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What Temperature Should White Wine Be Stored At

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Should Riesling Be Chilled

How to store wine at home- What temperature should you store red wine at?

Cooler temperatures bring out the acidity and tannic qualities of a wine. A sweeter wine like a Riesling doesnt need any help bringing out tart taste. A warm bottle of Riesling needs a little bit of hibernation time in a refrigerator until it falls to about 50° F. Dont let your Riesling sleep for too long, though. Most refrigerators will take your wine down to about 35° F – far too cold. The acidity and overall sweetness will be tempered enough at 50° F, allowing for a much more pleasant experience. So, should Riesling be chilled? Absolutely!

Optimal Fortified Wine Storage Temperature & Conditions

Storing temperatures for fortified wine, such as your typical Ports, Tawny Ports and LBV is, for the most part, the same. We recommend between 55 and 57 degrees Fahrenheit.

As a side note, the style of port or other fortified wine youre consuming will have varied lifespans once youve popped the bottle. Thats because some ports, such as Vintage Ports, are aged for very long periods in the bottle and are unfiltered. Thus, exposure to oxygen will quickly deteriorate the liquid once exposed. On the other hand, Tawny Ports and LBV Ports can last up to a month or so once open as oxygen was a critical factor in the production process so theyve already been exposed.

At What Temperature Should One Taste Red White Or Red Wines

Serving cabinets are used for storing wine that is going to be drunk soon. They are therefore kept at an ideal serving temperature. EuroCave wine serving cabinets offer several temperatures to store your wines according to their ideal serving temperature. Here is a reminder of all the wine tasting temperatures:

The temperature for white wines:– 7-8°C: Simple champagnes and sparkling wines, muscats, simple sweet wines.- 9-10°C: Late harvest Alsace wines, sweet wines, acidic or light dry white wines.- 11-12°C: Dry white wines, medium-dry white wines , Gewurztraminer, fine champagnes, fine sweet wines, noble grapes.- 13-14°C: Best dry white wines, vin jaune and other oxidative wines.

The temperature for rosé wines:– 7-8°C: Simple rosé champagnes and other sparkling rosés.- 11-12°C: Fine rosé champagnes, classic rosé wines- 13-14°C: Bordeaux clarets, structured rosé wines, Burgundy rosé wines

The temperature for red wines:– 11-12°C: Light and fruity red wines.- 13-14°C: Beaujolais and low-tannin wines, Banyuls and other natural sweet wines.- 15-16°C: Burgundy, Rhône and Loire wines and red wines of medium structure.- 17-18°C: Bordeaux wines and any red wine with a good structure, Port wines.- 19-20°C: Exceptional, developed wines.

Please note: when wine is stored at serving temperature, it must be drunk quickly. In fact, above 14°C, wine maturing accelerates and below 10°C, wine maturing slows down.

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Nfinity S Dual Zone Wine Cellar

The NFINITY S Dual Zone Wine Cellar is an elegant, modern solution for storing and serving your favorite wines. Equal parts function and form, the S Dual Zone is as much a showpiece as it is a high-performing cooling unit. With a 46-bottle capacity, the NFINITY S is ideal for growing collections. It comes equipped with state-of-the-art Embraco compressor cooling technology, and boasts numerous features like handsome wood shelves, modern touchscreen controls, and a stainless steel door.

The Perfect Temperature For Wine

Wine Temperatures for Fermentation and Storage

We’re long overdue to answer some of your questions. This week, we’ll tackle an excellent topic: the right temperature to serve wine. Plus, some insight on the grape varieties of Bordeaux, and the difference between sauvignon blanc and fumé blanc.

None of your articles tell us at what temperature we should serve the wine. I have two bottles of syrah, one bottled in France and one bottled at a local California winery. Should they be served at room temp or refrigerated? It will be my first taste of syrah so I want it done right. -Lois B., Woodland, Calif.

Temperature is a matter of endless discussion, but it’s safe to say that most Americans serve their red wine too warm, and often their white wine too cold.

Syrahs need a bit of warmth to express their terrific gamy, peppery aromatics. The ideal temperature should be somewhere around 65 degrees Fahrenheit, just shy of room temperature.

Now, red wines should be stored around 55 degrees, if you can manage it. So you’ll want to give your syrah an hour or two at room temperature to warm up a bit. Warmer than room temperature and you’ll probably start smelling more alcohol in the wine too much cooler and the wine will taste dull.

What you don’t want is to store your wine at room temperature or warmer for an extended period of time. At the very least, it will speed the aging of the wine, but more likely you’ll end up “cooking” the bottle, robbing the wine of its aromas and flavors.

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What Is The Ideal Temperature To Store And Serve Wine

Most people serve red wine at room temperature and white wine straight from the fridge.

