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What To Wear Wine Tasting

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What To Wear To A Winery Wine Tasting Attire For Any Season

What to wear: Wine Tasting

by Tiffany Cook | Jul 28, 2020 | Wine Tasting |

Are you planning a wine tasting trip? Wondering how you should dress? While its good to know your wine tasting etiquette the all-important dos and donts of wine tasting its equally important to familiarize yourself with whats appropriate to wear to a winery.

Keep reading to learn all there is to know about wine tasting attire and get tips for planning your outfit!

Neutral Wine Tasting Outfit

The first wine tasting outfit is a blend of neutrals and one gorgeous printed top. The halter top is the main piece in this look, and the olive green cargos and wedges are the shirts supporting items. The cargo pants downplay the fancy, and the wedges keep the pants looking classy. With the natural color palette, this outfit is in its perfect setting.

The blouse has a pretty nature pattern which added the right amount of interest without it being an overpowering single piece. This outfit has a delicate balance of stylish but casual which I was able to achieve with the color and fabric choices.

A neutral outfit to wear wine tasting goes perfectly with this wine country activity since its such a relaxing atmosphere and the landscape of most wineries are earth-toned. This outfit will also work with flats or sandals if wedges are not your favorite thing to wear wine tasting.

If youre wondering what to wear wine tasting remember: month, location and landscape. Put together a stylish and comfortable look and bring an extra pair of shoes just in case.

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Are Most Wine Tastings Private Or Groups

Whether or not youll be wine tasting alone or with strangers varies from winery to winery. Winery tours are often done in groups, and tasting rooms offer bar service where youre elbow-to-elbow with another group and one host offers pours as guests arrive. At Jordan Winery, all tours and tastings with food pairings that can be booked on the website are group wine tastings. In order to have a private wine tasting at Jordan, you have to become a Silver member of the Jordan Estate Rewards loyalty program. On the other hand, at MacRostie Winery, the Estate House is designed like a living room with several private tables so that wine tasting guests each have their own table. Its best to ask the winery if youre looking for a private experience. Many wineries also offer the option of booking out a group tasting and turning it into a private, which is popular with the award-winning Jordan Estate Tour & Tasting excursion.

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Tip : Think Twice About Your Beauty Routine

Smell, taste, sight. All of these senses go into a well-rounded wine tasting experience. This means you should factor in what you put on your body. Perfumes, colognes, and scented body lotion can interfere with the subtleties that make wine so divine. Theres nothing worse than trying to take in a wines delicate aromas only for it to be masked by the smell of a fellow tasters strong cologne. If lipstick is part of your signature look, maybe go easy on it while wine tasting, to avoid leaving lipstick marks all over the glasses which are hard to remove.

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Stay Classy With Shirt Dress

What to Wear Wine Tasting in Napa

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So you want to stay classy and comfy at the same time, what about a midi shirt dress that you probably never think about? Featuring the collar, button front, and cuffed sleeves design, this thin piece of apparel helps you appear to be sophisticated and stylish. To accentuate your figure, always opt for the one with the belted design.

For the young girls who want to freshen up the look, pick a lovely baby blue sleeveless shirt dress for a dose of summery vibes. Together with a cute straw hat and youll be all set!

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Dress Wine Country Casual

Wine Country Casual is a term youll hear a lot, and it basically means dress smart casual. Think natural/elegant, rather than urban/edgy. A cute vineyard outfit might be a lightweight pair of casual pants or white jeans with a pretty summer blouse. .

You could also wear a sundress, casual jumpsuit, or a breezy skirt and top. Boho style is natural for a winery setting. So a pretty peasant top or a tiered midi dress. A big boho hat is wonderful. A dressier version of these is perfect in the evening, even if it means simply adding some fancier accessories.

As for color, think of light summer colors and fabrics, floral prints, stripes, eyelet, ruffles, or anything with a romantic, feminine look and feel. These marry well with the breathtaking natural surroundings.

Styles that you might stay away from would be anything too athletic, like leggings or bike shorts, statement tees. Also, anything too edgy, like ripped or distressed clothing or outfits that are very dark or have a lot of hardware or detail. Loud or geometric prints dont fit with the country winery vibe either.

Wine In Style: How To Dress For A Winery Tasting And Tour

A local winery tasting is always fun, but in order to fully enjoy the flavors and experience of your local vineyard, its important to dress accordingly.

Now, thats not to say you have to dress up in something too elegant or elaborate youre going to be sampling a few glasses of wine, so dont risk the accidental spillage! While its important to dress appropriately for a wine tasting, your attire doesnt have to be as chic as you think. We have a few attire tips that are sure to help you enjoy your local winery tour and keep you comfortable.

