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What Wine Is Good With Steak

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Bringing The Steakhouse Magic Home

How to Pair WINE with STEAK for Beginners | What Wine to Drink with Steak

Paramount to preparing a great steak at home is buying one aged for about 28 days.

I always befriend a butcher, says Dritsas. He is my go-to guy when taking on a steak dinner at home.

Choose a thick cut, whose internal temperature is easier to control while you achieve color and caramelization on the outside. Let steaks rest at room temperature for 30 minutes before cooking, and season them with sea or kosher salt and freshly cracked pepper. Preheat the cooking source on its highest setting. Dritsas prefers a cast-iron skillet rather than a grill, as the steaks entire surface touches the heat. For steaks 11½ inches thick, sear for eight minutes on each side, then remove from heat and rest it for five minutes. Top the steak with a pat of butter, which will melt and glaze the meat.

What Wine To Drink With Steak

The smell of a sizzling grill on a sunny afternoon with the kids running around and a Filet Mignon getting ready is the prevailing vista when you think about American summers. The summer is a great time to have family around and have some quality time bathing in the glorious summer sun.

Your New York Strip Steak would wash down well with a bottle of wine, and sure enough, you must have one cooling and waiting to be served. If not, then you need not worry because we are here to help you to know what wine pairs the best with different variations of steak.

The Best Wine And Steak Pairings

What’s the best wine with steak? For most, eating steak means eating well. First, steak is pricey, so theres been a splurge. Second, steak is full of nutrients – protein, iron, phosphorous, zinc and five B-complex vitamins, so bodies actually benefit from the financial indulgence. Just like with wine, there are many variations to steaks, from different cuts to how the cows are fed. While that is incredibly cool, it can make decision-making hard. There is not only the slab of meat to choose but also the wine to accompany it. What is the best wine with steak? This post will help steer you in the right direction.

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French Wine > American Wine

While theres no doubt the French know what theyre doing when it comes to wine, theres absolutely no reason to assume your bottle of wine is going to suck if it boasts a California label. However, theres definitely a difference American wine is typically more fruit-heavy, while wine from France tends to be more austere and tannic.

Find Your Perfect Match

Wines Pairing Well with Steak  Gracious Wine

The perfect wine-and-steak pairing can make a routine visit to your favorite steakhouse seem like a pleasurable and unforgettable romantic date. All you need is to understand the different types of wine that can bring out the best flavors and textures in expertly cooked meat.

Sit down to a steak dinner with loved ones and friends at Boa today and experience bliss for yourself.

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But What If You Buy Cheaper Meat With A Bit More Taste And A Firmer Texture Such As Flank Steak Or Bavette

For this I would be tempted to go for a slightly lighter red, but with more tannins, and greater freshness, such as an Italian Sangiovese, preferably a Brunello di Montalcino, or a Sagrantino from Umbria, even Aglianico from Puglia, or, for something a bit more unusual, but with a similar combination of characters, you could try Agiorgitiko from Greece or Areni Noir from Armenia. All these are fresh and fleshy and with plenty of fine-grained dry tannins.

Here are my two suggestions from The Global Wine Masters:

Lets Have Some Fun: Wine Pairing With Steak

When it comes to wine and steak, theres no one-size-fits-all approach. Most people will prefer different wines with their steak. But, there are some that tend to pair with your favorite cuts better than others by enhancing the flavor and dining experience.

If you ever wanted to know a good ribeye steak pairing or what wine goes with filet mignon, then bookmark this article and keep this handy section for future reference.

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Sbragia 2013 Andolsen Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon

Type: Cabernet SauvignonOrigin: Dry Creek Valley, California, USAPrice: $42

A standout medium-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon from one of Californias most prominent winemakers, Ed Sbragia, formerly of Beringer. The Andolsen Vineyard cab boasts silky tannins and a fleshy mouthfeel. A small amount of Cabernet Franc was added to imbue the wine with structure and herbal characteristics. Youre likely to detect hints of ripe cherries, charcoal and leather as well.