But is that right?

I dont know about you, but this is all seems a bit vague. What does room temperature even mean? Should you ever put red wine in ice? Why does serving temperature even matter?

If you take a more scientific approach to wine temperatures, youll find theres a Goldilocks zone for every variety not too hot and not too cold.

Serving the wine at the right temperature will help you enjoy it more. After all, you wouldnt serve chilled chips or warm ice cream.

Wine scientists have discovered that the taste of wine is affected by a range of factors including music, food, temperature and even price.

Best Selling Wine Coolers/refrigerators

If you decide that you want to store your red and white wines at different temperatures to ensure they are at the perfect temperature for serving, thisEdgeStar dual zone wine cooler might be the best buy for you. This wine cooler is one of the highest rated by users and it holds 141 bottles. The wine cooler makes it easy to separate your reds and whites and set different temperatures for each side of the cooler. The cooler has tinted glass and digital controls to easily adjust and monitor the temperature of your wines.

If you want a long-term storage plan for your wines and decide that they can be stored at the same temperature, a single zone wine cooler might be a better option. ThisEdgeStar single zone wine cooler holds up to 151 bottles with even-air cooling technology. The coolers powerful circulation fans ensure that your wines stay at a consistent, cool temperature.

Whether or not you choose to store your red and white wines together, the key is maintaining the right temperature of the wine to have an optimal wine drinking experience.

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Argh I Dont Have A Cellar Now What

If you dont have a proper cellar you have a few options:

Start drinking

This might just be the perfect excuse to start . In the future, you can simply change your buying habits for short term wine consumption. We think you can get away with about a year of aging as long as your storage area never exceeds 80°F .

Store your wines professionally

It will cost you about $3.50 per case per month. Whats cool about this option is that pro cellars have great perks including , built-in potential buyers and tools to manage your wine collection. For example, we were particularly impressed with the concept of phenol 55.

Get a wine cooler

A decent wine cooler thats designed for aging will actually be a little loud because it needs a condenser and a fan. While thermoelectric units are great for short term , they fluctuate too much in temperature for long-term storage.

Whats The Best Wine Storage Temperature

What Temperature Should I Be Serving My Wine At? – Wine Oh TV

If youre expecting one magical number to solve your wine storage temperature issues, industry professionals will argue that its not as black and white as one might hope. Generally, it is advisable to keep wine stored at temperatures between 45 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This article is geared towards consumers looking to drink wines within a few years of purchase.

In the broad scheme of things, few wines require lengthy aging to achieve full development. Bordeaux blends, Barolos, and Nebbiolo-based reds are a few examples of anomalies. The vast majority of wines, however, can certainly benefit from proper storing techniques to preserve and in some cases enhance them in the short term.

Before we get into optimal temperatures broken down by wine style, the following general storage techniques must be always be employed to best preserve your wine collection.

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Wine Fridge Temperature Range

Most standard units have a temperature range between 40° F and 65° F. Some specialized units can offer temperatures below 40° F, but that will be too low for most wines.


Say your reds and whites are stowed away, stored in a cooler at the ideal temperature. Is there anything else you should know about storage to enjoy optimal quality and flavor? The answer is: Yes.

How To Properly Store Red And White Wine

Weve all seen a cool, vintage bottle before. Wines that have been stored over many years and in turn have become more valuable for it. Wine, however, isnt something you can just leave unattended and expect to get better over time. It takes making sure your wine is in a place with the right conditions. We reached out to Jim Gerakaris, Winery Sommelier and Wine Educator of JUSTIN Vineyards & Winery, who was happy to share his best practices for storing wine in the long-term.

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Wine : What Temperature Should My Wine Be

To showcase the wines you love, its important to serve them at the right temperature. Wine temperature greatly impacts taste. You love a good tasting wine right? Of course, you do! When entertaining or serving guests, it can be easy to overlook this variable as an essential component. Heres a little advice to ensure youre always serving your wines at the right temperature.

We will cover frequently asked questions, like Should White Wine be Chilled? and evaluate the ideal temperature for red wine. We have also provided a wine temperature chart for your ease of reference, below! Lets begin!

Best Temperature To Store White Wine

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Unlike red wine, the flavors of white wines and roses are enhanced by cool temperatures. The average wine storage temperature chart recommends storing white wine between 50°F and 60, with 55 considered perfect.

These cooler temps actually lift the delicate flavors of most whites. But beware of the standard refrigerator when storing white wine: colder temperatures can mute some of its more fragile nuances. This is why a wine cooler is so essential for keeping whites at their best.

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What Temperature Should A Wine Cellar Be

What temperature and humidity should a wine cellar be?

