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What Temp Should Red Wine Be Stored At

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White Wine Service Temperature

How to store wine at home- What temperature should you store red wine at?

Opposite of red wine, most people will tell you that white wine needs to be served chilled rather than at room temperature. And while this is true, there is also a sweet spot in terms of the best temperature for white wines.

Serving white wines between 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit will give you the best flavor profile possible for these types of wines. This is why its also important not to store your white wines in your traditional refrigerator.

Typical household refrigerators will keep your food at around 35-37 degrees. At this temperature your food is just warm enough to not freeze, but cool enough to keep it preserved for longer periods of time. The downside to this though is that your wine will also end up at those temperatures, which is a touch cooler than youd like to serve it.

We suggest storing your white wine outside of the refrigerator and then placing in the fridge about 30 minutes or so before you intend to serve it. This will allow the temperature of the white wine to cool down without giving it a chance to reach the lowest point.

The exception to this is if you have a wine cooler/fridge. Wine coolers or wine refrigerators are specifically designed to keep your wines at a certain temperature. So you can set your wine cooler to hold at around 45 degrees and it will keep your white wine cool up until you serve it.

If your white wine gets too cold it can cause it to lose some of its flavor, while serving white wine warm will cause it to become dull.

Red Storage Temperature Cheat Sheet

Just as there is an optimum temp to store red wine, there is also an ideal setting for different body types of red wine. This might sound complicated, but Wine Racks America is here to make it simple. To help you determine the right red wine storage temperature, our experts put together the following table:

Body Type

Wine Temperature: The Ideal Temperature To Store And Serve Wine

McKenzie Hagan | February 27, 2020

Some rules are made to be broken. Only pairing red wine with red meat? Only drinking port after a meal? Theres no reason to limit yourself.

Drinking wine is about enjoying yourself, not following rules. However, when it comes to wine temperature, some rules do apply. And there are a few golden tips and tricks that can really make your favorite bottle pop.

Wine temperature has a considerable effect on wine flavor. While a glass of wine served at the proper temperature is a joy to savor, the wrong temperature can be a disaster for your wine collection.

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What Is The Ideal Temperature To Store And Serve Wine

Most people serve red wine at room temperature and white wine straight from the fridge.

But is that right?

I dont know about you, but this is all seems a bit vague. What does room temperature even mean? Should you ever put red wine in ice? Why does serving temperature even matter?

If you take a more scientific approach to wine temperatures, youll find theres a Goldilocks zone for every variety not too hot and not too cold.

Serving the wine at the right temperature will help you enjoy it more. After all, you wouldnt serve chilled chips or warm ice cream.

Wine scientists have discovered that the taste of wine is affected by a range of factors including music, food, temperature and even price.

Invest In A Dedicated Wine Storage Facility

Spoiler: Youve Been Storing Your Wine All Wrong This ...

Are you looking for a better way to make sure your red wines age beautifully? Worried about keeping your collection secure? A dedicated wine storage facility can give you total climate control as well as peace of mind.

At Carls Wine Vault, we handle every bottle with care. Our professional storage facility caters to all types of wines with a cutting-edge climate control system. Rest assured knowing your collection is in safe hands with our multiple redundancy system and airtight security standards.

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Optimal Wine Storage Temperature

What is the Proper Temperature to Store Red Wine?What is the best temperature for storing wine? Do different wines store better at different temperatures?

Answer:Proper storage temperature for red wine is considered to be 55°F. Red wine is generally also served at this same storage temperature. Although proper wine storage temperatures vary depending upon the type of wine being stored, this temperature is acceptable for all wines. Below is a chart presented in order to keep to keep the average wine drinker honest.

Wine Storage Light Considerations

Sunlight and incandescent light can damage wine over time. Its important to store wine in an area where it will not come in contact with direct forms of such light. The cardboard or wooden box wine is purchased in is a perfect barrier, blocking 100% of light.

The glass used to make wine bottle can offer some protection from light both color and thickness contribute in varying degrees. Lighter colored glass and thinner wine bottles typically denote a wine that is of lower value or is intended for immediate consumption. While darker glass and thicker wine bottles offer substantially greater UV protection leaving those precious drops of juice better suited to stand up to the rigors of aging.

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What Temperature Should You Set Your Wine Fridge

Set onea temperaturewineset thewinewineswines

. Hereof, what is the best temperature for a wine fridge?

Typically, white wines should be stored in the temperature range of 46°F to 56°F and red wines will be stored between 58°F to 68°F. The best way to accommodate both wines within the same unit is to purchase a dual zone wine cooler.