Suggested Cut: Will reward a richer, more marbled cut of meat

What About Steak Sauces

What Wine to Pair With Steak | How to Pair Wine and Steak

A major consideration in deciding which wine to pair with your steak is whether your meal includes a sauce or gravy. For instance, a creamy or buttery sauce, like bechamel, may even call for a full-bodied white wine such as Chardonnay or Roussanne.

Oh no, we just broke red meat with red wine rule.

If youre sticking with the more traditional steak sauces such as peppercorn au poivre or an herb chimichurri, then a Bordeaux blend would do nicely.

A sweet fruit reduction sauce may call for a less acidic wine like a ripe Syrah, since sweet foods highlight the perceived acidity in the wine, and you dont want to overdo tartness.

A dark mushroom sauce may call for a fruitier choice like a Grenache, so your meal can elevate off the forest floor and you can enjoy the contrast in flavors.

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What To Consider When Pairing Italian Red Wine With Steak

A steak that has a good deal of fat or sear generally lends itself to a bold red wine high in tannins. This is why Cabernet Sauvignon is a typical choice, because they tend to be very tannic. A wine high in tannin works well with a fatty cut of beef because the strong tannins will soften with the fattiness of the meat, and the bold flavors of the wine will stand up to the intensity of the juicy flavorful meat.

The longer you cook the steak the more the fat will render out, affecting the pairing.

When you do a reverse sear for example, and smoke it for an hour or more, much of that initial fat will render out. Your pairing options open up, as a tannic wine will be less necessary.

In general:

  • Pair fatty cuts that are grilled fast with bold red wines high in tannin.
  • Slow smoked or reverse sear with medium tannins.
  • Best to avoid very light bodied or delicate wines or those low in tannin as they will feel thin and tart . Lighter bodied, or low in tannin wines, will tend to soften and potentially lose their fruit flavor, so we generally focus on the high to medium tannin wines

Aska Bolgheri Rosso 2017

If you love Cabernet and Italian reds, then Aska meaning container in Etruscan provides the answer. Thats because it does feature some of the black fruit associated with this French grape, but also the bright, dry, tannic structure thats typically Tuscan. A perfect palate-cleansing solution for those moments between mouthfuls of meat.

  • The source: Tuscany, Italy
  • The grape: Cabernet Sauvignon 90%, Cabernet Franc 10%
  • Made by: Banfi
  • The price: £30
  • The medal: Gold The Autumn Masters, 2021

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The Best Wine Pairings For Grilled Steak

Its no secret that you want to break out your big red wines with steak. When that steak is grilled, dont be afraid to serve wines that have seen some new oakthe smoky-sweet flavors of the barrels work well with the char on the meat.

Its no secret that you want to break out your big red wines with steak. When that steak is grilled, dont be afraid to serve wines that have seen some new oakthe smoky-sweet flavors of the barrels work well with the char on the meat.

California and Washington Cabernet Blends. Napa Valley Cabernets with grilled steak are a classic combo, and you cant go wrong with this pairing. For wines that are a little more interesting , look for Cabernet blends from less-known regions, like Californias Paso Robles and Washington States Walla Walla.

Bordeaux. If you prefer European-style wines, red Bordeauxwhich is made of a blend of Cabernet and Merlot, among other grapesare a good bet. These wines tend to have more acid and tannins than the California wines, which you might appreciate with a rich, buttery sauce. The somewhat savory flavors in Bordeaux can also be great with an herb-laden condiment. For affordable Bordeaux that are dominated by Cabernet, look for wines from appellations like Haut-Médoc or Graves.

Chteau Lagrzette Cuve Marguerite 2015

Pairing Wine with Steak

If you are set on Malbec, then dont feel that you have to source it from Argentina. In fact, this grape originates in France, and Château Lagrézette is a brilliant Malbec maker from the varietys native region in the southwest of the nation a region called Cahors. Cuvée Marguerite is an especially juicy, powerful drop, with layers of flavour from black cherry to sweet balsamic, cracked black pepper, cigar box and toast. For those who know their wine consultants, this Malbec has been blended by the worlds most famous: Michel Rolland a Frenchman whos been working with this grape in Argentina for decades, but is now boosting his home nations reputation for Malbec with bottles like this.

