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What To Make With Wine Corks

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Sparkling Wine Cork Star Ornament

How to Make a Wine Cork Trivet Craft Tutorial | sponsored

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This beautiful star ornament featured on sustainmycrafthabit is also made out of recycled wine corks and it looks amazing. It was made using the following supplies: 103 wine corks, a glue gun, white acrylic paint, matte mod podge, glitter and a paintbrush. Its not a difficult project but it does take a bit of time and patience in order to get it right. Of course, if you want to you can swap the white paint with a different color.

A Cork Ball Decoration

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This right here is a cork ball, something that you can use as a decoration and have displayed on a shelf, a mantel, up in a Christmas tree, and so on. Its quite abstract which is why its also very versatile. To make it, start with styrofoam or a paper mache ball. Take some wine corks and a hot glue gun and attach them to the ball one by one as explained in the tutorial from sometimes-homemade.

Cute Animal Figures For Wine Cork Christmas Ornaments

Animal figures are always suitable for all kinds of decoration ideas. Particularly in Christmas decoration, reindeer figures are more preferable for wine cork Christmas ornaments. For example, for the reindeer figure, all the required materials are thin branches, a black-tipped pin, little ribbon. Besides that, tiny copper wires and eye-catching balls could be proper for this ornament. Outside of this, other beautiful ornament ideas are owl, mouse, hippo, dog, horse, and so on.

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Are Wine Corks Worth Anything

Worth is in the eye of the beholder. When we were last in Italy, we took a tour of a vineyard. The breakdown of the cost of the bottle was very informative. The cost of the cork was one dollar US for each and every wine cork! If I could sell back my collection to a vineyard, I would have a lot more money to spend on wine. Alas, this is not to be. You could gather your wine cork collection and put it up for auction. The going rate is about 10 cents per cork.

Charming Diy Wine Cork Crafts To Use Those Leftover Corks

30+ Magnificent DIY Projects You Can Do With Wine Corks

Add a little DIY charm to your home and your life with wine cork crafts. These are only the best and easiest DIY project ideas. Weve picked our favorites so check them out!

Humble Foodie has moved! Visit Jaybird: Home in Motion for the full tutorial for this wine cork jewelry organizer.

See the guide here.

Upcycle wine corks into a fun place to display your air plants with this DIY Upcycled Cork Air Plant Magnets project!

Follow the link for the details on this website.

See the guidelines on this website.

Discover how to make a lovely, easy DIY cork monogram letter with this tutorial! Instructions included for how to paint an ombre effect.

Follow the link for the tutorial.

Planning a vineyard wedding or themed dinner party? These cute, functional DIY wine cork placecard holders are just what you need to make it epic.

Make sure to follow the details.

Glass vases full of wine corks from crazy nights past are a great way to reuse your corks. Its a decorative way to recycle. Recycling is great, in all its forms. But once you start filling up vase number four, you may need to start looking for alternative ways to use those corks.

Read the instructions here.

See the guide.

Check out the guide here.

DIY Wine Cork Cheese Knives

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Wine Cork Swedish Gnomes

Youll definitely want to try this great idea for the holiday season! These adorable wine cork gnome ornaments are fun, quick, and easy craft.

Join Sarah with Ruffles and Rain Boots as she shares this on-trend holiday craft. They would be super cute for Christmas or even Halloween DIY crafts and decor!

Diy Kitchen Utensil Holder

Source:A Magical Mess

How unbelievably unique is this DIY kitchen utensil holder using wine corks? In this quick and easy project, your favorite wine corks are stacked on top of each other forming a circle that your larger utensils can then fit inside on display. I love how all of the corks are different sizes, patterns, and stains, and how you can just place the cork contraption right on your kitchen counter, or anywhere you see fit in your kitchen. I am obsessed with this idea!

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Diy Wine Cork Projects

If you buy something through a link in our posts, we may get a small share of the sale.

Whether you save or toss them, wine corks can have a second life once the bottle is finished. Whats great about these DIY projects is that theyre all really useful but require very little. Check out some of these really great ideas for DIY wine cork projects to see how you can put those corks to good use around your home, with minimal woodworking tools and equipment required.


  • Corks, Corks Everywhere
  • How To Make A Wine Cork Holder

    4 DIY Ways to Reuse Wine Corks

    Follow this step by step guide to make your own wine cork shadow box. It is a really easy beginners wood work project and it makes a beautiful gift. The complete shadow box takes a day or two to make, although most of the time is taken up waiting for glue or varnish to dry.

    The sizes given below are as per the finished product in the pictures but you can easily adapt the sizes to suite what you have available at your local hardware store, lying around your house or to suite the size of the box youd like to make.

