine all start with a respect for nature, but they are slightly different.

Weird Winemaking: Heres Some Of The Strangest Biodynamic Wine

This App Changed the Way I Buy Wine in 2020

Biodynamic wines, produced in accordance with the practices of biodynamic agriculture, are a popular if controversial subset of the organic wine genre. Grape-growers who practice biodynamics treat the soil, plants, and animals in a vineyard as one complete self-sustaining system.To the layman, some biodynamic…

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Glam: How Can Someone Know Whether Theyre Drinking Natural Wine Or Not

Holly: This is tough, as there isnt a lot of information on the bottle about what is in it. My favorite way is to look at the importer. Wine always has to have the information of who imported it on the back, and if you are familiar with the ones that work in natural wine you can be sure that that wine will meet their standards and is natural! Some to look out for are Zev Rovine, Jenny & Francois, Super Glou, and many others!

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Spend Only What Youre Comfortable With

According to Johannesen, there are decent natural wines at every price point, though the starting price will be slightly higher than conventional wines. You can spend $15 up into the hundreds. They are all decent and amazing, she says. Johannesen advises that most people buying natural wine for the first time spend $25 to $40 a bottle. You just need to realize more expensive wine usually has more depth and complexity, she adds.

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Why Buy Natural Wine

Natural wine is made from organically farmed grapes, with little to no intervention from the winemaker in the form of additives and processing. the result is wine in its purest form.

  • Know exactly what is inside your bottle of wine
  • Get the truest expression of your wines origins. no masking, no manipulation
  • No herbicides, no added acids & tannins, no colourants, no added sugar, no enzymes
  • Better for the environment chemical free farming, flourishing bio-diversity, healthier vineyards

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