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How To Make Your Own Wine Rack

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Wood And Leather Upside Down Wine Rack

How to Build a Wine Rack

Speaking of leather, heres a design that lets leather lovers use their favourite material but with wood instead of metal, for a slightly more handmade look! Elizabeth Logsdon guides you step by step through the process of making a wall mounted rack that features a solid wood backing and leather pockets that your wine bottles can slide snugly into upside down.

How To Make A Wine Rack For A Small Cabinet

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If your household includes the use of wine, display it proudly with a small wine rack you make yourself using lattice. Lattice is often used as a rack system for wine bottles with its 3-inch-wide, diamond-shaped openings, all you need to do is trim and fit. The bottles slip into the lattice openings with support at both ends. It’s convenient, attractive and practical. If you wish to hide the wine rack, simply build the lattice structure inside a cabinet in a way that allows you to open and close the cabinet door as you wish.

Diy Wine Racks To Store Your Bottles In Style

These projects will all age incredibly well.

Why spend time crafting one of these DIY wine racks, you ask? After all, you’ve got a whole host of other things to get done, and “wine” isn’t the first thing on your mind. When it comes to tidying up your home and making sure everything’s in its proper place, the top of your to-do list is likely filled with tasks related to kitchen storage, followed closely by a few bucket list pantry organization items. And frankly, we wouldn’t dare argue about the importance of keeping things neat in those hardworking spaces.

But after a day of cleaning, stacking, storing, and straightening up, there’s one household item that you’ll come back to over and over againand that’s wine! Keep things carefully coordinated with our favorite DIY wine rack ideas. The projects we’ve compiled here are as stylish as they are functional, and whether you drink super-fancy Pinot Noir or a $5 Pinot Grigio, they’ll keep your bottles in order . Yes, there are plenty of places to buy them online, but DIYs are just so much more satisfying…and they’re customizable too. Cheers!

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Creative Ideas For Making Your Own Diy Wine Rack

So you think you can make a DIY wine rack? Its important that wine is stored properly so that it can develop a great taste and flavor that wine lovers love to relish.

If you have three or more bottles of wine and you would want to add more to your collection, then you certainly need to use a wine rack.

A do-it-yourself wine rack is a great weekend project that you can do by yourself or with a partner. There are so many different kinds of wine racks. They can be made from all sorts of materials. You can actually make a wine rack few designs on your own. Here are a few suggestions that will get you thinking.

How Do You Store Wine In A Small Apartment

Build Your Own Wine Cellar Racks : Best build your own ...

Best Way To Store Wines In Small Apartments Starting with the basics, wines should always be stored laying down, in a dark, cool place with a constant temperature of about 55° F. Humidity levels should be between 50-70%. The only place to really get these exact conditions in a small apartment is in a small wine fridge.

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A Wine Rack That You Can Hang From The Ceiling

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Hanging wine racks are usually very practical because they dont take up space on the floor on the counter. Some are not even attached to walls. The one shown on dremeleurope hangs from the ceiling. Thats quite handy considering that theres usually not a lot of space to spare in a kitchen, assuming youd want to place the wine rack there.

Traditional Countertop Wine Rack

A basic wine holder never goes out of style, and this DIY traditional wine storage solution is sure to be a favorite for many years to come. You can make it for your home or surprise a dear friend or special someone with it as a gift.

There is a video in the link below to give you a visual of how to make this rack as well as written out step by step instructions. The design of this project requires minimal screws to hold it together, except on the sides. The inside parts fit snugly together via cutouts .

Get started here:

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Cut The Sides And Top Of The Cube & Decide On Dimensions

There are two versions of this project, with everything being the same except for the ending size of the wine rack. See the diagram photos within.

A.) Larger 24-bottle wine rack, measures 21″ square and 9 1/4″ deep.

B.) Smaller 12-bottle wine rack, measures 16″ square and 9 1/4″ deep. Since the typical kitchen cabinet is 18″ off of the counter, this smaller version is perfect for this space.

The outer cube will be attached using butt joints, so the sides need to be cut slightly smaller so that the overall exterior dimensions are 21″. A 1×10 is approximately 3/4″ thick, so the length of the sides should be 21 inches minus 1.5″. Using a miter saw & cut the following:

Cut list:

What Else Can You Put In A Wine Rack

How To Make A Wine Rack

The great thing about building a rack for all of your wine is that it can double as storage for other things. While you never want to be low on vino, if you find yourself with some extra space, here are a few other things you can store in your wine rack:

  • rolled up towels
  • craft pens, markers, and crayons
  • beer bottles
  • kitchen storage
  • kids school crafts

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How To Build A Wine Rack

No matter which specific project you pick for building a DIY wine rack, there are some general steps to follow.