Secondly, how do I set the temperature on my Vinotemp wine cooler? You can set the temperature as you desire by pressing the control panel buttons. There are two buttons on the panel and to adjust the temperature by 1°F between 54-66 °F. You can turn the interior light on or off by pressing the button. Unplug the wine cellar and remove the bottles and shelves.

Likewise, can you make a wine fridge colder?

Keep It Cold, But Not Too ColdAs you see, a wine cooler should reduce the temperature to around 46° F without any issues. If this isn’t the case, you should probably move it to a cooler area or troubleshoot it. However, cold temperatures won’t preserve the quality of your opened wine forever.

What temperature should a beverage fridge be set at?

In fact, most beverage center temperature controls only go as low as 40-45 degrees. So a beverage refrigerator able to cool its cabinet to 33 degrees could store some really, truly cold beer.

The Best Red Wine Storage Temperature

Wine Temperature and Storage 101 – A Basic Guide on How to Store your Wines and at what Temperature

Youve just purchased a brand new bottle of your favorite Merlot. You plan on opening it at a later date for a special occasion. To get the best overall balance of flavor and aromas, its important to store your bottle in the appropriate manner. Selecting the right temp to store red wine plays a big part in this. At what temperature should you keep red wines? In this informational article, we take a closer look at red wine storage temperature and how to keep your vino in top quality.

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Other Wine Storage Considerations

Odors and Chemical: Cork is a porous material and not only lets air into the bottle, but can also let in odors. Note to self, dont store your prized bottle of sauvignon next to sack of garlic cloves or in cabinets where you store your bleach or other cleaning chemicals. Years down the road, when you finally sit down to an amazing dinner with friends, youll be pretty upset if you open your treasured bottle of cab and experience subtle onion notes with a hint of Windex.

White Wine And Ros Should Be Served Cold 50 To 60 Degrees

The best way to get white wine and rose cold is to place it in the fridge immediately after buying it however, if you buy the wine the same day you want to drink it, either leave it in the fridge for several hours, or you can place it in the freezer for about 30 minutes. That should do the trick! After opening the bottle and pouring everyone their first glass, we prefer not to place it on ice, but instead let the bottle sweat on the table, as the wines aromas and character changes slightly as the temperature rises, which we love.

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Ideal Temperature To Store And Serve Wine

Most people think that the wine should be kept in a regular fridge with whatever temperature and just be served cool on the table. Some people even put several ice cubes in their wine to make it colder. But what are the wine storing temperature and wine serving temperature? Weve prepared for you this wine storage temperature guide that will help you to set the right temperature and enjoy your wine collection by all means.

Here is a compact table that you can copy, print out, and put it on your fridge to remember the right temperatures. But if you have only one type of wine like red or white, you can set the temperature right away and forget about it. We will suggest temperatures for red and white wine below the table. But if you have a dual-zone fridge, you can set specific temperatures based on this table and experience the most proper wine flavor to its fullest.


Red Vs White Wine Storage Temperature

Wine Temperatures for Fermentation and Storage

While common to keep whites in the fridge and reds on the shelf, thats not what the experts at Wine Enthusiast recommend. Although different wines should be served at different temperatures, all wines should be stored at the same temperature.

Whether white, red, sparkling or fortified, we suggest following the above-mentioned temperature guidelines, depending on how long you are storing your wine.

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Storing Red Wine In Wine Cellars

If you want to start an extensive collection of fine wines, you can always invest in building a wine cellar. A good place for a wine cellar in the home is a finished basement since this is an area of the home which is naturally cool and humid.

A wine cellar can add significant value to your property, and it can also be a significant investment in money, time, and resources to install as a remodel. Adding a wine cellar to a home can run an average of forty thousand dollars. Needless to say, this is a storage option only for the most serious of wine collectors.

For those who cant invest the money in a full wine cellar remodel, a makeshift wine cellar can be created in the basement or elsewhere in the home by installing amenities designed to mimic the conditions of a wine cellar such as air conditioning and high humidity control.

White Wine Storage Temperature

55°F is the ideal white wine storage temperature. And, likewise, a few degrees up or down from there is still safe. Again, as long as the storage temperature remains consistent.

Can it really be this simple? Yeah, awesomely it can. While some wines would benefit from 53 or 54 degrees, and others 56 or 57 degrees, the difference when storing them is negligible. Success when youâre storing wines means providing a stable, non-destructive environment that protects wine from extreme and volatile temperatures. A few degrees here or there isnât terribly important.

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How To Store Your Wine Properly

All wines, whether red or white, should be stored at a consistent temperature in a cool, dry place. Wine cellars are usually found in basements, away from natural light since the suns UV rays can damage wine. For those of us without a wine cellar, wine coolers and refrigerators can mimic the same environment of a wine cellar to perfectly preserve your wine for the long-term or to use for everyday storage.

