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Where Can I Buy Good Wine

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How Do I Buy a âGoodâ? Wine?

Beer is the hardest to buy online, probably because it seems to be the easiest to buy offline. Available in most grocery stores around the country, shopping for beer online is probably only a necessity if youre looking for those hard-to-find brews. If you need something quickly or just dont want to leave your house, youre better off using Minibar or Drizly. But if you really do want those hard-to-find beers, your best bet is either Craftshack or Hopsy. Hopsy sends growlers of fresh draft beer in the mail to you, while Craftshack sends bottles and cans.

Rule 1 Find A Good Shop

Not a grocery store, not the chain with 20 percent off Six or More Bottlesbut a shop thats dedicated to selling wine . Wine shops may seem intimidating, but theyre generally filled with nice people who love wine and love talking about it. Employees can take a 30-second convo about how you want a red to pair with skirt steak and turn it into six rousing recommendations. Give a shop a few visits and try a few bottles to get a sense of its style of wines and customer service until you find a place that suits you.

Gratien & Meyer Cremant De Loire Brut

It’s no surprise this leading Loire producer, which was founded in 1864, has a reputation for churning out high-quality sparkling wine: Quality control is a top priority, from the time the grapes are hand-picked from the vineyards to the time the wine is bottled and matured in the cellars. This well-balanced blend fuses rich chardonnay and chenin blanc, with a touch of cabernet franclight, fragrant, and elegant to the hilt, it’s everything you want in an aperitif. Also worth noting is the fact that crémant mimics the fermentation techniques used in the champagne-making process, meaning this bubbly has an equally refined, complex flavorand at a fraction of the cost. Now that’s something worth toasting to.

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The Verdict: Online Wine Shops

For unmatched enthusiasm and tailored service, we cant fault Honest Grapes. When you sign up you become part of a pre-made social group and the wines are so carefully curated it takes the pressure off you to choose something good everything we tried was a little too easy to drink. If you have a bit more to spend and want something special then Clos19 is unrivalled in terms of a luxury offering the perfect destination for special occasions sips.

Bored of your go-to? These are the best natural wine subscriptions to sign up for

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These Wines Will Deliver On Taste And Quality Without Breaking The Bank

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Drinking great wine doesnt mean you have to fork over your entire paycheck, and it certainly doesnt require sacrificing quality for quantity. There are plenty of inexpensive wines available that are made from responsibly-farmed fruit, have little manipulation in the cellar, and most importantly, taste delicious. From pinot noirs to chardonnays, here are the best cheap wines across a variety of categoriesall of which are around $25 and under.

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Robert Mondavi Winery Napa Valley Fum Blanc

Though no longer owned by the Mondavi family, this is still one of Napa Valley’s defining estates, producing wines ranging from its age-worthy Reserve Cabernet to its citrus-scented Napa Valley Fumé Blanc. Robert Mondavi coined the term “Fumé Blanc” for his Sauvignon Blanc wines in 1968 , and winemaker Genevieve Janssens still uses French techniquespartial fermentation in barrel, the addition of a touch of Sémillonto add complexity to this zesty white.

Layer Cake Pinot Noir

If you’re on the hunt for a dry pinot that’s dangerously drinkable, look no further than Layer Cake’s. Gently fermented at cool temperatures and then aged in French oak, this light-bodied, fruit-forward red boasts pronounced flavors of tart raspberry, cranberry, and pomegranate. It’s versatile enough to enjoy with poultry, salmon, or even chocolate covered strawberries.

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Best For Happy Hours: Loimer ‘lois’ Gruner Veltliner

Region: Kamptal, Austria | ABV: 12% | Tasting Notes: Green apple, Radish, Sea salt

Refreshing, responsibly-produced and delicious? Count us in. For the perfect at-home happy hour wine, look no further than Loimers Lois Gruner Veltliner. The high acid and solid structure in this biodynamic wine complement a variety of snacks, including fried appetizers, cheese boards, and even ‘hard to pair’ salads and veggies. The wine boasts flavors of green apple, citrus rind, radishes and sea salt.

Good to Know:Thomas Pastuszak, beverage director at The NoMad and founder of Empire Estate, has some suggestions when seeking out excellent, affordable wines. A good move is to head to your local wine shop and make some friends, he says. In smaller stores, space is limited, so the wine buyers have to be really selective when making their purchasing decisions.”

Charles Smith The Velvet Devil Merlot

2. Bought 10Kg of Grapes. Now What ? How To Make F* Wine At Home Ep2


As far as merlots go, this one is unapologetically big and boldand unapologetically smooth, which may explain why it’s won numerous awards from Wine Enthusiast magazine. While it errs on the dry side, The Velvet Devil is chock full of ripe and juicy black fruit flavors, like plum, blackberry, and currants. This medium-bodied red is technically a blend featuring 89 percent merlot, 10 percent cabernet sauvignon, and 1 percent malbec, which explains its rich color and unique tasting notes. Pro tip: The winemaker recommends chilling this bottle in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before serving to enhance its nuanced flavors.

