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Is Red Wine Keto Friendly

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What We Learned On Our Hunt For Keto Wines

Can I Drink Red Wine on a Keto Diet

Bad News: youre not going to see RS listed on the label.

The US has no labeling requirements for nutrition, so no one adds it. Additionally, we found searching for this information online complicated.

It took me multiple back-and-forth emails to squeeze this information out of one producer.

Good News: Many wines will fit the bill! On our searches, we discovered a few key clues:

  • Value-driven dry wines tend to have more residual sugar to improve the taste. Weve seen value wines range from about 530 g/L of residual sugar.
  • Generally speaking, white and rosé wines often feature some level of residual sugar. Sweetness in white and rosé wines helps counterbalance acidity. So, to be safe, you can anticipate 10 g/L or 1.5 g carbs per serving.
  • European wines tend to prioritize dryness. So you might try more , , , , or even that compelling listed above!
  • Sparkling wines marked with Brut, Extra Brut, or Brut Nature typically have the lowest amounts of residual sugar. Expect 1.5g carbs per glass or less. Heres a fun for more information.
  • Use search terms like fact sheet, tech sheet, rs, or even pH to search for a specific wines technical information quickly.
  • What Wines To Avoid

    Wines with higher alcohol levels include varieties like , , , and You cant blame them for it. Theyre naturally high in sugar.

    Whats more important to avoid is wines with higher sweetness levels . Sweet wines include , Port, and other

    What Is The Keto Diet

    The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carb diet that transitions the body into ketosis a metabolic state of burning fats instead of glucose into energy.

    As a result of this increased fat-burning, those who follow a keto diet often cite health benefits including weight loss and increased energy. You’ll hear keto dieters talk about calculating and counting their daily macronutrients to ensure they stay within their limits necessary for ketosis.

    While the keto diet has been called a fad diet, it’s certainly worth lowering your sugar intake even if you don’t follow such a strict regimen. After all, the average person consumes 17 teaspoons of sugar every day, resulting in a host of sugar-related diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

    Keto Diet And Alcohol: The Best And Worst Drinks To Choose

    The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet used by many people to lose weight and improve health.

    It typically requires careful planning so that you stick within your daily carb allotment and keep your body in ketosis. This may mean giving up sweets, snacks and other high-carb indulgences like soft drinks and alcohol.

    However, there are plenty of low-carb alcoholic beverages that you can enjoy in moderation even on a keto diet.

    This article gives you the best and worst alcoholic drinks to choose on the keto diet.

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    Keto Friendly White Wines

    In general, white wines tend to be a bit more keto-friendly than red wines.

    And stillthere are plenty of them that will blast you out of ketosis faster than you can spell Cheers!, so picking the right variety is still crucial. After all, a single glass of wine isnt worth all that trouble you went through on your way to keto bliss, right?

    To help you out, we created this short guide on keto-friendly white wines. Save the thing somewhere and just open it up anytime youll be looking for a delicious bottle of something to pair with your dinner!

    But first, lets do a quick recap of what makes a wine keto-friendly in the first place.

    Why some white wines are better on keto than others

    The keto diet is all about keeping an eye on your daily carb intake. If you manage to stay under the 5% limit , youll reach stable nutritional ketosis in no time.

    The carb content in different varieties of wine depends on the extent to which the grape sugar had been fermented by the yeast. More fermented wines are drier and often have a higher alcohol content, since alcohol is released as a byproduct of sugar fermentation.

    In other words, the key to finding a keto-friendly white wine is to look for dry varieties of the drink!

    What Are The Best Wines For Keto

    5 Keto Wines To Try Now

    Unless you live in a cave , you have no doubt heard the buzz about keto. Maybe you have some friends who are on it, or you yourself have found that following a ketogenic diet has improved your energy and contributed to weight loss and muscle gain.

    The ketogenic diet has certainly made waves, but unlike many other eating plans, advocates and adherents insist that this is not a diet at all. Its a lifestyle, a way of eating that becomes an ingrained habit. But it should also be enjoyable! After all, how long can we really stick to a plan if we cannot treat ourselves now and then? This brings us to the big question: can you drink wine on keto?

