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What Type Of Red Wine Is Good For You

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Can Wine Help To Reduce The Appearance Of Wrinkles

How to Start Drinking Wine | Best Types of RED Wines for Beginners

The myth: Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant, and according to some research, it can help to fight the signs of ageing and reduce wrinkles.

What our expert says: Extremely unlikely.

A good source of information on this are longevity studies. There are numerous studies seeking to understand the link between lifestyle, diet and healthy ageing. In these studies, healthy ageing is not so much about wrinkles but by how much energy and functioning you retain. One of the side effects of that is healthy skin.

The youngest looking populations for their age ranges tend to be the Japanese and the African Caribbean cultures. These are two cultures that dont drink red wine as part of their culture. The fastest ageing populations tend to be in Australia. This is where the intense sun exposure is contributing to faster ageing of the skin.

In studies on long life, researchers have repeatedly concluded that the secret to living past the age of 100 is having strong community bonds. Along with low levels of loneliness and the feeling that one is contributing to society. This is similar to having a purpose in life. There were few trends in diet and lifestyle, and the results did not change from alcohol drinking or even smoking communities.

So overall, its a strong no. Red wine that contains alcohol will not reduce the appearance of dark circle under the eyes or wrinkles unfortunately. And as weve already noted, its well documented alcohol has an ageing effect on the skin.

What Is The Healthiest Red Wine

Over the past two decades, studies have indicated that some wines, particularly red wines, offer real health benefits including lower blood pressure, improved heart health, decreased cholesterol levels, and increased longevity.

Why, though, is red wine so good for your health, and what healthy red wine options can you include with your diet?

Best Foods To Eat For Anemia Plus Three Fun Food Combinations To Try Immediately

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A girl I knew when I was growing up always had pale skin and almost no energy. I always wondered why. Later, I discovered she was anemic. While I dont know whether that was due to low iron in her diet or another reason, Ive since learned that anemia is a condition where there arent enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body. In some cases, such as with sickle cell disease or megaloblastic anemia, the red blood cells arent formed right, so they cant perform their ordinary functions.

Anemia can be caused by a lack of iron, poor absorption of iron, hereditary diseases like sickle cell disease, or other nutrient deficiencies. In most cases, nutritional anemia can be cured through a proper anemia diet, and even the symptoms of more serious forms of anemia could be reduced by eating the right foods.

If youre interested, read through the following list of the 12 best foods to eat for anemia. They include foods rich in iron and folate, as well as other nutrient-dense foods that help develop red blood cells or absorb minerals like iron.

  • Aged Garlic

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Red Red Wine: Are You Worth It

Wine lovers claim that this alcoholic beverage is indeed worth it. To them, drinking red wine is worth a shot, especially with the growing buzz surrounding this drink as healthy for all. It is certainly true that a glass or two of this drink will make you feel good.

However, the question is, will it benefit your health in any way? After all, you will want to consume something that benefits your health, in addition to making you feel good. Now here comes the tricky part.

A glass or two of red wine can indeed have some health benefits. However, anything exceeding this limit can be potentially harmful. As such, most people refer to wine as a double-edged sword.

Before discussing the risks that come with excessive consumption of red wine, let us first discuss why it is good for you. Here are some valid reasons why:

Paleo Strawberry Guava Smoothie

Red wine facts

If you thought oranges were rich in vitamin C, you may not have tried guava. This tropical fruit is native to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America. Each medium guava contains 126 mg of vitamin C. Unfortunately, these arent as easy to find in grocery stores as oranges.

The addition of strawberries and mango to this tropical smoothie amps up the vitamin C content even more.

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Is Wine Good For You

Most of us know that the health benefits of alcohol are limited and that wine is not actually good for us. As Claire Murphy explains, High levels of ethanol is bad for the immune system and will not stimulate immunity and virus resistance. Its consumption is likely to increase the health risks of a person in the long run.

And while there are claims which have some merit, theyre not actually applicable to real life. Sure, wine red has antioxidants, but due to the final amount actually in the bottle, the benefits dont really add up.

Naturally though, as when it comes to anything to do with diet, its everything in moderation. As Claire says, Will you live a long and healthy life without red wine if you drink and eat healthily? Yes. Will red wine cause massive problems if you moderately drink it while living a healthy lifestyle? No.