  • The source: Cahors, France
  • The medal: Master The Malbec Masters

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Red Wine Will Give You A Horrible Headache

If you think youre allergic to red wine, theres a good chance youre also allergic to not being an idiot. Honestly, the reason your wine is giving you a headache is because you arent treating it like every other alcohol. Red wine is the same as any other alcohol and will cause dehydration when consumed, thus making your head hurt if you have too much of it. How do you prevent this? Same as any whiskey or beer: take it in moderation, drink lots of water, and never apologize for partying. Never.

What Type Of Wine Pairs Well With Beef Steaks

The classic steak is a grilled ribeye seasoned with salt and pepper. This cut has ample fat and flavor to stand up to the heartiest of red wines, provided there is enough acidity to freshen your palate. Cabernet is a common beef steak pairing, but the herbal notes and spicier tannins of a Cab Franc or Bordeaux blend will elevate the meal.

Leaner, milder flavored cuts like filet mignon open the door to lighter bodied red wines like Pinot Noir and Mourvèdrethe savory, aromatic M in your GSM Rhône blend. Tenderloin is often served with a sauce and you may want to balance your selection to suit.

Another more casual Paso Robles classic is sirloin tri-tip grilled over an oak fire. This preparation is usually well rubbed with salt, pepper and garlic, served in thick slices with buttery, toasted garlic bread and a side of not too sweet ranch beans. The smoky influence of live oak firewood and lean, well grained but flavorful meat calls for a nice, fruity Zinfandel. This rustic combo of tri-tip and Zin will rival the finest of banquets for pure pleasure.

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Peth Wetz Unfiltered Pinot Noir Rheinhessen Germany 2017

So, for a red thats suitable for raw steak, Im going for Pinot, and Ive stepped outside Burgundy, but stayed within Europe to find something classic, and good value. And when it comes to affordable reds with sweet ripe red berry fruit, but also freshness, Germany can be an ideal place to look. This Pinot or Spatbugunder as its called in this nation is a particularly good value option, with plenty of cherry fruit, almost kirsch-like in style, along with appealing notes of cinnamon and toast, and fine, gently mouth-coating tannins. Its rich enough for the dish, but not heavy enough to dominate whats on your plate.

  • The source: Rheinhessen, Germany,
  • The medal: Gold The Pinot Noir Masters

Choosing The Best Wine Pairing

Are Steaks Cooked in WINE GOOD? Sous Vide WINE Experiment!

Despite all the prescriptive guidance available about pairing, its not an exact science. Its more of an interpretive art where creativity, fun, and pleasure should be your guide. Here is a set of non-rules to consider when pairing wines with food:

  • There arent any hard and fast rules that always work
  • Acidic wines cleanse fat from the palate
  • Tannins are tamed by protein
  • Spicy food is moderated by sweet wine
  • Salty food pairs with acidic and tannic wines
  • Pairings can be fun: try pairing like with like, or try contrasting flavors for a zanier approach

*Use our handy dandy filter to sort by Paso Robles wine types

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Best Wines For Pairing With Steak

As every gourmand knows, wine is the consummate complement to steak. Selecting the right vino to pair with a particular cut of meat can spell the difference between a simply enjoyable meal and a transcendent feast.

Weve chosen a diverse assortment of reds from around the world and at varying price points for GAYOTs list of the Top 10 Steak Wines.

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How Do These Grapes Grow

The town of Montalcino has the warmest and the driest climate in the whole of Tuscany. This helps the grapes ripen a week sooner than the other areas. The precipitation frequency is also better. Compared to the other places in the Montalcino, they receive an average annual rainfall of around 700 mm. Despite the excellent climate, the town of Montalcino, where the Sangiovese grapes grow, has costly land. That makes the harvesting and cultivating process harder.

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Steak Cut And Wine Tannin Level

The cut of the steak can determine whether the type of wine you want to order would go well with it. Again, this is all because of the tannin content of the beverage.