An ideal temperature for wine storage is 55°F to 57°F with an average 60% relative humidity. This temperature and relative humidity will allow the wines to mature slowly, reduce mold growth, keep the corks from drying out, and prevent spoiling of the labels.

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Red Wine Should Be Served Cool 60 To 70 Degrees

The most common misconception with red wine is that it is ideal to serve it at room temperature, when in fact serving it cool is the best way to enjoy it. To cool red down to its proper temperature, we like to place it in the fridge an hour before serving it. For quicker results, you can put it in the freezer for just 15 minutes. After opening and either decanting or pouring the first glasses, just as with white we like leaving the wine out on the table to slowly warm.

Core Grapes & Wines

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Wine Temperature Guide For Red And White Wines

As a beverage, wine boasts many unique qualities. For example, many assume that a wines flavors improve over time. While this can be true, the unique flavors of a wine come more from the process by which it was made, how it was stored during fermentation, and even the temperature. We dont have control over how the wine was made but we can control the temperature of the wine when we serve it. This is why a wine temperature guide is important for both red wines and white wines.

Vine Our Specialist Logistics Provider Trebled Its Warehouse Space In April When It Opened A Temperature

Wine storage

Bettertastingwine wine serving and cellaring temperature wine 101 what temperature should my be wine myths serving temperatures the. However the various types of wine can have different optimal. For short-term storage a dedicated wine refrigerator wine. Storing a fine wine at 100 will cause it to lose its.

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And Now For Your White Wines

What about the perfect white wine storage temperature? Storage and serving temperatures arent always the same. Thats why, while reds and whites areservedat different temperatures, 55°F is the perfect wine temperature for storage for both types of wine.

Wine storage temperature isnt an exact science. So, regardless if youre storing reds orwhites, dont sweat it too much if youre a few degrees above or below 55°F. Consistency, however, is more important than you might think. Well get to that in a second.

Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 Dual Zone Wine Cellar

With two cooling zones, the Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 is the ideal budget-friendly wine-serving solution. This cooler has a generous, 70-bottle capacity, making it perfect for serving from even the most diverse wine collections. It also features elegant, modern construction with blue LED lighting that makes it a fantastic showpiece. Tinted, triple pane glass means that this wine cooler offers both optimum performance and robust energy-saving technology.

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White Wine And Ros Should Be Served Cold 50 To 60 Degrees

The best way to get white wine and rose cold is to place it in the fridge immediately after buying it however, if you buy the wine the same day you want to drink it, either leave it in the fridge for several hours, or you can place it in the freezer for about 30 minutes. That should do the trick! After opening the bottle and pouring everyone their first glass, we prefer not to place it on ice, but instead let the bottle sweat on the table, as the wines aromas and character changes slightly as the temperature rises, which we love.

What Is The Best White Wine Storage Temperature

Wine Temperatures for Fermentation and Storage

03 Mar 2017

Storage temperatures are critical to maintain the quality of wines. It is more so in case of your favorite white wines. Slight fluctuations in storage temperatures and storage conditions have the potential to affect the taste and texture of your wines. Here are some tips on storage temperature and conditions of white wine:

– Most wine lovers agree that storing temperatures and serving temperatures are two different things. Some experts believe that the ideal storage temperature for white wines is about 55 degrees F, which will help keep your white wine from the risk of aging prematurely.

– Other group pf experts believe that optimal storage temperature for white wines probably falls between 49-55 degrees.

– As a general rule for an average home user, white wine storage temperature should not go over 75F , for longer than brief spans of time. At 75°F, wine begins to oxidize. An ideal temperature for storing a varied wine collection is 54°F . Letting the temperature drop below 54°F won’t hurt the wine it’ll only slow down the aging process. However, A 68 to 73 degree storage area is far preferable to one that is 45 to 65 degrees F, though the first approaches the dangerous 75 figure. Rises in temperature force wine through the cork drops cause air to be sucked back in.

  • Minimize its exposure to air. Cork the bottle tightly. If there is only a little bit of wine left, try transferring it to a smaller bottle.
  • Purchase a wine stopper and pump.

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Eurocave Inspiration S Wine Cellar

The EuroCave Inspiration S Wine Cellar is a beautiful unit that is specially-made to complement any modern kitchen. This elegantly-designed, high-performance wine cooler is available in three different sizes with customizable glass, door, and shelving options. The EuroCave S can store anywhere from 30 to 89 bottles depending on its configuration, making it one of the most customizable wine coolers available today. Because the EuroCave Inspiration is just as much a showpiece as it is a functional appliance, special care has been given to the aesthetics of the unit. Soft amber lights illuminate your bottles, while a backlit touchscreen gives your kitchen a modern, techy flair. This wine cooler is the ideal solution for collectors who are looking to showcase their wine right in the kitchen.

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