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Dont: Wear Dressy Shoes

You dont have spend the entire day on your feet while wine tasting Temecula, but if you do it right, you will move from winery to winery, from tasting room bar to tasting room bar, with at least one or two strolls through local vineyards. If any of these wine tasting tips sink in, make sure its wearing comfortable shoes. Sandals and sneakers work just fine. If you prefer to wear heels, at least make sure theyre wide enough to handle walking in dirt or grass, and supportive enough to stand or walk in for three to six hours.

What To Wear To A Wine Tasting

What To Wear Wine Tasting In Napa?

Wondering what to wear wine tasting? Before you raid your closet, make sure you know what your wine tasting entails. If youre just popping into tasting rooms around the town of Healdsburg, Sonoma, Yountville or Napa, you want to be comfortable but cute and fashionable . For ladies, you can wear a sundress, dressy jeans and a cute top, or a casual skirt and cute top. Recommended shoes include wedge sandals, flat dress shoes or stylish boots. If youre going to a winery where walking through the vineyard is part of the experiencewhich is becoming more common, especially in Sonoma Countyleave the stillettos at home and wear flat, close-toed shoes. Depending how hot it is outside, jeans may even be more appropriate for a vineyard tasting. Daily temperatures fluctuate significantly in wine countrythats why the wine grapes are so deliciousso its always a good idea to bring a sweater or light jacket with you to morning tastings and dinner. And dont forgetwearing white to a wine tasting is daring because red wine spills do happen.

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How To Easily Book Your Wine Tastings

You can book your reservation through the wineries website. Or, most not all, wineries either usually CellarPass or Tock for their wine tasting reservations. Using one of these websites can provide you a list of wineries and their available tastings for the day. If this is one of your first times in Napa Valley, you may find it easier to make reservations on CellarPass or Tock instead of individually looking at each winery website for availability.

Dont: Wear Your Finest Garb

Wine tasting in Temecula doesnt get too rowdy, but there are two ways a day of tasting can get sloppy and ruin light-colored garb. If youre not using a spit bucket, youre more likely to get a buzz going and splash red wine on your clean clothes. If you are using a spit bucket a little bit of splash back could have the same effect. Stick to wine tasting attire that wont make you spend the afternoon concerned about stains.

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What To Wear Wine Tasting In Different Seasons

When going on a vacation to Napa Valley, there are many choices to make. You need to consider where youll stay, which wineries youll visit, the time of year youll go, and what youll pack.

Packing the appropriate wine tasting attire is not necessarily tricky you need to consider the locations youll be visiting and the time of year youll be going.

My favorite seasons to visit wine country is spring and fall because its not too hot or too cold. You dont have to worry about sweating or getting sunburned. If youre planning a trip to Napa Valley, I would suggest one of these to seasons. But lets go over what you need to consider for each season and what to wear wine tasting in the spring, fall, summer, and winter.

Stay Casual Yet Sophisticated For Wine Tasting

What To Wear To A Winery

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I dont know about you but I always thought wine tasting is a grown ladys thing. While its totally fine to stay simple with a round neck tee and jeans shorts. It never hurts to add a dash of sophistication and femininity to your ensemble. So yes girls, switch your basic tee to a crisp V-neck oxford shirt or a billowy ruffle blouse just seal the deal. If you want to look classy, go for a pair of white or cream jeans that can naturally dress you up.

See, you can actually stay casual without sacrificing your style! Easy pieces.

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Breathable Linen Is Your Best Friend

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There is something about linen that screams summer. Not gonna lie, I will always wear a linen matching two-piece and wearing it like its my job. The charm of linen dress is how it embodies the artsy vibes with a distinctive sense of rawness. If you are a fan of sustainable fashion, linen is for you as its one of the most biodegradable natural fabrics.

Thinking you can only wear linen in neutral hues like ivory, tan, and grey? Well, its time for a quick update. Time has changed and linen garment comes with all kinds of hues. You can easily find a dazzling red linen dress with a modern slim cut!

Wine Tasting Attire: What To Wear In Wine Country

Courtesy of Unsplash | Katie Treadway

Sundress or skinny jeans? Heels or flip flops? Polo or t-shirt? If youre going wine tasting, you might be a little unsure about what to do when it comes to dressing the part in Wine Country especially when terms like Wine Country Casual and Napa Valley Chic come into play. While there are seldom formal dress codes in Wine Country, we have some tried and true tips that will ensure youre prepared well before you start packing.

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Dressing For The Winery

You may have heard the term wine country casual being thrown around before when it comes to talking about what you should wear when going wine tasting, but a lot of people have differing opinions about what that means.