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    A Few Caveats About Keto Wine

    While you can certainly drink alcohol on a keto diet, you may want to reconsider doing so for the following reasons:

    • The effects of alcohol makes it easier to overeat and drink more. The higher the alcohol content, the more likely you are to sabotage ketosis.
    • Alcohol consumption switches off your fat-burning potential. Your body prioritizes getting the alcohol out of your system overusing your fat for energy. This may slow down or even stall weight loss and ketone production.
    • You may have a lower alcohol tolerance. There are many anecdotal reports of lower tolerance and worse hangovers when youre running off ketones.

    Even though its fine to weave a drink into your weekly keto meal plan here and there especially a glass of low-carb wine it shouldnt be something you do every day. Especially if weight loss is your goal.

    Best Red Wines By Grams Of Carbs Per Serving

    Good news for red wine lovers! Some of the most delicious red wines also happen to be low-carb.

    Not to mention they pair amazingly with some of your favorite keto foods like steak and cheese.

    Look for these low-carb red wines on the menu:

    • Cabernet Sauvignon 3-4g net carbs
    • Chianti 3-4g net carbs
    • Dry Rosé 3g net carbs
    • Grenache 4g net carbs
    • Pinot Noir 3-4g net carbs
    • Red Zinfandel 4-5g net carbs
    • Sangiovese 4g net carbs
    • Wine coolers

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    A Look At The Ketogenic Diet

    In recent years, carb has become a dirty word! We blame carbohydrates for a multitude of sins, but lets get real: they are one of the three main classes of foods , and they are a source of energy. Now, heres where carbs get a bad rap: they are primarily sugar and starches that the body breaks down into glucose or simple sugar. Your body burns this as fuel, and excess is stored as fat.

    Keto forces your body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates for energy. To do this, your body your liver specifically has to create ketone bodies, a type of fuel made from stored fat.

    Getting to a state of ketosis, the metabolic state in which the body starts to use fat as fuel, means you need to drastically limit your carbohydrates , watch your protein intake, and boost the number of healthy fats you consume.

    Now fat is another class of food that weve grown to fear. But with the keto diet, you need to make sure to get enough high-quality fats into your diet. This is the fuel your body will burn. In a 2000 calorie diet, for example, a breakdown may look like:

    • 165 grams of fat
    • 75 grams of protein
    • 40 grams of carbohydrates

    Now, fruits and vegetables have lots of carbs. Followers of the keto diet restrict themselves to a certain amount and stick to a small portion of fruit, especially berries, and leafy greens such as kale, spinach, and Swiss chard, as well as onions, garlic, mushrooms, cucumbers, celery, summer squash, asparagus, brussels sprouts, and broccoli.

    Is White Wine Keto

    EASY Keto Sangria | Keto Alcoholic Drink | Keto Wine | Keto Friendly Sangria

    Yes, some types of white wine can be consumed on the keto diet. However, since white wines tend to be sweeter and contain more sugar in wine than reds, you’ll need to be careful. Try to avoid any white wine where the label says sugar added or anything marketed as a dessert wine. These will have artificially increased carbs to make them sweeter, and they can easily break your diet.

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    Which Salad Goes Well With Red Wine Dressing

    Any salad with a crunchy lettuce base goes well with red wine salad dressing like a cobb salad or chicken bacon avocado salad.

    You can also use this salad dressing as a marinade for meat, like chicken or pork or even shrimp! Its also a great dressing to deglaze stir-fry vegetables like Brussel sprouts or green beans.

    Keto Wine: The Takeaway

    A keto diet centers on the types of rich fatty foods that wine has always been enjoyed alongside.

    Fortunately, when consumed in moderation, there are many keto wines that are low alcohol and low carbs.

    Follow our list of keto-friendly varieties while focusing on wines labeled brut, extra brut and that are described as dry.

    Well leave you with a sign off by one of historys most famous wine enthusiasts:

    Behold the rain which descends from heaven upon our vineyards, and which incorporates itself with the grapes, to be changed into wine a constant proof that God loves us, and loves to see us happy.