  • Pick form or function or both: Is this wine rack going to be front and center, on display in your kitchen? Or, are you building a wine rack for long term wine storage, that doesnt need to be visible? Answering these questions will help you determine which set of plans you need.
  • Number of Bottles to Store : How many bottles of wine do you need to store? You can build a rack to store as few as 3 bottles, or a full fledged storage flight to to handle dozens of bottles. You need to know how many bottles you want your rack to hold.
  • Pick your plans: The best DIY wine rack plans will satisfy both your style desires and your storage needs. Pick a set of plans that can handle the number of wine bottles you want to store, while also having the look and feel you prefer.
  • Pick a wood: The type of wood you pick for your rack will have implications in how the finished product looks, along with how well it holds up over time. Certain types of wood are better at handling long term humidity, while other types of wood have aesthetic appeal.
  • Build your wine rack: Get to work! This is the fun part, and with all of the options weve provided, there is sure to be a specific rack that suits your fancy.
  • The Cheapest Way To Build Your Own Wine Rack

    If you want to add a personal touch to your home by adding your own DIY wine rack, theres no need to spend a fortune building it the rack they show you how to build in this plan was made from pallet wood and can be completed for under $50. We love the rustic style, too and as the blogger writes, if you add a chalkboard and a glass holder, it looks even better.

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    How Do You Stain Wood With Red Wine

  • Choose an inexpensive dark full-bodied wine.
  • Wear gloves and protect work surfaces.
  • Lightly sand the wood using fine grit sand paper, always in the direction of the grain.
  • Wipe it down with a dry cloth, removing all dust.
  • Using a brush or cloth, apply the wine to all surfaces, again working with the grain.
  • Customizable Wine Rack Made Out Of Pipes

    How to Build your Own Wine Rack Tower #winerack

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    A really cool idea can be to make a wine rack out of black icon pipes or out of PVC pipes if you want something more lightweight. The idea comes from uncookiecutter. Check out the plans and the instructions to find out just how easy is would be to make something similar for your own home. Surely you can already think of a great spot for such a wine rack.

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    Wooden Wall Wine Rack

    Classy on a budget best describes this DIY wine rack. That is because you only need to purchase 3 boards that vary in size.

    This shelf keeps its clean look thanks to pocket holes for the screw. Using a pin nailer for this one might also make it easier, if not a handy brad nailer.

    This angled way of connecting the boards and shelves allows you to better hide the screws while still maintaining a strong hold, since those bottles are not light.

    See the tutorial here:

    How Do You Store Wine Bottles

    The key takeaway should be to store your wine in a dark and dry place to preserve its great taste. If you cant keep a bottle entirely out of light, keep it inside of a box or wrapped lightly in cloth. If you opt for a cabinet to age your wine, be sure to select one with solid or UV-resistant doors.

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    Large Wine Rack Featuring Rubber Bands

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    Rubber bands can be an interesting alternative for leather straps. Before you jump to conclusions, check out this wine rack that we found on instructables. It looks quite classy and the rubber bands dont really diminish its elegance in any way. In fact, they give the design a playful look. Have a look at the plans and the tutorial to find out how to build a wine rack like this.

    Leather And Wood Wine Rack

    How to Make a SIMPLE Custom Wood Wine Rack – How to Build – DIY – Wood Working Project

    This is a great freestanding hammock for your wine bottles. It is also really easy to put together and requires minimal tools to get the job done.

    You will need to connect the base with the side wall and then screw in the wood dowels that act as the side posts.

    Next stitch the leather pieces together and then attach them through the wood dowel posts.

    This unique wine rack idea makes use of more than just wood to give you a fun and creative final product.

    Check it out here:

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    Wooden Crate Wine Rack

    Does your home have a slight rustic aesthetic to it? Well, if youre looking for something quite simple but that will suit your decor scheme well, then weve already found the perfect idea for you! Check out how Anything & Everything made this fantastic wooden crate rack that features an X brace in the centre so the wine bottles fit in each of the four segments that shape creates.

    Free Printable Wine Rack Plans

    Not every wine rack is right for every home. Pick the plan below that suits your needs and space. The freestanding model is perfect for a large space, while the tabletop one is great for small storage areas. The rounded top on the oak rack is a lovely alternative to the two rectangular options. Each plan will open as a pdf document and includes a materials list, tools list, illustrated directions, and 3D image of the model.