Its important to store your wine at a consistent temperature, usually between 50 and 60 degrees. Most wine coolers or refrigerators will have soft, LED lighting or red-tinted lighting to replicate the dark environment of a cellar. Youll also notice that coolers or refrigerators store bottles horizontally or upside down so that the wine has contact with the cork. This prevents the cork from becoming dried out and porous, which causes oxygen to enter the bottle.

Storing Red Wine At Temperatures Above 65f

Tiedemann on Wines: What temperature to store wine

When you store your wine at too high of a temperature, it will age much more quickly, which is why its best to avoid storing wine at a temperature above 65°F.

  • At temperatures above 70°F, the wine will degrade more quickly.
  • In extreme temperatures above 80°F, the wine starts to cook, which removes the subtle flavors and aromas that make wine special.
  • Heat can also damage the wines seal, which will allow oxygen into the wine and cause the wine to oxidize and develop off flavors and aromas.
  • The longer the wine stays at a high temperature, the more damage that is done to the wine, which can quickly render it undrinkable.

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Serving Your Wine At The Right Temperature

Its generally known that Americans serve red wine too warm and white wine too cold. A few degrees here or there wont drastically affect the flavor profile of your wine, but you want to loosely adhere to these ideal temperatures for serving red and white wine.

Red Wine Serving Temperature: 55°F 65°F

Serving red wine at room temperature is not always the best call for a red. Its like walking a fine line. If the wine is too cold, the tannins and acidity of red wine are more pronounced. But if its too warm, the dominant taste is bitter alcohol. The recommended serving temperature for a red wine also varies with the variety. Pinot Noir is best served between 55-60°F, while Merlot, Syrah, Zinfandel, Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon are best served between 60-65°F. If youre storing your wine in a warm area, such as your kitchen, put a bottle of red in the fridge about 30 minutes before youre ready to serve it.

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What Temperature Should A Wine Fridge Be

The wine cooler temperature range is the one you set yourself. but it doesnt go further or below certain temperatures. The highest temperature youll use is 67 °F, which is 19°C, and the lowest temperature 45 °F, which is 7°C.

Each fridge has the wine fridge temperature settings that will help you to set everything right. And with the right temperature, you are able to keep your wine in perfect condition for years and years, and even bring it to your grand grandkids wedding.

So, to bring up this information once again and to emphasize its importance, we need to highlight the white wine fridge temperature and the red wine cooler temperature.

Tip: Keep white wine fridge temperature between 45 °F and 50 °F , and red wine cooler temperature between 50 °F and 65 °F .

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The Basics Of Red Wine Storage

Wine can be stored in a variety of ways. This article will outline some of the most popular methods, as well as some of the reasons why one might choose one type over another.

The first thing to consider when storing wine is the optimal temperature and humidity levels around the bottle. Too much heat can cause your wine to spoil, while too much moisture will cause it to get moldy. The best way to store wine is in a cool, dark place that has between 55% and 75% humidity levels.

Also, the type of wine will also dictate how itâs stored, here are a list of the most common types of red wine

Ideal Temperature Range For Red Wine Storage

Wine Serving Temperature

The ideal temperature range for storing red wine is between 45°F and 65°F with the sweet spot of 55°F .

  • For long-term storage , you’ll want to pay strict attention to maintaining that ideal temperature of 55°F.
  • For shorter-term storage , it is safe for the temperature to swing closer to the upper or lower ends of the safe spectrum as long as they don’t wildly fluctuate between the two.

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Wine Storage And Vibration

Beyond sentimental value growing over time, aging wine comes down to creating optimal conditions for a chemical process to take place. Vibration agitates wine which accelerates the chemical process of aging. Therefore, its advised to always store wine in an area where prolonged exposure to vibration is minimized. Some people use wood racking which has a natural dampening effect.

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Ideal Wine Storage Conditions

  • You should not store wine with anything that has a strong, potent smell, as this can taint the wine and cork. Good ventilation in your wine storage facility is preferable as this stops musty odours from entering the wine.
  • Wine is best kept in the dark and free from vibration. It is advised that you do not move bottles of wine too much/vigorously as this can spoil the wine. You should store wine away from the light as direct sunlight/fluorescent fixture can ruin the wine.If you cannot keep a bottle shaded from the light, then completely cover and wrap the bottle with a cloth as this will offer more protection. Alternatively, store the wine bottle inside a cardboard box.
  • Humidity is vital to the condition of the wine. If the humidity is too high, this offers the perfect conditions for mould to grow and the wine bottle labels to loosen and deteriorate. Therefore it is advised that humidity does not exceed 70%.You can monitor the humidity with a thermohygrometer this determines the need to either humidify/dehumidify air if required. You can install a dehumidifier to control the moisture conditions of the room.

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