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Bogle Vineyards Old Vine Zinfandel

Bogle is a high-volume producer of a number of different wine varietals, so you’re likely to find it at a supermarket near you. But, says Elbert, “it’s family-owned and run by farmers,” so the quality of the wine is just as reliable as the quantity. Their Zinfandel is lush and lively with red berry notes and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Tips For Picking A Good Bottle Of Wine

Since good wine is so subjective, knowing how to choose the right wine means considering several factors including occasion, flavor preferences, labels and price points. While the combination of these factors is different for each person, the tips below will help anyone in search of that perfect bottle of wine.

1. If you are new to wine, start with a white or rose.

Just as your food preferences evolve as you mature, the wines you enjoy are also likely to change over time. However, a study of consumer palates by Sonoma State University found most people first enjoy a sweet white or rose wine, then later fall in love with dry reds or wines with more distinctive flavors. Fifty-four percent of respondents in the Sonoma State University study said they preferred semi-sweet or sweet white or rose wines when they started drinking wine. While each persons experience is different, an early distaste for drier wines or wines with high tannins may be due to their unique flavor and sharp bitterness.

If the thought of drinking a sweet wine makes you cringe, that doesnt necessarily mean you should jump to reds. Instead, opt for a dry white or rose. Beginning with a lighter-bodied wine can be a step to learning to enjoy a variety of wines.

2. Reflect on other flavors you enjoy.

3. Consider the occasion.

4. Be sure to read the label and learn what youre reading.

5. Look for second-label wines.

6. Dont stress over the age of the wine.

7. Dont let price dictate your choice.

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Kendall Jackson Vintner’s Reserve California Chardonnay

Here are two things to know about Kendall Jackson’s Vintner’s Reserve Chardonnay: More than two million cases are made each year, and every single grape that goes into those bottles comes from vineyards owned by Kendall Jackson. Vineyard ownership means control over viticultural practices, and that’s why this winedespite its vast productionremains delicious: rich but finely focused, its flavors suggesting ripe mangoes and pears.

Educate Yourself So You Can Find The Best Places To Buy Wine

This was good. (With images)

You want to buy the best wine for the money online, but how? Where can you find great value wine? Which online wine stores deliver quality without big markups?

If youre reading this article, its a safe bet that you have purchased a bottle of wine at some pointperhaps at a restaurant or wine shop, or even at a winery. Its also a safe bet that at some point youve wondered if youll have to take out a second mortgage to support your habit .

Given that the more wine we drink, the more refined our palates become, we have to ask several important questions if we are to be fiscally responsible wine consumers: why is this grape juice so expensive? Who decides what I will pay? And how can I continue drinking delicious, quality, interesting wine without losing my shirt? . To sum it up, you want to find the best wine at the best price. We want to help you with your quest.

Let’s start with the easy part. What are the costs associated with making wine?

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What If My State Doesnt Allow Wine To Be Shipped In

There are several states that dont allow any alcohol to be shipped in. In these cases, youll need to find a retailer in your own state that ships wine and work with their site to find what youre looking for. Wine-Searcher is probably a great way to look for a reliable shipper if you dont know the best retailers in your area. Here is a list ofstate wine shipping regulations to help you determine if you can receive shipments.

Always look for a site with real-time inventory and clear shipping methods. Avoid fly-by-night sites that list ghost inventory and overcharge for shipping.

Do you have a favorite online retailer that helps you find your favorite wines? Let us know in the comments!

Where To Find Them

Its never been easier to look up fine wine reviews, or compare prices, in the internet age.

However, if that dusty-looking bottle of Petrus 1959 for £25 looks too good to be true, thats because it is. Check the source of the wine carefully, and stick to reputable merchants, retailers and auction houses as far as possible.

Once youve checked for recent reviews of wines, or looked at vintage charts, tools like Wine-Searcher and Vivino can help with an initial look at prices and availability.

Check pricing directly with specific merchants and retailers, though, and make sure you know if the wine is available in bond or with duty and sales tax already included in the price tag.

There are also several fine wine trading exchanges that allow collectors to buy and sell wine, including Berry Bros BBX, BI Fine Wine Spirits LiveTrade and Wine Owners, among others. BBX, for example, allows you to buy wine from private collectors who are storing their bottles with Berry Bros.

Sign up to email alerts with the major merchants and auction houses, where you can often track specific wines or vintages.

If youve got a favourite winery, why not join its mailing list, too? Some also have membership schemes, and thats where youre most likely to find library vintage releases coming direct from the estate.

Sometimes, the old methods are also the best, so think about picking up the phone.