    Wine enthusiast Benjamin Franklin

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    List Of Best Red Wines For Keto

    1. Pinot Noir

    Once again, the number one red wine on our keto wine list is a Burgundy grape variety. Yet Pinot Noir adds only 3.4 grams of carbohydrates to a glass .

    So this grape variety would still be in the top 5 for low-carb white wines.

    However, Pinot Noir is my go-to keto wine because, unlike white wines, it can bring an extra set of health benefits. We will look at this in more detail later.

    2. Gamay

    Gamay is also an old Burgundy variety that has been partially forgotten in some countries. Nevertheless, there are a few wineries that produce excellent Gamay.

    Since it is related to Pinot Noir, it is not surprising that a glass of Gamay contains almost the same amount of carbohydrates, 3.5 grams .

    3. Cabernet Franc

    Besides the better-known Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, Cabernet Franc represents the third grape variety in classic Bordeaux wines.

    Although Cabernet Franc is drunk precisely in the form of these Cuvee wines, you are guaranteed to find single-varietal versions as well.

    A glass of pure Cabernet Franc contains about 3.6 grams of carbohydrates .

    4. Merlot

    Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon are popular in Europe, America, and South America. As Cabernet Merlot or in traditional Bordeaux wine, these grape varieties form a Cuvee. Here, the Merlot rounds out the more substantial Cabernet.

    At 3.7 grams of carbohydrates per glass, Merlot is only slightly more keto-friendly than Cabernet Sauvignon .

    5. Syrah

    6. Cabernet Sauvignon

    7. Sangiovese

    Wines To Avoid When Youre On Keto

    Best Keto Friendly Wine

    If youre serious about staying in ketosis, you need to steer clear of the following wines below. The reason is that these wines have higher sweetness levels which imply that they contain more carbs and sugar.

    • Port Surprisingly, port wines can contain as much as 20 grams of carbs per glass. Port wines are typically taken as dessert wines 2.
    • Moscato Popular for its sweet peachy flavors, moscato comes in various styles sparkling, semi-sparkling, still, and pink. A serving size of 5 oz carries 11 grams of carbs 3.
    • Riesling This white aromatic wine may be a famous collectible, but it has a sugar content that reaches 14 grams per 5 oz. Its definitely not a good choice for you.
    • Wine coolers A combination of wine and fruit juice, wine coolers can have 13-14 grams of carbs per glass.
    • Sangria Red or white, it doesnt matter. While theyre popular for birthday parties and other occasions, sangria wines are to be avoided by ketoers since they carry 18 grams of carbs per glass 4.

    If youd also like to know what other keto alcoholic drinks you can have aside from wine, check out this article.

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    Alcohol And Mixers To Avoid On A Ketogenic Diet

    Most of us that are on a low-carb, ketogenic diet know that sugar is in just about everything you can find. This also applies to mixers and chasers for alcohol, as well.

    • Port/Sherry. These are also known as dessert wines and include all types of port, sherry, and sauternes. They have a very high sugar alcohol, commonly averaging over 13g carbs for just a 3 oz serving. Avoid these where possible.
    • Sweet Wines. Much sweeter than dry wines, these are typically enjoyed with dessert and are a bit lighter than port or sherry. These include Moscato, auslese riesling, tokaji, and malvasia wines. They typically have around 11-18g carbs per glass, so you should avoid these.
    • Sangria/Margarita Mix. Typically sangria mixes and margarita mixes have over 10g carbs per 1.5 oz serving . Avoid these as much as possible.
    • Wine Coolers/Alcopops. The most common of these are Smirnoff ice theyre essentially sugar-laden soda with alcohol in them. You should definitely avoid these.
    • Liqueurs. Usually a combination of alcohol and a simple syrup , these are extremely high in carbohydrates. Below, youll find a full list of the most common liqueurs and their respective nutrition information.
    Liqueur Type
    165 26

    How To Tell If A Wine Is Suitable For A Keto Diet

    When following a keto diet, you will become well accustomed to checking the nutritional label on everything you consume to make sure that it is appropriate for your diet. However, youve probably noticed that such information isnt as readily available on alcohol bottles. Without nutritional information, it can be very difficult to tell how many carbs are in a bottle of wine, and whether or not its suitable for your keto diet.