Wines Ranked By How Healthy They Are

Drinking wine in moderation comes with many great health benefits. Having a daily glass of vino has been recommended by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine. Red wine is especially high in phytochemicals , including resveratrol and quercetin. These powerful antioxidants have been linked to an array of health benefits including arthritis relief, and heart disease protection. In my best-selling book Food Sanity, I explore cultures from around the world that live the longest and healthiest lives. Many epidemiological studies attribute their commonality of red wine consumption as being the primary reason for their longevity. The same can be said for the French Paradox, a term that summarizes the paradoxical observation that French people have a relatively low incidence of heart disease, and live longer in spite of having a diet relatively rich in saturated fats.

In this top ten healthy wine ranking, I go from best to worst.

Let the countdown begin.

1. Pinot Noir

Research also shows the high resveratrol in Pinot Noir may fight the negative effects of Alzheimers, dementia, and other degenerative neurological illnesses. In addition, the American Journal of Clinical Nutritionpublished research showing that drinking Pinot Noir can raise levels of omega 3 fatty acids which are believed to promote heart disease and help balance the gut microbiome.

2. Malbec

3. Cabernet Sauvignon

4. Merlot

5. Petite Sirah

6. Rosé

7. Pinot Grigio

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Does Red Wine Reduce Blood Pressure And Hypertension

Non-Alcoholic red wine does, but alcoholic wine doesnt.

Red wine has been touted as beneficial to reducing blood pressure for about 30 years, unfortunately, the only red wine that does this conclusively is the non-alcoholic kind. In 2012, a study was released that compared how gin, red wine, and non-alcoholic red wine affected blood pressure levels on 67 men with high risk of Cardiovascular Disease.

The results concluded that did significantly reduce blood pressure levels in the men compared to the other groups.

The Best Red Wine For Cooking Beef

Is Red Wine Good for You?

One of the things you have to watch out for when cooking with red wine is that you may pass on some the characteristics of the wine onto the food. In some instances, that is preferable and desirable and in others it is not. The best red wine for cooking beef roast is going to be a dry one and not a sweet one.

You dont want to make the mistake of making your food too sweet, so be careful about which wines you pick. They arent all going to give you the same results.

The best red wine for cooking beef stew is either a pinot, cabernet, or merlot because of their dryness. You dont want to end up with a sweet stew. These are also among the best red wine for cooking roast beef and any other beef dish.

If you want to know whether you are using the right wine or if the wine you have on hand is suitable for your dish, just Google it to see if it is dry or sweet. You can also check the bottle and see what it says about the characteristic of the wine.

Using wine with your beef helps it to come out tender, and you can either soak the beef in the wine as a marinade or cook the beef in the wine. As the beef cooks, it will absorb the flavour of the wine, even as the alcohol is evaporated out. That leaves you with a non-alcoholic dish that is flavourful and juicy.

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Red Wine For Cooking Versus Red Wine For Drinking

First, let’s talk about what happens when you cook with wine. Adding wine to a hot pan will cause a few reactions. The alcohol will burn off, leaving your dish with beautiful flavor but none of the booze. This means that it’s safe for everyone, whether they drink or not . The remaining wine left in your dish is a cornucopia of flavors. It intensifies the natural essence of your dish without over-powering it.

A surprising fact is that great wine does not necessarily make great cooking wine, especially when it comes to red wine. When cooking with red wines, we recommend you choose a wine with low to moderate tannins and oak influence. Avoid super grippy, high tannin wines with lots of oak influence as these will cause your dish to develop an undesirable, bitter aftertaste. Not sure which wines are best? Sit back and let us guide you.

And don’t forget that when it comes to cooking with wine of any type, you’re going to burn off a majority of what can differentiate an expensive bottle from a less expensive one. When selecting a bottle to cook with, your dollar is going to go a lot further than it does with drinking wine. That said, there is a thing as too cheap. Avoid wines labeled as “Cooking Wine” as the poor quality will be reflected in your finished dish.

What Are The Potential Health Benefits Of Wine

You may have heard that wine especially red wine is good for your health. Over the years, studies have suggested that wine can potentially:

  • Protect brain health. In a 2020 study of almost 20,000 middle-aged and older adults, people who drank low to moderate amounts of alcohol had better cognitive abilities than people who never drank.

  • Protect heart health. In a 2017 study of over 300,000 adults, light drinkers were 26% less likely to die of heart disease. And in a 2018 study of over 200,000 people, drinking alcohol 2 to 3 times a week was linked to a lower risk for heart disease.

  • Improve cholesterol levels. Theres evidence that drinking wine may boost your HDL cholesterol.

  • Prevent diabetes. In a 2005 meta-analysis of over 350,000 people, people who drank alcohol had a 30% lower risk of type 2 diabetes.