So instead of talking about wine country casual attire, lets just take a look at what most people wear to the wineries when they go wine tasting. This will give you a better idea of the types of clothing you should be leaning towards and what you should avoid.

A Good Place For Lunch In Napa

WHAT TO WEAR to a Winery or Wine Tasting in Summer

The last photo you see below is of Gotts Restaurant in Napa Valley. We had lunch here after Peter read that it was a must eat location when your visiting Napa. The wait was not too bad about 20 min, that was just waiting in line to order. Its a very popular place. Peter ordered their most popular burger which is the ahi burger and I got mahi mahi tacos, both were delicious! If you dont mind the long lines than I highly recommend checking this restaurant out.

Stay Stylish, -V

P.S. I mainly shared my California wine tasting experience. Where in the world do you go and what do you wear? Let me know in the comments.

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Boho Style For Summer Vineyard Tasting

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Can you dress boho for a summer vineyard tasting? SURE! What else embraces the free spirit and summer hype more than a tribal embroidery dress? For footwear, either gladiator sandals and cowboy boots are equally tasteful. Of course, remember to throw on your retro round sunglasses and turquoise beaded necklace to feel like a 10/10!

What To Wear In Wine Country

Wear a button-down or blouse with a nice pair of jeans or slacks to look classy but not too dressy. A dress or skirt with a jean jacket and cowboy boots can look casual without being too casual. You will probably be both indoors and out during the day.

And, your wine tasting may include visiting the vineyards. This means that comfortable practical shoes are an absolute must. Wear closed-toe shoes that will keep you from slipping on the ground and protect your feet if theres rain in the forecast.

If youre looking for plus-size wine tasting outfits, Kiyonna is one of my favorite stores.

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Wine Tasting In The Spring

Spring, in most wine regions, is still quite chilly in the mornings and evenings and can be pretty nice during the day. Make sure you layer up so you can stay comfortable while the temperatures change. A pair of white capri pants and a lightweight spring blouse would be perfect, then add a fun jacket or a scarf to wear when the temperature gets cooler.

Add A Dash Of Romance With Feminine Dress

What to Wear Wine Tasting in Napa

Source: 1,2

If you gravitate towards romantic style, lean into it! You know, sometimes we girls just want to go all glam up with a peachy floral dress or ruffle co-ord set to feel extra fancy and flirty. That may not be the most comfortable look but Im sure youll be bound to be satisfied when you see that aesthetic vineyard photo shoot.

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Tip : Choose Wisely Between Heels Or Flats

Some vineyards have parking lots, manicured walkways, and seated indoor tastings. If this is your style, then heels arent a bad choice. For the most part though, the majority of wineries have stand-up counters or grassy picnic areas for tastings. Wearing comfortable shoes that can handle soft grass and grape stains are key in this case, as are closed toed shoes for those wineries that let you venture into the vineyards. If youre on the fence, just slip a pair of flats into your purse as a back-up. Theres nothing worse than sore feet when youre trying to enjoy yourself, so alternative options are always a good idea.

What To Wear Wine Tasting In Oregon

Hello Friends! This post is brought to you by Maija and Kira, two girls born and raised in Oregons Willamette Valley wine country. In fact, we were both raised in Carlton, on the vineyard where the Laurel Ridge winery and tasting room are today. Fun fact!

We often hear that wine tasting can be intimidating for newcomers and we totally get it! Wine has so many rules! We are going to break down our recommendations, but before we help you dress for your wine tasting adventure, lets get on the same page when talking about Oregon weather.

The foundation for any Oregonians relationship with the weather is basically, the forecasters are never right, we cant plan for the weather! As it turns out, Willamette Valley weather is incredibly difficult for even the best meteorologists to predict. No matter the time of year, we adapt by planning for everything.

This is totally doable. Just think about layers that can be both added and removed, i.e. a tee, cardigan, and coat, plus a hood/hat/scarf. Something that allows you to cool off if its too humid after a rain, or something to keep you dry if it suddenly begins to rain in the middle of what was a gorgeous, sunny afternoon . That way whether you find yourself atop a blustery vineyard in the Dundee Hills or catching some rays on the patio of an estate near Carlton, youll be totally prepared!

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What To Wear: Wine Tasting

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We will take you through the wine etiquette for fashion and beauty and give you a lookbook for wine country tastings, what to wear to a wine party and if you are just practicing the Finnish art of pantsdrunk at home. We will give you your wine tasting outfit, dinner party outfit and your lounging at home drinking wine outfit from head to toe! And as a bonus, you will learn how to look your best the day after wine tasting, too.


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