    Oak wine rack plans

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    Should You Put Red Wine In The Fridge

    When to put red wine in the refrigerator Very few red wines need to be completely chilled before drinking with the exception of sparkling wines like Lambrusco. But reds can benefit from being in the refrigerator after theyve been opened. Once you open a bottle of red and are done drinking it, keep it in the fridge.

    Great Diy Ideas For Making Your Own Wine Rack

    Pin on Haus Dekoration

    Looking for wine rack ideas? Building your own DIY wine rack can be an easy weekend project, which you can celebrate with a glass of the finest. Weâve compiled a list clever DIY wine rack and cabinet projects, so you can display your wine collection in style! Display your vino in style with these clever ideas.

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    Awesome Diy Wine Racks You Can Make Right Now

    Figuring out how to store wine in our house was a tricky ordeal. We wanted to make our bottles accessible but we also wanted to protect them. Were not lucky enough to have a dedicated wine cellar or fridge, so I made it my mission to put together a good DIY wine rack in our kitchen. Who knew that the DIY wine rack projects and tutorials were so abundant? We had a hard time narrowing down which wed make, but in the end, pulled together a combination of wood and rope to make a pretty slick wine rack for our kitchen.

    Here are some excellent DIY wine racks from around the web. Most are super simpleyoull wonder why you didnt think of these ideas on your own. Its time to get those bottles of wine out of their dusty boxes and displayed in the housebecause we all need easier access to wine. Check out the projects in the slideshow.

    More Home DIYs:

    Upcycled Wine Rack Projects

    Take an everyday item and then rework it to create something new, that is the idea of upcycling, but what happens when you take something and turn it into a wine rack? Pure magic and a little bit of Where did you get that amazing piece happens. Take a look at some of our favorite plans for DIY upcycled wine storage solutions.

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    Diy Wine Rack From An Ex

    Nowadays, there are quite a few plans online that teach you how to repurpose Ikea furniture so much so that its almost become a sub-genre of DIY in itself. With this one, youll learn how to make a wine rack from Ikea shelves so if you have something like this that youre just going to throw out anyway, attempting a project like this is a far better solution.

    Wine Rack Building Supplies

    How To Assemble A Wine Rack – DIY At Bunnings

    Particular projects and materials will dictate the materials and tools required. However, your list of tools might include some of the following, which should be available at local hardware stores:

    • Safety goggles
    • Dado set — used on a table saw to cut notches
    • Clamps or vise to hold pieces in place
    • Mounting screws or toggle bolts to attach wall racks
    • Stain, paint, varnish, polyurethane, tung or antique oil paintbrushes or rags
    • Scrap pieces of wood .

    Wood for your wine rack should be properly dried. Moisture content should be less than 12 percent to ensure that the wood won’t warp. Stop by building supply stores, cabinet shops, craft supply stores, lumber yards, wholesale home stores and local sawmills to find the materials you’ll need. Any of the following types of wood can be used: beech, birch, cedar, cherry, fir, oak, mahogany, maple or spruce. Remember that softwoods will be easier to work with but usually aren’t as durable as hardwoods .

    Now that you’ve got a plan and the tools, read on to learn about the process of putting the wine rack together. Don’t worry just think about popping open that bottle of wine once you’re finished!

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    Clever Diy Wine Rack Ideas

    Home » DIY Projects

    Looking for wine rack ideas? I’ve compiled a list of 20 clever DIY wine rack and cabinet projects, so you can display your collection of bottles!

    Everyone loves wine, right? But it can be hard to find a place to store it all so that it’s easy to access while still looking great.

    If youre done spending hours scouring the stores looking for the right solution, why not try a DIY wine rack instead? Not only can you make one that youll love, but youll be able to brag that you did it yourself as well!

    How To Build The Perfect Wine Cellar In Your Home


    For those who appreciate a good glass of wine, having the right storage makes pouring a nice glass of vino easy. A wine cellar will provide you with a place to organize your favorite bottles for easy access and stylish organization. Before wine lovers can celebrate this new addition, its important to decide what type of cellar you want. Whether its a secret stash of wine under the kitchen counters or a custom wine bar, you need to pick a spot where your wine will be stored. Think about the location, functionality, and aesthetics of your new wine cellar to help you design the ultimate spot. Read on for some tips that will help you create the perfect wine cellar at home.

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    What Can I Use Instead Of A Wine Rack

    Silver lining: if you have wine to get rid of as you go, you have to drink it! Towel Rack from Haileys Helpful Hints. Even Bigger Towel Rack from HGVT. Wine Rack Wrapping Table Eve of Reduction. Shoe Rack from Cookie Loves Milk. Wine Crate Shelf from HGTV. CD Tower Wine Rack from Remove and Replace.

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