  • Improve your gut microbiome diversity. Your gut microbiome is an ecosystem of helpful microorganisms that live in your gut. A recent study found that red wine drinkers had better microbiome diversity than people who drank other types of alcohol.

But experts are skeptical. Its not clear whether these health benefits are from drinking wine or from something else like good genes or a healthier lifestyle. For example, compared to non-drinkers, wine drinkers are shown to be more likely to:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables

  • Stay away from tobacco

  • Exercise

Therefore, if you dont already drink wine, dont start for health reasons. Its just too risky.

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Reduces Risk Of Cancer

Moderate wine consumption can also help lower your risk of several cancers, including colon, basal cell, ovary and prostate cancers. A study by the University of Rochester Medical Center revealed that resveratrol in red wine can destroy pancreatic cancer cells. Another study says that individuals who take at least a glass of red wine a week are less likely to suffer from bowel cancer than non-drinkers. According to a Chinese study, polyphenols in red wine can inhibit the proliferation of colon cancer cells.

What Have Scientific Studies Discovered About The Link Between Heart Health And Red Wine

Best Red Wine for Diabetics

Over the past several decades, data collected has shown a link between red wine consumption and a reduction in heart attack and cardiovascular disease. Observational studies found a reduced risk of developing cardiovascular disease in people who drink low to moderate amounts when compared with people who dont drink at all. However, high consumption of red wine is not linked to health benefits and can actually be harmful .

But its important to point out that these existing studies arent perfect, and they certainly cant determine cause and effect. They are susceptible to bias, and it has been difficult to control for other factors that might also have an effect on heart health. For example, do people who drink red wine in small amounts also have healthier diets or lifestyles, which could explain their lower risk of heart disease? A recent, large study that aimed to avoid these issues challenges the previous research that suggests red wine can protect you from heart disease.

Certainly, more research is needed to tease this out. But its going to be difficult. Randomized, blinded, and controlled trials are considered researchs gold standard theyre the best kind of clinical trial when trying to determine cause and effect. However, none of these exist in the study of red wine and heart health. The problem is that this kind of trial would pose ethical issues .

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Is Red Wine Healthy

The idea that red wine is good for you came about when researchers discovered that French people had healthy hearts, despite eating diets high in saturated fat. They called this the French paradox and thought it could be due to their consumption of red wine.

Similarly, the Mediterranean diet which includes red wine in moderation is thought to be heart-healthy. In fact, it is recommended by several associations, such as the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology.

As they started digging, researchers found that red wine is loaded with compounds called polyphenols. These compounds, including resveratrol and quercetins, have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which are thought to be helpful in several ways, including protecting against heart disease. Interestingly, dealcoholized red wine, which still has polyphenols, has also been shown to have the same benefits.

Can Wine Help You Burn Fat

Possibly, but only certain types.

In February 2015, a study from Oregon State University linked , but more research needs to be done before it can be shown to benefit humans, particularly in the form of liquid wine.

The study fed a particular type of wine acid, called ellagic acid, to overweight mice. The results showed that consuming the acid slowed the creation of fat cells in the liver which improved the mices ability to burn fat. While this is fantastic news, the small print on this study that most people overlooked was which type of wine was used.

Ellagic acid is only present in one type of grape, which only grows in the Southeast US, primarily in Georgia. The caviat to this info, is that most Muscadine wine is produced in a sweet style, which pretty much negates the weight loss benefits.

Since we were curious about the topic of ellagic acid, and found that wines aged in oak also contain ellagic acid. While this news is promising, there are no studies to date on whether or not the oaked wines have the same effect of fat cells. Weve contacted the key scientist who conducted this study. We hope he continues!

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It Improves Your Gut Health

A healthy balance of bacteria in your intestinal tract is crucial for your gut health and helps with various body functions.

They include food digestion, regulation of immune functioning, and helping with vitamin K production, which is mainly responsible for blood clotting .

According to WebMD, red wine contains plant-based compounds known as polyphenols. They are defense chemicals that are naturally found in both fruits and vegetables . Since wine tends to be made from grapes, red wine tends to contain some traces of these compounds.

Polyphenols help in bringing about the balance of your intestinal bacteria, thereby improving your gut health . Polyphenols also contain antioxidants that tend to have numerous health properties and benefits.

Similarly, Medical News Today acknowledges that red wine also contains various compounds that act as prebiotics. Prebiotics help feeding healthy gut bacteria . It means that you can consume red wine to improve your gut health.

However, before doing that, make sure you seek professional help from a doctor or dietitian. They might recommend other methods that work best depending on your health, needs, and individual factors.

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