    Reading: how to make a wine cork holder

    Read the full step by step text instructions below or watch this instructional video on how to make your own wine cork box. Purchase links for the tools and equipment used have been included in the what you need list to help you out.

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    #winewednesday: How To Make A Wine Cork Trivet

    Collector of corks too? Turn them into a functional trivet for your kitchen.

    There is something quite nostalgic about keeping and collecting wine corks from our favorite places, moments, years and wines. Displaying the corks in clear glass containers is a lovely way to showcase them. However, I had another idea. Recently I moved into a new place and much of my kitchen is still in boxes. I decided to upcycle some corks into a trivet to protect my counter and tabletop. Im considering making a few of these for gifts, especially for the upcoming holidays.

    Creative Wine Cork Projects

    Im a moderate wine drinker. I only have a glass or two of wine at most and only sometimes during the weekend.

    Thats why when I checked my stash of wine corks, I was so surprised I have so many already. With all the wine corks I have, my brain again switched to craft mode.

    There must be some new wine cork craft projects havent tried yet. If you dont have any idea with wine cork collection, dont worry.

    This list of wine cork art ideas will give you plenty of options to choose from!

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    Wine Cork Bottle Stopper

    For those moments when you want a fancier-looking bottle stopper, we have these bedazzled wine cork bottle stoppers. They look stunning and theyre fairly easy to make, so lets kick off working on them with our tutorial! Youll need wine corks, some door knobs, glitter, rhinestones, silk ribbon, and hot glue!

    Cork Diy Kitchen Utensil Holder

    50+ Easy Upcycle Wine Cork Ideas Crafts For Kids

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    Because wine corks look rather nice and interesting as they are, without the need to paint or change them in any way, you can use them as decorations and supplies for a lot of DIY crafts and projects. One idea is to take an empty metal can and glue a bunch of wine corks onto it so the metal is all hidden. You can then use this as a storage container, a vase, a planter, or a utensil holder in the kitchen. Its a little something that we found on amagicalmess.

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    Tips For Acquiring Wine Corks

    Some people who are interested in wine cork projects have been saving their corks for years and are burning to start recycling them in new ways. Other people have caught the wine cork bug and are just starting to collect corks. If you don’t already have a cork collection going, here are some tips for acquiring corks.

    • Ask friends and family. Even if you drink wine regularly, it will take a long time to acquire enough corks to make many of the projects here. Friends and family may be able to contribute to your collection.
    • Ask local restaurants and bars. Any restaurant that serves wine goes through an abundance of bottles almost every weekend. A number of people who make wine cork projects regularly have had success asking places to save for them.
    • Look for deals online. Check eBay, Amazon, CraigsList, and FreeCycle for wine cork listings. If Craigslist and FreeCycle don’t have listings up right now, put in your own request.

    Do you have other tips for acquiring corks? Leave them in the comments section at the end of this article!

    Wine Cork Crafts And Creative Wine Cork Projects

    If youre a wine lover and also a crafter at heart, you probably have a stash of wine corks sitting around just waiting to be used for something. Learn how to prepare them for crafting and find some amazing wine cork crafts and art ideas below to get your creative juices flowing!

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    A Cork Heart For Valentines Day

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    Heres a little something that you can make for Valentines Day, although its not necessarily for one particular occasion only. This is a cork heart that can be used as a decoration or centerpiece. To make it all you need is a piece of paper, a pencil, some wine corks and a glue. Draw a heart on the paper, then arrange the corks along the lines and glue them together. The project is explained on sandandsisal and there are plenty of different ways in which it can be personalized.

    Diy Wine Cork Ornaments For Christmas

    How to make a box with wine corks

    If youre on the hunt for great crafting projects to do with your family, Christmas wine cork crafts are a great way to get started. Theyre easy for beginner crafters and inexpensive to get, provided youre a wine drinker.

    There are a ton of crafting projects thatll leave you confused about what to do with the actual project, but you can use these for Christmas year after year. My favorite wine cork hack is to make Christmas tree ornaments. Wondering how do you make Christmas ornaments out of wine corks? Be sure to click the link under each photo for the tutorial to find out.

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    A Candle Ornament For Your Christmas Tree

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    A creative mind can find all sorts of interesting uses for something as simple and as basic as a wine cork. For example, theres a little project idea on crayonsandcravings that shows how a cork can be used to make a candle ornament for the Christmas tree. Its a really simple and cute project for which you need a few supplies such as yellow pipe cleaners, red ribbon, a thin pine garland, and red craft foam.