    This is where DrinkWell comes in. We recognise the difficulties caused by lack of nutritional information provided on wine bottles, so we go the extra mile to provide our customers with all of the information they need to ensure that their choices are suitable for their diet. Every bottle of wine we offer on our website states their carbohydrate and calorie content, as well as other useful information such as whether it is gluten free, and if it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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    Why Wine Is Keto

    Wine is usually reduced to the fact that it is an alcoholic beverage. However, contrary to popular belief, even alcohol can be healthy.

    According to this Dutch study, moderate alcohol consumption can extend life by up to five years compared to abstinence .

    In addition, one study found that moderate alcohol consumption carries the lowest risk of heart disease. But, of course, we are talking about a single glass of wine a day .

    But while spirits and beer can have adverse effects, wine consumption can reduce cardiovascular disease mortality.

    According to the Copenhagen City Heart Study, even 3-5 glasses of wine a day could reduce mortality by an astonishing 50% .

    The secret behind this lies in the production of the wine.

    Is Wine Keto Look For These Measurements

    Keto & wine tasting – which wines are keto friendly?!

    Your target should be a wine with a low alcohol content of 13.5% ABV or lower. It should feature a residual sugar measurement thats in the single-digits of grams per liter. A cabernet sauvignon is your best bet when looking for a very dry red wine, and wines like chardonnay and riesling will often fit the bill among white wines. This should offer you wines with less than 1 gram of carbs per serving, and that keeps the calories around 110 or less per glass .

    Sparkling wines also tend to have low residual sugar. If youre having trouble finding this information, you can look for a tech sheet. These are easy to find at most wine sellers online. If youre in person, most shops should be able to supply them.

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    How To Buy Keto

    For a wine that suits a ketogenic diet, I recommend a three-step selection process:

    • If the residual sugar content is on the label, youll choose an option with less than 4g/L. However, you will rarely find this information.
    • In this case, choose a grape variety on the list below from a traditional winemaker you trust.
    • Watch out for the designation as a dry wine. However, this can carry a range of 4 to 9 g/L of residual sugar due to the acidity.

    However, with mass-produced wines from the supermarket, you must be careful even with the following keto-friendly grape varieties. Also, when it comes to wine, many customers are lured by the addictive factor of sugar.

    Against this background, a well-known saying is mostly true:

    Life is too short to drink cheap wine.

    How Much Alcohol Can I Drink On Keto

    Most people who drink alcohol on keto find that their sensitivity to alcohol increases. This is completely normal. When you consume alcohol while in ketosis your brain will receive more acetone than normal, leading to increased intoxication.

    Moderation is key if you want to take advantage of the flavonoids and other antioxidants present in keto wine, while avoiding more intense hangovers.

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    Hard Liquor: The Best Alcohol For Keto

    Most clear liquors that are around 40 percent alcohol contain 0 grams of carbs and sugars on their own, which means theyre keto-friendly in moderation.

    The issue arrives if you want to mix your liquor with something to make it more palatable.

    Mixing your keto approved spirits with straight water or seltzer is perfectly acceptable on keto, but tonic water can contain 32 to 33 grams of carbs per 12 ounces. Likewise, when you mix hard liquor with things like fruit juice, sodas or behind-the-bar mixers , youre opening yourself up to a lot of unexpected liquid carbs.

    If youre really craving a little something more than just plain tequila on the rocks, you can still enjoy refreshing keto alcohol drinks that swap out sugary mixers, or ask the bartender to make you something using bitters.

    Some bitters contain as little as 2 grams of carbs per half teaspoon. That may seem like a lot of carbs in a small amount of bitters, but you usually dont need more than a half teaspoon to flavor a drink and help it taste like a cocktail rather than straight liquor.

    Diet soda is also an option, but many on keto choose to avoid artificial sweeteners, so choose what fits your diet journey the best.

    Keep in mind that flavored alcohols and liqueurs can and often do contain extra sugar. Be mindful of how much you consume, and how those fit into your daily macros.

    Heres the rundown on how different types of hard liquor can fit into a keto lifestyle.

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