Thickly cut steak such as ribeye, skirt steak, or New York strip often have more fat in it while a leaner steak, like a filet mignon, goes better with wine that has less tannin content.

What Kind Of Red Wine Is Good For Marinating

Wine with steak: Finding the perfect pairing  Roam Life ...

When using wine in a beef marinade, you want to use the same style of wine you’d serve with the cooked steak. A medium-bodied to robust dry red wine like a cabernet sauvignon, zinfandel, or merlot are all good choices. A red blend using cabernet and syrah is also a natural choice. While there’s no need to break the bank when choosing a wine for your marinade, you should still use a red wine you’d be willing to drink. Look in the low-mid to mid-priced range.

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Why Red Wine And Steak Makes A Great Combination

Often, steaks are associated with red wine, and fish are for white wines.

If you’ve ever wondered why, there is a scientific reason for that. This is a common culinary rule that stems from different compounds found in the meat and the fermentation process and chemicals used to make wine.

The tannins in red wine from grape seeds and skin and the barrels used for fermentation interact with the meat to make a flavorful combo.

The tannin molecules soften the fats in the meat. It releases more of the meat’s flavor. In combination, the fat also decreases the astringency of the wine.

It makes the wine taste less bitter and smoother, bringing out the fruity flavors of the wine.

Together, these two balances out the flavor.

The Beef being fatty and slippery, and the red wine being astringent and rough, balances, and reduces the opposing flavors.

Ultimately, these create a pleasant and delicious taste for the palate.

Poggio Il Castellare Brunello Di Montalcino Docg 2016

This is a benchmark Brunello with its lovely lightweight feel, but intense flavours of juicy cherry and cedar wood, along with lingering fine mouth-coating tannins that will clean the palate, however marbled the meat. Its also relatively affordable for this sought-after Italian fine wine region.

  • The source: Tuscany, Italy
  • The grape: Sangiovese Grosso 100%
  • Made by: Poggio Il Castellare
  • The price: £30
  • The medal: Master The Spring Tasting, 2021

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Chateau Montelena Winery 2013 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Type: Cabernet SauvignonOrigin: Napa Valley, California, USAPrice: $53

Fun fact: This Napa Valley institution was founded in 1888 as a barrel-aging facility called A.L. Tubbs, and was one of the first wineries in the area made of stone instead of wood. Another fun fact: Chateau Montelenas 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon. Its tremendous fun, actually. This wine should really come into its own in a decade or so, but right now and its ok to drink right now itll take a few sips before the density and concentration of flavor reveals itself. Its worth the wait.

Suggested Cut: A broiled T-Bone

> For more information, visit the Chateau Montelena Winery official website.

Tips For Pairing Cabernet Sauvignon With Steak:

How to cook the perfect steak with red wine sauce
  • New York strip is the most versatile steak for pairing with different styles of cabernet sauvignon. The strip is mid-range in texture, flavor and fat, which contributes to its versatility.
  • Red wines with a good backbone of acidity contrast with the texture of rich meats, such as filet and ribeye.
  • Leaner cuts of beef, such as filet mignon, pair best with a leaner style of cabernet. Filet doesnt have enough fat or beef flavor to stand up to a highly tannic, high-alcohol cabernet the wine overshadows the food. Cabernets with high alcohol and lower acidity can taste sweet or astringent with a subtle cut like filet mignon.
  • Fattier meats, such as ribeye, pair nicely with bold red wines that have ample tannin. The tannin acts as an astringent, cleansing the palate of the fattiness that coats our palates after a juicy bite of steak.
  • More flavorful cuts of beef, such as ribeye and butcher cuts , typically pair best with fruit-forward, younger cabernets with more tannin. More flavorful the steak, the better the chance it will pair with a big cabernet.
  • Older cabernets, which have less tannin, create a food and wine pairing where the wines more subtle fruit and spice flavors are elevated by the fat, protein and peppery spice in more flavorful cuts, such as ribeye and flat iron. This makes for a very attractive pairing that can be an equally enjoyable pairing with a younger, more tannic cabernet.
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