    Give Your Kitchen A New Look With A Wine Cork Backsplash

    Get the kitchen you always wanted with this wine cork backsplash. This beautiful decoration goes right with your personality and your kitchen will finally look complete!

    This is a little larger craftin fact, this is DIY backsplash territory! You will need a lot of corks , scroll saw, plywood, utility knife, stud finder, plastic outlet extenders, finishing nails, clear sealant, clear caulk and contact cement.

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    Things To Do With Leftover Wine Corks

    Opening a bottle of wine on Saturday night, you may think the best thing about it is the glass of vino in your hand. But that humble cork should not be overlooked. It holds the key to myriad craft projects. And whether youve amassed one cork or several bags full, you’ve got options. Here are five clever ways to reuse leftover corks.

    A Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer To Combine Your Two Favorite Things

    15+ Easy And Pretty DIY Wine Cork Craft for Your Home ...

    Jewelry is so hard to keep straight. Some people keep theirs in bags and the necklaces get all tangled up, making it impossible to actually enjoy the act of putting them on!

    No more tears! Put the wine corks inside a frame, add some hooks, and youve got yourself a cool jewelry organizer! The two loves of your life combined: wine and your fashion accessories! And the small metal hook installation is a breeze in the cork.

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    Continue Adding Wine Corks And Colored Cones

    Now that the first cone has been added to your creation, you can continue building up the design by adding more wine corks. From time to time, add in another cone.

    Make sure the wine corks cover the wreath on all sides. You want some of them on the inside of the wreath, others on the side. Even if the base wreath is still visible in some areas, youll still have good coverage. Some of the corks will look like theyre on top of others and so on.

    Placement Of Wine Corks

    This step is super important and you will need to repeat it over and over. Dont just start gluing corks down!

    You will want to work in small batches to ensure you have the best placement for each cork.

    I started by placing 10 or so wine corks on the Wood Letter to look at the spacing before gluing down. This way I can easily move the wine corks around until it looks natural.

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    Enjoy Watching The Bird Family Settle In

    Do you like providing a habitat for birds who come to your yard? Imagine sitting on your porch, patio, or deck with a glass of your favorite wine in hand and seeing the beautiful birds making a home. You can enjoy the birds building a nest, laying their eggs, and urging the babies to fly away from home.

    I hope you enjoyed this project and try it yourself!

    Wine Cork Heart Decor

    How to Use Wine Corks to Make Fire Starters

    Create a simple yet elegant wine cork Heart decor that is perfect for Valentines Day, as a wedding or party centerpiece, or even hung on the wall. Its perfect anytime you want a touch of elegance or romance.

    This is another of those useful DIY wine cork projects that I think is too cool! Reuse wine corks by creating this cute utensil holder for your kitchen.

    Great for a homemade gift idea, or keep it for yourself.

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    Fine Diy Crafts To Make With Leftover Wine Corks

    Wine corks are usually worthless. You cannot sell them. But that applies only to narrow-minded people. Let your mind wander, think outside of the box, and wine corks can fetch a treasure.

    That is, if you are willing to put some effort in creating crafts using wine corks. Pop your bottle of wine, enjoy it, but do not throw away the wine corks.

    Nowadays, there are even auctions for wine corks. You can buy them cheap, at 10 cents each. And if you want to expand your imagination, here are some ideas.

    You can make any of these crafts for your home. Or use it as a clever gift for friends and loved ones. Lets take a look.

    Wine Cork Jewelry Holder

    How about we set up a jewelry holder for all your bracelets and necklaces? One that you can hang on your wall? We love this idea, especially as it makes it super easy to pick up your favorite pieces. In this way, youll be ready to go faster! Follow our tutorial and make your own wine cork jewelry holder in no time!

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    Bulletin Boards Wall Displays Frames

    A wide variety of picture frames will work for creating a decorated frame, bulletin board, or other wall display. If you find a second hand frame that isn’t in great shape, sand and refinish it or give it a coat of paint before you get ready to attach your corks. There are also a number of possibilities for attaching your corks. Simply glue the corks the long way close together or turn them on their sides and arrange them in a pattern. If the corks are too tall for your chosen frame , just cut them in half.

    Diy Wine Corks Centerpiece

    50+ Easy Upcycle Wine Cork Ideas Crafts For Kids

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    Wine corks themselves can look quite nice, especially when you have a bunch of them together. You can take a few and put them in clear glass containers like jars or vases. Add some string lights in there so theres also a bit of lighting involved and these can be your new table centerpieces. They could also look nice as decorations on shelves, nightstands, or desks. Check out kraftmint to see how theyre made.

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