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Best Pinot Grigio: Elena Walch Pinot Grigio

Courtesy of Total Wine

Region: Alto Adige, Italy | ABV: 12.5% | Tasting Notes: Pear, White pepper, Citrus

Pinot grigio often gets a bad reputation, as much of it is mass produced, thin, and lacking in flavorhowever, we can promise you that those stats immediately dissipate upon first sip of Elena Walchs bottling. Now spearheaded by her daughters, Karoline and Julia, Elena Walchs 60 hectares of Alto Adige-based vines are all sustainably farmed, with respect for the environment put first. The wine was entirely vinified in stainless steel tanks, though a short period of sur-lie aging adds a pleasant texture to the wines light-bodied mouthfeel. This bright and zesty Pinot Grigio shows flavors of salty pears, white pepper, citrus, and fresh cut herbs. Pair with a variety of fresh hors doeuvres or simply sip on its own and enjoy as a lovely aperitif wine.

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If youve seen it in a commercial, avoid it, this is capitalism taking advantage of you, explains Dunugan. However, there are European producers making beautiful, organic wines but saving a fortune on glass. You can also recycle the packaging.

More Ways To Save Money On Quality Wine

how to choose wine in a supermarket

Beyond looking for certain regions for value, you can also get creative with how you buy and consume your wine.

While I urge consumers to be respectful of a restaurants policies on corkage, if buying wine from a restaurant wine list is cost-prohibitive, you may consider going to a BYO restaurant.

Additionally, many consumers are now buying wines online or from wineries through direct-to-consumer programs. Increasingly, online flash sales are popping up as well.

Sites like Wine Access andTotal Wine and More offer great values through special buying relationships with wineries.

That said, the personalized experienced you get when you shop at a local retailer or have a sommelier assist yourselections at a restaurant is a big part of the experience for many consumers, and rightfully so. If you enjoy this value-added experience, as I often do, then by all means enjoy–and feel good that you know where that money is going!

There are some online wine stores that are doing a good job creating that personal touch. These stores typically have a chat feature. The person on the other end of the chat is a wine expert who is trained to assist you in your search for high-quality wine. The online wine superstore, offers a live wine expert to help you as you shop.

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Best Ros: Domaine De Triennes Ros

Region: Provence, France | ABV: 12.5% | Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Cream, Citrus zest

Known for its sandy beaches, lavender laden fields and sun-drenched days, the French region of Provence is also renowned for its rosé wine production. Still, not all Provencal pinks are created equal. Finding a high-quality producer is always key when searching for affordable wine, and rosé is no exception.

Triennes is a joint venture between Aubert de Villaine and Jeremy Seysses, two of Burgundys most talented vignerons, or winemakers. This bottle is produced from organically-farmed fruit and is loaded with flavors of tart strawberries, cream and citrus zest. Serve chilled with French-inspired snacks for an escape to sunny, southern Provence.

Region: Columbia Valley, Washington, USA | ABV: 14.3% | Tasting Notes: Raspberries, Black cherry, Vanilla

Good to Know:If Im looking for a wine from a place like Washington, then Im going straight to blends, says Andrew Januik, winemaker at . He recommends trying wines produced from a variety of growing sites, citing larger AVAs and growing areas as key. These wines also often have less oak on them and can drink better than their more expensive counterparts, especially early on, he says.

Avoid Popular Regions And Grape Varieties

Even wine novices have probably heard of Cabernet Sauvignon from Napa Valley, which is part of the reason why it’s going to be more expensive than other bottles. “Brand name plays a part that’s true for wine regions too,” Isle says. “Famous regions, you’re kind of paying an upcharge just for the name.”

If you are looking for a good Cabernet from the U.S., reach for a bottle from Paso Robles in California, or Washington state. Both regions produce terrific red wines, Isle says, but they don’t have the same name recognition.

“I always suggest looking to lesser known regions and less familiar grapes that’s where some of the great bargains are,” Isle says. There are some wonderful, more obscure wines out there that can be fun to drink as well, such as Nero d’Avola from Sicily.

Name recognition can drive up the price, but so can the location’s employment dynamics. “It goes back to basic economics,” Isle says. Regions that have low labor costs and low land costs produce wine less expensively. Napa Valley, where the cost of half an acre of vineyard land is sky-high, will generally produce more expensive wine than the Mendoza region in Argentina, for example.

If you’re looking for a less expensive red, Thorsen recommends trying a bottle of Spanish Garnacha or a Portuguese red blend. For white wine drinkers, test out a bottle of South African Chenin Blanc or Vinho Verde from Portugal, he adds.

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What Are The Types And Styles Of Red Wine

There are hundreds of types of red wine varieties in commercial use, from light and finessed to bold and structured, however, only about 35 varieties contribute to the majority of red wine production. The most grown grape varieties are:

  • Tempranillo. Red and black fruit, earth and herbs.
  • Syrah. Dark fruit, pepper, spicy and savory.
  • Grenache. Ripe red fruit and sexy texture.
  • Pinot Noir. Earthy, silky and complex.
  • Sangiovese. Red fruit, earthy and herbal.

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